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 The Christmas Ball

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Jacques Clement
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PostSubject: Re: The Christmas Ball   Sat Feb 13, 2016 12:19 pm

Jacques ignored the comment on him being a little boy. Ellie could be spiteful, he had learned that much very quickly of the Gryffindor, but her spite was nothing more than amusing to the Clement heir. Who she thought she was upsetting with her words, Jacques would never know, only that it was most certainly not him.

"must you antagonize the good of heart so often? You must hate puppies."

"Depends on the breed." Jacques responded dryly, if she really wanted to be rude, he would at least throw something back in her direction to make her think. The truth of the statement was neither her nor there, but the French boy didn't care in that moment.

Her next comment was the one that made Jacques smirk. "Charity? His charity, or your own?" He asked, intentionally playing wit her because he wondered if the boy had been a last resort for Ellie, seeing as no one else had asked her to the dance. How... unfortunate it would be to be in that situation - though, had it of been Jacques, he would have turned up alone rather than come with a halfblood.

"Oh, she is more vapid than she looks, believe me. But, she is at least of our blood. So, if you're trying to tell me your date is in anyway better, I can assure you he's not." Jacques mused. "You haven't look at all interested in him the whole evening, and being out here alone... well, I would imagine that's the proof anyone else would need to know you're not happy with him." Jacques continued, letting out a small, sympathetic laugh.

Sometimes, to Jacques, Ellie tried too hard, he often wondered why, but he never voiced this. Only observed her - for what reason, he hadn't yet identified.


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PostSubject: Re: The Christmas Ball   Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:21 am

His expression changed slightly, and for a moment, Madison hoped that he had picked up on her hints. Surely she had given more than enough for him to put the pieces together and figure out she was talking about him? But he said nothing, and she could not read minds, so she had no idea what he was thinking.

For a moment, she considered asking him directly, but that would be boring, and a move only someone desperate would do - and Madison lived neither for boredom or desperation.

"A-aren't all of your friends h-here?"

"Some," she agreed, wondering for just a second where he was going with it, but a moment later, it registered. He was wondering why she wasn't with them. Because I'd rather be here with you, she thought in reply, but said nothing out loud. No, it was not something she wanted to verbalise, not just yet; if anyone overheard, there would be no worming her way out of it. It would be an admitting of feelings, pure and simple, and while she wanted nothing more than for him to know, she also had a reputation to maintain.

And power would always be worth more to her than anything else in the world, except for, perhaps, family.

There was a lull in the conversation, and Madison glanced up at Finley to notice the slight blush on his face. Raising an internal eyebrow, she decided not to mention it, and instead, hiding a smirk, played her next card, one that she was sure would definitely make him blush.

Reaching into her purse, she slipped out a tiny box, wrapped with a small bow on top, and slid it across the table towards Finley. "Before I forget, Finn," she said, waiting for him to look up before continuing, "Happy birthday!" She paused, and then added, "Oh, and Merry Christmas too. I wasn't sure what to get you, but I hope you like it." And indeed, Maddie had put more thought into this gift than she had for any other person, not that she would ever admit it.

Keeping a small smile on her face, she hid the anxiousness she actually felt at what he thought about his gift.
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PostSubject: Re: The Christmas Ball   Tue Feb 16, 2016 7:42 am

The short answer to his question made Finley nod a little trying to work out what to say to that. The only trouble was that he didn't really know what to say to that. Asking why Madison wasn't with them would likely have been deemed rude, and Finley didn't wish to be rude... And yet, he was curious, as any Ravenclaw would be.

But the boy remained quiet, knowing that was the best option.

Finley looked up when Madison spoke again, shortening his name in a manner he wouldn't have accepted from anyone else. His features were quizzical for only a moment before she said Happy Birthday to him. The Ravenclaw flushed at those words once again, looking around to make sure no one else had heard that it was his birthday. Fuss was not something Finley wanted, but it was okay, it was only him and Madison who were interested in this conversation.

"H-how did you know?" Finley asked as she passed him a box, his eyes taking in the box with excitement and intrigue. What could Madison have gotten for him? He ruled out a book, because the box didn't look like any book he knew. Though, perhaps that was the mystery? Deciding not to wait any longer, Finley carefully undid the wrapping paper to find himself faced with the latest phone from Apple. His eyebrows rose - anyone with half a brain knew these phones were beyond expensive.

"I..." The Ravenclaw started, hesitating as he took in the present once more. "T-thank you." Finley said a moment later, giving her a small smile. A phone might be useful to anyone else, but Finley was falling short on why he would need one. No one really spoke to him... The confusion likely showed on his features as he looked at the box. He wasn't ungrateful, not in the slightest.

"I don't h-have anyone I can t-talk to with this..." Finley admitted softly, glancing at the witch in a manner that showed he was sorry to say as much. For, despite being a clever individual, the brutally obvious answer was not showing despite it sitting right before him.
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PostSubject: Re: The Christmas Ball   Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:24 am

As the birthday wish passed her lips, Maddie couldn't help but hold back a laugh at the Ravenclaw's reaction. Really, it was as if she was announcing his zipper was down or he had food stuck in his teeth or something actually semi-embarrassing instead of wishing him happy birthday. It was almost endearing how he blushed, glancing around them, as though looking for anyone who might have overheard.

The question was what made her lose control for a second, and a genuine laugh - gentle and not mocking - escaped her. It was a foolish question to ask, and even more so since he was a Ravenclaw, the supposed smart ones of the school.

And yet, he couldn't figure this one thing out?

"Because you're my friend, duh," she answered, making sure to double the teasing tone to ensure Finley knew she was teasing him and not actually insulting him. "Why wouldn't I know?" What she did not add, however, was that his was one of the few people whose birthday she genuinely remembered, and didn't have to refer to her book for.

Because, obviously, Madison was very good at the whole manipulation act, and if there was one thing she found got people to remain loyal to her, it was recollecting their birthdays. So, she had a book, and every morning before she left her dorm, she would check it, making sure none of those in her posse had one coming up. She also had notes beside each name on the type of presents they would like, from sweet preferences to favourite clothing stores.

But for Finley? No, she had known ages in advance, and spent the better half of three months trying to figure out what she could get him that was not awkward, but also not something simple like a book. Even then, she wasn't quite sure she had made the right choice.

And, for a moment, it seemed like she hadn't, and a part of her she hadn't known existed felt a pang of hurt.

I can exchange it if you don't like it, she thought of saying, but instead simply returned his smile with a soft, "You're welcome." Why didn't he like it, though? The phone was the latest model, capable of taking amazing pictures, with a memory space that meant he could have hundreds of books on the device, and she had even downloaded apps that she thought he would like.

Her worries stopped suddenly and abruptly at his next sentence, though, and at once she realized his worry. Raising an eyebrow, she smiled at him, glancing down at his phone. "Am I not a person?" she inquired lightly. Not elaborating, she went on. "It's not just for calling or texting, Finn. You can watch shows, read books, listen to music, play games, take pictures or notes, and lots of other neat things." Pausing for a moment, she shrugged. "I've got the same model. I can teach you, if you want."
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PostSubject: Re: The Christmas Ball   Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:48 am

"Because you're my friend, duh,"

Those words, to anyone else, might have been easy to take on board, possibly not even something they might take a second thought on. But for Finley, those words were nicer than anything else Madison had said all evening, nicer than the present she'd given him. Because, for Finley, making friends had never been the easiest thing in the world, in fact, it was quite hard. With his stutter, and nerves and unsociable nature, many kids had given up on being his friend, or steered clear the moment he spoke.

So knowing Madison considered him a friend, hearing her say those words made Finley smile and feel warm inside.

He murmured a very soft sorry when she asked why she wouldn't know his birthday, not wanting her to think he was insulting her. This simply meant he was going to have to work very hard to find out when Madison's birthday was, though he had no idea how he was going to manage to get her something as nice as what she'd given him.

The question of Madison not being a person made Finley laugh softly. "Y-you are." He responded, his features turning apologetic in that moment. He had over looked the obvious in that moment and he knew that now. As her explanation grew to what he could use it for, though, Finley's expression changed to one of wonder (until she got to the books bit).

"W-why would anyone u-use a phone for that?" Finley asked, not understanding the logic at all. "B-books are better." He affirmed, though he opened the box to look at the phone, taking it out and turning it on. He wasn't completely immune to technology, he just hadn't had his own phone before, his parents hadn't seen a use for one.

The two of them spent the rest of the evening (or a vast majority of it, anyway) going through the phone, working out the new apps and playing games. Finley was glad Hogwarts had lifted the spells that tampered with Muggle technology that he'd read about in Hogwarts; A History, because that certainly wouldn't of helped him with this.

As the battery began to give warning, Finley put it away in the box, happy with his present and now knowing how to use all of the functionality - SnapChat he was still a little dubious of, but he didn't mind looking at the funny faces it created.

"I t-think I'm going to head t-to bed now." Finley announced as the clock hit midnight. "I have t-to help with the c-clean up in the morning." He added in explanation, pausing for a moment before he added the last part. "W-would you like me... t-to walk you back to y-your common room?" He offered politely, giving her a small hopeful smile. That was the right thing to do, right?
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PostSubject: Re: The Christmas Ball   Tue Feb 16, 2016 10:17 am

She pretended to have not heard his apology, wondering still how he could have thought she wouldn't have known. Was it because it was on Christmas day? Or was it simply because not many people actually bothered to remember? Either way, she couldn't quite believe it. Surely his friends knew, too. Naomi, Sumire... What kind of friends were they if they hadn't remembered?

No, Madison knew nothing much about true friendship, but she knew, at the very least, that one cared about one's friends - and that meant doing things like celebrating birthdays, and hanging out, and shit like that. It was why Maddie didn't really have friends, because she found the whole process just too tedious.

Letting out a laugh at his confusion, she shook her head in amusement. "What if you can't find a title, or you're out somewhere and can't carry so many books with you?" she inquired, not saying that she disagreed (which she did, but in regards to the whole idea of reading in itself and not paperback versus devices; reading was reading, no matter where or how one went about it) but simply stating the facts.

She knew, though, that it was unlikely Finley actually use iBooks or any of the few reading apps she had downloaded for him. Still, it was not an issue, and for the rest of their night (except for the few times they paused momentarily to get a drink) she went through different aspects of the phone, explaining and going over apps, settings, tools, and whatnot of the whole phone.

She went over the charging process, the whole iTunes thing, helped him select some podcasts to listen to (she figured, rightly, that he would enjoy TedTalks, and some other geek channels), download some games, and whatnot. By the time his phone flashed the 5% warning, it was midnight, and she stifled a smile. It was late, and for a brief moment she wondered how much longer she could spend with Finley, but then he was speaking about bed, and offering to walk her back.

Contemplating it for a moment, she eventually nodded her head. "Thank you, Finn, that would be amazing," she replied, standing as he did. She wasn't necessarily tired, but there was nothing more she could accomplish by staying. And so, she allowed the Ravenclaw to walk her back to the Slytherin common room. The journey there was mostly silent, and Maddie used the time to figure out her last move. It would have to be perfect, not coming out forced or anything.

And so, as they reached the entrance, she leaned over, stretched her head up a little, and pressed her lips against his cheeks for a split second. "Thank you, Finley, for the wonderful time," she said, turning away and beginning to walk in. Just before she disappeared, she paused, turned back, and added, "It seems to me, Finn, everything worked out perfectly in the end. You see, I spent my entire night with the guy who didn't ask me out, after all."

With that, she smiled, lifted her hand to give a slight wave, and then looked away, continuing to her common room. Fighting every urge to look back, she instead kept her gaze straight and focused on walking as a warmth crept up and filled her, despite the chill of the dungeon.
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PostSubject: Re: The Christmas Ball   Tue Feb 16, 2016 10:31 am

Finley smiled as the Slytherin witch agreed, getting to his feet and pulling her chair out for her. Their walk to the dungeons was quiet - something Finley was quite glad of, to be honest. He'd pushed for conversation that evening, but for Finley, it was quite tiring. His head was also ringing from the music of the Great Hall, so the silence was appreciated, though not uncomfortable.

Allowing Madison to lead - for he wasn't one hundred percent sure where the Slytherin common room was - Finley took in where they were going - thinking about all the cool things he had to play with on his phone, and how it was going to open up countless opportunities for him. As Madison stopped, Finley realised they were at something of a dead end and his brow furrowed with no obvious entrance.

But his confusion was short lived as Madison spoke, kissing his cheek. His eyes widened for a split second at that action, though he didn't dislike it. Finley simply hadn't expected it, and his brain went to mush, not managing a reply to her thank you for spending the evening with her.

He watched numbly as she managed to find an opening to the common room. Only just coming down from his mini accomplishment in time to hear her next words.

"It seems to me, Finn, everything worked out perfectly in the end. You see, I spent my entire night with the guy who didn't ask me out, after all."

Finley simply stood dumbfounded, watching the witch leaving him. She had wanted to spend the evening with him? Why? Why hadn't he asked? Why hadn't she said something before now? The wall before him was sealing and Finley made to step forward but it closed before he could call her back. He stood looking at the wall for a moment, pondering her words...

And then Finley turned, grin on his face. "She l-likes me!" He told himself, glee filling his body as he hurried off towards the Ravenclaw Tower. Madison had wanted him. He was so happy with that, grinning widely all the way back to the common room. To his bed.

The Ravenclaw couldn't get to sleep, either, grinning at the canopy of his four poster bed like an idiot. An idiot love-sick on the news that Madison Bishop had wanted him to ask her to the dance and had kissed his cheek.
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PostSubject: Re: The Christmas Ball   

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The Christmas Ball
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