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 [Paris] Beneath the Stars (Adaline)

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PostSubject: [Paris] Beneath the Stars (Adaline)   Sun Dec 20, 2015 11:26 pm

31 July 2017

Kai was so glad to be completed with school but he was even more glad to have a lovely lady and a handsome little man by his side as he did so. After graduation, he had given Adaline her very own key to a tiny little townhouse that he had saved up for since finding out about Silas. It had taken him months of hard labour and his parents had eventually agreed to help him out because they were proud of him for stepping up as the father of Silas. Really, when thought about it was a graduation gift to the both of them.

Now, the day that Kai had been waiting for had finally arrived. He had asked her father for his daughter's hand in marriage as a proper way of doing hings but he also let him know he was to marry her whether he gave his okay or not - to his excitement he said yes. He had told Adaline that they were to take Silas to Disneyland in Paris and they did. However now that the sun had set, Kai took Adaline out to a romantic picnic on the grounds in front of the Eiffel Tower. Silas was fast asleep in his pushchair as the two ate and sipped on some champagne. Kai started up conversations about anything and everything under the sun but all the while he thought of the small navy blue velvet box in his coat pocket.

They had been together for over a year now and time had seemed to fly by. What was even more important was that time with Silas was flying by. In just two weeks he was going to be six months and Kai couldn't believe it, even though Adaline had warned him that babies grew up fast. Kai loved his son, his namesake. Every morning he woke up to his bright blue eyes and listened to his babbles. It truly was a great experience and he couldn't have been happier to give up partying.

As he glanced at his girlfriend and hopefully soon to be fiancee, he couldn't help but think about what Travis would be saying if he were still alive. Taking a deep breath, Kai grabbed Adaline's hand and kissed it. He pulled her to a standing position just as the nightly fireworks began and pointed up to the sky. He used it as his distraction to slip the small box from his pocket and get down on one knee before she turned to see where he had gone. "Adaline Aurora Harris," his voice shook a bit, "would you do Silas and I the honour of taking our last name and becoming my wife? I promise to love you and cherish you for as long as we both shall live." He gave her a smile as he waited for her answer.

The Ring:
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PostSubject: Re: [Paris] Beneath the Stars (Adaline)   Sun Dec 20, 2015 11:42 pm

Having finally graduated from Hogwarts, Adaline Aurora Harris, had been looking forward to the rest of her life with her boyfriend Kai and their son Silas. When graduation had come and Kai had given her a key to a small townhouse she had been ecstatic as she knew this was Kai's way of saying that they would be living together to take care of Silas.

Truthfully, she had been presently surprised at the key that she had received as Kai had made no mention of them living or of even really saving up for something like that.

When Kai had informed her that they were going to take Silas to Disneyland it had surprised her but not that much as the key she had received. After all it was natural to want to spend more time with family now that the summer was here and that the two of them -Adaline and Kai- were adults they could spend as much time with their little tyke as they wanted.

When night time came that day and Kai had taken her out for a romantic picnic with their son peacefully asleep in his pushchair she had not expected for this to happen.

This meaning Kai, on one knee in front of her, holding what could be described as the most beautiful ring ever while speaking the words that she had dreamed of hearing him say to her.

"Adaline Aurora Harris, would you do Silas and I the honour of taking our last name and becoming my wife? I promise to love you and cherish you for as long as we both shall live."

Her eyes filled with tears and her hands shook as she stared down at the kneeling wizard. Those words, those few words that she had been dreaming of for many months, had finally been said and she couldn't be any happier.

"Y-Yes." She nodded her head, tears freely falling down her cheeks. "Yes, of course I will." She sobbed before throwing herself at the former Gryffindor who had given her the world.
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PostSubject: Re: [Paris] Beneath the Stars (Adaline)   Sun Dec 20, 2015 11:55 pm

The first time Kai had slept with Adaline he knew there was something different about her but what he didn't know was that she would become pregnant and that they would fall in love resulting in a marriage and their own home. He didn't ever think he'd have his own family, nor was it ever actually a plan until his seventh year at Hogwarts. Only then had he really begun to grow even more serious about his relationship with Adaline and his son.

He realised he needed to grow up, he needed to be a man and support his girlfriend and their impending arrival whether he wanted to or not. Kai was one who knew the difference between right and wrong and reality and fun. It didn't mean they necessarily could never go out and party again. It didn't mean the couldn't drink ever again but it did mean that neither of them could sleep around because Kai didn't tolerate cheating. Though that never seemed to be an issue as they loved staying inside with their son and each other.

He knew his proposal was probably cheesy and cliche but by Adaline's tears and priceless reaction, he knew that it was just perfect for her. At her answer, he took the ring out of the box and slipped it onto her left ring finger before standing up and allowing her to plow into him. His arms went around her in a tight hug and once she finally looked up at him, his lips met hers in a kiss.

"I can't promise you the world, but I can promise you that I will do my very best to make sure your's and Silas' needs are met and that you both always know that you are loved." He smiled down at her, his arms still wrapped around her waist his lips planting a kiss on top of her head. He was being sappy and he needed to quit it because Kai wasn't sappy.
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PostSubject: Re: [Paris] Beneath the Stars (Adaline)   Tue Dec 29, 2015 8:36 pm

When Adaline had first slept with Kai she had not certainly been expecting to end up pregnant with his child so it certainly had been a surprise. The only reason she did sleep with him was because she had been looking for fun; nothing more and nothing less. However the moment she saw those little pregnancy stick show the positive sign -she had done the test at least five times to make sure it was true- she knew that her life was about to change. Of course being with a child had always been her dream but not at this age and certainly not when she had been finishing off her last year but truthfully she didn't really mind. Not to mention Kai becoming serious was a bonus for her and for their child.

From the moment she had been positive of her pregnancy she had stopped her 'flirty' ways. She had stopped sleeping around and she had certainly stopped even thinking about sleeping around. She still went to the parties that were happening but she had limited herself to only drinking once or twice during the nights and only dancing.

The proposal had been cheesy, Adaline would have agreed with that had she heard his thoughts, but it was what she had wanted. It was simple and with their son as their only witness to this little proposal. It was something she had been waiting for, for months.

With a soft smile she returned his kiss and hugged him tighty. "You've already given me the world and much more Kai." She whispered softly, her eyes flicking to their sleeping son. "Silas is my world and you are as well. I don't need anything more... Well maybe a few more kids but somewhere down the line." She knew how much Kai wanted more children and she knew he wanted them soon.

In six months Silas would be a year old and Adaline was hoping that she could give not only Silas a present in the form of a baby brother or sister but Kai as well. Sure she might've said she'd like to wait two years at least before having another kid but let's get real here, she was looking forward to having another one as well.
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PostSubject: Re: [Paris] Beneath the Stars (Adaline)   

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[Paris] Beneath the Stars (Adaline)
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