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 Congratulations! (Aiden & Sebastian)

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PostSubject: Congratulations! (Aiden & Sebastian)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 4:32 pm

Sebastian had been working at the Wigtown Wanderers for just over a month now. He'd been successful in his application for an apprenticeship with the team, and had taken up the offer without a second thought. He was on his way to becoming a Quidditch coach, and for that much, he was very excited. It had been a rush though, working out what he wanted to do once he'd left.

His results from his N.E.W.T.S. had been mediocre at best, which left him with limited options, but this job, he knew he could do well in. So far, however, he'd been used - for want of a better term - the bitch to the coaches he was being mentored by. Collecting the training gear, getting everything ready for the games, fetching water, making tea. You name it, Sebastian had done it.

He didn't mind though, he knew he had to start from the bottom. And, it wasn't as if he hadn't learnt anything either, everything was such an eye opener. The only concern Sebastian had, however, was how masculine the work place was. There were only a few girls in the squad, and they were, quite honestly, tom boys. They fit in to the laddish behavior without question. It had been within the first couple of days that Sebastian knew that being openly gay around these people was not going to work.

But, that didn't stop him missing Aiden.

On the first of September, Sebastian hadn't stopped thinking about his boyfriend being on the Hogwarts Express, heading for Hogwarts without him. He was very much upset about that, but he'd sent an owl to greet him. The owl said that he would be at Hogsmeade on the second weekend of term, if the Head Boy could, by any chance, get out of the school, they could meet in The Three Broomsticks.

Which was where Sebastian sat now, glancing nervously towards the door, hoping that Aiden had managed to use his new found powers to his advantage.
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PostSubject: Re: Congratulations! (Aiden & Sebastian)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 4:46 pm

When Aiden had first received his Head Boy badge he had been weary; it was his N.E.W.T's year which meant he would be literally swamped with work but adding onto that the position of Head Boy would mean he would rarely have time to himself. But now that he was at Hogwarts and about to meet Sebasian in the Three Broomsticks he was imensly glad for the Head Boy position.

While he couldn't use his position to go to Diagon Alley he could use it to go to Hogsmeade wherever he went as long as it did not make him step away from his studies.

The Slytherin let out a soft sigh as he ruffled his hair and made his way through Hogsmeade to the Three Broomsticks. He was dressed in a simple black shirt and black slacks with some muggle-style trainers. Thankfully it was still warm so he had no need to wear a jacket.

Standing outside of the door, he eyed it for a second before pushing it open and stepping inside the warm pub with a soft smile. Looking around, he quickly spotted Sebastian and made his way over to where the other male was.

"Seb!" Aiden grinned softly.
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PostSubject: Re: Congratulations! (Aiden & Sebastian)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 4:54 pm


There was absolutely no denying that Sebastian's smile grew at the sound of his name falling from his boyfriend's lips. Standing up from the table, Sebastian pulled his boyfriend in to a warm hug. He'd been a not-so-great boyfriend for the past month due to his hectic schedule, and he really was sorry for that much. "Aiden." Sebastian breathed, leaning up ever so slightly to plant a kiss on his boyfriend's lips.

Just because he couldn't be open with his colleagues didn't mean he cared as much here.

"How are you?" Sebastian asked, motioning for the other boy to take a seat in the chair opposite. Sebastian had already ordered drinks - a perk of being old enough now, he hadn't been ID'd, so he'd gotten Aiden something too. "I'm sorry I didn't write much this summer. There aren't any excuses, except being a lame boyfriend." He explained, his tone gentle to show he was joking. "How's school?" He added, purposefully putting on an 'I'm older than you and enjoying this moment' kind of tone.
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PostSubject: Re: Congratulations! (Aiden & Sebastian)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 5:11 pm

Aiden was absolutely ecstatic to see Sebastian after a month of literally not seeing the other man face to face. Exchanging owls just wasn't the same when you couldn't talk to each other not to mention they couldn't exactly floo call each other what with Sebastian being pretty much into his apprenticeship.

Aiden didn't fault him for it but it still hurt not being able to talk to the other male. But he supposed that's what they got; he was still in school and Sebastian was getting on with his life now.

Smiling as he was kissed, Aiden stole another kiss from Sebastian before he pulled back.

"I'm good; just tired all the time now due to working so much for my N.E.W.Ts and being Head Boy." He murmured softly as he sat in the chair opposite his boyfriend. "It's alright, I understand... Even if you were being a lame boyfriend." He smirked teasingly as he sipped on his drink.

"Ugh.. Don't remind me." The younger of the two sulked. "Being Head Boy is a pain when all of your prefects come to you with problems that the Head Boy certainly shouldn't be even thinking about. Not to mention it's N.E.W.T's this year. I'm swamped." He was ranting but he knew that Sebastian didn't really mind. "How's your apprenticeship going?" He questioned.
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PostSubject: Re: Congratulations! (Aiden & Sebastian)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 5:29 pm

"Should have owled me back if you're tired, I would have booked a room upstairs!" Sebastian teased, a twinkle of mischief in his eyes. That, he realised a moment later, was the trouble being around the guys at the Quidditch pitch, they made very bad jokes like that that usually made Sebastian roll his eyes. But, he was going with that, either way Aiden took it, it couldn't be too bad.

"It's alright, I understand... Even if you were being a lame boyfriend."

Seb let out a short laugh. He could take the teasing, there wasn't much more he could do at the moment than he had already done. "I am sorry, truly. I will do better, promise." Sebastian insisted, much more soberly. He didn't want to lose Aiden because of his job, but equally, he didn't want to lose his apprenticeship because his bosses thought he wasn't interested enough. He would have to work on the balance, but he would get there.

"Being Head Boy gets you here." Sebastian reminded Aiden with a wolfish grin. Means you get to see me, if nothing else. Though, the prefects, you'll just have to whip them in to shape." He offered in way of advice, but Sebastian had never been given such responsibilities so he wasn't sure how it worked, not really. "Do you need help with the studying?" Sebastian offered, though he might not be of great use to Aiden, he could happily help him out if his boyfriend needed it.

The question on his apprenticeship made Sebastian grin. "It's great, well, that's what I tell mama. It's tiring, truth be told. And I get all the crap jobs. But, I am learning a lot." Sebastian explained, giving a small shrug. "The lads are nice enough there, so I got myself settled in quite quickly. The money isn't much, at the moment, but it's something. I'm saving." He explained, hoping that this would be good news for Aiden.

"Oh, and whilst I remember, mama insists that you come to ours for Christmas." Sebastian added, taking a small sip of his alcohol. "She doesn't know..." Sebastian motioned between the two of them. "So I thought we could... you know, tell her then, together." Sebastian summarised, hoping this would be okay with his boyfriend. "If you want to, of course."
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PostSubject: Re: Congratulations! (Aiden & Sebastian)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 5:53 pm

Aiden rolled his eyes at that but his lips quirked into a soft smile. "I would have owled ahead myself if I was that tired." He reassured his boyfriend. "It's nothing I can't handle anyway. This won't be the first nor will it be the last time I'm going to be tired this year." He chuckled mirthlessly; he could just imagine how the rest of the year was going to go if this was how it was in the beginning.

"I know you are sorry and I really don't mind." Aiden reassured Sebastian. "Your apprenticeship is important to you." Even he knew how much that apprenticeship meant to Sebastian so he wasn't going to go around sulking and whining about his boyfriend not being loving enough to him.

"Yes, I suppose it does." Aiden chuckled, a bit surprised at seeing the wolfish grin on Sebastian's lips. "I'm glad I got the Head Boy position now." He grinned. "Even with idiotic prefects in the equation. Though not all of them are bad. Like Finley." He remembered the stuttering Ravenclaw and he knew that the fifth year was the best candidate for the Fifth Year Prefect. If nothing else the position would help him immensely.

Blinking his eyes at the question of him needing help he shook his head. "I don't. Not at the moment anyway." He reassured the blond. "Though I might take you up on that offer in a few months. When it's closer to my exams." He probably would as well.

"Well, everyone has to start from the bottom." Aiden hummed softly. "You like it then I take it?" Aiden smiled softly at Sebastian; glad that the older male was pretty much settled there already. Though the fact that he was surrounded by so many guys made him pout slightly. He trusted Sebastian but sometimes he just didn't trust other guys to not make moves on his boyfriend.

"Tell her I'll gladly come." Aiden smiled before blinking his eyes. "Of course I want to tell her; she is your mom and I do like her a lot."
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PostSubject: Re: Congratulations! (Aiden & Sebastian)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 6:13 pm

"Just don't kill yourself. Grades aren't worth that." Sebastian insisted, he would worry, of course, if Aiden pushed too hard. No matter what grades his boyfriend got, Sebastian would be proud of him. He could get Trolls in everything, and Seb wouldn't care. However, knowing Aiden, telling him that would probably not be of much use, he knew Aiden's grades were good, high, and Trolls would not be anywhere near enough to make him happy.

"You are important to me too." Sebastian added to Aiden's comment on his apprenticeship. "I'm just working out the balance." He added, because this was the problem with new things, the balance was not easy to get right.

"Finley..." Sebastian wracked his mind before remembering the boy. "Oh, yeah. Total swat, that one." Sebastian commented offhandedly. "I shouldn't think you'd have problems with him, tell him what to do, and he'll probably do it." He continued, letting out a small chuckle. "And, if the others continue to give you shit, send them my way, I'll sort them." The last was a joke, Sebastian was by no means a scary person. He was tall, and muscular, yes, but his face was much too soft to be deemed scary.

"The offer is always there." Sebastian insisted, because now they were a couple, they would do things together. No matter what they might be, even if it was homework, Seb would support Aiden.

"I'm loving it!" Sebastian replied eagerly. "And, hopefully in a few years - well, probably five or so - I'll be able to coach a team by myself. Can you imagine it? Merlin knows who I would want to manage though. But, if I can get in, there are so many possibilities. I could..." Sebastian paused, obviously looking around for something impressive. "Manage the English Quidditch team one day, Aiden! How cool would that be?" He explained, his enthusiasm quite clear.

"And, there is no need to pout." Seb added, noticing Aiden's reaction to the mention of guys. Reaching across the table, Sebastian took his boyfriends hand, and brought up to his lips, kissing the knuckles gently. "They're all firmly heterosexual men, who are only interested in sticking it in some blonde model. And constantly reassure themselves that taking a shower together is 'no homo'!" Sebastian explained, letting out a small chuckle. "The girls on the other hand..." Sebastian continued, though he broke out in to a laugh to show he was only teasing. He was undeniably only interested in Aiden, and only a fool would think otherwise.

The agreement on Christmas made Sebastian smile. "Thank you." The ex-Ravenclaw whispered, because he was nervous of telling his mama about being in a gay relationship, but it was reassuring to know Aiden liked his family. It was a huge weight of his mind, simply knowing his boyfriend was already happy around her.
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PostSubject: Re: Congratulations! (Aiden & Sebastian)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 7:02 pm

"I won't." Aiden reassured his older boyfriend with a soft smile on his lips. He understood Sebastian's worry and truthfully had he not been worrying about Seb like this last year when the older one was a seventh year he would've been a bit annoyed with him. Had he heard Seb's thoughts he would have agreed with the blonds thoughts that he wouldn't be happy with getting Trolls. He wanted to at least pass with EE all across the board though O's would be much more preferred.

"I know I am." Aiden smiled softly at those words, pretty happy to hear that reassurment. It's not that he didn't believe it but sometimes people did think their jobs were much more important then their significant others. "Truthfully I would probably be the same you know."

"He's a very sweet guy. He doesn't really give me much trouble.. Unlike the others." He winced and scowled slightly before it disapparead when Sebastian suggested sending the others to him. "You'll sort them?" He smirked at Sebastian, not really believening it for even one second. Sure his boyfriend was tall and pretty muscled but no way would he be capabled of scaring the other Prefects.

"I know." He smiled softly.

"That would be pretty cool... You coaching the English Quidditch Team." He agreed with a nod of his head; he could just imagine Sebastian doing that.

He tried to keep pouting but Sebastian's words just made him smile and laugh. "Most guys would say that.. And it's true." He shrugged his shoulders. "It's not like we don't know what the other guy has." He smirked softly before rolling his eyes. "Don't try getting me jealous with girls, I know you are only interested in me." He smirked. "Though I don't trust them either.."

"You're welcome." He could tell that Sebastian has been and still was nervous about all of this and he didn't really blame him. His own parents had no idea about his relationship with Sebsatian. Only his siblings did and he cared more about their opinion then his parents who never really there.
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PostSubject: Re: Congratulations! (Aiden & Sebastian)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 7:24 pm

"I mean, one day, of course, that's a long time goal. Maybe even the Italian national team. I don't know, we'll see what comes up." Sebastian explained, giving a small shrug. He of course didn't know what the future held, but he had to have a goal to keep him working hard in his field.

"What about you, anyway, being the bad boyfriend I am, I've never asked you what you want to do when you finish at Hogwarts." Sebastian asked, realising he didn't have a clue what Aiden wanted to do when he left. Probably something clever, Aiden was the brighter of the two of them. "Something with the Ministry? University first?" Seb prompted, trying to work it out for himself.

Sebastian let out a soft chuckle. "Those muscle heads don't interest me, you're fine. I prefer the nerds." Sebastian teased motioning to his boyfriend. True, Aiden was not a nerd, not really, he just had better grades than Sebastian, which in the Ravenclaw's mind made him a nerd. "And you can distrust each of them as much as you like, so long as you trust me." Sebastian added, because he didn't care what Aiden thought of his colleagues, only what he thought of him.

With Christmas settled, Sebastian could put all thought of telling his mama to the side. He had told his dad already - well, he'd gone to his dad's grave and talked to the gravestone about it. It had helped, for a while, but he still felt bad for not telling his mama. But he would, they had a date for it now, and Sebastian was not going to let up on telling her then.
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PostSubject: Re: Congratulations! (Aiden & Sebastian)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 7:41 pm

"I'm quite sure it will not be that long." Aiden smirked as if he knew that Sebstian would blow everyones minds and be done with the apprenticeship in less then five years. Sure he may not have had the best grades but Aiden was pretty sure if Sebastian put his mind to it he would probably be done with his apprenticeship before Aiden would start his own.

"If I get the grades I want I'll probably join the University." Aiden revealed with a soft grin. "If not then I'm thinking of apprenticing under Jake, if he'll have me, so I can get my DADA mastery and probably add Potions onto that. Though I doubt that Professor Balan would have me as an apprentice." He didn't even think of what James would say if he had asked him. Though he was quite sure that, should he ask Jake, Jake would say yes but then again no-one really knew what would happen.

"Good." Aiden sniffed before pouting at Sebastian. "I am not a nerd." He whined though it was mostly in jest. He knew that Sebstain was teasing him about being a nred. "Of course I will. I will distrust anyone that's around you. You I can trust because I know you won't cheat on me but them... Most of them probably don't know the word 'commitment'." He stuck his nose up in the air before wincing as a crick made it's way in his neck.

"Ow, how the hell most of those stuck up purebloods can do that I don't know." He rubbed his neck.
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PostSubject: Re: Congratulations! (Aiden & Sebastian)   

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Congratulations! (Aiden & Sebastian)
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