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 Summer Sweet Tooth (Caelan & Evelyn)

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PostSubject: Summer Sweet Tooth (Caelan & Evelyn)    Sun Dec 20, 2015 7:18 pm

"Caelan!" His mother called out from the brewing wing of their estate, he assumed she was using a 'Sonorous' since he was in the living room reading up on dragons. He let out a soft sigh and stood. He couldn't deny his mother anything, especially not now when she was seven months pregnant. He did a small jog towards her and once finding her gave a big smile.

"Hi sweetheart," she began. It was so strange to see his mom all wide and gentle. His mother was, occasionally, the more reckless of the four of them. Only being a parent when she saw the need to be. "I need a favor, your father is going to Hogsmeade in an hour or so, and he's forbade me from eating sweets since I "devoured", his words not mines, his jelly slugs. He makes me sound like some hungry beast, not like a pregnant mother for the third time!" She shouted near the end, her voice becoming staccato. It was then that Caelan looked around his small, but mighty mom to see his father in the Herbs garden rolling his eyes as he finished snipping off Baneberry.

"Your mother is being bratty as usual," Devin noted with a small smile as he pressed a kiss to her cheek. She blew a raspberry at him even as she took the Baneberry from him. "How are you feeling today, Caelan?" He asked with concern coloring his features.

"Better," he replied with a smile, he had been on-again, off-again sick since the beginning of summer break. "Good enough to go with you to Hogsmeade to errand run." Devin smiled before rolling his eyes.

"I'm guessing your mother is having you run errands for her?" They both glanced over at Cassana Brennham, who was giving them both huge, soppy, puppy eyes. They laughed before finally Devin nodded.

An hour later, and bag full of galleons with a parchment of items, mostly candy, Caelan was standing in Honeyduke's with his brows furrowed and trying to tell the difference between ruby and emerald candy rings and which one his mom would have wanted.

He wasn't as shy as he used to be, although he was somewhat reticent to engage in human contact, but he turned his head to the person on his left and saw perhaps the most darling girl he'd seen in a long while. Soft, pretty features, he thought with a flush before clearing his throat.

"Um, hi, can I-I-uh ask you a question?" He asked nervously, biting his lower lip and hoping to the Gods that his stutter didn't sound as bad as it really was.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Sweet Tooth (Caelan & Evelyn)    Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:20 pm

Evelyn's summer had flat out sucked thus far. Her best friend of nine year moved to France and Nima and her father had to separate due to work situations. Nima was needed elsewhere, stationed as an undercover Auror in order to keep the Blackhawkes at bay and her father had been working more than ever to account for his hurting heart. She felt bad for him, she really did especially since he had already lost her mother. Evelyn hoped to gods that he wouldn't lose Nima as well because it would surely drive him past insanity. She hadn't been there when her mother had passed away, but Nima told her of how cautious her father had been when they first met and begun dating and it made Evelyn feel bad but it wasn't her fault. Sure, she honoured her mother for sparing her own life in order to give Evelyn a chance but Evelyn sometimes couldn't help but wonder how much happier her father would be if he still had her mother as opposed to her.

Because of this, Evelyn summer had been spent home alone, studying and catching up on next years reading. In the aspect of not wanting to be left behind, she was definitely a Ravenclaw, though she was sure that not even a stereotypical Ravenclaw was already studying. Not like it mattered because Evelyn didn't have friends anyways and it probably didn't help that she wasn't a fan of the outdoors. Sure she had met Mauricio when her father took her on a three day trip to Italy for one of his lame Healer events, but even he had stopped talking to her this past week. It wasn't like she cared, the two had only shared a quick kiss back in Italy on one of her random walks. She was sure there'd be plenty of future kisses with several different people, or at least she hoped.

Before he left, he had given her a few Galleons and asked her to treat herself today. Her father had known that she'd been studying her bum off and he wished to reward her himself but he couldn't. He had work - like always. After Evelyn had finished her daily reading, she ran her fingers through her messy hair making it less messy, threw on a pair or leather-y shorts and a spaghetti strap patterned shirt that slightly showed off her midriff. Adding a pair of sandals onto her feet, she grabbed the Galleons and rushed out the door a specific destination in mind.

It took a minute to get to Hogsmeade and another minute to get to Honeyduke's but eventually, with little work she had made it using the Floo system. She had chosen Honeyduke's because it was a candy shop and if anyone knew Evelyn then they knew hat she had a particularly sweet tooth for chocolate. She searched the shelves high and low and grabbed several objects that read the word chocolate on them before finally settling herself in front of candy rings. They were pretty good as well but nothing could top chocolate. A glance to her left and she saw chocolate frogs which she happily reached for until a voice broke through the chocolaty thoughts coursing through her mind. She froze and turned her head, her long hair falling down her back as she let out a soft smile. It was one of the Ravenclaw boys from a year above her. "Erm, hi," she replied sheepishly, er face turning a vivid rose like colour, "um sure, I - I guess."

Eva's Outfit:
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Sweet Tooth (Caelan & Evelyn)    Sun Dec 20, 2015 10:10 pm

Caelan was not used to interacting with girls besides Ellie and Taela, and his mom at all. There were some girls who asked him about classes, but when they tried to pursue further, he assumed they just mistook him for Phil. He’d direct them towards Phil and then go back under the radar. Dating was a strange topic in their household. His father shrugged, telling him that apart of who they were meant he didn’t get a chance to date anyone; he was married as soon as his parents saw fit. When Caelan looked up at his father with panic in his eyes, Devin was quick to assure him that neither him nor his mother would ever dare control them like that. He then directed him towards his mother with a rub on the back of his neck and a sheepish smile.

Then Cassana went totally off the rails, telling him that dating was a rollercoaster. It was a rush of endorphins and crazy amount of dopamine that controlled the body and sometimes the rush was so great it made people go “craaayy-zeee”. To which Caelan gave her a droll look, she laughed and kissed his cheek telling him that he was free to date whomever he wanted so long as it was legal. He rolled his eyes, but kissed her mouth and bade her farewell before heading out to read some more. Cassie also told him that dating often started based off a mutual attraction, but evolved into caring about each other’s intellect and personality.

So Caelan knew what it felt like to be attracted to someone; there was already something in the way that Stephen smiled, something in the look of Mary-Anne’s eyes whenever she was talking to him about books, or so and so. Caelan ran a hand through his hair, and bit his lip.

The girl standing before him was definitely attractive. Her hair was long, a messy kind of pretty. Her eyes were chocolate, soft and reminiscent of home, and her lips gentle pinkish. He gulped, his face flushing.

Caelan,” he thrust his hand out, “I- I don’t know if you can answer this, but um,- which one do you think is better for a pregnant woman ruby red or emerald green?” He took a step to the side and pointed to the rings presented.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Sweet Tooth (Caelan & Evelyn)    Sun Dec 20, 2015 10:47 pm

The only guy Evelyn had ever spoken with besides her father and her professors was Mauricio and that hadn't turned out quite like she had wished for. For one, he thought she was older and for two, he wanted things that she wasn't ready for, things that she didn't think she could ever be ready for at least not until she was much, much older. That was why when the Ravenclaw boy had spoken to her, she had frozen. She didn't know what to say or do and instead she had blushed and stuttered and probably made herself look like a fool. Surely the whole boy thing would be a lot smoother if she had had her mother to talk to her about it, especially since Nima seemed to be shy on the whole "growing up and hitting puberty" topics and her father, well he just felt awkward about it. Therefore the girl had to figure out things for herself via books and eavesdropping on older kids' conversations around Hogwarts.

Evelyn was quite scared to even mention the idea of having a crush on anyone to her father, much as any little girl might be. She was the apple of her daddy's eye, she knew that. She was his little girl and any boys that wanted her would surely be forced to go through him but she didn't want that. She just wanted him to understand, she wanted him to explain the aspect of growing up and what she should expect. She wanted him to understand that if she got a boyfriend it didn't mean that she was going to run off with him and never visit him again. It just meant that there was a chance that someone else could also love her.

Evelyn had seen the love in her father's eyes and in Nima's eyes many times but she herself had never experienced it. Sure she had a crush on Mauricio as well as that one Slytherin boy but it wasn't the same as love. She didn't know them, she didn't get to know them or spend time with them like her father and Nima had. Evelyn had only experienced love from her parents and while it was good and full of the affection she needed, she couldn't help but wonder what it felt like to be attracted to someone, to feel loved by someone who wasn't your own family.

Her large brown, doelike eyes finally looked up to the boy - locking onto his green eyes. They were like emeralds and it caused her to blush a bit more. He was taller than her and he was broad, like a typical boy. His hair and skin was lighter than hers and all around, he was quite handsome.

"Evelyn," she smiled her small, always warm hand reaching out to connect with his. "Um," she thought, her hand going up to her chin in a typical thinker's pose, "red is always a nice colour, but I like the emerald green because it reminds me of your eyes and what pregnant woman wouldn't want to be reminded by your eyes, especially if you're her son." Evelyn smiled and blushed, her eyes averting downward at the realistion of how much she'd just carried on about. She was sure he couldn't have gotten a woman pregnant meaning this woman was probably his mother and his mother would want to be reminded of his eyes, right? Now this poor boy probably thought she was a freak and he had every right to do so.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Sweet Tooth (Caelan & Evelyn)    Mon Dec 21, 2015 7:25 pm


That’s what Caelan loved. His family was so dear to him, then his friends (no matter how seldom those were), and then his books. That is the level of importance books were to him. His family knew it too; his mother had gotten him a first edition of Hogwarts A History, which was a relief since he’d been anxiously waiting for that book since he begun Hogwarts. His father bought him a book on Potioneers, and Caelan had felt ecstatic at the gift especially considering he loved the stories about his mother and father’s college days when they both wanted to be Potioneers. His younger sister, Ellie, bought him the year above them’s Potions textbook, winking at her dad and telling him they probably had some kind of psychic connection to which Caelan rolled his eyes and pointed out maybe Ellie just had Potions class with him, and had seen Caelan fawning over the older kids work. Phil got him a certificate redeemable at Flourish & Blott’s so he could buy whatever he wanted. Taela wrapped up her favorite book of fairytale’s from their family library and looked at him like she hadn’t stolen it from their family.

All in all, his family knew him well enough to know that he loved books and just about anything pertaining to books.

After this trip to Hogsmeade, he planned on convincing his father that they needed to go to Diagon Alley where he’d use his Flourish & Blott’s gift certificate. Books had the ability to turn things from fantasy to reality, to make him feel absorbed in a world far away too distant on the vast horizon, to give him things he’d never dreamed of.

But standing before him, the girl, looked like something right out of a book. When those light pink lips peeled away to reveal pearly teeth, in such a small insignificant smile, Caelan felt his heart rate kick up a bit. When her hand touched his, he prayed his hands weren’t sweaty because Gods - how could anyone’s hands be so soft?. When her hand slide up to her chin, he felt himself smile; it was a tick, something she usually did. Then he tore his eyes from her, stuffed his hand, since one hand was carrying two pounds of chocolate, into his pocket and glanced back at the display.

“Oh, yeah my eyes are green,” he said dumbly his eyes still watching her pretty face, before clearing his throat, his face was such a prominent red color, “thank you Evelyn, you’ve a lovely way with words.” He noted smiling sincerely, he grabbed the green one and stuffed it into the bag. “Is there, uh anything I can help you with? Maybe you need help picking something out or - or reaching something on a higher shelf?” He asked, once more sounding not as smart as usual before realizing what he said could be potentially offensive.

Not that I’m saying you’re short, no wait you are short, but that’s not a bad thing! You can reach the uh, lower shelves without having to bend that far down,” he trailed off nervously before looking down at the floor dejectedly cursing his stupid mouth (he inherited it from his mother!), “I can just go and stop bothering you now.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Sweet Tooth (Caelan & Evelyn)    Mon Dec 21, 2015 8:11 pm

Evelyn tried to think of when her addiction to chocolate began and she couldn't quite come up with anything because for as long as she could remember - it was there. She remembered Nima sharing a piece of chocolate with her at the age of five and again when she was seven. She didn't get to eat it much as a child because her father feared she'd grow addicted to it and that she would only want chocolate as opposed to vegetables and other foods and well - he was right. However, Evelyn did not allow her chocolate intake to spoil her normal food intake because she loved both. She adored the taste of potatoes and meat and she even loved the taste of brussels and peas. To Evelyn, chocolate was merely the cherry on top, the dessert she got for finishing her meals. Lately, Evelyn had forgotten chocolate even existed because of her studies as well as at Hogwarts, she didn't have access to Hogsmeade like she did now or at least not until her third year. Besides, her father definitely didn't have the Galleons to fund her chocolate addiction so laying off to study properly over the summer was her best choice, right?

Right. Or at least that was what she thought at the start of summer.

With all the stress of Nima leaving and trying to get her father back to being well, her father Evelyn had been feeling just awful. She was sluggish all the time and though she still studied, it was often turning into a chore. Studying was no longer fun and the thought of studying no longer being fun to her added a whole new stress and fear onto her shoulders.

That was why when her father gave her the Wizarding currency and pleaded with her about her needing to get out and go get her a present, she was more relieved than she had been since summer began. Evelyn wasn't picky about chocolate, in fact sometimes trying different types was better than getting one that she knew she adored or at least she thought so. When her hand connected with the boys, she was shocked to feel that his hand was unusually soft for a boys and she figured that maybe he was a reader like her as opposed to one of those dangerous Quidditch players. At the thought of his hands, she looked down to her own and noted the few pieces of chocolate she'd been holding was beginning to grow soft. Looking around, she found a basket and placed them in it wanting to spare them as much as possible. Merlin knows she didn't have the patience to wait for them to become solid again in the fridge.

"They're really kind of pretty," she said a small smile upon her face. "A lot better than mine," she always hated brown eyes for some reason, maybe it was just because everyone always told her that blue and green eyes were the best kind of eyes ad she believed them. "Oh," she said, "um thanks." She noted the shade of red on his face and giggled a bit because clearly he was as nervous to be talking to someone as she was. "I think I'm good, unless you can suggest the best kind of chocolate," she smiled looking to him.

And then suddenly he had gone all weird and nervous like and she didn't know what to do. She watched as the boy seemed to deteriorate in front of her and she felt a bit bad. "No, I am short, I know." She smiled to show that she wasn't offended. "I mean sometimes it's annoying but I like it, I mean - I think it makes me look cuter." Her face warmed up a bit and she let out a nervous giggle. "No, please stay!" She grabbed his arm, "I mean, you don't have to leave." There was a hint of sadness in her eyes at the thought of Nima.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Sweet Tooth (Caelan & Evelyn)    Tue Dec 22, 2015 1:03 pm

Art is a rarity.

No. Anyone could make art; all they’d have to do is explain their ‘unique’ interpretation of it. Anyone could make something that could sell and call it art. Art was a commodity in some places.

True art, the kind that beckoned the soul to listen and respond with open eyes and ears to hear a message ever before shared, was a rarity. True art was called to a person’s inner most being, called to their empathy, their most base emotions and shattered whatever frail idea the viewer had of that emotion. The way people expressed love in their paintings always astounded Caelan because sometimes it was sad, angst-driven story that propelled the painter to create a sad depiction of lost lovers. Or in another art work he could see the unparalleled joy that a person felt by their love being returned to them as if love was a gift that not everyone would receive at one point in their lives.

Caelan was good at that; he was good at uncovering puzzles and understanding things that others didn’t. He understood subtext, he understood that there were things not being said. He was better at expressing himself through subtle, small gestures without words because of this strong understanding. Not like Phil; when Phil liked a girl, they knew because Phillip Jack Brennham screamed it from the mountaintops until the liked him back. Gods knew that Caelan was envious of Phillip because of this ability.

Back to the moment at hand, if Phil were here he would just look Evelyn dead in the eyes and tell her she was gorgeous. Gorgeous like true art that no one else understood. Gorgeous in a way that was beckoning Caelan to just want to stare at her for hours on end.

No not better than yours because yours are-“ he gulped back his nervousness and called out that inner courage Phil and Ellie had, “yours are like art.” He said lamely. There was such a build up in his tone, he didn’t know how to explain it when staring at her face because - Gods be darned, he just kept getting distracted by the contrast of the sun streaming in from the windows illuminating her tan skin and making her glow, or the gentle curves of her eyebrows and the fluttering of her lashes. He looked above her then and closed his eyes willing the words to come out and make sense.

Art isn’t understood by a lot of people and I know why because they don’t want to think about how deeply art can affect them and your eyes are like icebergs- they’re so bodacious and bright it makes people scared to think about the emptiness in their own eyes. Your eyes are art.” He finished looking back down, smiling proudly at her, glad to have gotten it off his chest. “Shite- I said too much didn’t I? Oh gods that’s awful - I said a lot - I’m sorry Evelyn. I swear it won’t happen again, I’ll be more appropriate.” He said these words like a vow.

When her hand darted out to grab his, he felt his heart leap from his chest and into those small hands so soft and gentle. If forever was a person, it was her, he thought, before pushing those thoughts out of his head as quickly as they came. Too soon! He screamed at himself.

Height doesn’t have anything to do with cuteness.” He blurted out. “It’s more about the way a person does little things, like smile. You - good smile. You smile good.” He said pulling his arm back uncertainly. Why did he have to be such a mess around pretty girls? He wondered. This was definitely a trait he’d gotten from his mother.

I don’t want to leave,” he said suddenly, “I want- I want to uh, help you. Help you pick,” he glanced at her basket, “candy. What do you like?” He asked biting his lower lip, trying to keep from wincing at her gods-darned awkward he was.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Sweet Tooth (Caelan & Evelyn)    Tue Dec 22, 2015 9:12 pm

It was unreal.

It was unreal just how comfortable Caelan made Evelyn feel. It was unreal because she knew nothing about him, in fact the two had only really officially met today.

Sometimes she was sure that the people you didn't know where the people you go on best with. They were the people who made you feel comfortable, far from an outcast. Even being with her own family didn't feel like this and she assumed it was because when they were home it was usually late at night and early in the morning. Her family knew her; yet they didn't. They didn't know her favourite book genre, they barely knew she was a Ravenclaw. They didn't know that Evelyn had abandonment issues, they didn't understand her fear of heights and her dislike of dangerous sports such as Quidditch. And sometimes - sometimes it really hurt to realise just how much her family didn't know her nor understand her.

Evelyn was a great listened even if she wasn't such a great advice giver. She understood people, she took the time to learn their likes and dislikes and she took the time to read into them to learn what their motions and facial expressions meant. Evelyn had read several books over psychology and understanding the human body and it helped her understand people like her and Caelan who were awkward when it came to human interaction, especially interaction with the opposite sex. Merlin knows Evelyn didn't get the ability to communicate and flirt effortlessly, no her life had been spent reading books over the best ways of communicating and how to flirt.

Even now, the poor girl still couldn't flirt to save her life, not like she really liked Caelan in that way because of course, she'd have to get to know him first. Though she would admit to herself that he was pretty cute and he was definitely worth keeping around as a friend because that was something she needed.

She looked at him in astonishment when he spoke. His eyes weren't better than hers? But his were green and hers were brown, hadn't he ever heard of the saying that coloured eyes are better? Maybe, just maybe he had a different viewpoint than the average person. Art? She was a bit confused and waited for an explanation, searching his eyes his body language as any hint of what he meant. Sure art was beautiful but some of it just looked plain horrible. For once, Evelyn didn't understand a metaphor; for once she didn't understand what this beautiful, handsome person in front of her was saying.

She watched as he closed his eyes and she waited and finally, after what felt like an eternity, he spoke. When he spoke, she smiled as it was the most beautiful thing she'd ever heard spoken aloud. "Well in that case - thank you." She gave him another smile before he began to apologise. She looked taken back and shook her head. "No, no Caelan it's perfectly alright." She reassured him in every way she could. "Sometimes, a girl needs an amazing compliment like that and today - well today was definitely one of those days I needed someone like you to come along." She gave him another hopeful smile.

She hoped to Merlin that she hadn't crossed a boundary of some sort when she'd grabbed his arm, she just - she didn't want him to leave and she didn't know what else to do. Her hand reaching out and grabbing his arm was the first reaction that came to mind and just like other human beings - her first reaction wasn't always the best.

However, he hadn't moved his arm or at least not yet and she assumed that maybe - just maybe she hadn't crossed a boundary. She listened intently to his words, to every syllable and vowel that flowed from his lips. As he finished, she blushed a bit, her face turning a deep red as the heat rose into her cheeks. She was absolutely speechless and when he pulled his arm back, she frowned a bit. Maybe she had in fact crossed a boundary. "I - I'm sorry," she apologised.

"My -um my mother just got called away on an Auror mission and - and I'm not sure she's going to -um come home -" Evelyn's voice trailed off. "You just - you reminded me of her when you started to leave and - well I didn't want to be alone again -" her face glowed an even redder shade and she looked down to the floor, clearly embarrassed.

She hugged herself as he spoke and at the question she merely gave him a one worded answer. "Chocolate."
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Sweet Tooth (Caelan & Evelyn)    Thu Dec 24, 2015 12:01 am

Caelan was the odd duck of the family. That was easy to know. For one thing he had a lower immune system than his siblings, so he was often bed-ridden being ill or in the library whereas his siblings were out and about. For another thing, although all three of his siblings were smart in their own way, he was the one who cared about brains the most. Sometimes it felt like his only redeeming trait. The fact that he loved books, and that books were so important to him, it felt like the only that defined who Caelan was.

He didn’t have a lot of friends; he had his siblings and Stephen with the occasional classmate who would ask him for help. Did Phil and Ellie really count anyway? They were like built-in friends sort of forced to be friends with him. Truth be told, if they weren’t related they probably wouldn’t be friends. Phil was so abrasive, so outgoing; he wouldn’t have time to hang around Caelan if Caelan wasn’t his older brother. And Ellie was so mean most days, so judgmental that she would just look at him with a sneer and roll of her eyes. He couldn’t deny his sister was a Gryffindor, however; she had a knack for pointing out flaws at the drop of hat or saying disagreeable things no one wanted to hear.

It was probably why he was so fond of Stephen; Stephen made him feel like a person. Like he deserved friends.

And yet…

Perhaps it wasn’t only Stephen that needed to make him feel like that. The way Evelyn was looking at him, the way she was making him feel; it all felt so terribly familiar he felt good. He felt good about himself.

No-no problem, I like honesty.” He admitted with a smile. When she accepted his verbal-vomit he felt himself ease up even though he felt horrible for saying the out of line things he did. “I’m glad then to help.” He said.

No don’t be sorry! I just- I don’t get a lot of affection?” He said as if it was a question. “Well I do from my mom, or my youngest sister, but I didn’t want to cross a line or something by - I don’t know. Sorry.” He said rubbing the back of his neck.

As she turned a red of embarrassment, Caelan- rather than feeling uncomfortable- was enticed by the pretty flush on her tan skin. At her words, however, he couldn’t help but open his arms.

Hugs. You need a hug. That’s um obvious.” Caelan said. “Unless you don’t want a hug, then that’s - that’s fine too.” He laughed nervously, the sound being a bit crackly.

“Chocolate it is then,” he said with a smile, secretly vowing to pay for it all himself. Anything she wanted, he wouldn’t mind giving it to her.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Sweet Tooth (Caelan & Evelyn)    Fri Dec 25, 2015 4:05 am

Oftentimes when Evelyn felt lonely she thought about what it might be like to have siblings. She would most definitely want an older one, a sister maybe. Though a brother would be cool too, especially if he were protective over her. However with a sister, the older girl would know exactly what Evelyn were to face in the upcoming years therefore it'd be a lot easier for Evelyn. She'd be able to explain the hormonal changes that were to happen in the near future as well as she'd be able to explain the bodily changes and the emotions that came with it.

A sister would also give Evelyn someone to discuss boys with and the troubles that came with them. She'd be able to discuss this feeling that she was feeling towards Caelan right now and her sister would be able to tell her if it were normal or not. She'd be able to ask advice over what to wear and say and how to portray herself. She'd be able to ask her why he was so awkward around her and how to make the awkwardness stop. Evelyn would have someone to help her make friends and be more outgoing and someone to help her when a boy breaks her heart. Most of all, Evelyn would have a friend, someone to stick by her side and support her through whatever - forever.

However like any good dream - it must come to an end because Evelyn would never have an older sibling.

It was impossible.

Though, there was the option that Evelyn would meet someone at Hogwarts, someone who could act like her older sister - like a mentor. That would be the only way but it would be just the same. Someone to talk to.

She returned Caelan's smile when he admitted that he liked honesty because at least there was one thing the two of them had in common. Evelyn believed honesty was the best policy, even if it may hurt someone's feelings.

At his response, she nodded noting that there was no reason to feel sorry. "It's okay," she said, "I understand." She did understand because she sort of felt the same way since she was always home alone. "I'll let you know if you cross a line," she added to reassure him. It was kind of cute to see him so flustered.

She watched as he opened is arms, feeling a tad bit confused before realising what he was probably trying to do with his gesture. However, in the case of being wrong she stayed put until he spoke.

"Oh," she muttered, "well I'm sure I could - I mean hugs are nice and all," she gave him a small smile not really sure how to go about affection with people that weren't her parents. "No!" She threw her hands up, "uhm - I mean I do - I do want a hug but uhm yeah - only if you want."

Great job Evelyn, you've really made a fool of yourself now.

At the word 'chocolate' she let out a smile or utter happiness. "Yes, great," she gripped both hands on her basket and look excitedly towards him, eager to buy some chocolate and weasel her way out. She'd had enough awkwardness today and she didn't want the constant reminder of how weird he probably thought she was.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Sweet Tooth (Caelan & Evelyn)    

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Summer Sweet Tooth (Caelan & Evelyn)
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