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 That's Why It's Called Forbidden [Open]

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PostSubject: That's Why It's Called Forbidden [Open]   Fri Jan 08, 2016 6:48 pm

The weather was nice. And Amethyst was not going to miss the chance of spending some time outside alone. Since the weather was great, and it was Saturday, which meant no lessons for today, Amethyst decided to be a little risky and take a walk outside.
In the Forbidden Forest.
Where it was totally forbidden. And for a girl like Amethyst, rules were something she did not like to break. At all.
But for today's sake, she decided not to be her usual shy and innocent self, and try to be a little more adventurous.

Dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a woolen grey jumper, she placed her Hufflepuff scarf around her neck and threw on her jacket, along with a pair of black boots. Even with the weather kind of warm, she still wanted to be prepared in case the cold decided to come back at any minute.

The witch was one of the people who got cold quite easily. So for Amethyst to be sick was something very usual, and during the winter, quite constant. But she didn't like it and she was going to do anything she could in order to avoid spending even a single hour in the Hospital Wing.

She had heard that the new Nurse was quite beautiful and very kind at the students, but Amethyst just didn't wanna risk staying in there. She didn't want to miss her classes and fall behind, neither did she want to miss the chance of spending time with TJ. He was part of her life now. And a very important one. Plus, she didn't wanna worry him.

Dressed warmly, Amethyst now walked down the halls and up some stairs before exiting the castle. No one knew she was out, but no one was going to look for her either. Sapphire was occupied with homework, plus she didn't like being near Amethyst so much anymore, and TJ was probably still asleep. He was quite tired, she remembered that.

It didn't take long for her to reach the Forbidden forest, and once she glanced behind her one last time to make sure no one was following, she slipped in as soundly as possibly.
The forest was calm, and quiet. You could hear the birds chirping, and that brought a smile to Amethyst's lips. It was nice being in the nature. She felt... at home.
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PostSubject: Re: That's Why It's Called Forbidden [Open]   Mon Jan 11, 2016 12:41 pm

Violet had only taken notice of the older witch once she had heard twigs cracking under her feet as she had walked into the forest. Violet had been sitting with her back against a tree, facing away from Hogwarts, buried in a book. She needed alone time quite frequently, she couldn't stand being constantly with either roommates in her dorm, or even just having other people around her every second of the day. So, hearing footsteps, as one would imagine, did not bode well with the young witch. In fact, she was rather irritated.

Slowly and quietly, she closed her book and stood up. She realised that she recognised the girl from her common room. That and her scarf was a dead giveaway even if she hadn't recognised her.

Violet cleared her throat to get the girl's attention "You know, you probably shouldn't be here," she said "You know, dangerous and all."
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PostSubject: Re: That's Why It's Called Forbidden [Open]   Wed Jan 13, 2016 4:39 pm

Amethyst was lost in her thoughts, having fun just by being around trees and animals. A few squirrels here, a couple of birds there... it was just what she needed. Some time alone with nothing but the nature.

But then something caught her attention. Something that she didn't like and made her frown a bit.
Why couldn't she be alone when she wanted to? Someone always had to be there, right?

"You know, you probably shouldn't be here,"

Amethyst raised an eyebrow as she turned to look at the younger girl before her. She recognized her as a Hufflepufff, since she had seen him around the Common Room multiple times, but she didn't know her name. Amethyst knew most Huflepuffs. Most first year Hufflepuffs, that is. Because she always liked to help them find their way around and all, but the girl was obviously not a first Year.

And how come they had never met before?

"You know, dangerous and all."

"Well, you must be scared then."
Amethyst gave the younger girl a smile, as she slowly approached her. She did want to be alone, but since there was a person here, it wouldn't hurt being friendly. After all, she was from her house and the least she could do is introduce herself. Maybe the younger girl would need her help at some point.

"I am Amethyst Vine. Seventh Year, Hufflepuff. May I know your name?"
She was being polite. She always were. But the girl seemed kind of annoyed, something that did not go well with Amethyst.
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PostSubject: Re: That's Why It's Called Forbidden [Open]   Sun Feb 07, 2016 10:57 am

"Well, you must be scared then."

At this, Violet raised her eyebrow. She saw the girl smile, and gathered that she was attempting to be nice to her. She recognised her from the common room, but she had never spoken to her. She'd simply never felt compelled to.

"If I were scared, would I be sitting here calmly with this?" she held up her book. Sure, it was kind of dark, but she had her wand, and 'lumos' to help with that. "No," she added "I don't get scared."

"I am Amethyst Vine. Seventh Year, Hufflepuff. May I know your name?"

Violet leant against the tree casually and crossed her arms "I'll let you know my name when you let me know why you're here." She was not a trusting person, not at all. The girl was older and seemingly nice. But she didn't know whether or not giving her a name would be beneficial, or if she'd get into trouble for being out here.
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PostSubject: Re: That's Why It's Called Forbidden [Open]   

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That's Why It's Called Forbidden [Open]
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