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 Through the Window Glass (Nirek & Cara)

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PostSubject: Through the Window Glass (Nirek & Cara)   Tue Dec 22, 2015 12:09 pm

As Cara exited the orphanage to run some errands for Joubert, she felt an odd sense of freedom. It was the same kind of freedom she felt whenever she woke up in the Clement Mansion in Versailles; she felt empowered by being alone. Which was strange because she also adored being surrounded by people. Whatever. She shook the thoughts out of her head as she walked briskly through the streets of muggle London. She hated to admit it (well partly), but muggles were fantastical creatures. The advances they made technologically, the things they were able to accomplish without magic; she was in awe of them.

She would never say this aloud of course, but muggles weren't as bad as other wanted to make them out to be.

She shook the thoughts away as she continued to walk the streets of London before finding a suitable cafe tucked away from all the riff-raft a city created. She settled into one of the seats comfortably after ordering an Earl Grey tea for herself, her eyes watching people walk by when she felt a strange sensation in the very core of her being. It was the same tickling she felt whenever she was in Hogwarts. She wondered what it was until she remembered as soon as she sipped her tea; it was the presence of magic! There was another wizard or witch in the cafe. Her eyes scanned over the place narrowly before she found a familiar face walking by the cafe. Immediately she stood with wide eyes.

Nervously she waved at the boy through the window, a gentle grin on her face.

Cara's Outfit
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Window Glass (Nirek & Cara)   Thu Dec 24, 2015 8:39 am

Nirek had gotten on the train from Birmingham down to London without his mum in tow. His older sister, however, was. Nirek didn't like the idea of being chaperoned, but because he was 'only a boy' he was not to travel across the country on his own. Especially not with the Basilisks still at large.

Nirek had pointed out that the objectives of that group were not likely to target a Muggle bus - or even him, but his mum did not let up on the idea of letting him go alone. So, with a sigh, Nirek had followed his sister in to Muggle shop after Muggle shop, checking his watch because he still needed to get to Diagon Alley.

"Sarasi, for Merlin's sake, please can I just go to Diagon Alley? If I have to look at one more set of shoes I am going to die!" Nirek whined to his older sister, for the tenth time that afternoon. Sarasi made a motioning signal to go, and Nirek did not hesitate as he moved out of New Look and hurried along the streets towards The Leaky Cauldron. He looked in to the windows of the shops as he passed, not really looking for anything because he only had money enough to get his school supplies.

But, outside one of the cafe's on his way, Nirek was brought to a sharp stop as he noted someone all to familiar in the window. Waving at him. Allowing the witch a small smile, Nirek motioned to the door, and then moved towards it, letting himself in. "Cara?" Nirek asked, not really believing his eyes, but as he moved closer, it was definitely her. "Hey!" He greeted her with a warm smile. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in France?" He asked. He was glad to see her though, the holidays had been much too long already, and quite honestly, he hadn't been sure whether or not writing to Caramarienne was something he should do, given her family.
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Through the Window Glass (Nirek & Cara)
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