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 Where We End Up Going ( Open )

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PostSubject: Where We End Up Going ( Open )   Wed Dec 16, 2015 11:45 pm

Ever since he had went to Hogwarts, he had felt that he made new friends throughout the ride. Even though he felt that he did not need friends since when he was older he would get his father's business, which was the main source of his families wealth. Even though he was only thirteen he still could figure it out. Tristan sat down at a local cafe by his families manison.

Ever since his he returned from Hogwarts, he had never been so anxious. The young boy knew that he was only being crazy and soon he saw people walk in and out of the cafe and he said. " How sad why can't people just stop and look. " he said with his arms crossed.

The young boy had been wearing a pair of shorts, vans, t shirt. He loved dressing average in the summertime. Then soon he went over to get a drink and a cupcake. Then soon he went back and he ate watching people walk by.
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PostSubject: Re: Where We End Up Going ( Open )   Mon Dec 21, 2015 8:47 pm

Ellie pushed a long stray strand of hair from her face as she woke up on a windy August morning. Phil was racing in the back with Corienna; Caelan and Stephen were being nerdy and Taela was being mommy's little helper. Her father had work, and offered to give her a lift somewhere before he went to practice. To which she accepted it, she loved being out of the house anyway.

Her parents had given them each muggle phones, but Ellie didn't have many muggle friends, so her contacts consisted solely of her family. That was pocketed and her wallet was filled with muggle money and shrunken, thanks mum, galleons. She wandered around the streets of Scotland, not far from the Brennham Estate, before finding a cafe. She ordered a coffee and a scone before looking for an empty seat. When she spotted a boy near her age or so sitting alone.

"Hey," she greeted him with a small smile, "can I sit here?" She asked looking at the seat.
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Where We End Up Going ( Open )
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