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 Safe Places (Judah)

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PostSubject: Safe Places (Judah)    Sat Nov 21, 2015 5:56 am

Caramarienne had a new appreciation for the library. Ever since the Attack, she’d found herself feeling best at home when she was amongst the books. She had to limit her time there; Clement’s were smart, she was to be smart too. However, there was also an understanding that as a Clement girl (though not by name, but because she was their ward) she was not to be a recluse bookworm. She was not to be a know-it-all snubbing girl, but she was to be knowledgeable. Cara pulled her hair into a tight braid when she left the Slytherin Dormitory; she was wearing Clement-appropriate clothes with the Slytherin scarf necessary to show her House. She pulled her hair out of her tight braid and decided instead to let it all loose as she walked to the library with her satchel on her shoulder.

She smiled at the library caretaker as she entered, it was the small kind with a glint of gentleness that not many saw from a Clement in their lifetimes. Some upperclass girls were gesturing for her to sit with them, but she politely turned them down in favor for another part of the library that was quieter where she could focus more on the book that her House Elf had sent her. Oohlaa had brought in her favorite story from when she were a child; a large gold embroidered book that was a collection of tales of regal Clement’s and the rumors and fables surrounding them.

Hello,” she greeted the blonde boy sitting at her table, “may I sit with you?
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PostSubject: Re: Safe Places (Judah)    Tue Dec 08, 2015 3:25 am

There wasn't much to do around Hogwarts when all Judah wanted to do was go home. With his cheek resting on his hand, Judah tried to focus on biology homework his mother had sent the night before. He understood why she wanted him to know all of those things, but that didn't mean he liked doing it. He was mostly looking at pictures, however, because the words were all blurring together. He wasn't complaining too much, though, because his mother could have sent something ridiculous like maths or history. Biology at least gave him a chance to go out into the grounds and out what he had learned in the book to practice.

Since the attack, Judah had chosen to stay in relatively crowded places when he was studying. Though that Zoey girl was nice enough, he preferred to not be stuck with her again during an emergency. He hated to admit it, but he was wasting his time at the library. It was too quiet, too dull. Judah needed to move around and experience his lessons, not just read from a textbook. He wasn't even halfway through the page when he had stopped paying attention and was now focused on trying to change his right hand into a wolf's paw. Though he was very good at it, because it a birth thing, Judah was having troubles. What should have been a paw turned out to be more like hairy fingers.

It was in the middle of his bodily transfiguration that he heard a soft voice. Well, it was definitely softer than his own. Looking up, Judah's blue-gray eyes met those of a girl about his age. She had long dark hair, like his mother, and Judah instantly smiled. Anyone was better than the biology textbook. "Go ahead." He grinned, motioning to the seat across from him. Noticing the stripped scarf, Judah glanced at his own attire. He wasn't wearing anything that publicly announced his house; just gray sweatpants and a navy blue t-shirt. It had been a lazy day, and although Judah was clean and his hair was brushed, he probably still looked like he had just woken up.

"You're a Slytherin, I see. How's that?" Of course Judah had wondered what the Common Room was really like. There were thousands of rumors among the first year Gryffindors, but there was only a way to know for sure.
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PostSubject: Re: Safe Places (Judah)    Thu Dec 10, 2015 6:43 am

Caramarienne was raised to believe that, sort of like a dog, she was of the best kind of person. Merely because of her blood. Well no - she hadn’t been explicitly told these things, but she was intuitive to an extent. In her tutoring lessons before attending Academia that Elenore was now in (soon Elenore would be here at Hogwarts and it was such an exciting thought), her tutor was told to teach her of the magic world. Both her parents were purebloods; it wouldn’t make sense that she wouldn’t be magical. Sure enough come her ninth birthday, she’s a witch. She received her letter several years later, but from then on out there was a new kind of awareness.

Cara always knew she wasn’t by any means a straggler; she wasn’t one of those people who would worry about food or money. Her real worried lied in the societal structure and staying on top of it. For many it was a charmed life; her parents - foster parents - (she had to consistently remind herself of this) certainly knew this. Jacques, the devil himself, was of this social standing. Elenore, for all her kindness, also would never have a materialistic need that could not be fulfilled with a snap of her fingers or even a twirl of one of her dark locks around her finger.

The only person she knew in her life that could be struggling in anyway was the person at the very heart of her being; her biological older brother. Joubert Florelle ran an orphanage out of obligation and because he loved those children. To her that was beautiful. She loved that of Joubert the most, she decided long ago. He worked so hard to be where he was, and sometimes Cara forgot to be humble for her blessings. She had to be humble and yet wary; she was considered a Clement by all means except for blood and therefore if she faltered in manners or appearance the press would tear her up.

But she longed some days to not have to preform to the Clement standards, perhaps if she was really careful she could dress in her more comfortable clothes, like the ones she’d worn around Nirek once.

Once the boy bade her permission to sit with him, almost immediately, Cara was taken aback by the smile that graced his lips. It was her favorite thing; smiles. She loved it when people smiled at her, and this boy - her age or a year older she was presuming - had a pleasant one by all means.

Thank you,” she said politely as she unpacked her carefully organized items softly onto the table, her eyes scanned over what was on the table; an odd looking textbook and other items, but it was the textbook that caught her eye. It caused her brows to furrow and her to bite her lower lip in confusion. She hated not knowing things. “If I may, what is that?” She asked curiously tilting her head.

Oh yes, I am,” Cara said dumbly nodding before shaking out of it, “it’s -” she contemplated lying, but there was no gain here. She wouldn’t get points for bragging. “It’s hard having to be careful with what you want to say all the time; it’s like playing a big game of spy with everyone. It tends to be exhausting.” She added, before pausing, “what house are you from…?” She paused before deciding to extend her hand.

I’m Caram-” she paused, finding her name to be a mouthful at that moment, “Cara, just Cara.

{{OOC: I GOT SUPER CARRIED AWAY OMG SORRY. also how can I contact you? c: }}
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PostSubject: Re: Safe Places (Judah)    Fri Dec 11, 2015 2:35 am

Judah replied to the girl's thank you with a smile. It wasn't every day that someone came up to him at the library. Actually, not many people came up to each other at the library unless they were studying. To say that he was amazed by the girl's organization skills would be an understatement. He was beyond impressed. Judah would have neved had the patience to organize things, let alone school things. "It's a book." Judah replied, unable to contain a small laugh. "A textbook. Biology textbook, to be exact." he said more seriously. He would have asked her the same, except she didnt have anything he didn't recognize. Regular stuff.

He had not meant to ask how being in Slytherin was, but how the Slytherin Common Room was. Nodding, Judah listened. Judah didn't think Slytherin was anything less of what the girl was saying. As a Gryffindor whose both parents had been sorted into the house of bravery, Judah was a little biased towards the Slytherin house itself not the people. The way Judah saw it, the most evil wizard could come from anywhere, even Hufflepuff. "Sounds like you don't like your house." Judah frowned a little, because he couldn't imagine why she would be wearing a Slytherin scarf if she wasn't entirely happy with her house. Maybe it was because Judah had lots of House Pride.

"Gryffindor!" Judah exclaimed, definitely more excited about telling her that fact than he should have been. Immediately, though, he calmed down after being shushed by other students around him. "Gryffindor." Judah whispered. When the girl - Cara - extended her hand, Judah looked at it for a beat before shaking it firmly. "Judah." He took a moment to glance at her scarf again, because it was actually bothering him that she didn't like her house. Or rather, that he thought she didn't like it. She hadn't actually said it. "So, Just Cara, if you had been able to sort yourself, which House would have you chosen?" it seemed like a normal thing to ask, as it was often that answer that gave away a bit more than what the Sorting Hat had chosen. Or so Judah thought.
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PostSubject: Re: Safe Places (Judah)    

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Safe Places (Judah)
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