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 Decisions (Adaline/Kai) (Closed)

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PostSubject: Decisions (Adaline/Kai) (Closed)   Mon Jan 04, 2016 11:11 pm

It hadn't been an easy decision on Adaline's part to continue her modeling that she started when she was younger but stopped due to being pregnant with Silas but she had wanted to do it again ever since she gave birth to him. She had thought long and hard on it and while she would have a full schedule, what with taking care of Silas and studying at University, she knew she could handle it.

After all if she could handle the pregnancy while being in her last year at Hogwarts, she was quite sure she could handle all of this as well. Not to mention Silas wasn't really a fussy child so you never really noticed he was there until he needed your attention for food or to change his nappy.

Being at seven months old the babe was now fine in being away from them for more then just a few hours with their grandparents. And that's where he was at the moment. At Adaline's parents first before Kai's own parents would take him the day after for the day while Adaline herself was going back to their house, a soft frown on her lips.

She knew that Kai wasn't happy with her decision to start modeling but Adaline wasn't about to let him stop her from doing that.

Stepping into the house, she moved towards the kitchen where she started on their dinner for the day. She needed something to occupy her hands for the moment as she had no idea where Kai was. She had a feeling though that they were not going to be eating their dinner at all that day.
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PostSubject: Re: Decisions (Adaline/Kai) (Closed)   Mon Jan 04, 2016 11:31 pm

Kai wiped the sweat off of his brow with his shirt and draped it back over his neck as he came in to land and place his broom in the team locker room. He wet his face with some sink water before squeezing a sports bottle of ice cold water into his mouth and allowing the water to drip down his bare chest. It felt good against his warm skin but it felt even better going down his throat. The man shoved the bottle back into his personal locker and slammed it shut before making his way home.

By apparition, it took literally two split seconds for him to reach his doorstep however today, he didn't apparate. Instead, Kai walked. Him and Adaline had been disagreeing with her personal choices lately. It wasn't because he didn't support her because he was all for her attending University, it was that he didn't want her modeling. She was his fiancee and her body should be reserved for him. She shouldn't be photographed for all the world to see.

The man grimaced. This certainly wasn't something he needed to be thinking about right now, especially since the big championship game was this weekend and his team was in the running for first place.

Kai entered the small home and threw his shirt into the laundry basket before making his way to the shower. It was what he always did when he came home from practice, Adaline knew that. The silence of the house was remotely peaceful and he knew what that meant. Adaline was cooking and Silas was at his grandparents.

Kai loved Silas enough to have gotten his name tattoo'd across his right peck, however he also enjoyed being alone with his future wife even if they were fighting. The warm water trickled down Kai's body along with the smell of soap and soon he found himself putting on a pair of grey boxer briefs and heading down to the kitchen.

His body was still damp with the humidity from the hot shower and his hair still glistened as he stood against the doorway his hand spiking his hair as he watched her from behind.
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PostSubject: Re: Decisions (Adaline/Kai) (Closed)   Mon Jan 04, 2016 11:47 pm

Ever since Adaline had made the decision to model again she and Kai had been getting into unreasonable amounts of arguing and it was slowly tiring the woman out who was feeling like all of their time now was spent arguing about her choices instead of just talking through it. She knew she had a short temper and she knew that Kai knew this as well and lately her temper had slowly started to fizzle out and she feared that this time her temper would well and truly break.

Hearing the door open and then closed, followed by the bathroom door closing and then the shower starting, Adaline knew that Kai was home. Which meant that at most she had fifteen maybe twenty minutes to calm her nervousness and put the Lasagna in the oven so that it could cook itself. Which is what she did before she went ahead to clean up the counters and the dishes.

She would've used her wand to just do it but she needed to occupy her hands for the moment.

Despite the fact that Kai was not wearing any shoes, the nineteen -nearly twenty- year old female had heard him come in but she pretended not to and instead concentrated on her task at hand.

However that did not last long as soon enough that gaze, that had been on her back ever since he stood in the kitchen doorway, got a bit too much for her.

"How was practice?" She questioned quietly as she wiped her hands on a kitchen towel before turning around to face her fiancee, her hip resting against the counter while her arms were hanging limp by her sides. It was best to not be defensive.  
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PostSubject: Re: Decisions (Adaline/Kai) (Closed)   Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:06 am

When Adaline didn't join him in the shower, he knew that things still weren't back to normal and he sighed because he just wished for once that she could just get over being so stubborn and give Kai a bit of pleasure. After all, he had been working all day and while his work was a bit different, it was still long and hard but it brought in a hell of a lot of money for the young couple. He was able to provide for their family and quite honestly, she didn't even need to work if she didn't want to.

Kai sniffed at the air, noticing the beginning smells of dinner. It hadn't been cooking long, that much he knew and as he thought, he took his attention off the cooking food and instead thought about the cold floor against the soles of his feet before finally thinking back to Adaline. She really was beautiful - hot even and he didn't want her exploited.

When he entered the kitchen, she had been cleaning, likely trying to take her mind off of their ongoing conversation.

She was in deep concentration, she always was. Adaline concentrated hard on her tasks whether they were potion making or cleaning the counters she put all her focus into it and he admired her.

He could feel a slight smirk pulling at the corners of his lips as his eyes admired her, even in her worn down state. Eventually, she turned around and looked to him, a result of his gaze on her back for so long likely.

"Intense," he replied, his voice gruff. She seemed to have gotten used to his lack of clothing around the house or maybe - she was just trying to ignore it so she'd stay mad at him.
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PostSubject: Re: Decisions (Adaline/Kai) (Closed)   Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:13 am

Joining Kai in the shower had never really been on her mind that day. She didn't even have a fleeting thought of Kai pretty much naked in said shower. Oh she knew he had needs, just like she did, but that day she was pretty much stressed out with their upcoming conversation. Argument. Whatever it was going to end up.

Rubbing her face, she eyed her half-naked fiancee, not even really batting an eyelash anymore. They had been together for over a year now and she had pretty much gotten used to seeing Kai naked. Though that didn't mean she didn't appreciate the view. On the contrary, she always loved looking at Kai and the 'Silas' tattoo.

"Ah." She hummed in the back of her throat as she tilted her head to the side. "I suppose it was." She muttered, her eyes falling close as she fingered her engagement ring. It was such a small thing but it meant a lot to her just like everything else did.

"Silas is at my parents tonight. Your parents will get him tomorrow." She informed Kai as she walked towards the fridge to get herself a can of muggle Coke to have something, anything to do, instead of just standing there.
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PostSubject: Re: Decisions (Adaline/Kai) (Closed)   Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:26 am

Kai's temper was short but it wasn't as short as Adaline's and truthfully, he though hers was even shorter now with all the extra hormones and whatnot that she still had from having Silas. Adaline had gotten a hundred times more angry whenever they had an argument than before and he assumed it was just the new found maternal instinct or whatever she wanted to call it.

Kai crossed the kitchen and grabbed a beer can out the fridge, his back to her exposing his first tattoo ever : a dragon. He didn't drink often and when he did it was usually one bottle or can and it was never around Silas. Popping the top, he flipped the can up and swallowed a bit before turning back to her.

"The big games this weekend," he said watching as she played with the ring on her finger, the ring that cost him a fortune and took even longer to find. It was perfect for her however and he was glad to have continued his search instead of just settling on one. "You're going right?" They had discussed this already but he wanted to make sure that his family still planned to attend.

Kai nodded because he had nothing to say to that. He had already assumed that that was what was up when he walked into their home. "That's fine," he said just so he actually said something as he watched her get a Coke.
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PostSubject: Re: Decisions (Adaline/Kai) (Closed)   Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:39 am

Maternal instincts weren't the only thing that shortened her temper. So was Kai's insistence at dropping her modeling job. On one part she understood his worries, after all they were engaged, but on the other hand she needed this. She didn't just want to sit at home, study and take care of Silas. She wanted to do something in her spare time. Something that would help her earn money; she didn't want to just live off her parents money or the money Kai was making playing Quidditch. She wanted to contribute too.

The twenty year old eyed the tattoo on Kai's back, a soft sigh leaving her lips as she moved her eyes back up when he turned around.

"Of course I'm coming." Adaline frowned, almost insulted at the fact that Kai would even think that she wasn't going to come. "I love Quidditch and I love watching you play." And that was true, she did love the sport and she loved watching Kai play but there was no way in hell she would play it professionally herself. It just wasn't her style. She had enjoyed it at Hogwarts but professional Quidditch wasn't just to her tastes. Maybe she'd try-out for the English National team but that was just a maybe.

"We have two days to ourselves." She turned around when she heard the soft ping coming from her wards around the oven, alerting her to the fact that the Lasagna was finished though she didn't move to take it out. There were more wards around it to automatically cut off the oven when cooking was finished and wards that kept the food still hot until it was taken out.
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PostSubject: Re: Decisions (Adaline/Kai) (Closed)   Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:52 am

Kai wanted more tattoos, that was a given however he didn't know what else he wanted. Obviously whenever more kids came he'd have a tattoo of their names around Silas' and he'd probably add their date of births but what else could he get? He thought about getting one for Adaline but she'd probably find it stupid even if he didn't ever plan on leaving her. Either way, if something happened between the two he could always have it removed.

The question that was still left though was what exactly should he get?

"Good," he said noting the frown, "wouldn't want you to miss me scoring the winning goal." This championship game was everything to him and he'd be disappointed if they were to lose, which in his mind would be impossible because his team was significantly better than France's team. "I know you do," he said, an overconfident smirk on his face as he took another sip of the beer in his hands.

"Alone time is nice," he said, not really knowing what she expected him to say. Adaline always expected answers, however it was always confusing to try to figure out what kind of answers she was asking for. Just as he answered, he heard the sound the oven made when dinner was ready and his eyes trailed to the oven. It smelled great and he knew that Adaline had enchanted to oven to not burn anything which was good because he wasn't hungry.

Kai crossed over to her and looked down at her. He was tall and he was sure he was now finished growing. However his final height was a whopping six feet and an inch. He also was broader because the national team required a certain number of workouts per week which built more muscles and when his arms went around her, he gently picked her up and sat her on the counter. She was so very light and so very small, it was funny how she could carry so much anger.
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PostSubject: Re: Decisions (Adaline/Kai) (Closed)   Tue Jan 05, 2016 1:11 am

Had Kai asked her what he should get she probably would just tell him to get a tattoo of something important to him. He already had Silas name on there so it wouldn't surprise her if her own name would end up on there someday, maybe after their vows were taken. Had she known what he was thinking about she probably would've been offended that something would happen between them that would make her leave.

"Not even if the world was ending." She reassured her finacee with a soft smile on her lips though it didn't reach her eyes like it normally did. When she saw the overconfident smirk on his lips she rolled her eyes in exasperation. "Don't get too over-confident." She warned him. "We wouldn't want you to lose because you were much too confident in your abilities, would we?." She smirked slightly, teasingly, as she said that.

Blinking her eyes when she was picked up and then deposited on the counter, she frowned at Kai. "What are you doing?" She questioned with a soft huff and her arms crossed over her chest. "I make your food on here you know." She prodded his chest with a finger. "I shouldn't be sitting on the counters."
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PostSubject: Re: Decisions (Adaline/Kai) (Closed)   Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:48 pm

He could always go with something lame and cheesy like a flower or something with her name in it, but knowing Adaline she wouldn't be a fan of it. Then again, she could surprise him and actually like it. His mind flickered to the wedding and imagined what she would look like in a white dress surrounded by their families and friends, forever tying the knot and becoming the Reid family.

Kai cocked a slight smile, he was glad she was still coming ad because of it, he vowed to play his hardest; he vowed to play harder than he ever had before. "I'm not over-confident," he snarled, "but Kai Reid never loses." His face grew closer to hers until eventually their noses were touching, but their lips weren't. They were still in disagreement and Kai wouldn't kiss her or tease her until their disagreement was resolved.

"Turn that frown around," he said in a bit of a demanding voice. "I'm getting eye level with you," he smirked slightly. He loved her being shorter than him because he could pick her up whenever he wanted and short girls were just cute period. "Counters can be cleaned, dear," Kai said with a roll of his eyes. "I mean I can always take you to our room."
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PostSubject: Re: Decisions (Adaline/Kai) (Closed)   

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Decisions (Adaline/Kai) (Closed)
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