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 Potions: Lesson Two - Polyjuice Potion (All Years)

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PostSubject: Potions: Lesson Two - Polyjuice Potion (All Years)   Wed Feb 03, 2016 6:56 pm

All students must attend class with a hair of another human being (with the owner's consent) for their next lesson. Any illegally acquired hairs will result in SEVERE punishment.

James had pinned the note to each of the common room for the next lesson. His hectic home life had made him push all the years in to one class so he had to teach only once that week. If the kids didn't like it, James simply could not, and did not, care.

With his mind a million miles away from the classroom, James sat with his feet up on his desk, waiting for his students to arrive. So much had changed in his life in the past few weeks, and he wasn't one hundred percent comfortable. Not yet... But, he was coping, well enough, anyway, for a man who'd had his whole life turned upside down.
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Two - Polyjuice Potion (All Years)   Thu Feb 04, 2016 7:45 pm

When Aiden saw the note on the notice board the only thought on his mind was why couldn't the Professor had sent of that notice like a week ago so that he could've asked his boyfriend for one. Unfortunately it was the middle of the week so he couldn't exactly leave the school to ask Sebastian for a piece of his hair so instead he went to one of his room-mates and politely asked for a piece of their hair which one of the boys had gladly given to him when they heard it was just for Potion's lesson and not some evil plot or stupid old thing.

So with the hair in a small plastic bag in his pocket, the Slytherin strolled down to the Potion's hallway and then straight into the classroom where he sat down on one of the empty desks near the front.

He nodded his head in greeting to James and didn't even look surprised when the older man didn't nod back. James was pretty much as unsocial as anyone could get and rarely interacted with his students unless really necessary. Which didn't happen that many times as many had hoped.
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Two - Polyjuice Potion (All Years)   Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:06 am

It was her favourite time of the day again, the time when Gabrielle had to go to the dungeons and listen to Professor Balan talk about porcupine quills, bezoars and all those other ingredients that gave Gabrielle minor injuries by the end of the class. For Gabrielle, minor injuries were a small price to pay if it meant she would learn something new about how potions worked.

Today was a class she looked forward to in particular—Professor Balan had asked them to bring a strand of someone else's hair, and Gabrielle wondered if the class would have something to do about genetics or DNA. Though one of her Ravenclaw friends had obliged to give Gabrielle a strand of her blonde hair, Gabby almost regretted not having stolen hair from someone she didn't particularly like. Ah, the things she could do with a hated person's hair...

Professor James was seated with his feet up on the desk when Gabrielle entered. Aiden, the Head Boy from Slytherin, had taken one of the desks near the front. Gabrielle took one of the desks near the front, nodded curtly at the people she knew and then sat down without talking to anyone. She watched as her fellow students piled into the classroom and talked amongst themselves. She hoped there would be enough time for her to stray and do her own experiments during class, and that no one would disturb her work.
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Two - Polyjuice Potion (All Years)   Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:49 pm

Ellie was nothing if not a competitive soul.

It was one of her worse traits, but it had laid dormant in her prior Hogwarts years. Except... This year, she and Phil were eligible to play for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Over the summer break, they refined their skills. They played with their father and a few of his teammates. In some cases, she was a faster flier than some of the most veteran players, but in other cases she lagged a bit when it came to making turns. No matter, she thought as she packed for Hogwarts in late-September, that was two months ago, I can turn perfectly with impressive recovery time too. She was proud that she was finally being productive with her health.

In the spirit of healthy competition, during the summer while talking with Taela and her brothers, they came up with the wonderful idea to make a little bet of sorts. For those in Hogwarts, they would be competing for best grades and best Quidditch improvement (it was then that Caelan asked to be excluded, to which Phil and Ellie agreed reluctantly). Taela was more than a little pissed to be excluded, but they made it up to her by including her in deciding what the winner would receive.

The terms were simple; whoever got the better grades, whoever got the better Quidditch reports would receive a whole year's worth of chores for all the siblings (to which Ellie gulped, knowing full-well how awful Phil's chores were), and public humiliation of the winner's choosing to the loser (to which Phil gulped, knowing full-well how vindictive Ellie was). Their father warned them to not forget their roots (Brennham's together, Brennham's apart and all that), and their mother laughed until tears fell from her eyes then she started actually crying while rubbing her elongated stomach. That was all months ago.

Now they had a baby sister, Katherina Jaycee Brennham, healthy and loud, and Phil was leading in terms of grades much to Ellie's dismay. She suspected he was cheating, but nevertheless she planned on trumping him in this class. Caelan had offered his hair, per Professor Balan's request, and she seated herself at one of the front desks, desperate to absorb all she could before she started brewing.

"Morning Professor Balan," she greeted him after seating herself, there was an excited energy thrumming through her. Ellie was if nothing else, a competitive girl after all.
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Two - Polyjuice Potion (All Years)   Sat Feb 13, 2016 1:49 pm

This class was small, which made James frown to himself. Why on earth did he both some days when his students evidently had no intention of trying to excel in his subject? He was glad, though, when there was no sign of the idiotic Gryffindor boy who had ruined his previous lesson.

When the hour came to pass, James sat up straight in his chair and cleared his throat. "Morning." He greeted the class, giving them only a moment to concentrate before he began. "Today we will be looking at the Polyjuice potion, which many of you would have realised by now if you had looked up the use of a human hair in potions. It does - of course - take more than one lesson to brew, so we will be looking at the final effects in the next lesson.

"For now, you will need to do the following." He indicated towards the board which had the page number and that they must complete all of Part One this lesson.

"When you're finished, you may leave the cauldron in the storage cupboard, and then leave."
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Two - Polyjuice Potion (All Years)   Mon Feb 29, 2016 7:23 pm

Admin Closure of Class.

Thank you to those who have posted in this class - unfortunately the professor cannot finish up the class, so an admin will close it. Points will be given as follows:

10 points for attendance
5 points for any question being answered
Up to 15 points for participation

Thank you for your participation - this will still count as one of your three classes.

If you have any questions in regards to the points being handed out (either as a student or professor) please contact myself or another admin via PM to discuss them.

House Points
Ellie Brennham = 10 points for attendance
Gabrielle Fontaine = 10 points for attendance
Aiden Harvey = 10 points for attendance

Gryffindor: 10
Hufflepuff: 0
Ravenclaw: 10
Slytherin: 10
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Two - Polyjuice Potion (All Years)   

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Potions: Lesson Two - Polyjuice Potion (All Years)
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