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 Anastasiya Viktorovna profile

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PostSubject: Anastasiya Viktorovna profile    Thu Dec 17, 2015 3:16 pm


Full Name: Anastasiya Viktorovna Alkaev (While Alkaev is her last name, her family uses patronymic surnames, so for all intensive purposes Viktorovna is her surname.)
Age: 14
Date of birth: May 22, 2003
Birthplace: Kashin, Russia
Current home: Hogwarts (hopefully)
Blood Status: half-blood
Sexual Alignment: Asexual Hetero-romantic
Wand type: (8 1/2 inches, phoenix feather core, ebony wood)


Hair colour and style: Straight, light brown hair that is sometimes styled with a slight side bang.
Eye colour: A piercing and icy shade of blue.
Height: 5'7"
Body type: She has a naturally thin body. Her collar bone is very defined and visible, as are her shoulder blades. She has a sort of hourglass figure, with her hips being slightly wider than the rest of her torso and legs.
Dress sense: She likes to wear jeans and t-shirts; most of the time with a black leather jacket and riding or biker boots. She thinks that anything can be passed as fashionable as long as you add a leather jacket.

Birthmarks: none
Tattoos: none


Likes: showtunes, poetry, and cats.
Dislikes: screamo, the colour brown, and people that can't be trusted.
Strengths: loyalty, kindness, and her literary skills.
Weaknesses:trouble controlling her magic sometimes, abandonment issues, emotional.
Positive traits: (isnt this the same as strengths and weaknesses?) honesty, hard-working, and determination.
Negative traits: (^) compressed anger, sometimes shy, and optimistic to a fault or pessimistic to a breaking point. (depends on the situation).


Anya sat a rectangular, wooden table; the same rectangular wooden table at which she had always sat every morning for the past few years. She table was beaten and old. There were stories intertwined in every grain of ebony wood, though the darkness of the wood seemed to mask it well. To any newcomer, the table seemed as if it had just been purchased, but Anya knew otherwise.

She remembered Sundays mornings with her parents before her mother had left both she and her father to fend for themselves. She remembered the laughter and smiles that would flood the kitchen and end up absorbed by the table to be eternally honoured as a good memory. Looking back now, she could still smell the maple bacon and burnt toast that her mother would try to make for them every morning.

She also remembered cowering in her room at night while her parents yelled at each-other about the future. Her mother was always so worried about her mother, but Anya never knew why. Anya had never worked up the courage to ask what the fighting meant. She always told herself "Tomorrow," but tomorrow never came. Her mother left them before she ever got the chance.


Mother: Name:Elizabeth Mae / Age: 38 / Living or Deceased:living / Blood type or Species: half-blood
Father: Name: Viktor Alkaev / Age: 42 / Living or Deceased: living / Blood type or Species: pureblood

Anastasiya is the child of Viktor Alkaev and Elizabeth Mae. They were very cut off from the rest of the family, because neither side wanted Elizabeth and Viktor together (Elizabeth is a half-blood American and Viktor is a Pure-Blood Russian). Viktor and Elizabeth were never married. They never thought about marriage much after having Anya. Viktor and Elizabeth fought often about what was coming for them in the future and if they were ever to face their families. One night, Elizabeth became to overwhelmed with the what-ifs and she ran away. Neither Ana or Viktor has heard from her in years. Viktor absorbed himself into an office job and he is away all of the time now because Anya reminds him too much of his forbidden love who ran away. She reminds him of what he can no longer have. Anya is pretty much on her own.
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PostSubject: Re: Anastasiya Viktorovna profile    Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:43 pm

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Anastasiya Viktorovna profile
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