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 SWEET! [TJ & Amy]

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PostSubject: SWEET! [TJ & Amy]   Mon Nov 16, 2015 6:56 pm

Honeyduke's, truth be told, was the only reason Amy was interested in visiting Hogsmeade for. She liked sweets. And she adored lollipops. So when she was finally allowed to go to Hogsmeade, she always visited Honeyduke's in order to buy a few sweets. She had to have some for the way back too. Or those times she really needed something sweet to cheer her up.

Today, Amy was really excited and there were two reasons for that. Number one, she had the opportunity to visit Honeyduke's which meant lots of sweets, and number two, she had the chance to visit her all time favorite shop along with TJ!

Amethyst had thought about it over he last couple of days, and she didn't know whether it would be right to name this a date. Well, technically, it was a date, but not really. Which confused the witch too much, so she gave up thinking about it for her own good.

They had agreed on meeting outside the castle in order to go together, and Amethyst had not forgotten that. Dressed warmly, in a nice white sweater and a pair of black jeans along with her white converse, she waited outside for him. She was thankful it wasn't too cold today, but she still had her warm black jacket around her shoulders. Just in case. All she had to do was wait now.
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PostSubject: Re: SWEET! [TJ & Amy]   Tue Nov 17, 2015 10:39 am

Agreeing to head down to Hogsmeade with Amethyst was something that TJ had done with little thought. He was becoming much too comfortable around the Hufflepuff, and reality was going to catch up with him at some point, of that much he was sure.

However, not listening to reason, TJ had gotten himself up that morning, pulling on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that was smart enough for the day. A light stubble threatened to show on the teenagers face, but he didn't bother with a shave this morning. He preferred the slightly rugged look, especially when it was the middle of the moon cycle.

Hurrying down in to the grounds, slightly later than he'd intended, TJ noted Amethyst and couldn't help but smile just a little more than was normal for friends.

"Morning!" TJ greeted the witch once he was close to her, pulling her in to a small hug. "Ready for today?" The Ravenclaw asked, putting his arm around the witch's shoulder and leading her off towards the village. He didn't know why, but around Amethyst, he liked to hold her in some manner, as if fooling himself that she was safer that way.

"Did you have somewhere specific you wanted to go?" TJ added as they walked, he didn't need too much, some new quills and parchment, but otherwise he was okay.
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PostSubject: Re: SWEET! [TJ & Amy]   Tue Nov 17, 2015 3:03 pm


A big smile touched the girl's lips, as her eyes landed on the source of the voice. She was shortly after pulled into a hug, and that surprised her more than expected. Amethyst wasn't used to hugs, especially from handsome boys she had a crush on. Nonetheless, she hugged back a bit too eagerly, which made her bite her lip to keep herself from groaning.

"I'm always ready!"
The witch let out a small giggle as she pulled back and started walking along with TJ. She let her eyes wander up and down his form. He was dressed rather casual, and even a small stubble could be seen if you paid some attention, which made him look rather... manly. But in a good way.

She liked how calm and cheerful he was lately, at least with her. It gave her the feeling that she was safe. And happy. And this was more than she was asking, to be honest. But she liked it. And she didn't want it to change anytime soon. A happy TJ was a rare and a very beautiful sight.

"Did you have somewhere specific you wanted to go?"

Leaning in his embrace, as he had his arm around her, she nodded with a big smile. She was going to take him to her favorite place, and it was going to be perfect!
"Honeyduke's!" she answered without even thinking about it.
"You need to check out all the sweets there, it's my favorite place! Plus, I ran out of my lollipops, which means I need to buy enough to last me like... half a month or so. I have to be prepared!"
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PostSubject: Re: SWEET! [TJ & Amy]   Tue Nov 17, 2015 4:44 pm

TJ simply smiled as Amethyst said she was always ready. Whether or not that was true, he didn't know, but he would allow herself to believe that. After all, it couldn't hurt to do that, could it?

As they fell in to step, TJ checked up ahead of them, watching the various other students heading down towards the village that weekend. It would be busy, Hogsmeade was always busy when they were allowed their weekend visits. TJ wasn't overly fond of crowds, but he was heading down for Amethyst, not for himself.

"And what makes you think I haven't checked out all of their sweets before?" TJ asked, an amused smile playing on his lips at her enthusiasm for a single shop. It was... so innocent, that TJ almost felt bad for ruining it with his question. He'd meant it in good gesture though, not in a mean manner.

"Lollipops, hmm?" The Ravenclaw mused, shaking the thoughts that popped up in his head almost a second later because they were not for this moment. "I always preferred something you could chew on. Part of my more... animal instincts, I guess." He explained, joking about his condition because sometimes that was simply the best way of dealing with it.

"Though, I won't lie, I'm not overly keen on sweets. Guess it's just one of those things that doesn't... excite me. But, I'll eat some if they're on offer." He explained as they turned in to the street of shops.
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PostSubject: Re: SWEET! [TJ & Amy]   Wed Nov 18, 2015 8:21 pm

"And what makes you think I haven't checked out all of their sweets before?"

A frown touched the witch's lips as she heard his response. Truth be told, she didn't expect him to have been there before, due to the fact that he liked to be alone, away from people he was scared he could hurt, etc.

But she didn't let that phase her. After all, sure, he could have visited the store before, but he surely hadn't visited it while being with her. Which meant he hadn't seen anything just yet. She was going to give him the time of his life, cause she wanted to see him smiling again. She wanted to make him happy.

"Well, you might, but it no where near as much fun as it is when you are with me!"
She then gave him a small peck on the cheek, and smiled widely. It wouldn't phase her.

"I always preferred something you could chew on. Part of my more... animal instincts, I guess."

Well, she could understand his reasons so she didn't comment on it. Amethyst knew he didn't feel comfortable talking about it, and she didn't wanna bring it up either, knowing he'll start worrying about hurting her again. Something that wasn't going to happen. She wouldn't allow that.
"Hmm, I see. But lollipops are great! Really!"

It didn't take long for them to arrive, and Amethyst kept listening as he explained how he wasn't overly keen on sweet. That made her frown a little again, since she should have taken under consideration what he liked too, before dragging him along. But he didn't seem to want to leave or anything. She still felt bad about it, though.

"I am sorry I didn't ask you about what you'd like. I was being selfish here..
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PostSubject: Re: SWEET! [TJ & Amy]   Thu Nov 19, 2015 8:37 am

TJ gave a soft laugh as Amethyst insisted the sweet shop wouldn't be as fun without her. "I'm quite sure you're right on that one." The Ravenclaw replied with a small smile settling on his lips. Amethyst was so... young, so pure. It was refreshing, in many ways, but it also worried him that her being around him would make her lose that cuteness that she possessed.

The small kiss on his cheek made TJ shake his head fractionally. Platonic as it may be from Amethyst's point of view, TJ couldn't help but feel that the definition of their friendship was becoming murkier with each time they met up. Something that made him wonder what was going on. But, TJ resolved to enjoy it for now, after all, he'd never really had someone he could just be him with.

"I know they are. Well, the Muggle ones are, I don't know if they do them differently here." TJ admitted, giving a small shrug. "I'm sure I'll find out soon enough!" He added, showing that he was willing to try a few things should Amethyst want him to.

"I am sorry I didn't ask you about what you'd like. I was being selfish here."

"Oh, that's not what I meant!" TJ insisted instantly. "I just meant that if you gave me a choice I could leave the sweets quite happily. That doesn't mean I don't want any today!" He explained, giving her shoulder a small squeeze. "After all they're supposed to be better with you around!" He joked softly, getting the door to the sweet shop for her, and motioning her inside first. It was busy, but TJ stayed close to Amethyst, making sure they didn't get separated.
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PostSubject: Re: SWEET! [TJ & Amy]   Fri Nov 20, 2015 10:12 pm

Amethyst knew it would be so much fun spending time with TJ, and her thoughts were already becoming reality. Even though he didn't want to admit it, he was a charming young man. Intelligent, talented, and really fun. And made Amy feel safe and happy. Which meant he was perfect. At least in her eyes.

She didn't pay much attention to the things she was doing. That small kiss on the cheek for example. She didn't think about doing it. It just happened. And that is why she did not pay attention to his reaction afterwards. Cause her mind was telling her it's not a big deal.

"Oh, that's not what I meant!"

That made Amy feel a little less uneasy. Kinda. He wasn't sad or anything because she took him there, he just wasn't really interested if it were for him going alone. Which she could understand. She wouldn't visit a shop full of Quidditch stuff on her own, but she surely wood if she were with TJ.

Which reminded her that she had to find money and buy him a new broom. She owed him that much,

"After all they're supposed to be better with you around!"

"You will see for yourself, soon enough!" she said as she made her way inside the store, followed by TJ.
It was kinda crowded, which was usual, though it made her stick closer to TJ. She didn't want any trouble with the other kids, since she could already make out a few faces she didn't get along with.

"Here, I'll show you some of my favorite!"
Grabbing his hand she led him through the crowd and pointed in front of her. "There are the Glacial Snow Flakes, and here," she said moving to the right, "Here are the Sugar Quills! And oh!"
Smiling widely, she pulled him along until they reached what they had come for, from Amy's perspective.

"And here are my Blood-flavoured lollipops!"
Taking quite a few of those, she took one in her mouth then turned to TJ. "You can have one," she added like a kid with its mouth full. "Or you can try some of mine!"
She then took the lollipop out of her mouth and handed it to TJ with a small smile.
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PostSubject: Re: SWEET! [TJ & Amy]   Sat Nov 21, 2015 9:30 am

Looking around the shop with mild interest, TJ had moved his eyes away from Amethyst for only a brief second before her hand was in his, pulling him in another direction. But he moved back close to her quite quickly, following her to what she'd insisted was her favourite sort of sweets.

First, the Glacial Snow Flakes with a large sign depicting that they would melt in your mouth just like the real thing. TJ wondered, for a brief moment what the point in them would be if they didn't last, but he didn't have time to ask that question as Amethyst pulled him a long a little more.

Sugar Quills, that TJ knew enough about to last him a life time. He'd used them as a third year much too often to not know about them. Whilst nice, they weren't overly practical in his opinion. But, TJ made a note of the sweets Amethyst was telling him about because he found himself wanting to remember her favourite sweets.

"And here are my Blood-flavoured lollipops!"

That sentence was one that made TJ pause for a moment, simply staring at the witch before him in disbelief. "You like those?" He asked, somewhat confused at the logic of that. But, he gave in to the amusement the idea cause, together with watching Amethyst tucking in to the sweets happily.

When she presented him with her lollipop, TJ leant down, taking a small taste from the lollipop. To him, it wasn't the same as real blood, which he was relieved for. "Not too bad." He commented, standing back up and licking his lips from the stickiness of the lollipop in her hand. "But I think you'll be safe with those. Can we get some toffee?" TJ asked with a hopeful smile. Toffee would make him happy, if anything, in this shop, and he didn't wish to make Amethyst feel bad for bringing him here and leaving empty handed.
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PostSubject: Re: SWEET! [TJ & Amy]   Fri Jan 01, 2016 12:39 pm

Amethyst couldn't be more happy that TJ was out on some sort of a date with her. She did feel kinda bad though, since she practically dragged him to this store, without even asking if he'd like something else instead. Which made her selfish and foolish.

But TJ was TJ, and he just calmed her down, as if it was nothing. Cause according to him, it was no big deal.
But Amy still believed it wasn't okay, and she had to make it up to him in the future for sure.

Though, once they arrived to the store, he didn't seem overly bored or displeased. On the contrary, he seemed eager to know what sweets she liked, and what she didn't. And Amy being her bubbly self, just kept on talking and talking with an overwhelming happiness taking over her.

TJ made her happy. She couldn't deny that.

After her lovely friend took a taste of her lollipop, and commented they weren't that bad, Amethyst smiled and nudged him.
"You'll grow to like them, don't worry."
She then plopped the lollipop back in her mouth and smiled.

Before he could even finish his question, Amy nodded and smiled widely. "But of course! No need to even ask!"
Grabbing his hand once again, she lead the way towards where the tofee was and smiled.
"Here. Take as much as you want, I'll pay."
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PostSubject: Re: SWEET! [TJ & Amy]   Fri Jan 01, 2016 1:57 pm

The idea of growing to like them... TJ paused, wondering what Amethyst had meant by that. He wasn't going to buy any for himself, he knew that... Perhaps... Was that a promise that they'd be seeing each other a little more? No, TJ threw that thought away, he couldn't... shouldn't allow himself to get too close to Amethyst. It was dangerous, for her.

And yet, even knowing that, he couldn't help but be hopeful that that was indeed what she'd meant in that moment.

Amethyst was quick to take up his hand again, and TJ let out a small chuckle as she pulled him off towards the toffee. "You're not paying!" TJ insisted, picking up a box of Vanilla fudge. It was very Muggle, but TJ preferred the more ordinary sweets, if he had to pick any. "This is my treat. I insist." He added, before she could say no. This time, it was him who led the two of them, to the counter where he put his and Amethyst's sweets on the counter.

"Oh, and the lollipop in her mouth." TJ told the shop assistant, pulling out his money bag and handing over the correct amount before Amethyst could stop him. Once it had been bagged up and TJ had taken his change, the werewolf led the way back to the door, it was getting mightily busy now, and he wasn't okay with that.

"So..." TJ commented, looking around the streets. "Where to now?" He asked, motioning up and down the street for ideas.
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PostSubject: Re: SWEET! [TJ & Amy]   

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SWEET! [TJ & Amy]
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