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 Wade Lucas Duffield

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PostSubject: Wade Lucas Duffield   Mon Dec 22, 2014 1:21 pm


Full Name: Wade Lucas Duffield
Age: 30
Date of birth: October 31st, 1984
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland
Current home: Dublin, Ireland
Blood Status: Assumed Muggle-Born or Halfblood although not sure.
Sexual Alignment: Bisexual
Wand type: 12'' Hawthorn, Dragon Heartstring


Hair colour and style: Brown and windswept
Eye colour: Hazel
Height: 6'
Body type: Lean and muscular like a swimmer
Dress sense: Likes to wear suits and ties unless he is at home or somewhere he is quite comfortable.

Birthmarks: None
Tattoos: Wolf on left shoulder
Scars: None
Piercings: None


Likes: Hanging with friends, reading/writing, researching new and existing creatures, nature
Dislikes: Fancy dinners, rainy days, being alone
Strengths: Great climber, intelligent, fast reader, works will with creatures
Weaknesses: Can't swim, faints around blood, men/women (sometimes he just can't help flirting)
Positive traits:
Intelligent - Wade made top marks in school and after he graduated spent most of his time researching for furthering his education and becoming a teacher.
Compassionate and Understanding - Wade is always willing to help others out and listen to their problems. He knows what it is like to be bullied and just likes making others feel good.
Sociable - Wade is a very friendly people person and loves mingling at parties or get togethers and likes to meet new people.
Reliable - If you give Wade something to do and want to rely on him for anything he will do it or get it done quickly.
Kind, Loving, and Loyal - He is these and more. Wade is probably the nicest guy you will ever meet and if he trusts you enough he will be loyal to you as long as you are loyal to him and do not abuse his trust and loyalty.
Negative traits:
Quick-Tempered - Although Wade is an all around great guy it doesn't take much to get on his nerves which won't be good.
Flirtatious - Wade likes women and men and he won't be afraid to flirt with anyone if he thinks they are good-looking.
Frank - Wade won't be afraid to let you know what is on his mind although he will keep things that are too harmful to himself.


Wade was raised in an orphanage where he was picked on by the boys. It didn't last long though once Wade started to stick up for himself and soon enough he was the head boy there and everyone listened to what he said for the most part. Then one day he got a letter. The first and only one he ever got there. One that was from a school. A school called Hogwarts. A school that was for witches and wizards. Wade couldn't believe it.

After coming to the school he stayed there or with friends on and off. He was sorted into Ravenclaw where he excelled in Potions and Care of Magical Creatures while doing fairly well in the other classes as well. He was a popular student and something about him made others follow him.

After graduating Wade decided to go around the world exploring and searching out creatures that were in the books that he read and searching for others that were just mention but never actually found.

Finally wanting to settle down since he did have a son to think of he decided to get a job working in what was his favorite class in school: Care of Magical Creatures.

Name: UNKNOWN/ Age: NA/ Living or Deceased: NA/ Blood type or Species:NA
Name: UNKNOWN/ Age: NA/ Living or Deceased: NA/ Blood type or Species:NA
Name: UNKNOWN/ Age: NA/ Living or Deceased: NA/ Blood type or Species:NA
Adopted Parents:
Mother: Name: Lyra/ Age: 55/ Living or Deceased: Living/ Blood type or Species: Muggle
Father: Name: Hunter/ Age: 56/ Living or Deceased: Living/ Blood type or Species: Halfblood
Spouse: Name: / Age: / Living or Deceased: / Blood type or Species:
Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Partner: Name: / Age: / Living or Deceased: / Blood type or Species:
Children: Name: Ryan / Age: 10/ Living or Deceased: Living/ Blood type or Species: Halfblood
Pets: Name: Keegan/ Age: 4/ Living or Deceased: Living/ Blood type or Species: German Shepard

Family Background

There honestly isn't a lot known about Wade's family. He was raised in an orphanage until someone came along and adopted him. He doesn't even know what his real last name is because he didn't have one. Lyra and Hunter Duffield raised Wade like he was one of their own. They loved taking in stray boys because they knew often times that boys weren't given a chance. With Hunter being a halfblood himself he can weed out what children are magical.

When Wade was 20 he had a one night stand with a woman who lived in his neighborhood. Fast forward to nine months later and she had Ryan. Not wanting to take care of the kid she tossed him onto Wade and left. Wade was left to take care of Ryan but he didn't mind and liked giving the kid the childhood he never had.
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PostSubject: Re: Wade Lucas Duffield   Sun Dec 20, 2015 8:16 am

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Wade Lucas Duffield
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