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 Visitor's (Adaline)

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PostSubject: Visitor's (Adaline)   Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:15 pm

Sumire hadn’t been sure what she wanted to do just yet after Hogwarts. The whole Veela thing was a huge wrench in her plans. Knowing that someone, somewhere out there was made for her was a big deal. Not to mention being a Veela meant having certain ‘charms’ that would indefinitely entice people until she met said mate. Well, even after mated she’d still be alluring but with not quite a strong enough pull as being unmated. Just thinking these terms made her cringe, made her feel like an animal rather than a person. It would be a huge distraction unfortunately too in the career she’d wanted to desperately to have since she was younger.

She wanted to be a full-time actress, but that could never happen now. She’d steal the stage and upstage everyone in any scene she appeared in even if she wasn’t the lead. That’s not how acting works; she had a code of ethics that she followed when it came to theatrical life and she couldn’t stand to break it now. Over the past months she’d been doing intensive research on Veela and the heritage she was inheriting. She knew that at 16 she’d undergo a strong transformation in which her entire body would shift from human into Veela; being half and quarter meant undergoing this transformation.

It was to last for ‘four moons and four suns’ and said to be extremely painful. Just the idea made her cringe again as she bit her lower lip. In her arms she had a bundle of gifts - err more like a care package. She’d heard about what happened at the attack, despite being busy doing her best to save the First Years and was utterly intrigued.

Adaline Harris, she thought once she heard about what happened, you are the bravest of souls. In her care package she had baby clothes, a lot of them (both boy and girl), and books, children’s books, and little trinkets for when teething came in. In her arms the bundle felt like five pounds at the very least, but Sumire didn’t care.

Hello,” she said as she approached the bed where the Healer had directed her to, “I-I’m Sumire. I don’t believe we’ve met before but I- I uh, I just wanted to see how you were.”  
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PostSubject: Re: Visitor's (Adaline)   Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:54 pm

The only people that Adaline had expected to see as her visitors after she had been brought to the hospital wing after giving birth to her beautiful baby boy were Kai and just a couple of her friends. She certainly didn't expect to see a fourth year Hufflepuff to come carrying a present for her.

Blinking wide blue eyes, the brunette smiled amused as Sumire approached her bed, looking a bit lost and also apprehensive if she were to say. Sitting up on the bed, Adaline gave Sumire a soft smile.

"Hello Sumire and no, I don't believe we met but it's nice to meet a new face." Adaline said softly, her eyes going from the girl to the cot beside her before moving back to the fourth year who was carrying the care package. "I'm doing fine as you can see. Though I am forbidden to do anything strenuous for the next few weeks at least. Madam D'elia wasn't amused with my heroics and had threatened to tie me to the bed should I leave it without supervision." She couldn't blame the healer for that though. After all she had given birth in the middle of a forest with a panicking Kai, blank-faced Jacques and Naomi who had at least some kind of idea what to do. Truthfully she was glad for her fellow Ravenclaw. The girl had managed to do well when faced with helping her birth Silas Luc."

She eyed the Hufflepuff girl with narrowed; to her it looked like the girl was troubled by something. "And how are you Sumire?" She questioned. "You look troubled."
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Visitor's (Adaline)
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