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 Around and about (OPEN)

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PostSubject: Around and about (OPEN)   Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:40 pm

With his last year at the Uni know, and well on the way in finishing his teaching course within the next few weeks, Sean had decided to take some time off to just walk around and socialize with his peers. It had been eight years now since his family had been brutally murdered and he still was reeling from it, not to mention their murdered had not been found yet which just made him even more furious.

Sighing softly, the twenty-two year old, cracked the bones in his neck as he walked through the University campus, his hands shoved into the pocket of his jeans. It was pretty warm today so he was out of his t-shirt which he had left in his room.

Ever since joining University four years ago, after his graduation from Hogwarts, he had become even more sociable even if that socialization was sometimes impeded by his need to still grieve for his dead family.

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PostSubject: Re: Around and about (OPEN)   Tue Jan 05, 2016 5:38 pm

Zander's hands went up through his hair as he leaned back on the bench, taking a small break from studying. Auror training was hard and tedious and the farther he got in his training, the more he wondered whether or not this was actually the job for him. However, he managed to push through it and continue, mostly because he thought of his parents and how disappointed they would be if he failed at his goals.

Zander inhaled the fresh air and allowed the sun to beat down upon his face. He stretched his arms high and brought them behind his head, eyes still closed as the warmth flourished through his body.

Soon, his moment of rest had ended and he opened his eyes and focused back on his book, his vision catching some other man passing nearby. Zander glanced up, his sapphire eyes landing on the man for a split second before looking around at all of the bustling campus life.
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PostSubject: Re: Around and about (OPEN)   Tue Jan 05, 2016 5:51 pm

Had anyone told Sean, many years ago, that he would actually go into teaching he would laugh in their faces and call them lunatics. But now that he was here doing a teaching major he would agree with them.

The hot weather of September was un-natural but it felt good to relish in the last days of summer that were left. One never really knew what could happen right around the corner and who knew, maybe this time next week they'd be having freaking storms all over.

Watching the bustling life on the campus, Sean couldn't help but smile softly. Most of these people he knew by their names but some he didn't even have the pleasure of knowing.

Like that cute guy who was currently sitting on the bench and reading an auror book. Blinking his own eyes, the brunette turned to face the male. He was hot, there was no denying that.

"Hi there hot shot." Sean grinned as he steered towards the bench. "May I know thy name?" Okay he was so crap at this flirting shit but really, who cared?

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PostSubject: Re: Around and about (OPEN)   Tue Jan 26, 2016 8:42 pm

"Zander," he replied, his face reddening a bit. Had he not been so caught off guard he would have told the guy that he had a girlfriend. However Zander was much too shy for that and it was hard to redirect someone away when you're completely caught off guard by them.

The blue eyed lowered his auror book, his mind floating into a land far,far away as he thought of what just happened. Had he really been hit on by a gay guy? Surely he wasn't that good looking. Of course Victoria thought he was and apparently this guy did as well but still. He would be sure to laugh about this to Victoria later and hope that she didn't take it in a wrong way because Zander would never leave her, especially not for a dude.

The man's book practically slipped through his fingers as his eyes focused back on the man before him, the man who thought he was hot. Zander had no words, absolutely none. It wasnt that he wasn't accepting of same sex relationships, it was that he was not gay, therefore he didn't know how to react without deeply hurting this man.
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PostSubject: Re: Around and about (OPEN)   Tue Jan 26, 2016 8:52 pm

"That's a nice name... Nice to meet you Zander." Sean smiled at the male as he sat next to him on the bench. "I'm Sean." He introduced himself. Pouting slightly when the man gave no other reaction to his first few words other then blushing.

Okay that could mean anything; the guy was embarrassed about being called hot, the guy was angry or the guy was flattered. He hoped it was either the first or the last one and that it wasn't the second one. He would hate to get punched in the face as most guys that got angry at being called hot by another guy were straight and/or in a relationship.

"What you reading there?" He questioned and plucked the book out of the guy's limp fingers when he saw it was going to fall out. Zander was still a bit unresponsive so he didn't think he'd mind. "Oh... You planning on being an Auror huh?" He questioned.
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PostSubject: Re: Around and about (OPEN)   

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Around and about (OPEN)
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