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 Another, or Perhaps New, Beginning (Start of Term Feast - open to students and professors alike)

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PostSubject: Another, or Perhaps New, Beginning (Start of Term Feast - open to students and professors alike)   Wed Dec 30, 2015 12:14 pm

The summer had, in all truth, gone much too quickly. Daniel had not had two minutes to get used to the new feeling of being a married man. Even now, three months on from the wedding, Daniel was finding it surreal, waking up beside Naomira each morning. Calling her his wife... looking down to see a gold band on his ring finger and knowing just how lucky he was to have Naomira in his life.

Words could not explain the happiness he felt.

But, today was a very exciting day, as Daniel got himself ready for work, he wondered just how this year's sorting was going to be, whether there would be any surprises, and which faces he would see in the sea of new people joining his school. Kissing Naomira with a murmured goodbye, and then pressing a soft kiss to Theo's head, Daniel Floo'd to his office, and got working on the final preparations for the Start of Term Feast.

How long he'd been submerged in those activities, he couldn't say, but as one house elf apparated in to his office, asking if he needed anything before he went down, Daniel muttered a profanity and quickly changed in to his dress robes, heading down to the feast ready to welcome the new students with open arms.
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PostSubject: Re: Another, or Perhaps New, Beginning (Start of Term Feast - open to students and professors alike)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 8:10 pm

It was Max's first year at Hogwarts, he'd heard so much about it from his parents, he'd been buzzing all the way to King's Cross with questions. Freddo sat in his basket, meowing his indignation every now and again to show he was not best pleased with being cooped up. His parents had told him again and again that he would see it all for himself first hand when he got there, but Max was still heavily excited with the whole prospect.

After a quick kiss goodbye, Max had boarded the Hogwarts Express and found himself a compartment. After that he'd changed immediately and sat with his wand in his hand, looking out the window with his mouth open in awe as they took off across the countryside. Not because he hadn't seen it all before, but because he was too excited to realise he had seen it before.

When he'd climbed out of the carriages and in to the boats, Max had leant over the side of the boat all the way across the water, looking for the giant squid - which he had seen, and touched by the time they'd crossed. It was gross, but so, so cool all at the same time.

Then, they'd been inside the castle, lanterns ablaze and voices filling the hallway. Max was shaking with excitement and fear as they moved up the line towards - what he'd been told - was the Sorting Hat. A hat? How cool was that?

However, everything was cool until he heard his name being called. Swallowing hard, Max moved up to the stool, and took his seat, looking at the hat as it as lowered on to his head, so far in fact that it covered half of his vision.


The voice made Max jump, not realising the hat could talk he had almost freaked out completely in that moment. With shallow breathing, Max waited.

A curious mind, I see, you'd do well in Ravenclaw... But, ah, yes, I see it now, the daring mind, the sense of adventure. In that case... better be

"GRYFFINDOR!" The hat screamed for the room to hear, ducking out from under the hat, Max hurried to the table full of red and sat down, grinning to himself. "That, was so awesome!" He told the person he sat down next to, looking back to see who was going to be next to try the hat on.
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Elenore Clement
Hufflepuff Seventh Year
Hufflepuff Seventh Year

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PostSubject: Re: Another, or Perhaps New, Beginning (Start of Term Feast - open to students and professors alike)   Wed Jan 06, 2016 7:49 pm

The hustle and bustle of Kings Cross was not an experience that Elenore had enjoyed the two years she'd been previously. Seeing Jacques off twice, and Caramarienne once had been enough to give Elenore an idea as to what she was going to endure this September, but it was nothing to the stress she'd felt on the day.

With her trunk put on to the train by her papa - along with Caramarienne's and Jacques', Elenore had hopped off the train and kissed her mama goodbye, and then given her papa a warm hug. The two girls had turned and gotten back on to the train, and from there, they'd spoken at length as to where they thought Elenore was going to be sorted.

As much as Elenore hated to admit it, she didn't think she was going to be sorted in to Slytherin like her siblings, and it hurt. She wanted to be close to Cara, but she knew that it was not a decision she was going to hold much weight on. So long as she wasn't in Gryffindor, though, Elenore would be happy.

They'd changed halfway through the journey, and Elenore had watched the English countryside go past with little and less interest. She was going to miss France, Elenore already knew that, but she knew that she couldn't be away from Cara for too long, it would hurt too much.

The boat up to the castle, Merlin Elenore had never thought something so barbaric could have been true. It was not a nice experience, and when the boats had stopped moving, Elenore had been the first out and on to dry land. The castle was dingy at best, and Elenore didn't stop herself from turning her nose up as she entered the school.

All the other first years seemed to be buzzing with excitement, but Elenore was... underwhelmed. Her home held much more grandeur than this castle.

The witch had barely noticed her surroundings when she heard her name. Looking to the source, Elenore moved to the front, and took a seat on the stool as indicated. Shoulders back, back straight, Elenore felt something being placed on her head, and she waited. Caramarienne had told her all about this moment.


Nothing seemed to happen for ages. No voice, no sound from the crowd.

"HUFFLEPUFF!" A bodyless voice screamed, making Elenore jump. One table erupted with cheering, and Elenore couldn't help but smile as she stood, and moved to take her seat at the house table. No, she would not be with Caramarienne, but the Hufflepuff common room was not far from her sisters. They would not be separated, of that much she was already quite sure.
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PostSubject: Re: Another, or Perhaps New, Beginning (Start of Term Feast - open to students and professors alike)   

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Another, or Perhaps New, Beginning (Start of Term Feast - open to students and professors alike)
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