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 Queen of the Ice (Elyah)

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PostSubject: Queen of the Ice (Elyah)   Sun Oct 25, 2015 9:38 pm

Valentine's Day, ugh. Eva walked along the edge of the snow covered lake. It wasn't often she was outside because she hated being outdoors but even she had to admit that today, everything just looked utterly beautiful. A blue scarf was wrapped snugly around her neck, skates over her shoulder, her long hair in a bun, her winter coat flowing out around her. She was at peace, though she was unsure why. It was early in the morning for one, which was something Eva just didn't do other than walking outside. However, she just felt off today so she might as well enjoy it.

She walked out onto the lake and noted that a few feet had been frozen on top which made her smile. She laced up her skates and slowly stood, the blades cutting slightly into the ice giving her traction as she began to pumps her legs. Eventually, she was more in the air than on the ice and it felt good. Turning and jumping was how she flew, not on a broom and if Jake could see her now, well maybe he'd be proud. Being in the air on skates didn't bring her fear, flying on a broom brought her fear because witches only flew on brooms in movies.

Evelyn was the Queen of the Ice, not only to herself but to everyone else who could see her. How many other students at Hogwarts could actually ice skate? Probably not many. The girl jumped and spun and laughed each time she landed a moved which was almost always. Ice skating was always something that made her happy, though she'd only ever done it inside, not on a frozen lake. However, she felt like this was better because there was snow around the lake and snow covered tress and the sun hadn't fully warmed up yet nor had it peeked over the trees so everything looked like a beautiful yellow frozen tundra.
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PostSubject: Re: Queen of the Ice (Elyah)   Sun Dec 20, 2015 2:06 pm

No reply.

Replying to remove from unanswered threads. If you want this moved back for next game, please contact an admin.
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Queen of the Ice (Elyah)
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