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 Violet Lynch

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PostSubject: Violet Lynch    Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:15 am

Full Name: Violet Elise Lynch
Age: 17
Date of birth: 27th of July, 2004
Birthplace: Nice, France
Current home: Hogwarts. And during the holidays it alternates between her mother's home in England and father's home in France.
Blood Status: Half blood
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Wand type: Cedar, dragon heartstring, 15 inches, unyielding

Hair colour and style: Light golden brown, almost blonde hair that is usually worn straight.
Eye colour: Hazel
Height: 5 foot 5
Body type: Rather slender, she enjoys staying physically active through running.
Dress sense: She likes weird combinations of vintage dresses and converse. Honestly, she wears whatever she feels like.
Birthmarks: N/A
Tattoos: N/A (yet)
Scars: N/A
Piercings: Pierced ears

Likes: (3 minimum)
- Snakes- though that partially stems from the fact that she's a parselmouth, and can speak and often influence the snake to do what she wants.
- Fire- it's strength, passion and fury. She could be lost for hours staring into a flame.
- Cigarettes- a habit she picked up from her father. She's not overtly dependent on them, though she does enjoy the occasional one. She doesn't particularly care of their potential ill effects on her health.
- Books, and reading. Knowledge is power. She reads all sorts of books, but loves the ones that make her think. She also loves the ones that provide knowledge that can be applied.
- Messing with people- keeping people on edge, confusing them. No one seems to be entirely sure where they stand with Violet. Are they friends? Enemies? Who knows. Violet loves creating that sense of uncertainty, which leads into the next like.
- Control- uncertainty can lead to a greater control of someone. Assuming the person has a good heart, or any sense of decency really, there's far less of a chance that they would double cross someone who might potentially trust them.

Dislikes: (3 minimum)
- Overly chipper attitudes- Vi has no clue what some people have to be so cheerful about. Surely it must be an act?
- Rules and limits- Violet does what she wants. Rules are a hindrance that limit creativity.
- People, in general. So many of them rely on emotions to make decisions, so many of them get so easily offended. So many are just too weak for Violet's taste.
- Her father's step family- they're everything she hates, and she's certain they dislike her.
- People that think they're above her- the reality is she's most likely more competent than many of the people that think that. It's frustrating.

Strengths: (3 minimum)
- She's multilingual- speaking English, French and Parseltongue.
- She doesn't let emotions influence her, unless it advantages her.
- She's observant, and an opportunist, when the opportunity for her to do what she needs to presents itself, she takes it unrelentingly.
- As she's gotten older, she's been able to become much more charming, much more able to put on an act. She uses this to her advantage.

Weaknesses: (3 minimum)
- She tends to isolate herself from others, as she's never seen the point of connecting with others.
- She tends to be impulsive at times, especially when the emotions she tries so desperately to keep bottled up explode.
- She has a rather bitter "why bother" attitude towards life.
- She tends to be very blunt while talking. Unless she needs something, she won't sugarcoat anything and has no regard for another's feelings.

Positive traits: (3 minimum)
- She's independent, and is perfectly capable of doing things on her own, in her own way.
- She's confident and comfortable in her skin, and with her decisions and actions.
- Adaptable- she's great at adapting herself to suit the situation, if needed.

Negative traits: (3 minimum)
- She's merciless, and doesn't easily forgive people who attempt to double cross her.
- She's violent- or enjoys violence a little too much for it to be healthy.
- She's cynical and has a rather bleak outlook on life. The only thing that seems to bring her any form of enjoyment is chaos.

Violet had always been mistaken for shy while growing up. Always reluctant to try and talk to people, never seeming to want to make friends. She found herself being pushed by her mother, urging her to try and socialise. Truth was, she had no interest in making friends. Everyone around her she found, well, shallow, stupid and too overly excited by things that, in the long run, didn't really matter.

Of course, others would contribute this rather anti-social behaviour, once it became more prominent, to her home life. It was always dysfunctional, wrought with silly little fights about stupid and unnecessary things, like who left toast in the toaster. It didn't take much to figure out that her parents had grown to hate each other. But in the eyes of a six year old child, not even Violet was mature enough to see the reasoning behind all the commotion.

She received her Hogwarts letter at the age of eleven, as expected. She'd been showing signs of magic since she was little, one incident in particular occurred in the playground, upon spotting a snake and, much to her surprise, being able to talk to it and asking it to bite a boy she really didn't like at all.

Name: Sam Lynch (nee Green)
Age: 40
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species: Witch
Occupation: Teacher

Name: Tomas Lynch
Age: 42
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species: Muggle
Occupation: Chef

Violet's parents weren't at all happy in their marriage. Annoyance turned to bickering, which turned to arguments of a greater magnitude, which eventually ended in divorce. And Violet was incredibly happy when that day came. When her mother moved the two of them back to London, and her father remained in France. During school holidays, she alternates between which parent she stays with. Although, she's found a growing disdain for the both of them- her mother being a mopey mess and her father, well, her father's girlfriend and her children are pieces of work. Though honestly, she's become slightly possessive of her father, and greatly dislikes the woman he's with. Tension always runs high when she's there.

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PostSubject: Re: Violet Lynch    Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:42 pm

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Violet Lynch
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