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 Happy/Lucky Coincidences (Evelyn & Cara)

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PostSubject: Happy/Lucky Coincidences (Evelyn & Cara)    Tue Dec 22, 2015 12:30 pm

Money was a commodity that Cara was accustomed to.

If she wanted something there was always someone there to do it for her. She technically never had to leave the Clement mansion in Versailles, if she wished it so. Even with Joubert, she was the one to offer her helping hand, but he never forced her to do things. She had an easy life, and it was a good life. Now, this didn't mean Cara took it for advantage. She knew there were certain expectations she was to uphold as a Clement ward; one of those things was her image. If she were to wear some tawdry dress or tacky outerwear that didn't scream money, she would be labeled as some fake. She especially cared about her appearance because the press would be quick to call her out for faltering even once especially because she wasn't a blood Clement.

This is why Cara dressed and acted the way she did because she knew that being in the upper echelon of society was a great big chess game. Although she was no queen on other people's boards, she certainly was a queen on her own which meant she needed some very important things; she needed her own set. Meaning she needed pawns, she needed knights, she needed the works; she needed an entourage. She needed people to call her own.

Her first step had been acquiring a knight, although this was done subconsciously, Nirek fit the role perfectly. Following that she needed people to flank her sides permanently; one she found in the Hufflepuff Zoey. A sweet girl really, beautiful too, and obedient. Those were wonderful qualities in a friend. But two was a lonely number. Cara needed a trifecta.

And as she entered Obscurus Books, her eyes landed on a pretty mocha skinned girl; and she figured that perhaps today was her lucky day.

"Good afternoon," she greeted the girl, walking up to her in her confident Clement stride, but giving her a gentle, doe-like smile, "my name is Cara. I couldn't help but notice you're standing in my favorite section for reading material as well. A happy coincidence wouldn't you say?"

Cara's Outfit
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PostSubject: Re: Happy/Lucky Coincidences (Evelyn & Cara)    Tue Dec 22, 2015 8:10 pm

Evelyn's family wasn't poor; they also were not rich. Her father was a Healer at St. Mungo's while her stepmother worked as an Auror for Ministry of Magic. They were a middle class family which didn't bother Evelyn so long as she was taken good care of - which she was. Evelyn's stomach was always full, she had a roof over her head and she never had to go without clothes. Sure they weren't designer but what did that matter? Most of the year she had to wear a school uniform anyways. Plus, Evelyn just wasn't the kind to really dress up; the Ravenclaw cared more about comfort than appearance. Mostly, she wore shorts and simple tees with her hair either down or up like it had been today. During the cooler months, she switched her shorts for pants and her tees for oversized sweaters. She enjoyed being able to pull her hands into her sleeves and create sweater mittens because it was more than comfortable, it was warm and cozy. It was Evelyn.

It wasn't like she had people to impress anyways. For one she was merely a halfblood and a not very well known one at that. She was shy and barely spoke and while her stepmother and her father were more well known than her, she still didn't have to please people by what she wore. If they didn't like what she had dressed in, then they could turn the other cheek and mind their own business, though of course Evelyn would never actually say that out loud to anyone.

The Ravenclaw chose a book off the shelf and thumbed through the pages inhaling deeply. Her amortentia was definitely the smell of new books because to her the smell of fresh bound paper and freshly printed ink was just pure bliss. She read the insert and deciding against the book based on the description, she carefully set it back on the shelf for someone else to love.

The girl turned and from a distance she could see a girl enter that looked to be dressed in clothing Evelyn would never wear. Expensive.

Evelyn turned away from the approaching girl because clearly this girl was rich and better than her and Evelyn didn't need people like that in her life. However when the girl began to talk to her, Evelyn winced a bit and turned around. "Good afternoon," she repeated noting that this girl was proper. "Evelyn," she introduced herself offering a small smile, "I suppose it is."

Evelyn's Outfit
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PostSubject: Re: Happy/Lucky Coincidences (Evelyn & Cara)    Thu Dec 24, 2015 4:59 am

Back at the academy Cara attended for young girls, which worked as a Charm school, she hung around a group of girls that held such an extraordinary amount of power. At the flick of a wrist a boy would fling himself into a wallfor their leader just because she asked him too. It was a group that consisted of four of them: Célest was their leader, Joséphine was the second in command, then Cara was the brains, and Maeva was the looks. Now Cara had no way of reinventing or rather- reanimating this clique make-up at Hogwarts. Simply put, Célest was too blatant about what she wanted.

“All the boys want me, all the girls want to be me, aren’t you lucky Caramarienne to be alongside someone so wanted?” She would often ask her with devilish eyes and pretty smiles. To which Cara would nod and look at her with faux adoration. The first part was meaningless to Caramarienne, looks only served as a way to determine someone’s status. From the way the girl before her was dressed, she certainly was a person of no pureblood importance.

Cara was a pureblood, and although she was to only associate with them she found that idea was just idiotic. There weren’t enough purebloods at Hogwarts for her to associate with and all were too pompous. What Cara needed were lesser bloods, easier to play with by a longshot.

And from the way the girl before her was dressed? Definitely no pureblood. Nevertheless, she was pretty; she would be of some use when they got older.

Pleasure to meet you,” Cara said smiling still, “do you attend Hogwarts by any chance?
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PostSubject: Re: Happy/Lucky Coincidences (Evelyn & Cara)    Thu Dec 24, 2015 9:32 pm

Evelyn had never actually had her own group of friends before, so when the girl approached her so kindly, the thought of her and Caelan being her circle of friend flashed through her mind. It was a wonderful thought really, one filled with the three of them reading books and sharing the plots and what they liked and disliked about said book. There were millions of smiles and their laughter was enough to fill up an auditorium. She knew how unlikely the idea was especially since this other girl was so beautiful and rich looking and Caelan was nervous around her, however she still couldn't help but think about what it would be like.

Before Hogwarts, Evelyn went to a little Muggle school just a few blocks from her previous home. Her father and Nima were still renting a flat in the poor sector of London. She was one of the better dressed students there which resulted in people refusing to become her friend because she was too quiet which immediately caused them to classify her as a snob who was too good for them. Of course she tried to change their mind but the girl was far too intelligent to cause them to think anything different and so she gave up. She gave up the thought of befriending others and instead stuck to reading her books and gaining a more extensive knowledge.

When she received her letter to Hogwarts, only then did Nima and her father decide that they needed a better home in a better sector of the city and thus, they moved to a beautiful modern Victorian home. Evelyn got a large room as did her parents and they even had two of the rooms combined to make her an extensive library. It was one of the things Evelyn had asked for in life.

Whenever her father gave her money to purchase nice clothing, she would purchase cheap clothing instead to save money so she could buy several new books in order to expand her library. She'd been told once before that nicer clothes would cause her natural beauty to radiate even more but she didn't care.

As the expensive looking girl spoke again, Evelyn focused her attention back on her and smiled once more. "It's nice to meet you as well," she nodded, "I do, I'm going into my second year."
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PostSubject: Re: Happy/Lucky Coincidences (Evelyn & Cara)    

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Happy/Lucky Coincidences (Evelyn & Cara)
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