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 The Power of the Badge (Gwendolynn & Finley)

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PostSubject: The Power of the Badge (Gwendolynn & Finley)   Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:44 pm

Finley had decided - with a month of careful processing - that Professor Jameson was mad. Mad, because he'd some how thought that putting a Prefect Badge on Finley's chest would be a good idea. Finley couldn't think of a worse candidate for the job, and yet here he was, a Prefect, patrolling the first floor just after curfew.

The evening had been quiet - something Finley was very glad to have happened. So far nobody had played up, and at the sight of him, the people he had seen had apologised and hurried off towards their common rooms without him having to say a word.

However, just as Finley rounded the corner, he noted a girl, who wasn't looking his way. Moving along the hallway - not silently, Finley had had a growth spurt which meant he'd gotten taller and a bit heavier, but by no means fat, or muscular.

"E-excuse me, you shouldn't b-be here." Finley tried to tell the girl, hoping she wouldn't try to cause him any trouble. "Please go back to you... to your d-dormitory and I won't d-dock points from your house." He added, hoping that, if anything, the worry of docking points would be enough to get the girl to do what he needed her to.
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PostSubject: Re: The Power of the Badge (Gwendolynn & Finley)   Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:34 pm

Gwen had decided that since she had no regard for the rules at home, Hogwarts shouldn't be any different. Her sisters, besides Penelope of course, where all prim and proper, and got decent marks in every subject they took, and every professor loved them. So wouldn't they be surprised when the last Piper daughter had gotten sorted into Slytherin, and not Gryffindor/Ravenclaw like the rest. She laughed in their faces when they expected her to answer every question right.

Because it was her sixth year, Gwen had tarnished her sisters reputation, and made her own. She hated being judged because of something that they had done in the past. She was intelligent, yes, but she liked to have fun too. And fun meant sneaking out of the dormitories after curfew to pull possibly the biggest prank of her career. She had read spells and wanted to figure out how to do this without getting caught, or into huge trouble. Finding an accomplice would of course be rather difficult, as that would greater her chances of getting caught. Her goal, was to turn the entire first floor hallway into ice. That would make it difficult to get to lessons the next day wouldn't it?

Gwen smirked at her idea. She had actually thought about it way back in first year, but she just now had gotten enough information, and practice in to fulfill her dream prank. She had said the spell over and over in her head, and pictured the wand movements so she wouldn't screw up. This was going to be SPECTACULAR. And it would be all her idea. She decided to wear her usual attire, all black to set the mood. The only color in her wardrobe were of course her pink highlights that she only wore to piss off her mother.

She knelt down in the middle of the hall way. She took out her wand and was just about to whisper the spell, when a young stuttering boy stopped her. She rolled her eyes and stood up. She said, "Well aren't you a little party pooper." She noticed his badge and smirked. The head boy and girl didn't scare her, so what would make this boy think that a prefect, let alone a fifth or fourth year would scare her any less? She said, "And what are you going to do about it? Tell the headmaster? Deduct more points? Slytherin isn't going to win anyways, so why does it matter? And besides, I'm about to pull the biggest prank of my career, and I'm not going to let you screw it up." She looked at the little boy daring him to say something else. In any case the worse that could happen would be that he join her on her little adventure. He just better not get her caught by a higher power. She would make his life a living hell
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PostSubject: Re: The Power of the Badge (Gwendolynn & Finley)   Wed Jan 06, 2016 7:30 pm

"Well aren't you a little party pooper."

Finley's ears went pink at that comment and he opened his mouth to object to this, before closing his mouth once more because he realised that it was, in this moment, very true. However, it was his job to make sure people kept to the rules, and Finley would not let anyone think that he didn't take his job seriously.

"I'm not going to t-tell the Headmaster. I'm a P-prefect!" Finley explained, hoping that if she'd missed the badge on his chest that she might understand now that he could tell her to go to bed. "You aren't supposed to b-be here." Finley tried to reason with her, hoping that she would understand that she had a chance to go without him having to do anything about it.

"And... you're not s-supposed to do pranks." Finley added, again hoping that she would listen to him. There wasn't much else he was going to be able to do without back up. Merlin he wished Aiden was here, the Head Boy would probably be able to make the witch before him listen to the rules.

"P-please? Just... go back to your d-dorm?" Finley suggested, his tone so hopeful in that moment that is was pathetic. "If you d-don't, I will have to r-report you to the Head Boy."
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PostSubject: Re: The Power of the Badge (Gwendolynn & Finley)   Thu Jan 07, 2016 11:36 pm

Gwen looked at the boy like he was a fool. Because he was indeed. The boy seriously thought that telling the head boy would stop her...It would only excite her. She loved getting into trouble. Well, not the whole getting yelled at part, but the fact that they would please her with the fact that the prank had been all hers and her idea alone. She said, "You think that you reporting me to the head boy scares me? Do it. I dare you." She looked at him with wild bewildering eyes. Tempting him to do the thing she wanted.

She said, "I do not behave at home, so what did my parents think about Hogwarts being any different?" Gwen didn't really know why she was so difficult to be around, or get along with. Her siblings where the exact opposite and pleased her parents with everything. Everything she did in comparison seemed to go wrong, and they would scold her. So why not do the exact opposite? Gain their attention another way? It has worked thus far, and she didn't think that changing her ways now would work any different.

She winked at the young boy. Oh how she wished to be that young again. So care free, and not afraid of anything in the future. Gwen often wondered where she would go after next year. It was frightening. This was the only time she would be able to pull such tricks without getting into SERIOUS trouble. Gwen was afraid to grow up. Acting in such manners helped ease the pain of becoming an adult. Gwen wanted to be young forever. She knelt down again, and whispered the spell. Willing the entire floor to be made of ice. She only hoped her plan would do what she wished.
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PostSubject: Re: The Power of the Badge (Gwendolynn & Finley)   Thu Jan 14, 2016 7:12 pm

"You think that you reporting me to the head boy scares me? Do it. I dare you."

Finley shook his head at her dare. He wasn't going to be pulled in to the things she wanted him to do. Finley didn't participate in dares, and today was not the day he was going to start to participate, either. "We can s-sort this out ourselves." Finley replied, trying to assert his authority in that moment, though he knew himself that it wasn't really working.

"The s-school rules are put in place, so that... so that you don't g-get hurt." Finley replied to her question on why Hogwarts rules would be different to the ones she had at home. Though, again, he wasn't overly sure he was coming across assertive enough for the witch before him to take much - if any - notice of what he was saying to her.

With the witch moving away from him, Finley followed after her. "Where are y-you going?" The Ravenclaw prefect asked as she knelt down. He couldn't hear her whispering, so he was oblivious to what was about to come. "I'm n-not going to ask you again!" Finley insisted, really forcing the authority in to his voice.

OOC: Feel free to have the spell work and Finley land on his ass.
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PostSubject: Re: The Power of the Badge (Gwendolynn & Finley)   Tue Feb 02, 2016 10:42 am

Gwen was rather bored of antagonizing the younger student. It was fun at first, but he was taking all the fun out of her prank. It was meant to be a rebellious act of growing up. And now he was taking it WAY to seriously, and Gwen wasn't too happy about it. She looked over and said, "Look, if your going to tell on me, I suggest you do it now, nothing of what you say is going to stop me from doing this, so you better scram squirt before you become a victim to my plot." She loved her choice of wording.

And instantly she felt a little bit bad for being mean to the poor kid who was just trying to do his duties, but she couldn't help it. He really was being a pest and ruining her fun. She guessed that was his point, but she didn't want to egg him on and make him think that he was winning, because Gwendolynn Piper never admitted defeat. Gwendolynn Piper always won. She always won at home, and she would always win here.

As she was kneeling, she repeated the spell over and over in her head just to make sure she could say it right. She sighed. This was it. The moment she had been waiting for. And as she said it, she watched as her wand performed the magic she willed it to. The tip of her wand illuminated with such sorcery that was maybe a little too advanced for her age. And yet, she accomplished it. If she got in trouble for the prank, they should at least be proud of that fact.

She watched as the magic spread all the way down the hallway. It was working. Within seconds, the floor was covered in a thick layer of ice. She raised her eyebrows a the kid, and said, "How do you like them apples? It worked Kid." She fist bumped his shoulder hoping that he would fall on his ass and slide all over the floor making her wildest prank dream come true.
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PostSubject: Re: The Power of the Badge (Gwendolynn & Finley)   Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:02 am

Finley was already not fond of the witch before him. She paid him no mind, and he didn't like it. Not at all. If she couldn't respect him with a prefect badge, then how in Merlin's name was anyone supposed to get through to her to tell her to stop. Finley did not run off to get someone, because it would be embarrassing for him that he could not control another student on his own.

Finley had been moving when the spell had been completed, and the question of how he liked it was lost as Finley's feet lost their grip, slid for a second before he tried to control himself, and failed. His legs lost their balance and Finley hit the floor hard.

Wincing with the pain that shot up his back from the fall, and his arms as they tried to catch himself, Finley let out a groan of pain and pushed himself up, fighting back the tears of pain.

"J-just..." He shook his head in anger at himself. "Do what you w-want." Finley huffed, moving off with no great speed, slipping and a sliding with every step that he took. It was so undignified that Finley didn't dare look back. He was a useless prefect, and all of this seemed to be some sick joke of Professor Jameson's that he really didn't wish to be a part of anymore.
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PostSubject: Re: The Power of the Badge (Gwendolynn & Finley)   

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The Power of the Badge (Gwendolynn & Finley)
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