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 Hailey Joy Cavanaugh

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PostSubject: Hailey Joy Cavanaugh   Mon Nov 02, 2015 9:00 pm


Full Name: Hailey Joy Cavanaugh
Age: 13
Date of birth: June 2nd
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland
Current home: Dublin, Ireland
Blood Status: Pure-blood
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Wand type: 9 3/5 inches, Dragon heart string, and Unicorn hair


Hair colour and style:

Hailey's hair is a gorgeous black, that is usually kept in a fro of curls. She likes to sometimes pull it back into a pony tail, but most of the time it is kept down.

Eye colour:

Hailey's almond shaped eyes, are a milky chocolate brown.


Hailey is short for her age standing at 4'11.

Body type:

Hailey is rather skinny. She loves her fruits and vegetables, and loves to exercise.

Dress sense:

With the Cavanaugh's being rich in money and power, Hailey usually likes to wear pretty summer dresses. She loves the color's purple, yellow, and green and tries to incorporate any one of those colors into her wardrobe if not all three. Her family isn't the prejudice type, and encourages Hailey to wear muggle clothing along with her wizarding robes as much as possible. She is hardly seen without her charm bracelet. It is filled with charms that resemble the child that Hailey is. Among the charms are a ballerina, a microphone, and a cookie.



Hailey is one who likes order and routine. If something is out of place, Hailey will be the one to notice, and get very fidgety, and nervous. She will even start to sweat.

This child is in love with chocolate. At a very young age, for a reward for being toilet trained, Hailey was given chocolate. She was given chocolate for being good when her parents took her out, when she was good at anything. So pretty much, Hailey tried to be the perfect child to get as much chocolate as she could. And to this day, Hailey is used to the award system.

Hailey loves getting presents. Along with chocolate being in the award system, presents where another. Anytime Hailey was good, she would get a charm for her bracelet. Even though she knew what it would be, she was still excited for it all the same.


Hailey hates being told what to do. Even though she was raised on getting presents when she was good, being told an order that she didn't like was one thing she hated. As a child, she was famous for her temper tantrums when she wasn't given either what she wanted, or praised.

Hailey hates getting sweaty. She will refuse to do anything that will make her hair more of a frizzy mop than it already is. Hailey, takes pride in the way she looks, which might be odd for an eleven year old, but she takes after her mother who always pressures her into looking and doing her best.

Hailey hates being alone. She loves getting attention and being in the spot light. So being alone is not an option for her. She hates being ignored, and always wants people to look at her, and reward her for what she does. In a way, she is a spoiled little brat.


Hailey is very optimistic. She believes that all good things will come to those who work for it. And since she works very hard, she knows that everything will work out for her in the end, and she will get what she deserves.

Hailey is very goal oriented. She loves the feeling of succeeding. And when she succeeds, she gets a reward. Which she loves. So succeeding was imbedded into her brain at a very young age. She will fight for what she wants if she doesn't get it.

She is a fast learner. Hailey has somewhat of a photographic memory. Anything she takes in, she can recite it back and remember it weeks later. She is also sometimes made fun of for being super smart, but that only makes her push herself harder to succeed and get presents.


Hailey is very paranoid. She thinks somebody could take over the world at any moment and keep her hostage. She's afraid that aliens will take over the world, or that a witch/wizard will expose the entire wizarding world and the muggles will lock them up in cages and use them for experiments.

She can't seem to keep a secret. No matter how hard she tries, she just can't. She has to tell somebody the moment the words, "Can you keep a secret" escapes somebody's lips.

Hailey has to win at an argument. She can never be wrong, and will be very hard to deal with if she is told otherwise. She will once again throw a tantrum until the other victim is told that they were wrong, and Hailey was right, even if Hailey was wrong.

Positive traits: (3 minimum)
Negative traits: (3 minimum)


Hailey's parents, Evelyn Ryan and Ernest Cavanaugh, met at Hogwarts naturally. They fell in love during their fifth year and were together ever since. Evelyn went to healing school, and Ernest went on to be a muggle scientist, much to his pure-blooded families dismay. He was later disowned from the family but still kept the Cavanaugh name. A year into their college schooling, Evelyn had proposed to Ernest because he wasn't getting any hints and she was considering leaving him after an affair with his twin brother, Mack.

She was worried that he was spending too much time at work and not enough time with her. Ernest was caught off guard, but reluctantly said yes, much to Mack's dismay who was madly in love with Evelyn at the time. Nine months after the proposal, Ernest had called it off after finding out that Evelyn was pregnant with Mack's child. Evelyn and Mack married three months after that, and had a beautiful baby girl whom they named Hailey.

As a child, Hailey grew up with loving parents who spoiled her rotten. Uncle Ernest was never involved in Hailey's life, and she was raised with the Cavanaugh grandparents, Eleanor and Nicolas Cavanaugh. She was a loved child all around, and stole everyone's hearts. Evelyn put her child into ballet, and loved watching her win awards, and giving her gifts. No matter what, Hailey seemed to have the power of persuasion and always won anything she tried.

Hailey showed her signs of magic at a very young age of 5, and again at 8. At five, she had been ignored for five short minutes, and started screaming. Resulting in the lights flickering on and off. At eight, it was more violent. She was wanting her mother, but her mother was out of town, and her father was with her. She exploded five lamps, and busted out two windows with just her screams. It was then Evelyn and Mack knew their child was magical just like them, and they couldn't of been happier. At age 11, she received her Hogwarts letter and went throw the platform just like any other magical student.

First year:

Hailey was the oddball in her year. She was obsessed with Aliens, and everyone else had to be too. She got frustrated with herself, because she wasn't making any friends. She liked to annoy this one Hufflepuff kid called Bennett. She attached herself to him and talked about Aliens non stop.

Second Year:

Hailey still found Benny fascinating. She wanted him to be optimistic and cheerful just like she was. She thought the only way to do that was to get him to believe in aliens. She did everything she could but he still didn't and she almost cried.

Third Year:

He screamed at her. Her spirit was some what crushed. She avoided him for the rest of the year.

Fourth year:

Hailey is a changed little girl. She's no longer optimistic. She's actually a little crab butt. She likes to give attitude, and isn't the same little optimistic eleven year old she used to be but in fact, a moody teenager. She did great with her studies up until now. She pretends not to care about aliens and her life, but secretly does. She's just now realizing that something maybe changing with her feelings towards Benny, and she's not sure what it is and she's scared to death.


Mother: Name: Evelyn Ryan/ Age: 34 / Living / Blood type: Pure-blood
Father: Name: Mack Cavanaugh / Age: 40 / Living / Blood type:
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PostSubject: Re: Hailey Joy Cavanaugh   Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:41 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Hailey Joy Cavanaugh   Sat Mar 05, 2016 2:23 pm

It had been a long while since Hailey had thought about aliens. She guessed she needed to thank Benny for that. The jerk made her so mad sometimes she wanted to punch him in the face. But in the long run, he was her best friend. He made her see the reality of the situation. She loved playing pretend, and sometimes she got her games confused with reality. Today was going to be a good day, she guessed. It was sunny outside, and there was a nice breeze. Nothing could ruin it.

Hailey had always wondered what was in the dark forest. She had read fairy tales from the muggle world, like Alice in Wonderland and wondered if Wonderland was the dark forest. Maybe Alice had wandered in and gotten so lost she got confused and started hilucinating. It was then Hailey saw a white rabbit sitting on the outskirts of the forest. She got up from her favorite spot at the lake, and decided to follow it, vowing to not end up like Alice.

She wandered deeper into the woods, still following the stupid fluffy bunny. In the distance she saw a bright light. She tried to push out of her mind that it was Aliens, but the thought kept coming back. As Hailey walked more towards the light, she wasn't paying attention to where she was going. She stepped in a whole that made her fall. When she fell, she kept falling. It was like it would never stop.

She fell until she disappeared from the world. All because of a stupid white rabbit and an alien invasion.
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PostSubject: Re: Hailey Joy Cavanaugh   

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Hailey Joy Cavanaugh
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