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 Changes (Seamus)

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PostSubject: Changes (Seamus)   Sat Jan 02, 2016 5:43 am

Winter's jean pocket was full of insignificant stuff. There was a sickle, a gum wrapper with Charlie's new phone number scribbled on it and a cough drop. Winter frowned as she realized none of it was useful. It was barely August, the season most commonly associated with changes , and Winter was ready for a wave of those. After a rather uncomfortable end to her platonic friendship with James, Winter had decided that working at the school was not for her. He was not the only reason she had chosen to quit, but he was an important factor. Along with willingly losing her job, Winter had moved into her River's apartment in London in order to be closer to St. Mungo's. It was hard, living on her brother's couch, but she was paying her share of the rent until she had enough saved up for a place of her own. Winter was more than ready - although scared - for all the upcoming changes in her life.

Wearing a black sweatshirt and blue jeans, Winter walked around Hogsmeade's pebbled pathways. She had a free agenda, at least until mid of August which was when her contract with St. Mungo's would officially begin. At the moment, she was glad she had become a healer instead of a professor, that way she had more options when it came to looking for work. Not that Winter had ever thought about teaching, not seriously at least. That was a job she could never learn to love fully. Unlike Summer, who was a Primary School teacher back home. Sighing, Winter took her hands out of her pockets and pulled her blonde hair into a messy bun. A bag of candy she had bought for Charlie hung from her forearm as she continued her way to the Three Broomsticks.

The Inn was as tidy as it usually was, but it was less crowded now that most of its customers were in classes. Taking a seat at a table, Winter scanned the menu before quickly deciding on the traditional fish and chips. When the waitress came up to her, Winter placed her order before settling into her seat. A few seconds later, the door swung open and a familiar face came to view. Seamus Cassidy, a former classmate, was walking through the Inn's door. Grinning, Winter immediately straightened up and waved at him. "Seamus!" Hopefully he wasn't busy, or meeting someone else, because Winter actually wanted company. She wouldn't admit it, but she had been rather lonely during summer. Winter had a tendency to step away when she was hurting, she was the suffer-in-silence type, and her friends knew better than to question her about it.

She also wouldn't admit to it, but she had been hiding behind James' actions what she really knew - deep down - to be the root of her heartache. It wasn't that James' offer had offended her but rather the idea that maybe she had actually given off the wrong impression. Maybe Winter gave every single person the same same impression; maybe she had come off as desperate. She was lovesick, and maybe a bit naive when it came to men, but not desperate. What she was desperate for was company that didn't bear her last name. Her grin had faded for a brief second, but when Seamus looked at her, Winter was glad he knew her enough to not think she was dying to jump into his pants...as it seemed that was the impression she gave off. Grinning again, Winter hoped Seamus took the seat across from her.
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PostSubject: Re: Changes (Seamus)   Sat Jan 02, 2016 4:56 pm

Upon hearing that the attack had not been the success he was expecting Seamus had laid very, very low. Children, non-Pureblood children, had died in the attack. He had been sick many a times just thinking about that much. He was disgusted with himself for what had happened, and yet, he still wanted the Pureblood scum of the earth, those who had hurt him, to pay.

A compromised position, that's what Seamus was currently sat in.

The Basilisks knew of him, and what he'd done. He was in limbo of being found out. And yet, he was living his life normally. It wasn't right, but there was very little he could do about it at the moment. The only way Seamus felt calm these days was with a single Firewhiskey inside of him. He was not an alcoholic, no, he simply had one drink a day, to steady himself.

Which was why he had come to The Three Broomsticks that afternoon. For his single Firewhiskey after a long day at St Mungos. He was a good man, he'd saved countless lives that day, in his career, and yet he still felt heavily burdened. Perhaps he could modify his own memory, to forget?


The sound of his name being called out through the pub made Seamus jump a little bit, turning to find the person who'd spoken, Seamus gave the witch a small smile. Windy... Wendy... No, Winter! The witch was a couple of years younger than him, they'd known of each other at school, but Seamus had often kept away from the Slytherin circles out of fear of another bully emerging from them. But, this was Winter, they were adults.

Making the motion of her giving him a moment, Seamus ordered his drink, and a plate of chips, before heading over to her table. "Hey." The Healer greeted, sliding in to the seat opposite the witch. "I'm guessing this isn't taken, but tell me to shift, if you like." He told her, his Irish accent still as strong as it always had been. "What brings you here?" He added, not that he knew if this was a normal place for the witch to be, or something of a random affair.
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Changes (Seamus)
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