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 Breaking Up (Amy, Sapphire & TJ)

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PostSubject: Breaking Up (Amy, Sapphire & TJ)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 2:28 pm

TJ was not with Amethyst.

TJ couldn't stop thinking about Amethyst Vine. He'd woken up from many dreams during the summer that included the two of them together. Happy. Each time he woke up, he'd been smiling, until the reality struck that they were not together. They weren't together because he couldn't bear the thought of hurting her with the condition that he had. She was better off without him.

Yet, no matter how many times he told himself that, he couldn't bring himself to believe it.

On the train back to Hogwarts, TJ had looked for Amethyst. He'd spotted her with her sister, and short of knowing what else to do, TJ had waved to the witch and then moved on to another carriage. He didn't know why, but he he couldn't bring himself to open the door and say hi with Amethyst's sister there.

From there, TJ hadn't had much time, the Quidditch season had gone on quickly, which meant he was very, very busy. The Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw game was hurtling ever closer at the end of September, and TJ wanted to be his best.


The day of the match had come around very quickly, and TJ was now sat on his broom, in the middle of the three hoops on the pitch. The full moon was nearing, but he was not going to allow that to affect his performance. Diving to his left, TJ caught the Quaffle from a shot on the Gryffindor team before flinging hard up the pitch to his team mate. Watching the red ball closely, TJ was not focusing on anything else - nothing else was his problem.

Which was his mistake.

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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Up (Amy, Sapphire & TJ)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 3:09 pm

Since the day they arrived at Hogwarts, Sapphire was ready for everything. Especially the upcoming Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw match. Oh this was surely going to be a lot of fun for the girl.
And as much as she loved her older sister, this was not going to be accepted.

Sapphire Vine had developed a big crush on the Ravenclaw Keeper. And this was bad. Very bad.

Sapphire never intended to hurt her sister, since she had no idea TJ and Amethyst had... something! Amehtyst was not the type of person that liked boys, even more flirt or date them. And after all, Sapphire had seen him first! Since when did Amy like Quidditch!?

And then, he had to come and wave at them during the train trip. Or more like, wave at Amy. The hope in her heart vanished in a heartbeat when he disappeared after that, and when Amethyst decided she wanted to go after him, Sapphire stopped her, reminding her that girls should never run after boys.


And now, she was in the middle of the match, being more empty than anything. Everything was passing by her eyes, and she didn't feel like focusing. A part of her was screaming that she could not let her team down, and that she had to play, and play really good.
They needed this win, and she had to give it to them.

But the other part of her couldn't let go of the fact that TJ was across the Pitch. She wanted to punch him so hard, and teach him a lesson about being an ignorant jerk. But how could she?

Then it hit her. The freaking bat in her hand. That is all she needed. And even though she was positive this would earn her a foul, she was ready to do it.

So as the Bludger came towards her, she swung her bat and hit the ball with as much force as she could. Aiming at TJ.
Then she closed her eyes, and waited for it.

Game Over.
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Up (Amy, Sapphire & TJ)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 3:25 pm

The sharp intake from the crowd should probably have given TJ a clue as to what was about to happen, but his team was on the front foot. About to score a goal from his beautiful pass up the field. He was almost sure of it, and he couldn't help but be excited about that moment.

TJ was about to shout encouragement up the field when the problem hit him.


The smack of something very, very hard probably resonated around the pitch in that moment. The Bludger had connected with the side of TJ's head, knocking him unconscious immediately. Body limp, it fell sideways from the broom that was holding him at the middle goalpost some forty feet off the ground.

Everything around TJ had gone black.


TJ's head pounded. His eyes tried to flutter open, but they were heavy. He stirred in the hospital bed, but didn't yet open his eyes. The noises around him seemed louder in that moment, but he couldn't make all of them out. Nothing made sense at all...

Trying again to open his eyes, TJ could see splodges of colour, colour that were trying to form shapes around him. "Ay..." He mumbled, blinking and trying once more to focus. "Ay... me..?" The mumbled snippets of Amethyst's name tried to leave his lips, and then, TJ gave up, closing his eyes because they hurt too much to be open.

Nothing made sense.
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Up (Amy, Sapphire & TJ)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 4:31 pm

Amethyst was watching the match from afar, her eyes glued on TJ. He was so handsome riding his broom. That was when Amy actually noticed his body. Even in his Quidditch clothes, his strong features were obvious. He was indeed a catch.

But then something unexpected happened. Even though everything was going well, and both teams were playing fair and quite well, her own blood, Sapphire, did something Amethyst still could not believe. She hit TJ. With a freaking Bludger. Over the head.

Amethyst watched in horror as his unconscious body fell off his broom, and she couldn't help but allow herself to run, as fast as she could, pushing people out the way. She was by him in seconds, shaking his body with shaky hands. He had to be okay, he had to!

Tears formed in her eyes as more people gathered around the body and helped him to the Hospital Wing, the Seventh Year following close by.


He was out for a day and a half, but Amethyst hadn't left his side. Not even for a second. Sapphire hadn't even made an appearance after that, and Amy wasn't sure she wanted to see her at all right now.

Her hand was holding his as she was fast asleep, not having eaten anything. She wouldn't leave his side until he woke up and was okay. Suddenly, she felt him stir. Amy jumped up immediately, her eyes wide.

"Ay... me..?"

"Yes! Yes, love, I am here!"
Amethyst tried to shake him a bit, but his eyes wouldn't open. She knew he might still be in pain, but since he woke up, this meant something. It was something positive.
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Up (Amy, Sapphire & TJ)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 4:42 pm

The small shake made a small grimace touch TJ's features, if only momentarily. "Don't." He murmured, frowning mostly to himself as he scrunched his eyes and then opened them slowly once more. It was still splodges of colour, but they were focusing slowly.

The ache in his head didn't help, though, taking longer for things to clear up until finally, after many seconds, TJ's eyes focused on Amethyst. A small smile touched his lips, seeing her there. But the worry on her features. Looking around, TJ took in the Hospital Wing and realised why she was worried.

"What happened?" TJ asked, his eyes moving back to Amethyst in that moment. He noted their hands held together and gave her hand a small squeeze, hopefully reassuring her that he was indeed okay. "I... was playing Quidditch..." The boy said, reaching up with his free hand to caress his temples to find bandages. "Ah."

That would explain the throbbing headache. Frowning once more, TJ lowered his hand to the bed and sighed. He didn't like the Hospital Wing as it was, let alone having to spend more time in here than he usually did. "Sorry for worrying you." TJ added, because this was precisely what he didn't want to do to her, make her worry over him.
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Up (Amy, Sapphire & TJ)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 11:15 pm

Amethyst was worried. Worried sick. Shaking him was the only reaction that came to her at the moment, but once he told her to stop, Amy immediately u destroy that she was not helping him. Stopping her movement she apologised quickly and focused on him.

The smile that touched his lips brought a genuine smile to her own, a few tears of happiness slipping down her cheeks. He had his senses back and even though he still was in pain, he was alive, which meant he would get better. She would be by his side to make sure of it.

The Hufflepuff saw his confusion and once he touched his head she tried to make him lie down comfortably again in order to explain. But how could she explain ? She couldn't just go and tell him that her own sister decided to throw a Bludger over his head for no reason at all.

As far as she knew, Sapphire and TJ were getting along just fine. They had no fights or any if the sort so this was... unexplainable!

"Honey... you got hit during the match. Sapphire... my... sister, threw a Bludger at you."
And now Amy felt like complete shit. She felt responsible for what happened. People already called her things for not standing up for her sister and instead sitting here for TJ. She should be alongside the Gryffindors they said.

But she knew that she should be alongside the one she really cared about. And TJ... she couldn't deny he meant a lot to her.

"Don't apologise for worrying me, TJ. I couldn't just leave you... You mean so much..."
Bringing his hand close to her mouth, she placed a soft kiss on his knuckle and smiled a bit as more tears ran down her cheek.
"I truly thought I lost you idiot!"
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Up (Amy, Sapphire & TJ)   Sat Jan 02, 2016 12:53 pm

The explanation as to why he was in the hospital wing made TJ let out a small laugh. "I hope it was a good shot?" He asked, marveling at the circumstances. Of course, TJ would simply put it down to being part of the game, not some other reason that was... well, trivial at best.

"Never mind." He added a moment later, getting comfy in the pillows before he looked back to Amethyst beside him. "How long was I out - have I missed much? When's the Full Moon?" He asked, because last time he'd checked he had about five days - hopefully he wasn't going to be thrown in to that too soon before he didn't want a banging headache when he was wolf form.

But a moment later, Amethyst had brought his hand to her lips, and he noted she was crying. That was enough to make his chest hurt. She was crying for him, and he didn't want that. Moving his hand from her lips, he wiped the tears away, ever so gently. "Don't cry, I'm fine. Everything is fine. I'm not going anywhere, either." He added as she admitted to thinking she'd lost him.

"Come here." He added, shifting over enough for her to squeeze on to the bed with him. TJ winced a little, but the pain wasn't important in that moment. "I need a cuddle." He paused. "From my girlfriend."

There, he'd done it, inadvertently of course, but... he'd asked Amethyst out, because he'd waited too long, and the bump to the head... put everything in perspective.
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Up (Amy, Sapphire & TJ)   Sat Jan 02, 2016 1:27 pm

She felt bad. Sapphire knew that she shouldn't have done that, but she couldn't help herself. She was mad at TJ, and it just took over her. Earning her a passed out TJ, a foul, and the cancellation of the match. Her team was mighty mad, and her sister too.
If she was smart, she would stay away. But no. She felt really bad and she, at least, owed him an apology.

So passing through the crowd, the Gryffindor beater made her way to the Hospital Wing, unaware that her sister had been there the past one and a half days.

Pushing the door open, she moved further into the room, until she suddenly stopped in her tracks. Her eyes glued to the scene before her, Sapphire's anger started rising again.
There was Amethyst, in bed, cuddling with TJ. As if she hadn't seen enough already.

Biting her cheek to keep silent, she moved closer, arms crossed over her chest, trying to keep her hands away from her sister. Or else someone else would need a bed in the Hospital Wing.
She couldn't keep it in. Not any longer.

Grabbing her sister's arm, she pulled him away from TJ, pushing her back. "You better stay back, or I swear...," she warned her sister before turning to TJ.

"And you... You selfish bastard! You want her?!"
Shaking her head, she stared between Amy and TJ, trying to find a possible explanation. This was it, she was going to blow up.
"What does she have that I don't?! She can't offer you anything! She can't fly! I was there! We played together, we practiced together! And you pick her!"
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Up (Amy, Sapphire & TJ)   Sat Jan 02, 2016 1:40 pm

TJ couldn't deny he was glad that Amy had consented to a cuddle - that meant... yes, right? Her moving to give him a cuddle meant they were dating. He was definitely the luckiest man in the world, he decided in that moment as he put an arm around the witch.

The doors opened and closed in the background, but TJ didn't look. He didn't exactly have anyone that would likely visit him in the hospital wing. Maybe some of the Quidditch team, but they wouldn't know he was awake, not yet anyway.


The word made TJ jump, looking up at the person who'd spoken and then frowning with confusion. "Sapphire?" He asked, wondering what in Merlin's name was unbelievable, but before she answered, or anything was said, Sapphire was pulling Amethyst out of bed. TJ shuffled up in bed, blinking to try to rid the headache, and failing.

"And you... You selfish bastard! You want her?!"

Frowning, TJ looked to Amethyst and then back to Sapphire. "I..." He started, and then realised that he didn't have to explain to Sapphire, well, anything.

The tirade didn't help, and TJ looked back to Amethyst once more, but that didn't help him. "I don't know what you're talking about Sapphire. I've... only ever liked your sister. I don't care that she doesn't fly, she's learning, actually. With me. We never... what..." TJ was confused, very, very confused. "I like Amethyst. A lot. I don't know where..."

But he cut off from saying 'I don't know where you got the idea I might like you' because that was very rude, and TJ was not purposefully rude to people. This was just confusing. "And, Amethyst has the knowledge that makes her right for me." TJ summarised, though he was unsure why he had to explain his feelings to Amy's sister...
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Up (Amy, Sapphire & TJ)   Sat Jan 02, 2016 2:11 pm

"I don't know what you're talking about Sapphire. I've... only ever liked your sister. "

Sapphire practically felt her heart breaking. Only ever liked your sister? How was this even possible? Love developed between two people who had common interests, spend time with each other, right? What kind of interests did Amy and TJ share exactly? She hated flying, she couldn't, yet TJ was a Keeper. He loved Quidditch and flying was his life.

Just like hers. She loved flying it was her life.

"But.. But.."
Sapphire stared at him, not understanding how this worked. Her eyes then met Amethyst's who looked scared, but also ready to attack her if she had to. It was the first time Sapphire saw Amethyst like that. Powerful, strong willed, and determined to do anything to protect TJ.

"Sapphire stay away from him," she heard her sister say, and Sapphire laughed. Amethyst was being stupid, and Sapphire was beginning to turn delusional. She just wouldn't accept the fact that the only boy she had ever liked was choosing her sister over her. For no actual reason.

Ignoring completely TJ's words, not caring whatever he had to say, since it wasn't to her advantage, Sapphire turned her full attention to Amethyst. She knew that TJ was not in the state to stop her from doing anything, since she had messed him up quite good, so a little bit of torture was okay, right?

Grabbing Amethyst's hair, Sapphire pulled her close with force, looking sweetly at TJ. "Well, isn't she pretty? With her blonde hair, blue eyes... it would be a shame if she... had an accident, wouldn't it?"

Sapphire was pure evil. At that moment, love was blinding her. To the point where she was willing to hurt her own sister.
Amethyst was struggling to get free, but Sapphire, due to her years of Quidditch, was stronger. Quite stronger.
"Oh no, dear sister. You are not going anywhere. How about we give TJ a show? Hm?"
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Up (Amy, Sapphire & TJ)   

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Breaking Up (Amy, Sapphire & TJ)
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