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 Recovery Training (Amethyst & TJ)

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PostSubject: Recovery Training (Amethyst & TJ)   Mon Oct 26, 2015 7:55 pm

The attack on the school had shaken... well, everyone. Toby's parents had written to him asking if he wanted to come home, but he'd said no, wanting to finish his studies for the year. After all, if the Basilisks had attacked now, it was unlikely that they would attack again.

He'd been in the Hospital Wing himself that evening, recovering from something of a nasty transformation which had left him with a few more cuts and bruises than he could remember. The school nurse had patched him up, and with the mass of casualties that had come on the fourteenth, Toby had discharged himself for the good of his peers.

Silence filled the halls now, and though Toby liked the quiet, it was not the right kind of silence.

So, the Ravenclaw had picked up his broom, and left his dorm for the afternoon. Heading towards the Quidditch pitch, he'd placed his broom on the side of the pitch and stretched off. He needed a jog first, check his breathing and make sure he wasn't going to do himself any damage flying.

Checking his laces once, TJ set off around the pitch at a good pace. He'd been a runner ever since he could remember, and it helped him to forget all of his problems, and concentrate slowly on his breath, steady but increasing as he took off around the pitch. He was oblivious to the world, his eyes trained to the ground before him.
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PostSubject: Re: Recovery Training (Amethyst & TJ)   Mon Oct 26, 2015 8:12 pm

She didn't like being outside. After the Basilisk's attack, no one wanted to be outside. It wasn't so much the danger than the possibility of finding someone you love hurt, or even worse, dead.

Amethyst always believed that bad news travelled faster than anything, and since nothing had reached her ears just yet, she believed that Sapphire was safe. She had to be. Or else Amethyst would go out of her freaking mind.

She had never really accepted the fact that her sister was a Gryffindor, and that she couldn't have her under her wing. Protect her and be there at any time. Now, after the attack, she didn't even know what was going on. She had gained her own few scars, and was at the Hospital Wing constantly, hoping to at least find her sister there.

No sign. And it was disturbing.

Her only hopes were the Quidditch Pitch. Maybe she had decided that outside was where she was supposed to be. Doing what she loved the most. And that is where she was heading to. She had nothing to lose, after all.

Sighing, she hid her face into her Hufflepuff scar, hiding the scar that marked her left eye. When she had visited the Hospital Wing, the nurse had said it was just a scratch and that it would leave completely once it was healed. But for now, it was prominent, and Amethyst was ashamed. Constantly hiding her face as she moved down the empty halls and outside.

Arriving at the Quidditch Pitch, she wasted no time and looked around. No sign of Sapphire and Amy felt a knot form in her stomach. She was seriously scared and worried.
"Sapphire!" she yelled, closing her eyes and listening to her voice echo in the wind. No answer.

Not until something fell on her head and she opened her eyes with a yelp. It was a letter, and as she looked up she saw their family owl fly away. This wasn't good.
Opening the letter as fast as she could, she scanned the letter, her eyes growing more and more as she reached the very end. Sapphire was alive, and was at home.

Well, that explained why no one had seen her..., Amy thought and folder the letter, hiding it in her cloak.
"What am I supposed to do now? she said more to herself than anyone else, letting out a soft sigh. She guessed she could just enjoy the cold.
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PostSubject: Re: Recovery Training (Amethyst & TJ)   Mon Oct 26, 2015 8:24 pm

For the most part, TJ kept to himself - or at least, he had the charade he was social, but really no one knew very much about him. He was popular because the girls thought he was handsome, and the boys thought he was skilled enough at Quidditch to be cool. TJ didn't much care for that social circle, but he used it for it's advantages.

So, when he was running around, and he heard a voice break through the calm of the outside serenity, he paused on his run, looking around for the source of the sound. Seeing a witch in his year - or if he remembered correctly, she was - TJ couldn't help but frown a little bit. Who in Merlin's name was Sapphire? Looking around the stands, he saw no one, so he turned back to his run, deciding not to think on it too much in that moment.

However, when he neared the witch - puffing a little bit from the cold air of his run - TJ noted that she hadn't left the pitch. There was paper in her hand, and he thought for a moment of asking if it was bad news. TJ stopped himself, though, because he knew that people didn't like priers, and he was not going to be a hypocrite in that department.

Instead, TJ went on a different route. "There's no one else here." He told her, his voice was somewhat friendly, but his eyes showed that he was a little guarded towards the intruder on the pitch. Only because she wasn't overly familiar to him. "But, if I see the person you called for, I'll let them know you were looking for them." TJ offered, giving her a small smile and then moving off towards his broom, giving it a check over for any stray tail twigs that needed to be pulled free before he flew.
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PostSubject: Re: Recovery Training (Amethyst & TJ)   Mon Oct 26, 2015 8:38 pm

"There's no one else here."

Amy jumped with a yelp as she turned around, only then noticing the boy standing now behind her. How long had he been here? Had he heard everything? Oh Melrin, had she made a fool of herself again?
Taking in his attire and his current state, he was indeed here for quite a while, which meant he had heard her, and watched her act like a fool all this time.

Calming her breathing, she bit her lip and went to answer, but she felt her voice breaking. It was too cold and she was freezing a bit. She could feel it.

"But, if I see the person you called for, I'll let them know you were looking for them."

It came out as soft as a whisper, but Amy smiled and motioned towards the letter, meanwhile trying to hide her face and her marked eyes as much as possible into her scarf.
"I was looking for someone, but that someone is not here... I mean... Not at school. I mean, she is, but not now."

She was blushing. She was really blushing.
Damn it, calm down Amethyst!
Though her heart was beating faster and her bones were getting colder and colder. February was the worst month. Valentine's Day and all. Despisable.

"Im sorry for intruding on your... whatever you were doing." she said with a small giggle then added, "but I was hoping to find that person. Didn't expect this letter."
Then she was left looking at him. Staring a bit, actually since she didn't know what to say more, when it hit her.

"Oh Merlin, I didn't introduce myself. I'm Amethyst. Amethyst Vine. It is nice to meet you."
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PostSubject: Re: Recovery Training (Amethyst & TJ)   Mon Oct 26, 2015 8:59 pm

"I was looking for someone, but that someone is not here... I mean... Not at school. I mean, she is, but not now."

"Right..." TJ replied uncertainly, he hadn't really made much sense of what she was trying to say, and it seemed odd she'd be here looking for someone who wasn't here... Then he realised she'd motioned to a letter. The news, TJ guessed, must have just arrived to make the witch's actions seem logical in that moment. "Well, I guess that's good." He added, giving a small nod for his own clarity in that moment.

TJ missed, or rather, ignored the blush on his cheeks, it wasn't exactly nice to call people out on their embarrassment, though, it was kinda cute. Turning away to stop himself from looking more than he should in that moment, TJ heard the witch continue.

"No need to apologise, I was just going for a run. Anyone is allowed out here." He explained, giving a small shrug. It was true, after all, even if TJ did like solitude, he couldn't do much about her wanting to be here.

Taking up his broom, TJ just had enough time to compose himself for the introduction. He almost let out a soft chuckle, she seemed so flustered for Merlin only knew what reason. "It's fine, no harm done." The Ravenclaw replied. "I'm TJ. TJ Hostetler." He replied, because nobody in the school used his real name, and he wasn't about to change that now.

"Your cold." TJ added, noting now that she seemed to be hudding up a little bit. Moving back to the side, he grabbed his Quidditch jacket and brought it to the witch, holding it between them. "You can borrow this, if you want. But I need it back. Those things are expensive." He added, covering up the niceness with the fact he really didn't want to have a lasting connection from stopping the girl from freezing to death.
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PostSubject: Re: Recovery Training (Amethyst & TJ)   Tue Oct 27, 2015 12:43 pm

Amethyst knew she had made a fool out of herself again, and when the guy gave her that uncertain answer, the blonde sighed and frowned a bit. How did she manage to make everything so awkward all the time. It was sad, and it made her think there was something seriously wrong with her.

Though he did give her a small nod, as if he understood.
"It is good. I mean, she is safe... unlike others."
Some people lost their lives after the attack, and Amethyst could understand the pain of loss. It was terrible, dark, eating you from inside out and destroying every ray of happiness if you let it take over. Sorrow was a dangerous friend to have.

So, knowing that her precious sister was safe from harm calmed her down. She wouldn't wanna be in mourning over a dead body for sure. She wasn't ready to lose anyone just yet.

A small smile touched her lips as the guys explained she had not bothered his training and she nodded. She wasn't sure how things work around the Pitch. Sapphire was the one acquainted with the sport and not her. Professor Newbury might have taught her how to fly, step by step, but she was still not read to do it. She doubted she would even be able to.

"It's nice to meet you, TJ. You are a Sixth Year too, aren't you? "
Amy wasn't nosy. She was more like the curious type. Didn't care about the gossip or anything like that. She hated spreading rumours and lying about others just to make herself happy, or more popular.

"You're cold"

Amethyst looked up at him, surprised he even noticed. She was doing her best to hide it and she wasn't shivering that much anyway.
"How did you...," but she was cut off by his offer. She took some time observing the cloak, and contemplating between taking it or not. He didn't seem to want to give it to her but she was indeed freezing.
"Thank you," She said and took the cloak softly from his hands, placing it around her body and immediately feeling warmer.

Though she didn't understand why he wasn't cold. Reaching out, she touched his arm, and almost jumped back from surprise. He was warm, hot even, and she couldn't understand how that was possible.
"How can you be so warm?" Amy was intrigued.
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PostSubject: Re: Recovery Training (Amethyst & TJ)   Tue Oct 27, 2015 6:18 pm

The comment on others not being okay made TJ nod a little. "I know." He replied softly, thinking to the Hufflepuff in their year who'd lost his life to the Basilisks in a (some may say foolish) manner that he didn't deserve. TJ had know Travis a little, but they hadn't been overly close.

"Yeah, my sixth year. Soon be out of this place, wondering what in Merlin's name to do." TJ replied, looking back to his broom in that moment. Many people their age didn't know what they were going to do with their lives, but TJ's reason was different, he was going to find it difficult to find a job because of what he was. Not many jobs would be accommodating of his condition, he knew that, and it hurt a little.

The question of how he knew made TJ give a small shrug, trying to be a little indifferent to the subject. After all, it wouldn't do well to tell her he noticed small things that others simply couldn't. No, that was not the time. "It's February. You're not exactly dressed for it." The Ravenclaw supplied, even though his reasoning was complete rubbish, he would go with that reason just to pull her attention away from his knowing.

As she touched him, TJ moved away a little, not much liking the touch of others, especially people he didn't really know. Especially when this witch was both beautiful, and a little odd, which made him question if he wanted to know her.

The answer, however, would always be know, because when you knew someone, you grew attached, and it was difficult to keep secrets from people who knew you.

"I've been running. Most people get warm when they run." TJ replied, cursing himself for being sloppy in that moment. He was always much too warm when he exercised, in comparison to others, and he knew that he couldn't allow her to find out more. "You know, basic biology." He joked, mounting his broom, and then hesitating.

"I really need to practice my Quidditch, I missed the last practice."
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PostSubject: Re: Recovery Training (Amethyst & TJ)   Tue Oct 27, 2015 9:37 pm

"It's February. You're not exactly dressed for it."

Amethyst rolled her eyes at him, not believing a word she was saying. Yes, it was indeed February, but she was far from not being dressed accordingly. She was dressed in a pair of jeans, and an oversized sweater. Her Hufflepuff scarf protecting her neck and keeping her warm. No one could call that 'not exactly right'.

Though his reaction when she touched him was not so expected. Yes, people felt weird when someone touched them out of the blue, especially someone they barely knew, but he acted like she was threatening him or something. Plus, his excuse was not good enough. Something was missing. Something didn't fit his little story, and for some reason, it was too obvious to the Hufflepuff girl.

He was lying.

"Yes, indeed, people get warmer when thy run. But this.. this is not normal.
Amethyst was calling him out on his lie right then and there, and she was not ashamed for it. She wanted to see how he would react. She wouldn't push it too far, since she had no idea what was going on, and why he was like that.

But he hastily tried to move away from her. Mounting his broom and muttering an excuse about needing to practice his Quidditch skills. Maybe he wasn't lying about that, though Amethyst wasn't going to let him go like that.
Placing a hand on his broom to stop him she smiled and looked him in the eye.

"How about we chat for a bit? Get to know each other? I'd like to learn some things from you.
Amethyst kept her gaze locked with his, not leaving him much space to avoid her. She was quite the stubborn one.
"About Quidditch, I mean," she then added, trying to make her previous statement less spooky.
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PostSubject: Re: Recovery Training (Amethyst & TJ)   Wed Oct 28, 2015 9:46 pm

The insistence that his body temperature was annoying - to say the least. Why was it such a big deal to her? "I'm just naturally warm." TJ replied with a sigh. "It's really not that big a deal." He added, his tone showing that he was not going to answer any further questions, that that was the end of the conversation that she was pressing.

Believing he had gotten himself free from the witch with the excuse of training, TJ had let his eyes leave the witch, instead focusing on his broom. So when the witch had the audacity to put her hand on his broom, TJ had to bite his tongue not to tell her to go away. She wasn't being rude or anything, he just... wasn't used to people really trying to keep his attention.

And right now he wasn't sure if he was comfortable with it.

"How about we chat for a bit? Get to know each other? I'd like to learn some things from you."

"There's nothing to know about me." TJ replied shortly, not adding that he didn't want to know more about her. Which, in part would have been a lie, but also meant that he was being mean and the witch didn't need to be on the end of.

But the question about Quidditch, well, TJ quirked his eyebrow. "Why me? There are loads of Hufflepuffs you could ask." TJ insisted, trying to put distance between himself and Amethyst both physically and in this weird situation they were having.
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PostSubject: Re: Recovery Training (Amethyst & TJ)   Thu Oct 29, 2015 7:20 pm

He was not lying and Amy couldn't be deceived. But she could already feel the tension she had created, so she decided to let it go this time. For some reason she wanted to keep talking to him, get to know him more. And truth be told, he was cute alright. And Amy would be lying if she said that he wasn't her type.

Though she could see he was hesitant. She had made him really uncomfortable it seemed, and for that Amethyst felt terrible. Sometimes she was pushing things a little bit too far, it seemed, but she didn't do it on purpose. She didn't want to make people feel that way. She was just.. awkward.

"There's nothing to know about me."

"I doubt it. Everyone has things they hide. Things they don't even know about. And you seem interesting."
Maybe she had put that the wrong way, but at that moment she couldn't understand the difference.

What saddened her the most, though, was that he kept being negative about everything. Something which made the blonde Hufflepuff want to try more. Try until she had earned his trust. Try until she had made a new friend. Or an enemy.

"Well, I see no Hufflepuffs around here, right now. Do you?"
A smirk touched the girl's lips but not knowing how he'd take it, she immediately cleared her throat and looked away.
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PostSubject: Re: Recovery Training (Amethyst & TJ)   

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Recovery Training (Amethyst & TJ)
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