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 Care of Magical Creatures: Lesson One - Unicorns (All Years)

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PostSubject: Care of Magical Creatures: Lesson One - Unicorns (All Years)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 10:47 am

Daniel was, and always had been, a man who couldn't do one job for a long time. Why? He grew bored. When he'd left university with his degree in both Dragon Handling and Cursebreaking, he'd made a short career in both. One with Codey - it always had been more who you knew than what you knew, and another with Gringotts. Neither had held his attention for long enough, truth be told.

Which was why he had not stayed put with teaching Ancient Runes for very long either.

A perk of being Headmaster, Daniel mused to himself as he breathed in the fresh air of the Hogwarts grounds. The vacancy had come up with Professor Valentine leaving, and Daniel had decided he wanted to try this instead. So, with several favours pulled, and a little help from a few friends, Daniel had whipped up quite the extravagant first lesson in charge.


Daniel was quite happy with himself as he looked in to the paddock where two brilliant beasts stood. An adult and a foal, for his class to look at and take notes. They were beautiful creatures, and Daniel was quite sure his students were going to enjoy this.
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PostSubject: Re: Care of Magical Creatures: Lesson One - Unicorns (All Years)   Sat Jan 02, 2016 12:04 pm

For Elyah, it was her first lesson. She still hadn't adapted to all these new things in her life, but she was trying. She indeed was.
But was she ready to face her first lesson of magic? She knew it was called Care of Magical Creatures, COMC for short, so it had to do with creatures. Animals. Just please, no cats, was all she was thinking as she got closer and closer to where the lesson would take place.

It was out in the Grounds, something she was thankful for, cause she loved some fresh air. It was nice, it was calming. It was just what she needed for her first lesson in Hogwarts.

Dressed in her Hufflepuff uniform, she pulled her hair in a bun as she arrived at her lesson, smiling at the Professor warmly. "Hello Professor!"
Peering behind him she saw two unicorns, that made her eyes widen and her smile too.
"Are these... unicorns? REAL ONES?"
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PostSubject: Re: Care of Magical Creatures: Lesson One - Unicorns (All Years)   Sun Jan 03, 2016 11:50 am

When Max had seen his timetable, he'd looked at it with wide eyes. There were so many subjects on there, he didn't know how he was going to cope with it all. His lack of organisational skills were going to be tested this year, he knew that much already. Though this made him apprehensive, Max was not going to be beaten.

So, checking his timetable - he'd stowed it in his robe pocket, which likely meant it was going to go missing at some point - Max saw he had Care of Magical Creatures. Creatures! Max's excitement levels had rocketed when he'd seen that, and he'd all but run down to the place that it said they would be meeting that day.

Cheeks red, and breathing a little heavy, Max slowed down as he saw the professor. Grinning like a Cheshire cat, Max greeted the professor. "Hi! Professor..." He pulled out his timetable again. "Professor Jameson. Oh! You're the Headmaster! I'm Max!" He explained, so very excited. Then, he noted Elyah. "Hi, Elyah!" He added, giving her a warm smile.

And then...

"Merlin's soggy socks! That's a unicorn!" He exclaimed, thoroughly surprised by this as he looked around the professor. "We're going to learn about them?" He asked the professor, not really caring that he was vibrating with excitement.
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PostSubject: Re: Care of Magical Creatures: Lesson One - Unicorns (All Years)   Sun Jan 03, 2016 3:50 pm

The start of term had come shortly after the last full moon, TJ was worse for wear, again, but he was back up on his feet. Truth be told he was already quite tired, but that came with him being a werewolf. Not, of course, that anyone knew. Except the teachers and Amy.

Plodding down to Care of Magical Creatures, TJ enjoyed the last of the summer sun on his skin. If anything made him feel better it was being outside in the fresh air, with the sun warming his skin.

Soon, he'd arrived down at the Care of Magical Creatures area, and was quite surprised to see Professor Jameson at the head of the class. Apparently the man had more than one string in his bow, if this was anything to go by. The only other people there were kids, so TJ stayed towards the back. "Professor." He nodded, before looking back up to the school, wondering if Amy would be coming to this lesson.
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PostSubject: Re: Care of Magical Creatures: Lesson One - Unicorns (All Years)   Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:27 pm

She was excited. After sorting everything out with TJ and Sapphire, and making sure she believed they hated each other from now on, since Sapphire simply threatened TJ, she was trying to move on and forget all this. Of course she had not given up on TJ, since they were together, officially, but they were very very careful about it.

So Amethyst was now excited to continue her pretty much normal and boring -once again- life. Walking out of the Common Room, she checked her schedule, smiling as Care of Magical Creatures seemed to be the case this morning.

Care of Magical Creatures was a lovely lesson, that also helped her learn more about creatures such as unicorns, hipogriffs... even werewolves. So she surely was taking this lesson, if it meant that she would be provided with enough information to help TJ in case he ever needed something.

It didn't take long for her to arrive at the lesson area, and she smiled as she saw her Ancient Runes Professor... suddenly being her COMC Professor.
The Headmaster sure got bored easily, it seemed, and a small giggle escaped her lips at the thought.

"Greetings, Professor!"

Her eyes landed on TJ, and she immediately smiled as she quickly moved next to him, waving at the two younger students with a sweet smile, and recognizing the girl to be of her own house.
"Hello, I am Amethyst. I'd love to help you if you need anything!"

Amethyst then noticed the two amazing creatures standing there. How could she not notice earlier? Turning to TJ, she smiled widely and nudged him. "Aren't they so beautiful?!"
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PostSubject: Re: Care of Magical Creatures: Lesson One - Unicorns (All Years)   Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:32 pm

Hogwarts was not what she expected even if it was her third year there. The uniforms were peasant clothing, something she would never dare to wear outside of the silly old castle. Her father would have a conundrum if she - Severine Charlot - wore something so hideous, so ill-made around his palace. However the girl was not at his palace, instead she was at Wizarding school so she could learn to harness her magic, a Wizarding school she chose to go to nonetheless - she'd almost rather have gone to Beauxbaxtons.

Severine glanced down to her timetable. She'd already gotten lost several times since the year begun and each time it only caused her to become more angry. It was almost like she was a first year all over again. Eventually, the girl made it to the grounds and ran into her first class - Care of Magical Creatures.

She didn't particularly care for being outdoors nor did she care for any creatures that wasn't cats in particular, dogs. Severine hated dogs almost as much as she hated impure blood. She grimaced, her mind clearly not liking the fact that her body was currently in such a disgusting place adorned in such hideous clothing.

When she reached the class, it was clear that they were to be studying unicorns which didn't seem to be too bad, however it seemed that she was to socialise with people who were not worthy of her friendship and that was just not going to happen.
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PostSubject: Re: Care of Magical Creatures: Lesson One - Unicorns (All Years)   Wed Jan 06, 2016 2:45 pm

Lux took a slow walk to the grounds of the school. She new by now that there would be a groups of students already present and ready to learn but she also knew that she wasn't in any trouble of being late. Why hurry when she was only going to stand there and wait for other students to arrive? What a waste of time that would be! Might as well just spend that time doing her own stuff and head to class just in time. It was the logical thing to do.

As she came out into the open, she felt the change in temperature. Ah, fall! A blessed relief from the summer sun and the prelude to freezing winter where everything was cold. Perfect. She grinned, her eyes taking in the sight of leaves turning orange and saying goodbye to the branches that gave them life to drop to the ground and die.

She neared the group and just managed to hold in a groan when she saw the unicorns. Seriously?! Unicorns?! Of all the... The swear words that came next would make any sailor blush. She hated unicorns. Why? It was simple really. Unicorns were a symbol of happiness and sweetness and all that hated nice stuff in fairytales - the muggle ones anyway. The fact that she was forced to read said fairytales to the kids at the orphanage whenever she misbehaved made her hate that particular animal more. Why of all animals did it have to be the unicorn?! She glared at the animal, imagining herself ripping its heart out. It wasn't enough to soothe her.

She took a place near the back, completely ignoring the professor. After all, it was his fault that they were going to learn about such disgusting creatures. It was almost torturous for her to be there.
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PostSubject: Re: Care of Magical Creatures: Lesson One - Unicorns (All Years)   Fri Jan 08, 2016 5:20 am

Gwen loved magical creatures. She felt like she related to them the most. Even if she was human. She felt as if she spoke their language, and understood them. Which was why, Care of Magical Creatures was one of the first classes she signed up for. But what she didn't realize, was that the class was taught by the headmaster. A person she didn't particularly like. Mainly because he set rules that forbade her to do things that she thought were fun. Like for example, making the first floor corridor completely ice.

She hoped the stuttering prefect wasn't in her class. The Ravenclaw boy would sure tell on her if he were in here, and that would put a damper on her mood. Particularly when she saw what the lesson was about. Unicorns. Unicorns where fantastic creatures. She LOVED the fact that their blood was so precious that people would kill for it. Not that she would, but it was tempting.

Unicorns weren't all they seemed to be, and that was another reason why Gwen loved them. In ways, they reminded her of herself. For her, looks weren't everything. It was what mattered on the inside. And that's what Gwen thought of other people too. She didn't judge by their looks, she judged by what was inside. And that was why she was most excited for today's lesson.

She made her way to the grounds. Gwen had never actually seen a unicorn, and when she saw the beautiful creatures in the cages, her eyes went big in wonder. Maybe the headmaster wasn't all that bad, even if he did make the rules that got her in trouble. Because now, Gwen was speechless. And that was a first.

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PostSubject: Re: Care of Magical Creatures: Lesson One - Unicorns (All Years)   Sun Jan 10, 2016 3:09 pm

Violet was apathetic to school beginning, once more. Previously she had found the whole routine quite mundane, but once she'd resolved to herself that yes, she did in fact need school if she wanted a career not involving interaction with people or smelling like fries at the end of the shit, she would need to actually try. She did go quite well, to the annoyance of her teachers, despite no real effort in previous years, but was by no means exceptional. This year would be different. She wouldn't change her thoughts, her attitudes to people, but she would definitely put more effort in than she had before.

She strolled casually to the area where she saw a small gathering of people, who she assumed was the class for CoMC, and stood with them. Violet didn't generally bother with greetings, so she stood in silence, waiting for the class to begin so she could get it over with already.
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PostSubject: Re: Care of Magical Creatures: Lesson One - Unicorns (All Years)   Sun Jan 10, 2016 3:26 pm

CoMC was clearly not one of Lucy's favourite subjects. Animals in general were not her strong suit. The only enticing thing about the subject was the fact that this lesson was about unicorns, one of her favourite fantasies from her childhood. Of course, here at Hogwarts, they were a reality. That was one of the most amazing things about magic, myths and legends taught by muggles could actually be genuine. And that, to her, was enticing enough for her to put up with learning about even unfavourable animals, and being outside. Lucy was more of an indoors sort of person. The outdoors only appealed to her when it was night time and there was a party.

She walked down to the area where she saw the gathering of people and gave the headmaster a smile while she waited for the class to begin, excited to actually see a unicorn.
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PostSubject: Re: Care of Magical Creatures: Lesson One - Unicorns (All Years)   

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Care of Magical Creatures: Lesson One - Unicorns (All Years)
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