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 A Cancellation of No Uncertain Terms (Amethyst & TJ)

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PostSubject: A Cancellation of No Uncertain Terms (Amethyst & TJ)   Sat Oct 31, 2015 7:57 am

Whilst TJ might have originally found himself wanting to find an excuse to not show up to teach Amethyst how to fly, the more the Ravenclaw thought of the beautiful witch, the more he realised he didn't want to cancel. And yet, it went against everything he had ever advised himself, getting close to people...

But it hadn't been his own choices that had stopped him from meeting Amethyst that morning as they'd agreed. No, TJ had forgotten as he'd made the promise of what day they'd be meeting. The day after his transformation.

Last night had been rough, to say the least, he'd bound around the Forbidden Forest, killed a deer or two and howled until he felt the anger seep from his body. He'd cut himself a few times from the frustration of the lack of people to attack (his animal instincts, not his own, instincts that terrified him), and as he'd transformed back in the dawn, TJ knew that it had been a rough night as he panted in to the ground, hands clenched to deal with the pain.

Professor Jameson had found him an hour later, and helped him drink a sleeping draught. His eyes were sagging closed before he got to the front doors of the castle.

He'd woken an hour ago - it was dark outside. His muscles were protesting with every move, and when he looked down, he could see there were multiple dressings on his body. Letting out a soft sigh, TJ had dressed himself - with one hand as his left arm seemed to be covered in bandages from Merlin knew what.

The mirror on his bedside informed him of a few small cuts on his face, and with a grimace, TJ moved of the bed. Discharging himself early, as he always did, TJ moved down one flight of stairs to the Great Hall, sitting on the very end of the Ravenclaw table. The evening's dinner was all but finished, and no one paid him any mind. Food magiced itself on to TJ's plate, and the boy ate (clumsily) with one hand.

The days had blurred, truth be told, so he honestly hadn't realised he'd missed the meet with Amethyst. Though... something was niggling at him in his mind, but he simply could not place what it was.
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PostSubject: Re: A Cancellation of No Uncertain Terms (Amethyst & TJ)   Sat Oct 31, 2015 10:05 pm

She didn't know what she felt exactly. Anger? Sadness? Frustration? There were so many mixed feelings, she didn't know which one to choose first. It was difficult for the Hufflepuff to fully understand what she was feeling. Or how she should be feeling after what had happened.

Sad thing was that she did expect him to show up. She believed he would show up. TJ, as cold and detached as he seemed, she didn't take him for a jerk. He was far more intelligent than that and she didn't understand why. Why had she been so fooled. How could he seem so... so gentleman like and end up like this.

He hadn't showed up. But he had to be somewhere, and Amy was going to find him and demand an explanation. She deserved once, since she was waiting all alone, all morning there, like a fool. Some Slytherin girl had seen her and laughed at her. She was... devastated. But she knew what she had to do.

Since she wouldn't be able to find him elsewhere, she had waited after dinner, knowing that he had to show up eventually. And oh was she right.

He walked in looking tired, and that made Amethyst more angry. What was he doing?! What was that important to cause him to not show up? There was something bugging her, but she didn't want to jump to conclusions just yet.

Trying not to tear up, the blonde Hufflepuff moved from her own table and towards the only other person in the hall. TJ.
Reaching the table, she practically slammed her hands in front of him on the table and stared. She was speechless.
"Why?" was all she could voice before a sob escaped her throat.
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PostSubject: Re: A Cancellation of No Uncertain Terms (Amethyst & TJ)   Sat Oct 31, 2015 10:24 pm

There had been, perhaps, a moment of silence in the hall as TJ concentrated on trying to put his fork in to a number of peas. His left arm was held loosely in his lap, not being used, and his head was bent over his plate. He was honestly more tired than he could say, and it was all he could do not to simply face plant his food from exhaustion, truth be told.

He'd only just heard the sound of steps, but his brain had not mustered up the kindness of alerting him to the fact someone was moving in his direction.

So when two fists hit the table, TJ jumped quite a bit, his head whipping up to see the person who had interrupted his dinner. TJ's eyes fell on the witch before him, and the nagging at the back of his mind became clear in that moment. Grimacing slightly as he realised that he'd not turned up to the meeting the two of them had planned, TJ's eyes moved back to his plate at her question.

Would it be better to just ignore her now that she was mad at him?The truth was out of the question, so it was ignore her or lie.

Lying was easy, he'd done that often enough. But right now, it did not feel enough. It would not be enough to lie.

"I didn't mean to miss it." TJ replied, his voice soft, but raspy from the lack of use in the last twenty four hours. It was in that moment he realised he had a cut on his lip, that felt like it had set on fire as he spoke, breaking the seal his body had begun to create over the wound.

Those words, at least, we're not a lie.

"I was in the hospital wing. I... couldn't." He explained, looking up and giving her a small, uncertain smile. It was not enough. It was definitely not good enough, but it was something. "You know... lad things." TJ explained, motioning to himself in the beat up state he was in. Okay, that part was a lie, but it was better than the truth.

"I'm sorry." The Ravenclaw whispered, not bringing himself to look at her again.
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PostSubject: Re: A Cancellation of No Uncertain Terms (Amethyst & TJ)   Sun Nov 01, 2015 8:11 am

She was observing. Practically staring at every inch of him. He was a mess. A bruised, tied mess and she didn't want to accept the fact that she knew. Deep in her heart she knew exactly what was going on and she wasn't scared. She wasn't. But he was and that made her wonder.

"I didn't mean to miss it."

He sounded sincere. Amethyst stared at him, tears rolling down her cheeks. He wasn't lying she could feel it but still... why. If he didn't want to miss it, he would have arrived on time. He would be there.

Though his excuse triggered something in her mind. Lad things,? So nothat true and so not believable. So as he apologised, she did the most unexpected. Completely ignoring him, she jumped over the table to where he was, turned him around in his sit and practically sat herself in his lap, invading his personal space without a care.

Before the guy could protest, she had grabbed his chin and pushed his face up to meet his. The cut on his lip was something that could be caused by a fight, but this one was far deeper than what a punch would cause.
Not stopping there, Amethyst looked him in the eye before she pulled his shirt up, revealing a few scratches on his chest.

He probably hated her by now, but this was the only way. She was right. All along he was hiding something and now she knew. And yesterday was a full moon too. The little puzzle pieces seemed to fit together now.
"This is why you missed it? Why didn't you say something !"
The Hufflepuff wiped her tears away and looked at him hurt. She wanted to help him.
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PostSubject: Re: A Cancellation of No Uncertain Terms (Amethyst & TJ)   Sun Nov 01, 2015 8:21 am

The movement of the witch seemed to happen in a blur. Kind of like a cartoon zooming back and forth without the other person moving. TJ wasn't going to move, that required energy he didn't have right in that moment, though the minute she sat on him he felt highly uncomfortable.

She wasn't heavy, nor was she hurting him, it was simply the closeness of the situation that put TJ on edge in that moment.

As she moved his chin up, TJ's eyes moved to the wall behind Amethyst, not looking at her as she examined him in that moment. "I know, it's a mess." He muttered to himself, not working out what she was really doing in that moment because everything was dulled.

Feeling the material of his shirt rise, TJ looked down a little. He knew what she was going to see before she did, so he didn't bother to look at the disgust that would likely grow on her features in that moment. It would only take a few more moments for a clever witch to put the pieces together.

But he could deny it, couldn't he?

"This is why you missed it? Why didn't you say something!"

"I didn't get a chance to tell you I couldn't make it." TJ relied, avoiding the question completely. Her eyes were enough to tell him he'd done too much, hurt her too much, and he refused to look in to them for longer than he had to. "You don't have to stay, I know I've done more than hurt you. I am sorry." TJ added, he was sincere, but he was not going to give in to the witch, he was not going to spill everything about himself, just to keep a friend. It was too dangerous, and he simply could not pull Amethyst in to that.
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PostSubject: Re: A Cancellation of No Uncertain Terms (Amethyst & TJ)   Sun Nov 01, 2015 8:34 am

Maybe the reason why he didn't protest to whatever she was doing was because he was terribly tired. Because he didn't have enough mental strength to face this right now. And truth be told,she didn't wanna make it worse for him. But her heart and mind wouldn't allow her to leave him alone.

TJ, even if he didn't show any interest in her, treated her better than most. At least he wasn't being a mean asshole who tried to bring her down with every chance he got. And Amy liked that. He was harsh sometimes, yes. But as much as she wanted to deny it, it made her stronger. It helped her build up a wall to her heart. Not let anyone's words pass through. But his words and actions did. And they hurt, a lot.

Cause Amethyst Vine had developed a crush on the Ravenclaw. Because he was different. He understood.

A sigh left her throat as he explained himself and then told her she could leave if she wanted to. He apologised again, and avoided her eyes but Amethyst wanted him to look at her. She wanted him to see she wasn't disgusted. She cared.
"Look at me, idiot.." She said as she pushed his chin up in order for their eyes to meet once again. Then, abruptly, she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a hug.
"You won't hurt me...I don't wanna go... "
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PostSubject: Re: A Cancellation of No Uncertain Terms (Amethyst & TJ)   Sun Nov 01, 2015 8:44 am

As his head was pulled up once more, TJ's eyes flickered to the witch's again. He didn't - or more likely wouldn't - understand what he saw in her eyes, but it was not what he'd believed he would see. Calling him an idiot was nothing in comparison to what she could have said, and a very, very small smile touched his lips a moment later. Briefly anyway.

The hug, however, made him grimace - silently because he didn't wish to make her worry about him - his right arm moved to pat her back lightly. He wasn't sure what was going on, truth be told, but the affection... well, he needed it.

"You won't hurt me... I don't wanna go..."

Those words were odd to TJ, a frown touched his features as the witch hugged him. "I could hurt anyone." TJ replied, his voice soft, but the tone was hard. There was no point hiding behind false hopes of never hurting people, because the horrible part of being him was that he could not control who, or what, he hurt when he transformed.

"You would do better to go, Amy. For your own safety, you need to go." TJ told her as his mind finished the sentence. Before I get too comfortable and forget that you are breakable. But even as he said those words, he made no effort to make her move.
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PostSubject: Re: A Cancellation of No Uncertain Terms (Amethyst & TJ)   Sun Nov 01, 2015 9:17 am

He was more scared than her. He believed he was a monster and that people should stay as far away from him as possible. Well, werewolves would be considered monsters by some people, but to Amethyst they were simple creatures. Quite dangerous, indeed. But not monsters. And Amy was not going to allow TJ to think himself a monster. Not when he is the most caring person she had met so far.

And it was now that she understood why he was like that. Cold and kept his distance from everyone. Because he cared. He didn't wanna drag them into this frenzy and probably hurt them. He didn't wanna reveal his secret. He wanted to keep everyone safe, including himself.
But he wasn't alone. At least not anymore.

"I could hurt anyone."

Amethyst shook her head, hugging him a bit tighter. She couldn't let go of him.
"Not you. The wolf inside you. But still, even your wolf can't hurt me TJ. You won't hurt me."
And it was the truth. Even as a werewolf, she didn't believe he would hurt her. She didn't know why, knowing that when they transformed they couldn't remember anything, but something inside her made her believe it.

"You would do better to go, Amy. For your own safety, you need to go."

Pulling back to look at him, Amethyst cupped both his cheeks and stared into his eyes. She cared. She couldn't go. She wouldn't go.
"I'm not going anywhere, TJ. You are not a monster... You are the most caring person I've met in my life!"
Using her thumb she softly caressed his bruised lip. Her heart was beating fast. He was making her... nervous.

"I'm not leaving you."
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PostSubject: Re: A Cancellation of No Uncertain Terms (Amethyst & TJ)   Sun Nov 01, 2015 9:38 am

The tighter hug made TJ grimace just a little more than before. He should have told her the first time, but now it was too late to tell her she was hurting him. She would get worried, or something, so he stayed quiet, pushing the pain to the side for now as Amethyst took comfort from the moment.

As she insisted he wouldn't hurt her, TJ shook his head. "I have no control when I transform, Amethyst. I can't say I won't hurt you." He insisted, there were potions to help you keep your mind, but TJ didn't wish to even make a promise that would work, being inside a wolf's body was something that made him lose control, and he would never promise anyone they'd be safe. "I don't want to though, but I can't say I wouldn't."

How Amethyst could insist that he was not a monster though... TJ shook his head in her hands, she didn't understand. "It's dangerous, Amethyst. If I'm not a monster, then I'm dangerous. You simply can't take that risk." He insisted, really trying to make her see that this was not something to take lightly.

"I'm not leaving you."

Those words, together with the soft caress of his lip made TJ falter for a moment. Never had someone been so insistent on staying with him, knowing what he was had been enough to keep him at bay from people as a whole, and they accepted that. TJ's eyes just held Amethyst's for the moment, as if under a spell. Everything seemed to stop in that moment.

"I..." TJ started, trying to put in to words what he was feeling in that moment, but it got stuck. Instead, he brought the witch back close to his chest, and held her there, showing rather than saying how much that meant to him. The Ravenclaw stayed quiet for a few moments, calming himself even though his heart was still pounding with fear.

"Just... please don't tell anyone. The truth." He whispered against the top of her head. If he had to let the Hufflepuff in, he would relent, but he would not let the whole world know.
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PostSubject: Re: A Cancellation of No Uncertain Terms (Amethyst & TJ)   Sun Nov 01, 2015 10:10 am

She was too caught up into the moment to understand she was hurting him, and when he didn't voice the pain, the girl remained oblivious to it. It was so comfortable hugging him. Being in his arms. She just didn't want to let him go and it seemed he didn't either. At least some part of him. And that brought a small smile to the girl's lips.

He insisted on explaining how dangerous he was though, and that hurt Amethyst. He was right, but she wouldn't admit it. He wasn't a monster, but he was dangerous. And he couldn't control it even if he wanted to. But Amethyst was not going to kill the little hope there still was there.

"It's dangerous, Amethyst. If I'm not a monster, then I'm dangerous. You simply can't take that risk."

"Well, I'm willing to."
Amethyst was being serious. She wasn't going to leave him deal with it on her own. This was extra weight on his shoulders and even if she couldn't do much, she would help him through it. Make sure his secret was safe. Make sure he was safe. And she would certainly take care of any wounds he might have after the full moon.

He suddenly went mute. He didn't say anything and Amethyst started to worry. Did she do something wrong? Was he in pain? What was going on? The nervousness inside her grew and she bit her lip, trying to keep her worries inside, instead of blurting them out.


"Yes?" she inquired and waited for an answer, quite impatiently. But instead of words, his hands wrapped themselves around her and pulled her into him, hugging her close. Amethyst didn't say a word but a smile touch her lips as she hugged him back, loving the feeling. They were alone, in the middle of the Great Hall. Hugging.

"Just... please don't tell anyone. The truth."

"Your secret is safe with me. No one will know... Just let me be there for you. Please."
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PostSubject: Re: A Cancellation of No Uncertain Terms (Amethyst & TJ)   

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A Cancellation of No Uncertain Terms (Amethyst & TJ)
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