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 Ministry, St Mungo's & Other Job Claims

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PostSubject: Ministry, St Mungo's & Other Job Claims   Wed Dec 30, 2015 11:53 am

The following claim is for any job outside of Hogwarts that you can think of. A claim should be made here even if you think the job is minor so that others can see and make connections as they may feel fit.

Claims for jobs within divisions (i.e. the Auror division) do not require any you to meet any specific post quotas, but the necessary background should have been completed (i.e. a university course) where applicable.

The higher ranking roles (i.e. the Minister of Magic, Head of Departments, etc) will now require a minimum of 100 posts (assuming the 100 hasn't been used to claim something else) to have been met before you can apply, together with relevant experience in the field. This is to ensure that all job roles can be worked towards and given fairly to those who have worked on their characters deeply. The positions are outlined in the tables below.

Professional stars will be awarded to those who take up jobs as follows:

1 Star  -- Shall be awarded upon finishing a course at the university.
2 Stars -- Shall be awarded upon finishing a second course/masters at the university.
3 Stars -- Shall be awarded upon completing 2-5 years in the field of study chosen by your character.
4 Stars -- Shall be awarded upon making a significant contribution to the character's field of study.
5 Stars -- Shall be awarded to those who receive an Order of Merlin, or similar commendations.

To claim a job role, please fill in the code below:

Character Name || Job Title

Celebrity Status Jobs
Andrew Maxwell || Famous Magical Artist
Jake Newbury || Ex-Professional Quidditch Player (Moose Jaw Meteorites & USA)
Mimosa A Harrington || Child model

Gringotts Jobs
Job TitleHeld By
Head of Gringotts' Banking Division 
Aiden Harvey || Curse Breaking (Apprentice Level at Gringotts)

Mackenzie Faucette || Journalist for the Daily Prophet

Victoria Newbury || Private Sector Lawyer (London)

British Ministry Workers
Job TitleHeld By
Minister of MagicKamren Jennson
Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Head of the Department of Magical Accidents & Catastrophes
Head of the Department for the Regulation & Control of Magical Creatures
Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation
Head of the Department of Magical Transportation
Head of the Department of Magical Games & Sports
Head of the Department of Mysteries
Adaline Harris || Magical/Muggle Lawyer (Apprentice Level)
Jake Newbury || Auror
Mycroft Holmes || Mid-level Politician/Ministry Worker
Savannah Lopez || Auror (Undercover Squad)
Scarlett Waters || Auror

Edward Byrne || Freelance Potioneer
Joshua Murray || Independent Potioneer

Jake Newbury || Ex-Quidditch Star (Moose Jaw Meteorites & USA)
Sebastian Aquila || Apprentice at Wigtown Wanderers (Coaching Staff)

Shop Workers
Claybot Alastair || Barkeep at The Leaky Cauldron
Nero Whitehorn || Owner of Nimbus Racing Broom Company

St Mungo's Workers
Job TitleHeld By
Head of the Department of Artefact Accidents
Head of the Department of Creature-Induced Injuries
Head of the Department of Magical Bugs & Diseases
Head of the Department of Potions & Plant Poisoning
Head of the Department of Spell Damage
Adrián García || Healer (Pediatric Specialist)
Tess Holmes|| Junior Healer

University Students
Carlotta De Santis || Potions Degree (First Year)
Isaline Charlot || Magical Law Degree (Third Year)
Jacques Clement || Auror Degree (First Year)
Joshua Abbott|| Herbology Degree (First Year)
Lux Bailey || Auror Degree (Third Year)
McKendra Richardson || Herbology Degree (Third Year)
Pandora Mason || Auror Degree (First Year)
Scott Morrison || Transfiguration degree (First Year)
Violet Lynch || Auror Degree (First Year)

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Ministry, St Mungo's & Other Job Claims
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