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 Summer Rants (Lux)

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PostSubject: Summer Rants (Lux)   Tue Dec 08, 2015 3:38 pm

Ah, summer. Bennett couldn't have been happier about the changing of the seasons. Though summer wasn't his favorite one, he was glad to be over the flowers and rain and pollen. It was also his father's break, for at least a couple of weeks, so Bennett was excited to spend some time with him. His mother was getting on his last nerves. She was constantly breathing down his neck to make sure Bennett got things done, and by things she meant school work. Bennett was the least interested in having to repeat a year, but he also didn't want to be a loner for the rest of his life.

As he walked to the Three Broomsticks, Bennett carried some paper and writing materials. He was going to rant about everything yo his father, because all Bennett wanted to do was move to Ireland with him. He was so tired of Rachel, his mother. So tired. The little bell above the door sounded when Bennett walked in, signalling to the crowds that another human had arrived. Giving the closest waiter a tight smile, Bennett walked to the farthest table possible, setting his stuff down. He knew the menu by heart, so he just walked straight up to the counter. "I'll take the Cornish patties and salad with a raspeberry tea." he said, putting the money on the counter.

He walked back to his table, getting ready to vent, but quickly noticed the growing amount of people in the Inn. Had they suddenly multiplied? In a matter of seconds, the Three Broomsticks was twice as crowded. Hopefully, nobody he knew was around. Okay, Bennett did hope to see people from school, but only a little bit. He wouldn't be excited if someone like that alien girl Hailey came in, for example. Shrugging, Bennett took a seat and began to make a list of things he would rant about.

Firstly, he would have to tell his father about Rachel's new baby. Yeah, that woman apparently couldn't keep herself from having children. Of course, it was so much better now that she was actually older and married to the guy but that didn't mean Bennett had to out up with her pissy moods. Bennett hadn't been home for a week and Rachel was already getting on to him about everything. Her most recent argument was that Bennett didn't love her enough because he never answer her calls. Rachel had given him a cellphone, because Bennett was starting to go out by himself or with some of his Muggle friends, but Bennett rarely paid attention to the device and often forgot to answer his mother. Of course, this pissed her off beyond belief.

At some point, his list had become an actual rant, so Bennett just kept going. He stopped when a young woman came up to deliver his food and drink, giving her another tight smile as his way of expressing gratitude. "Thanks. he said, and at that moment the little bell above the door sounded again, and like almost every other person in the Inn, Bennett turned his head to glance at whoever had come in. He half expected to see Hailey, because he had just been thinking about that possibility, but instead his eyes met a girl with fair skin and very dark hair. It was the Slytherin girl from Potions class.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Rants (Lux)   Wed Dec 09, 2015 5:24 am

Lux slammed her textbook shut and growled. She had enough  of studying. Even the most brilliant minds had to take a break once in a while and she needed once desperately. She glanced out the window and noted the sun was out. It would be a good time to go to Hogsmead Village. She opened her closet and pondered her choice of attire befoe picking out one her favourite outfits. The three quarter sleeve held the potential of baking her but Luz had never once sweated in her life. It was disgusting so she just didn't do it. She slipped on black leather bracelets to accessorise then she grabbed a skull printed black messanger bag and stuffed her laptop in. Surfing the internet would most certainly prove to be a good distraction. She slipped on her black knee high combat boots then apparated to Hogsmead Village.

As she walked down the road, she bypassed every shop that did not capture her interest and instead stopped in front of a pub. The Three Broomsticks would suffice. She opened the door and rolled her eyes at the sound of the tinkling bell. Seriously, businesses should really think twice about putting such an annoying device at a building's entrance. She paused for a moment and surveyed the place with calculating eyes. It was more crowded than she liked it to be with almost every table occupied but she didn't have to worry about that. She gave a sinister smile. She stalked to the counter and placed her order then stode to a small table around which a bunch of noisy kids sat.

"Hey kids!" she said in a hard voice, putting one hand on her hip and giving them the glare she knew made any youngster pee in their pants."Scram!" They stared opened mouthed at her for a moment and she raised an eyebrow. They glanced at each other before hightailing it out of there. She smirked triumphantly, set down her bag and powered her laptop up, heading straight to YouTube.
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Summer Rants (Lux)
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