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 The Aftermath (Amethyst & TJ)

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PostSubject: The Aftermath (Amethyst & TJ)   Sun Jan 24, 2016 9:34 am

When TJ had woken up after the full moon - as always in the Hospital Wing - he'd been greeted with the sight of Amethyst. A smile touched his lips in an instant upon seeing her, and as he sat up in bed, he noted that he wasn't as beat up as normal. The colour had drained from his system in an instant - thinking the worst almost immediately, but Amethyst had assured him he had not hurt anyone at all.

He'd calmed down after that, not having any reason to doubt her because Amethyst wouldn't lie to him about that much, he was sure of it.

The aches of transformation had not left his system though, but the Healer had assured him everything else was fine - he'd had a good transformation this time. It didn't really make sense to TJ, but so long as nobody was hurt, he would accept this outcome from the full moon.

He'd left the hospital wing only a few hours later, promising to rest up in the common room, and not to start back at Quidditch for a couple of days.

That had been yesterday. Today was a Monday, dinner was just about to be served in the Great Hall, and TJ had moved down to the dungeons to meet up with Amy, to take her to dinner, even if they didn't sit at the same table.

Waiting outside the common room door, TJ didn't acknowledge those who passed, mostly because he was still quite tired, but also because he wasn't much of a talker. Only when the blonde hair of his girlfriend slipped from the common room did TJ make a move, hurrying to her side and putting his arm around her shoulder affectionately. "Hey." TJ greeted her softly, placing a kiss to the top of her head.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aftermath (Amethyst & TJ)   Mon Jan 25, 2016 5:58 pm

For Amethyst, the past few days had been a whole new experience. She was in a relationship now, with a person she liked a lot lot, and things were already sort of testing their relationship. The Full Moon had come, and she was there for TJ. Well, not exactly her, and it wasn't exactly TJ, but things had worked out better than she expected. A lot better, actually.

Her animagus form was beautiful, and it was enough to calm the werewolf TJ down. She had prevented him from hurting anyone, including himself, and instead, she had given him a friend to spend those difficult nights with. She had promised herself that since it worked that time, it could work every time. Which meant that she would be doing the same thing every Full Moon. She was not going to leave TJ to deal with this all alone.

But her little fun with werewolf TJ gave her something to remember. A nip from him, had left quite a visible mark on her shoulder. A mark that had her visit the Hospital Wing twice a day, as the Healer had instructed, in order to attend to it. It would go away, she had been told, but it needed its time. And during that healing time, Amy had to prevent TJ from seeing it.

Or else she would have to find a very, very convincing story about it.

Knowing TJ was going to pick her up today for dinner, Amy took a few extra minutes to ready herself. She always wanted to look pretty for him, but she never did anything too crazy. Not much makeup, just some mascara was enough, and her hair was down in its usual waves. She brushed it through a couple of times, and once she was satisfied, she fixed her uniform and moved out of her dorm.

Exiting the Common Room, an instant smile touched Amy's lips as she saw TJ there. His arm was around her shoulder in no time, and a kiss was placed on her head, making her giggle softly.


"Hello handsome," she said and leaned up to place a small kiss on his cheek. Taking his hand in hers, she started pulling him along towards the Great Hall.
"How was your day?"
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PostSubject: Re: The Aftermath (Amethyst & TJ)   Mon Jan 25, 2016 8:34 pm

As his hand touched Amethyst's shoulder, TJ noted her flinch from his touch, and TJ felt himself worry in an instant.

She's changed her mind...

Why did you think she could ever love someone like you?

You're a werewolf, there was never going to be a happily ever after, was there?

His mind was racing with the many unpleasant things that he thought of when he was alone at night. That single movement had been enough to spark them in to reality when Amethyst was with him. But the Hufflepuff took his hand, and kissed his cheek, and TJ forced those unpleasant thoughts away, swallowing hard as he controlled the emotions he wasn't sure how to deal with in that moment.

"How was your day?"

"Umm..." TJ hesitated, pulling himself back to the here and now. "It was okay, yeah." He replied absently, trying to work out why she'd flinched under his touch only a moment before. "Are... are you okay?" TJ asked cautiously, his eyes drifting to her shoulder momentarily for a sign of why she had flinched. Maybe it was physical? Maybe he could help.

His mind was throwing anything towards the situation, so long as the flinch had not been because of him.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aftermath (Amethyst & TJ)   Mon Jan 25, 2016 9:00 pm

TJ didn't deny her touch as she took his hand and started walking. He was everything a girl could ask for, really. Sweet and protective. And at the same time, so scared he might hurt her, that he was pushing her away without actually meaning to, sometimes. But this time, this was not the case.

Even if he didn't say a word, Amethyst felt him kind of distant, kind of lost. Even if she was sweet, he seemed as if something was bothering him. And the worst part was that she believed it had something to do with her. Had she done anything wrong? Did she have something on her face?

She heard him hesitate a lot to her question, which rang bells in Amy's head. What the actual hell was going on. Stopping in her tracks as he told her his day was good, more absently than ever, Amethyst looked him in the eye, more worried than she had ever been with TJ. Was he trying to... break up with her?

"Are... are you okay?"

Huh?, was the first thought that popped into her head when he asked that, and the witch had to blink a couple of times before she understood what was happening. Her eyes followed his, and landed on her shoulder. Her wounded shoulder. And that was when she understood what was wrong.

The flinch she was unable to hide probably caught his attention, which meant he knew something was wrong with her shoulder, and now she had to lie about it. Amethyst was not good at lying. She hated it. And now, she got really nervous about it.
"Umm.. n-no. I mean.. y-yes, I am absolutely fine, what could be wrong, right?" An awkward little giggle left her lips and she tried to look away.

"I am fine, it's no big deal."
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PostSubject: Re: The Aftermath (Amethyst & TJ)   Mon Jan 25, 2016 9:14 pm

As Amethyst stopped, TJ moved them to the side of the hall, out of the way of the other Hufflepuffs making their way up to dinner that evening. He could see the worry in her eyes, and he felt horrible for putting there, but there was something wrong, and TJ needed to know what it was. So he could help, or fix it, whatever she needed.

The lie that came - the very bad lie - was enough to make TJ hurt a little bit. Not visibly, he hid that well, but it hurt. "Amy..." TJ breathed as she let out a soft giggle and looked away. Playing it off a moment later, TJ moved one of his hands to her face, and gently pushed her face up to look at him.

"You don't have to tell me, if you don't want to, but please don't lie to me." TJ told her softly, leaning down to press a kiss to her lips. "You're hurt, though. Is it... bad? If I did it, I'm sorry..." TJ asked, not probing for the what or why, just that she was going to be okay. He didn't really think the apology applied, truth be told, but he was apologising because for some reason it seemed the right thing to do. His girlfriend was hurt, and he hadn't stopped it. "I'm sorry if I hurt you when I touched it.

"And my day was good... my head was just... a million miles away from here when you asked me." TJ explained, giving her an apologetic, small smile. "I'm sorry... again." TJ insisted, lifting their joined hands to his lips before pressing soft kisses on her knuckles.

He was still anxious, he probably always would be about their relationship, at least until he felt that it was not going to be taken away. TJ'd probably be apologising for that for a while, but it wasn't because he didn't care, it was more because he cared too much for her safety.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aftermath (Amethyst & TJ)   Mon Jan 25, 2016 9:30 pm


Oh Merlin, ,no... Amethyst knew just by the way he had said her name that her lie was terrible. Why had she lied in the first place? Right, because she could not tell TJ she was an animagus, and that she was transforming every full moon, endangering herself, in order to keep him and everyone else safe. Because she could not tell him how much she really cared, and how much he meant to her. Because if she ever told hi he had hurt her without meaning to, he would never forgive himself, and would only try to distance himself for her.

Amethyst was not up for that, and she would never, ever, allow him to do something similar. She had found the only person she could trust this much. The only person she could love this much, and she was not going to let him run away because he was scared of something he just couldn't handle on his own.

"You don't have to tell me, if you don't want to, but please don't lie to me."

Amy sighed and nodded. "I know, I am sorry. I didn't mean to lie like that.."
The witch felt really bad about it, and the sadness was obvious in her eyes. Though how could she possibly tell him about the scratch? She had to show him now, but no dog or cat would be able to give her such a big wound. He knew better than that.

"You're hurt, though. Is it... bad? If I did it, I'm sorry..."

Amethyst sighed and looked away as she allowed her right hand to push the sleeve off of her left shoulder, revealing a big, nasty, fresh scratch wound. She didn't dare to meet his eyes. She felt so ugly. "It wasn't you, love. You couldn't have done something like that, silly."
Liar, the voice inside her head told her, but she was positive that this lie was believable.

His next words went unnoticed, thankfully or not, and she simply smiled a bit as he kissed her knuckles. He was truly a romantic guy, and she couldn't ask for something more. He cared so much, too much, sometimes, but she loved him for that. He was different. And she had fallen for him.

"Just don't worry about me. I am fine, see?"
She then stood on her tip toes and gave him a big kiss on the lips, showing how truly inexperienced she was with these things, but putting all her love in that little kiss.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aftermath (Amethyst & TJ)   Tue Jan 26, 2016 6:53 am

TJ could see the sadness in his girlfriend's eyes when she said she hadn't meant to lie. It showed she'd only been trying to make him worry less, not hurt him. TJ couldn't have been more relieved, truth be told. He'd thought a million and one things in that moment but not that she was simply too worried to tell him she'd been hurt.

As she moved her robes enough for him to see, TJ's stomach knotted. It looked painful, he could see that much. But he had absolutely no idea what could have caused that. Something in the Herbology greenhouse maybe? It contains have been Care of Magical Creatures as he hadn't missed a lesson of that. Leaning down, TJ pressed a light kiss just to the side of the wound. "I'm still sorry, even if it wasn't me." He whispered, only taking his eyes off the wound when Amethyst pulled her clothes back in to place.

"Just don't worry about me. I am fine, see?"

The kiss that followed those words was enough for TJ to be surprised. A bigger kiss than normal, one that he could feel so much from. He held her close, taking the weight from her as she leaned up to kiss him. It was Amethyst who broke it, and he smiled back at her as he put her back on the floor gently. "You're my girlfriend, Amethyst, it's my job to worry about you, and to keep you safe." He insisted, though the small voice in his head reminded him he'd already failed in that. Her shoulder proof he couldn't look after her, even if she insisted it wasn't his fault.

"So, shall we head to dinner?" TJ asked, knowing that he wasn't going to get any further information from the witch as to what had happened to her shoulder.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aftermath (Amethyst & TJ)   Tue Jan 26, 2016 8:39 pm

"I'm still sorry, even if it wasn't me."

The kiss on her wound made her smile, even if it was him who had done this to her, without meaning to, obviously. TJ cared for her, and he was worried, almost always there to protect her from the slightest danger. And now Amy could understand how bad he felt that he wan't there to protect her from that either.

One thing she was glad about though, was the fact that he didn't ask any more questions. Like, how she got it and when it happened. He simply took in the information and did not discuss that furthermore, and for that Amethyst was grateful. She had lied to him already, and she simply didn't want to make up more lies in order to cover this up. She loved him, she was sure about this now, but she wouldn't dare to voice it. Not yet.

"You're my girlfriend, Amethyst, it's my job to worry about you, and to keep you safe."

Amy sighed and nodded. She knew what he meant, but he was being too worried sometimes. And he didn't have to stress himself out so much. He was a werewolf. And that was stressful on its own. Combined with the lessons and everything in his life, he was stressing himself out way too much, and Amethyst didn't want to put more weight on his shoulders. He was human, and he needed some time of relaxation too.

"My prince, please, do not worry so much about me. You are stressing yourself out way too much. Which means I will have to find several ways to make you relax, you know,"
Then she gave him a wink, and a little laugh left her lips. She was teasing him, but she sure would have to find something to relax him after such stressful days.

The answer to his next question was simply answered by her grabbing his hand once again and heading towards the Great Hall. They arrived faster than expected, since Amy had always have a tendency of walking quite fast. She stopped outside the Great Hall and turned to look at him, before throwing herself in his arms.
"Can we stay like this all night?"
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PostSubject: Re: The Aftermath (Amethyst & TJ)   Wed Jan 27, 2016 3:08 pm

The sweetness of Amethyst was unrivalled, truth be told, and as she called him her prince, TJ couldn't help but smile warmly. It wasn't that he wanted to be called that, in fact the idea at any other point of time would likely have made TJ wrinkle his nose. But in that moment, he couldn't help but enjoy the sound of those words from her lips. It made him feel... special to someone, and TJ hadn't felt like that in a long way.

The wink made TJ laugh softly. "You don't need to do that, I'm fine." TJ insisted, kissing the top of her head. "I only need you, to feel relaxed in myself." He assured her, because it was true, Amethyst made him feel like he needed nothing else.

As they set off once more, TJ kept up easily with his larger strides, allowing Amy to lead because she seemed so excited in that moment. He didn't know what the rush was, he didn't know, but TJ didn't make any comment on that. But when they had reached the destination, TJ was ready to go their respective tables when Amethyst turned back to him and threw herself in to his arms.

"Can we stay like this all night?"

"Here?" TJ mused at her choice of places to stay for the evening. "You need to eat, then we can go anywhere for the evening." He compromised, because he definitely needed food before they could head off for the evening. "But, before we do that..."

TJ paused, bringing his hand gently to her face to push it up to see his eyes. "There's a ball... Christmas Day, here. If... well, if you were thinking of staying for the holidays... would you like to go, as my date?"
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PostSubject: Re: The Aftermath (Amethyst & TJ)   Wed Jan 27, 2016 4:50 pm

They didn't have to stay outside the Great Hall. By all means, that was not what the blonde witch meant. On the contrary, she just wanted to be in TJ's arms, feeling the warmth and the love. She had grown to be so in love with him, and it felt kind of uncomfortable being away from him. She just wanted to spend time with him, watch him smile, be happy.

So when he asked her whether it was here she wanted to stay, Amethyst laughed and heard him explain how they both needed to eat first, before they headed anywhere for the evening. That was if Amethyst wanted to go somewhere for the evening.
The witch was ready to tell him that she didn't have a specific place she wanted to go, but her words got stuck in her throat when he spoke up once again.

"But, before we do that..."

Amethyst felt her heart stop, knowing that something important was about to follow. But she wasn't sure what was that he wanted to say. Maybe it was because she was too caught up with other things to think clearly.
Her face was brought to meet his eyes and she looked at him questioningly.

"There's a ball... Christmas Day, here. If... well, if you were thinking of staying for the holidays... would you like to go, as my date?"

Oh. My. Merlin.

Amethyst surely had heard about the Ball... or had she? Her mind went blank and she was speechless as she stared into TJ's eyes. They were boyfriend and girlfriend now, so someone would say this was appropriate. Like... some other boyfriend wouldn't ask his girlfriend about it. It would be obvious they would go together.

But TJ thought that there was still a possibility she'd like to go with someone else? Or maybe it was simply the fact that he believed she might want to return  home for Christmas.
Truth be told, she didn't.

Her father was distant, and she simply didn't want to spend the holidays at home, watching him smother Sapphire with love while she was the ghost of the family. She preferred to stay here with someone that cared for her.

Being quite for a long time, someone might have thought that this was a no. But Amethyst shook her head, bringing herself back to reality.
"Yes! Yes, yes, TJ!"
She threw her arms around him again, a big smile touching her lips as she hugged him tightly to her body. No one had ever asked her to a Ball, and Amethyst was so excited and nervous.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aftermath (Amethyst & TJ)   

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The Aftermath (Amethyst & TJ)
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