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 Italy: Lit Up Waterways (Ethan)

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PostSubject: Italy: Lit Up Waterways (Ethan)   Thu Dec 10, 2015 9:59 pm

29 July 2017

Layla's summer had been the typical one, full of shows, concerts and tours however now Ethan was with her. Ethan had agreed to be one of her security guards and frankly, she couldn't be more excited because now he's be close to her during term and even during summer. Layla loved being a semi-famous singer yet at the same time she didn't. Her days were filled with grogginess and lack of sleep and her nights were filled with make-up, curly hair and large crowds of fans singing her own songs. It was pretty cool and nice and all but some nights she'd enjoy heading to bed early and she'd enjoy the quiet.

Today however was a more important day. She was in the middle of her second ever worldwide tour and they were stopped in Italy. Venice, Italy and it was the most beautiful city Layla had ever seen. Tonight she didn't have a show and last night she traveled meaning she was free to roam the city for now until having a show tomorrow night. It was her birthday and she was finally fourteen years old. It wasn't a milestone age but it still marked another year, another step in her life that helped her on the way to becoming a young woman.

Layla smiled up at Ethan as they walked hand in hand down the lighted waterways of Venice, Italy. They had had a lovely candlelit dinner at an authentic Italian restaurant where they had been offered wine and cheese and bread sticks. Of course Layla had tried a small sip of Ethan's wine and giggled at the taste as heat rose to her cheeks. Their dinner had been great, it had been better than even her mother's cooking and had Layla had a choice, she would permanently live in Italy just to eat at that fabulous restaurant.

She enjoyed walking around the city with Ethan. It was beautiful and well lit and the waterways were beautiful. She enjoyed seeing the gondolas pass with their Italian singers on them, however she herself did not wish to ride in one. "I'm really happy you're here with me," Layla said her hand squeezing his a bit. She was actually more than happy Ethan was there with her, not even as her security guard but as her boyfriend, as someone who was willing to make her birthday special.
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PostSubject: Re: Italy: Lit Up Waterways (Ethan)   Tue Dec 15, 2015 1:19 am

Layla's Gift:

Ethan’s summer hadn’t been all too on the fun side before leaving on the tour with Layla. His parents hated him, and his brother was slightly upset for leaving so suddenly before going over it with him. He had reassured Kyle that he would be able to visit him in his flat. He was able to buy out this nice flat not but a twenty minute walk from Hogsmeade. It was a small little muggle town that some wizards that couldn’t get a flat at Hogsmeade retreated to. It wasn’t too expensive, as he was able to furnish it as well. Of course he had no idea how to get to anybody but he did know that he was close to Hogwarts, so he had kept his promise to Layla.

Ethan was very excited for this day that happened to be during Layla’s second world-wide tour. Layla’s hand was in his as they made their way down the sidewalk. The passing Italian singers made him want to learn Italian so he would know what on earth they were singing about. He glanced down at Layla as he watched the boats and singers disappeared. She obviously didn’t want to ride in one, or she would have pulled him in that direction. He didn’t mind, as the water ways were very beautifully lit up with the lights from the boat’s lanterns and the small café’s lights.

Ethan was smiling because he was able to walk down the streets of Italy and not care a thing about who saw, besides who Layla didn’t want to know, and somewhat publically display it. Anyways he was glad to just spend time with her on the rare occasions that they had to themselves. As a security guard for Layla, he did get to see her more than others, but he wasn’t there twenty-four seven. Ethan looked down to her when she spoke and smiled,

“I’m glad I’m here too. If it weren’t for you I’d be at some awful dinner prepared by my house elf, with some foreign girl I don’t know.”
He chuckled. Sure his elf, Lacey, was very quiet, but she had been nothing but kind to Ethan when he was upset and frustrated with his parents.

He had a small gift for Layla, though he wasn’t entirely sure she would like it. It was a small necklace that had a golden whale’s tail on a gold chain. He pulled out the wide paper box and smiled, casually holding it in his empty hand. Ethan glanced in Layla’s direction and couldn’t help but stretch
his smile wider.

“It’s your birthday.” He paused to admire the boats, and partially to drive Layla crazy. “So I took the liberty of one rare spare moment I had and got you something. And I want you to have it so you can’t refuse, because it’s your birthday. Okay?” He asked.
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PostSubject: Re: Italy: Lit Up Waterways (Ethan)   Mon Dec 21, 2015 1:29 am

Layla stood on her tiptoes to give Ethan and quick kiss, feeling completely at ease since they were in Italy and would know no one around. Being with Ethan always made Layla a bit nervous because she had heard that his family hadn't taken their relationship well and it killed her because she loved Ethan and if they loved him then they should be happy that he was happy with her. But wait, was he happy with her? Certainly he had to be or he would have not told his parents but what if he really wasn't? "Ethan?" Layla asked. "Do you like being with me? Am I really a good girlfriend?" Her brow furrowed with worry as she looked up at him.

She wanted Ethan to be happy and if he wasn't then she wanted to know. She wanted to know how to be a better girlfriend and what she could do to make him happier, to make their relationship a never-ending one. After all, Ethan had been the main reason she got into Quidditch. If it weren't for him being captain and reassuring her that flying wasn't scary then she never would have let him teach her to play and she would not be the Keeper of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Now, she couldn't imagine her life without her teammates, though she would never play professionally.

As they walked, she'd occasionally glance up to him and the same small smile would be constantly plastered across his face, which caused her to grin a stupid little grin. Her hand gave his hand a little squeeze, sort of as a reminder that she was still there, that she was always there. His hands were so much larger than hers and they were more rough and calloused and stronger tan hers and she loved it. Absentmindedly, she traced his hand in between her fingers following every print and groove before finally entwining her fingers in his again.

She let out a soft giggle to hide the thoughts that the words gave her. "You'd still have your family though," she whispered. Her voice was quieter than it have ever been and she averted her eyes away from his. She still couldn't believe that she'd allowed him to completely choose her over his family. Sure she loved it but it was his family, you should never have to choose a girl over your family. "You'd be happy," she said even quieter this time in hopes he wouldn't hear her.

"Ethan," she whispered, "you shouldn't have." However the teenager took the paper box from him anyways. Her azure eyes glanced up at his and then down to the box again. With a small smile she lifted the lid and smiled even bigger. "It's so pretty, I love it." She took the necklace out of the box and held it in her hands before giving him a small kiss on the cheek. "Help me out?" The girl handed him the necklace and turned around, lifting her hair up at the same time.
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PostSubject: Re: Italy: Lit Up Waterways (Ethan)   Tue Dec 22, 2015 5:31 am

Ethan smiled and kissed her back for the brief second before continuing to walk. When he was with Layla everything seemed a bit manageable even if it happened to be impossible. He turned his head as she said his name, listening intently to anything she had to say to him. The questions seemed ridiculous to him, of course he was happy to be with her, if he wasn't, he wouldn't be here in Italy with her hand in his. "Of course i like being with you, if i didn't i wouldn't have agreed to come with you on this tour. You are the best girlfriend anyone could ever have, of that i can reassure you."

He relaxed his hand as Layla traced it with her own. He didn't mind her doing so as it made him feel very relaxed. he continued to smile not letting it fade form his face because he was in a beautiful city with the girl he cared so much about. He considered himself  one of the luckiest guys in Italy, no Europe at this moment. When he felt her fingers intertwine with his once more, he brought them up to his mouth and kissed her hand gently And dropped his arm before turning his head, his face looking incredulously at her. "Yes, i would still have my family if i went against what i thought was right, But I wouldn't be happy at all. I would become this stuck-up person that i don't want to be. " he spoke. His words were kind and soft. But he barely caught her last words and chuckled silently at her. What made him happy was her, he could care less about what his parents thought of what he did.

He continued smiling. He would explain exactly why on a later date, he didn't want her worrying about it now at all. To prove it was her that he wanted to spend time with he gave her another small kiss. He smiled and nodded his head to encourage her to open the gift and helped her to put it on. "It's said to bring good luck when you wear it" He explained while fighting the tiny clasp with his much too big fingers. finally succeeding in clasping it to her neck, he turned her to face him. He thought she was so beautiful. "Not that you need much luck, based on this tour turn outs." He commented. he kissed her again, because what boyfriend didn't enjoy kissing their girlfriend in the middle of a beautiful city.

Whether Layla knew it or not, she meant the world to him and he would do most anything for her. She made Ethan's life turn in a completely different direction than he thought was possible. She made him see a solution when he couldn't fins one. And she made getting disowned by his parents the best thing that had ever happened to him. And he knew that they would take him back in a heartbeat if they really needed him. He smiled at her before lacing  his fingers with hers and walking once more. "Did i ever tell you that you look very beautiful tonight?" He asked. an even wider grin playing on his lips.
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PostSubject: Re: Italy: Lit Up Waterways (Ethan)   Thu Dec 24, 2015 9:01 pm

Layla found herself as being the happiest girl alive when Ethan kissed her back. She enjoyed kissing him as it sent little chills of excitement down her spine and caused her to shiver and giggle. She watched him as he listened and he did so intently causing her to feel a bit better. That's how life with Ethan worked. Just a look or a smile from him could make her day a thousand times better."Really?" she beamed up at him, a smile as wide as the ocean. "You're really sweet Ethan," the Gryffindor smiled, "I don't know what I've done to deserve you."

His hand in her and felt great, like they were meant to be. It was supposed to be there, that she knew. Her azure eyes focused on what was in front of her. The cobble stone streets, the lights, the waterways and the gondolas. It was all so beautiful, it was truly a sight to reminiscence in. This was probably the tour Layla would remember for the longest, not only because of the beautiful city of Italy but also because her handsome boyfriend had accompanied her as her bodyguard. Sure the girl had had several other security guards, but Ethan was the one she knew would protect her the most because Ethan was the one that loved her. Ethan was the one that had been there for her, supported her and stood by her side for over a year now. It had always been him and it always would be him. There had never been a doubt in her mind that had told her otherwise. The girl smiled as he kissed her hand before softly lowering it back down. She let out a soft smile at his words. "So long as you're happy Ethan," she sighed. That was all she wanted in life, was a happy Ethan.

When he gave her another small kiss, she blushed and closed her eyes enjoying every second of it. It was short but very much appreciated and she sighed a happy sigh. She was glad he knew what to do wen she turned around and handed him her necklace. "Good luck," she repeated, "that's nice," she explained softly as she felt his hands fumbling with the clasp. She giggled a bit and assumed his fingers were probably much too large but soon, he managed to get it and the necklace fell against her skin. It created a cool feeling against her neck and along the collarbone where most of the chain rested. It was a reminder, a reminder that he was always going to be with her and she smiled, her hand reaching up to touch the small charm. She blushed as he spoke and her face turned an even deeper shade of red when he kissed her once more.

She could definitely get used to the spoiling from him and even the kissing, however she wasn't sure if she'd ever get used to how much the two of them would get to travel. Any person in their right mind would love to travel and that was something that was a gift granted to Layla due to her having been born an exceptional musician. Layla made it her goal to perform on every continent in every country in every city and by gods, she would do her best to reach those goals hopefully with her Ethan by her side. His fingers laced through hers once more and they began to walk, his voice coming like a song to her. "I don't think you did," she said, her face reddening again, "thank you."
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PostSubject: Re: Italy: Lit Up Waterways (Ethan)   

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Italy: Lit Up Waterways (Ethan)
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