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 Gabrielle Fontaine

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PostSubject: Gabrielle Fontaine   Sun Jan 17, 2016 1:35 pm


Full Name: Gabrielle Fontaine
Age: 16
Date of birth: 7 Jan 2002
Birthplace: South Kensington, London
Current home: South Kensington, London
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Sexual Alignment: Asexual
Wand type: Pine, Dragon Heartstring, 10", Slightly Bendy


Hair colour and style: Dark wavy medium-length hair (usually worn in a ponytail or French braid)
Eye colour: Hazel
Height: 5'7"
Body type: Slim / slightly toned due to fencing training.
Dress sense: Neat and practical. Gabby wears combats boots with almost anything, and will never sacrifice comfort for the sake of fashion.


- Reading (specifically classics and detective mysteries)
- Learning languages
- Muggle technology and culture, especially computers
- Potions
- Scientific Experiments
- Fencing

- High society pretensions, elitism and other sorts of snobbery
- Feeling defenseless
- Bullies and backstabbers
- Feeling mediocre
- Astronomy
- Transfiguration

- Quick-learner
- Confident
- Adapts to situations easily
- Book and street smart

- Incredibly stubborn, it's her way or no way
- Impatient with people who 'can't keep up'
- Tactless, sometimes Gabby's confidence can turn into insensitivity
- Not a good student despite her vast knowledge and skills

Positive traits:
- Helpful, especially towards younger people and animals
- Independent
- Quick witted
- Observant

Negative traits:
- Ill-tempered
- Hypocritical (believes in kindness and understanding, but can also be ridiculously judgemental and unforgiving)
- Quick to judge (especially if she thinks someone is from high society)
- Insensitive


Jean-Jacques and Arabelle Fontaine never expected anything less from their genius daughter. She was an average English and Maths student, but she had read about the various discoveries of Curie, Fleming, Mendel and Pasteur at the age of eight. By the time she was ten, she had taught herself how to identify the chemical properties of certain medicines, and if she had the chance to meet a scientist from Cambridge she would have impressed them with her knowledge of A-level Chemistry and Biology. She became a bullied student due to her obsession with scientific inquiry, but her parents and Uncle Gaspard remained supportive of her interests.

The bullying made Gabby quite distrustful and aloof, and the high society pretensions of Gabby's bullies made her hate those who considered themselves to be elite. She began to look for friends in other places (such as in her after-school fencing classes), but she never felt as if she truly had close friends. While this proved beneficial for her studies, it would also eventually cause her to become neglectful of her studies in Hogwarts. By the time she was 11, she had already started to feel burnt out, and her parents' divorce did not help. She dealt with her frustrations by being cold and aloof.

In Hogwarts, the genius firstborn child of the Fontaines became the terrible student who never did her homework. Gabby still loves to read and learn, but she is also slowly losing faith in the importance of wisdom.


Mother: Arabella Uppington Fontaine / 42 / Living / Muggle
Father: Jean-Jacques Fontaine / 47 / Living / Muggle
Siblings: Clementine Fontaine / 9 / Living / Muggle

Family Background

Arabella Uppington and Jean-Jacques Fontaine's marriage was quite the scandal for the Uppington family. The Uppingtons were of titled nobility whereas the Fontaines were French immigrants who had a bakery in London. Arabella Uppington, who until the marriage was seen as the most responsible daughter, was cut off from the family, and Jean-Jacques' family never took a liking to Arabella due to their dislike of her 'pretentious' elite background. These conflicts between Arabella and the Fontaines made for a difficult marriage and family life, but Arabella stayed for the sake of the children. They eventually divorced when Gabrielle went off to Hogwarts. Clementine lives with Arabella, and Gabrielle lives with Jean-Jacques during the summer.

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Gabrielle Fontaine
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