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 Grant Family ( Family Request )

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PostSubject: Grant Family ( Family Request )   Fri Dec 18, 2015 2:33 am

Hey guys,

Its Katie here and I am looking for people who could play Tristan's family. Mainly his siblings, but his parents would do as well. The Grant are very weathly so they have a lot and there family is filled with a ton of dysfunction. Ever since his father cheated on his mother just after Tristan was conceived, which resulted in him having a sister who is currently in the same year as him.

Well besides that I am going to introduce the family, with first coming his siblings.

Name: Daniel Alexander Grant ( aka Danny )
Age: 17 ( Seventh Year )
Personality: He really can be up to you, all I can say he is smart as a whip. But everything else is up to you.
Sexuality: Up to you
Relationship: Close but he is his half brother from a one night stand which was left to be raised by his father while his mother left, so he is practically a full brother to Tristan. His mother's history can be anything you wish.
LAL: You Choose
Status: Open

Name: Colin Theodore Grant ( his middle name can be changed )
Age: 15 ( Fifth Year )
Blood Status: Half-Blooded
Personality:He is so much like their father's family which makes him shrewd, buisness savvy, as well as being considered a pretty boy, but everything else is yours like how does he go with his pretty boy attitude is all up to you.
Sexuality: Up to you
Relationship: Tristan and Colin do not exactly get along, because Tristan finds his snooty attitude to get on his nerves despite the fact that they are brothers and full blooded. Although they will eventually learn to get along.
LAL: You Choose
Status: Open

Name: Katelyn Emily Reid
Age: 13 ( Third Year like Tristan )
Blood Status: Pureblood
Personaility: Tristan knows very little of her, and her personailty is all up to you. Although she is considered to be friendly and smart, but everything else is up to you.
Relationship: They do not know each other, but once they do they will end up being really close and as well as best friends since he is her half sister. Which makes her background all up to you.  
Sexuality: Straight
LAL: You Pick
Status: Open

Name: Rebecca Anne Grant
Age: 11 ( First Year )
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Personality: She is somewhat of a spoiled brat who loves to get her way, but she is very brave and does her best to stick to the rules, but she would still bend the rules if she had to. Although she is somewhat like Colin, but good enough to get along with Tristan, but her growing up is all up to you.
Relationship: They are close, but they do argue sometimes due to them being two being so different. He still loves his little sister and is protective of her.
LAL: You Choose.
Status: Open

Name: James Adam Grant
Age: 11 ( First Year )
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Personality: James is described as being very mischevious and he enjoys getting in trouble. Unlike the rest of the Grant children James had always been a prankster, and he also is very cunning and has done many of things to get his way. Unlike his twin he is the total oposite of being the kid who thinks he better than everyone else. That's all I can say everything else is up to you.
Sexuality: Up to you
Relationship: Tristan and James are very close and have had a bond since he was a little boy. Tristan always loved his younger brother with a passion.
LAL: You Choose
Status: Open

Now on to his parents

Name: David Alexander Grant
Age: 42
Blood Status: Pureblood
Occupation: CEO of Grant Industries/Auror
House: Former Slytherin
Personality: David is not like your average businessman, he is pretty industrious and has connections all over the place. He does have somewhat of a friendly personality and is beyond smart for his age since he has brought Grant Industries to all sorts of new heights. He also is a cheater and has done it once to there mother by getting drunk and then having a one night stand, and had a daughter he never met. All though everything else he does is up to you. Whether he cheats again is up to you.
Relationship: Close and Tristan looks up to his father for other reasons then the fact he cheated in which he had been the only kid that knew it since he is the closer to his father than his siblings.
Sexuality: Straight
LAL: You Choose ( Daniel Gillies now but can be changed )
Status: Open

Name: Ava Monica Grant ( nee Brandt )
Age: 40
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Occupation: Housewife but will change eventually in to a career you choose.
Former House: Ravenclaw
Personality: Ava is a very nice women who is a socialite who has been kind to many people, and had been intelligent, but has some what of a temper which sometimes gets the best of her. She came from money just as his father did. Which puts everything up to you, which happens after she finds out about the affair.
Relationship: Close but not as close as his father and him are they get along very well, but she praises Colin and Rebecca more than she does Tristan and Daniel. Although they will become closer as time goes on.
Sexuality: Straight
LAL: You Choose
Status: Open

So that is his family and feel free to claim them and if you wish to join the dysfunction feel free to pm me or even post here or talk in the chatbox. So come on and claim one.
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PostSubject: Re: Grant Family ( Family Request )   Mon Sep 05, 2016 2:00 pm

Is this still needed, Katie? Smile
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Grant Family ( Family Request )
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