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 The Student Handbook

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The Administrator


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PostSubject: The Student Handbook   Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:36 am

So you've decided to make a student character on Hogwarts & Beyond? There are a few things you need to know about being a student on the site:

  • It's loads of fun.

  • You can enrol in any year you like - we aren't going to make you start from scratch (first year) if you don't want to. (However, if we have an imbalance of years, we may ask you if you could please apply for a certain year).

  • As a student, you have access to all areas within your school - even the forbidden ones provided you don't get caught.

And then there is the issue of classes. Because that's what students do, they go to class right? So you have to as well. However, you may not post in classes willy-nilly. The classes at H&B are designed for maximum optimization and therefore allows for students to pick and choose how they want to fill the credits required for graduating.

The school year is divided into three terms. The Fall term, the Winter term and the Spring term. Each term, a student must take at least one class to graduate at the end of the year. However, if you are a more ambitious student, you may take up to three classes per term. No more. Only three classes may be taken per term to ensure you participate fully in them. Making nine classes the maximum you can attend in a school year.

The number of classes themselves are capped at Hogwarts, as well as the number of students allowed in one class. This is done so teachers can give equal attention to all students instead of formulating general, all-encompassing posts that do little for character development. A total of five classes are offered each term and each class is currently capped at five (5) students. So if you like some classes better than others, be sure to hurry up before they're full!

Due to class slots being a limited resource, we would advise you to only take the number of classes you can keep up with. If you are found to repeatedly take up class slots only to not participate, the teachers are within their rights to refuse you in their classroom, take away house points or punish your character in some other way.

Keeping up with the same class every term is by no means mandatory. For example, if you attended Herbology in the fall term and did not find it to your liking, you need not attend it in the winter term and instead go for a class more to your liking. At the end of the year, the student with the most points earned from their House will be awarded the Student of the Year award.

If you should join the site late (i.e. after fall or winter Term) you will still be required to achieve your three classes. However, you will be expected to do this in the term you joined the site onwards. The admin team will keep a record of your student's sorting date and make allowances where necessary. If you have any questions, the admin team is always on hand to answer those as well.

Class slots work such as each class offers five slots, not each subject, merely each class. So for example if Ancient Runes is separated into two classes (for lower years and upper years), each of those separated classes will offer five slots for five students - making the total slot count for the subject equal to ten. When a class is filled to max capacity (five students), the professor will edit it's title to read "Full" or "Closed", denoting no more new students are welcomed. In the highly unlikely event that all class slots are full and your character wishes to attend more lessons, provisions and extra classes will be provided. You will not be left bereft at any point.

Outstanding students may skip a grade given they 1) attend the maximum number of classes allowed per year (nine classes, three each term) and 2) win the Student of the Year award for their House  in the same year.

So, what are the prospects of a student at Hogwarts & Beyond? Well, you get a magical education! You are also given the freedom to form and head your own club provided you first obtain your school Head's permission.

You also get to go to wicked parties but you, of course, did not hear this from us.

Basically, being a student is the most fun part about being on Hogwarts & Beyond and if you aren't enrolled as one already, we hope you will be very soon. If you have any further inquires about being a student here, feel free to PM us and we will get back to you in a tick!

Hogwarts & Beyond Admins
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The Administrator


Posts : 1133
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PostSubject: Re: The Student Handbook   Thu Feb 01, 2018 7:31 pm

Additional Information (Added 1 February 2018):

Okay enough with the academic mumbo jumbo, let's get to the most fun part about studding at Hogwarts: Quidditch!

That's right, as a student, you are not only allowed but encouraged to participate in your House Quidditch team. Don't let the small number of students deter you for matches go on all year round no mater how many PCs are on a House team. To Join a House Quidditch team, you will need to fulfill a few basic requirements:

  • Be a second year or above
  • Write a one shot of at least 500 words detailing your tryout or the circumstances under which you were appointed to the team
  • Keep an eye on match updates to integrate into your roleplay experience.
  • In order to qualify for Captaincy of the team, you must have been on it for at least two years.

So if you're a second year or up student looking for a hobby, look no further.  We hope to see you on the team!
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The Student Handbook
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