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 CoMC Application

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PostSubject: CoMC Application   Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:09 pm

Full Name:Wade Lucas Duffield
Position: CoMC
Qualifications & Previous Education: Wade made excellent marks in school and especially in Care of Magical Creatures.
Activity: I am active a couple days a week for up to 8 hours on those days.

Roleplay Example:

Drew was in his office about to leave for the clearing where he was to have his first class. He just had to get a few more papers of information for what he was going to teach his students today. With one last look to make sure he remembered everything he made his way to the clearing.

Drew looked around the clearing noting the few scorch marks left by the dragon that was now covered in a cage. It wasn't very old but they didn't have to be to have a dangerous reputation. Creatures had long fascinated him. His parents thought it a good idea for him to learn as much as he could about them. It was one of the few things good he got from them.

Looking back to where the students would be sitting he smiled. Such promise to be held by those who were pure of blood. He hated muggleborns and such but to be honest you couldn't help who your parents consorted with. It just made them less worthy of his attention and praise.

Making sure that the class area was settled well out of the dragons fire breathe he looked over the information in his hands. The top of the parchment read:

What are they?
What Class are they?

Can anyone guess the dragon I have chosen? If so what can you tell me about this dragon.
Central Habitat?
Interesting facts and information about the particular dragon?

These are some of the questions I will be asking you so as you read this start thinking because I will award points based on really great answers.

Walking around he placed the notes on each of his students seats then walked back up to the front near the cage and waited for his students. He hoped none would be late because he hated putting up with tardiness and would dock points if anyone was.
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PostSubject: Re: CoMC Application   Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:03 pm

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CoMC Application
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