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 let's get down in barcelona // summer && adrian; december 2016 flashback thread

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PostSubject: let's get down in barcelona // summer && adrian; december 2016 flashback thread   Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:57 pm

♪ plastiscines - barcelona

Liberty was an idea often associated with France, but for Summer, freedom was Barcelona. In Barcelona, there were no professors clucking at their disappointment in her, no letters asking if she had gotten the best grades in class, and most of all, there was no need to fake an impish, self-assured grin every time someone talked about her 'bad reputation'. She was free to go wherever she wanted and free to do as she pleased, as long as showed up at the terrace for her shift. And even then, despite the occasional rude customers, Summer enjoyed the process of making coffee and serving cakes. The bittersweet smell of coffee almost always relaxed her, and from the terrace, Gabby could see the city lights that glowed as early as dusk. The golden glow from the windows and streetlights made Barcelona look just as magical as Diagon Alley at night. There was no helping it, Summer felt free and in love.

It was a dangerous feeling, being in love. It made Summer want to stay in Barcelona and never leave. She knew, however, that she couldn't stay. At the end of December, she would be flying to Paris and seeking new experiences there. That should've made her excited—she was an adventurer, after all—and yet, somehow, the idea of Paris made her heart ache. No, she would have to let go of Barcelona eventually. As beautiful as it was here, she wasn't even close to finding herself. If she stayed, she would end up working in that cafe forever before she even knew it. She needed to move on eventually, and besides, Paris sounded like a promising city. Numerous artists had their magnum opus in Paris, after all.

Working at a cafe was fun, but Summer doubted swirling hearts on coffee counted as a magnum opus. Sometimes Summer wondered if she was even truly destined for something great. All her life, her parents had pushed her to do her best. She was homeschooled so that 'friends' wouldn't distract her, and when she entered Hogwarts, it disappointed her parents to know that she was sorted into 'the House of the foolishly brave' and not the House for either geniuses or the most ambitious. Summer tried her best, but eventually even her graduation seemed like a surprise to her parents. When Summer announced that she wanted to take a break before university, her parents seemed cheerful and supportive, but Summer could tell that their smiles didn't quite reach their eyes.

She shook herself out her trance as the cashier called out to her and stated a customer's order. For the first time that day, she had to serve someone tea, something she found odd as the cafe's claim to fame was its freshly brewed coffee and quirky coffee art. She brewed the tea, making sure she had put in the perfect amount of leaves so as to make the drink strong but not bitter. The problem with serving tea was that unlike coffee, it didn't give her an opportunity to make art using the drink. Still, Summer did her best to serve everything, even tea, with a bit of love and beauty. The cafe, after all, was known for serving customers in an artistic manner, and it was that quirk that made Summer apply as a barista in the first place. She picked up one of the white paper roses she had made and gingerly set it on the tray, making sure that even the tray looked as if it was about to be photographed for one of those lifestyle magazines.

Proud of her sense of aesthetics, Summer smiled and carried the tray out to the terrace. For the moment, she had forgotten about her family and her forthcoming flight to Paris. She could worry about that later. For now, she wanted to keep enjoying Barcelona and the smell of tea leaves and coffee.
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PostSubject: Re: let's get down in barcelona // summer && adrian; december 2016 flashback thread   Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:30 am

Adrian had been out of university for just over six months now. His exam results had come back, and his degree had been handed over. Like with school, he'd come in and amongst the top students of the year, being beaten only by one guy, who had out muscled him, and nothing more. Brawn was another man's game, Adrian had convinced himself of that much.

Since his graduation, Adrian had been working tirelessly with the Ministry. Tirelessly because, being new, he was the dogs body. Meaning he had to do all of the menial things that nobody else wanted to. Writing up the reports, filing the paperwork, doing the coffee runs, checking the administration was up to date, following up petty cases that were going nowhere. These were all of Adrian's jobs, but he knew with time he would be moving up in to the big time.

And at that point, everyone would realise that keeping Adrian away from the main action would be a mistake.

However, today was Adrian's day off, and he was allowed to explore the city he'd lived in since he was a child. Truth be told he knew where most things were, but the city changed every day, and Adrian liked to capture the change with the only way he knew how. Photography.

Though Photography was a Muggle activity, Adrian found he loved it more than anything the wizarding world had to offer. The pictures didn't move with the camera he took, unless he took them home and worked on them. But the stillness of these pictures made them more tranquil, more fulfilling, and easier for Adrian to get lost in than the wizarding ones. It took him back to a single moment, and nothing could compare to that.

The streets of Barcelona were busy, so Adrian slipped in to a side street, heading towards one of the smaller - but well reputed cafes for a drink. Camera round his neck, Adrian noted in that moment a new beauty emerging from the cafe and a smile touched his lips as she set a tray of tea on the table for someone. Quick as a flash, Adrian brought the camera up to his eye, focused the lense with ease, and clicked.

Years of practice had made the focus point of picture ease to fine, the zoom and contents were things that came as second nature to the man, and as he lowered the camera and checked the preview screen, he could see he'd caught the moment right. The tray just set on the table, the customers looking up to the waitress with smiles on their faces, which was returned by the brunette as she looked down at them.

The background of the crooked streets made it look quaint, and the vines that grew down the wall of the cafe captured Spain in a nut shell. Pleased with his work, Adrian followed the witch in to the cafe, moving towards the front counter to order his usual white hot chocolate.

"La chica es nueva , ¿no?" He asked the owner, looking over to her with a fond smile. She must have known Spanish, and yet she did not look like she was from here either.

"I'm Adrian." He added to the girl in question, his smile growing in that moment. Adrian had always been a friendly kind of guy, and faced with a beautiful woman... well, he couldn't help but flirt openly.

Spanish Translations (I apologise, I rely on Google Translate, so if the translation is wrong, I do apologise sincerely!)
La chica es nueva , ¿no? - The girl is new, no?
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PostSubject: Re: let's get down in barcelona // summer && adrian; december 2016 flashback thread   Sat Feb 06, 2016 12:58 pm

As a waitress, Summer had her fair share of flirtatious customers. Though she only smiled back at most of them, some of them were likeable enough for her to banter with, and those customers often ended up becoming regulars in Jacinta's cafe. Summer even made the effort to remember their names and greet them personally every time they stopped by. Javier, Oscar, Fabian—she remembered them all, so when the newcomer smiled at her and talked to Jacinta like an old friend, Summer did not know how to react.

The newcomer was ridiculously good-looking, in the classic tall, dark and handsome sort of way. He seemed aware of it, too, given how self-assured and well-dressed he was. Summer assumed he was an artist or a journalist of some sort, due to the camera strapped around his neck and the way friendliness came so naturally to him. He looked so comfortable and relaxed in this environment that Summer couldn't believe she'd never seen him in the cafe before. The man who introduced himself as Adrian probably led a busy life, and today was one of those rare days he had for himself.

Before she could reply, Jacinta stepped forward and smiled brightly at the two of them. 'Ah, si, si! Adrian, te presento a Summer. Al igual que la temporada en Inglés, ¿no?'

Summer smiled shyly at Adrian, uncertain how to greet him and acknowledge the introduction. So far, she had been greeting people with besos, or kisses en Inglés, but for some reason she stood frozen to her spot as she looked at the Spaniard. Being a waitress didn't help at all, since Summer wasn't sure if kissing him on the cheeks would be considered impolite on her part. Deciding to play it safe for now so as not to scandalise Jacinta, Summer didn't move and merely nodded at Adrian. 'Encantada,' she breathed. That was more true than Adrian and Jacinta would ever know—Summer truly felt enchanted, and for once it had nothing to do with the view of the quaint Barcelona streets.

As if on cue, Jacinta excused herself and went back to the kitchen where she worked on more cakes. Summer took note of Adrian's order and started to prepare his white hot chocolate, all the while trying to stop herself from stealing glances at him. Men as good-looking as him did not usually come to cafes alone, and yet no woman entered the cafe and planted a kiss or two on Adrian's cheeks. She did notice some of the female customers checking him out, and Summer couldn't blame them. They were all probably celebrating the fact that he was alone, and that it didn't seem like he was waiting for someone at all. Summer smiled despite herself—she couldn't help but feel giddy inside every time she thought about him singling her out, and she hoped he would stop by the cafe more often.

Summer finished making the white hot chocolate by topping it with marshmallows and setting down two peppermint sticks positioned as a heart on the saucer. She hoped she had been able to capture the holiday feel and provide Adrian with a sweet and comforting drink. She quite liked hot chocolate herself, although she didn't enjoy it as much as a cup of coffee. With a smile, Summer set the cup on the table and looked Adrian in the eye. She normally only allowed herself a quick glance at the customer's face, but her gaze lingered on Adrian's face. 'Aquí está su chocolate caliente blanco, espero que disfrute de su bebida.'


'Ah, si, si! Adrian, te presento a Summer. Al igual que la temporada en Inglés, ¿no?' - 'Ah, yes, yes! Adrian, I'd like you to meet Summer. As in the season in English, right?'

'Encantada.' - 'Pleased to meet you.'

'Aquí está su chocolate caliente blanco, espero que disfrute de su bebida.' - 'Here's your white hot chocolate, I hope you enjoy your drink.'
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PostSubject: Re: let's get down in barcelona // summer && adrian; december 2016 flashback thread   Sat Feb 06, 2016 2:05 pm

The information on the witch's name made Adrian smile. It was one of those cute names, that was a name and a word of use in another language. Though Adrian would never pick one of those kind of names himself, he understood why some parents would. "Ah, si, si! Summer." He echoed, testing the sound of the name on his lips and appreciating it in that moment.

"Es un placer , honestamente." Adrian responded to her words, not pausing for a moment. Cliche as it was, he never liked for a woman to feel like it was her place to make everything work. And, truth be told, it was definitely a pleasure to have met such a beautiful woman. Coming out that day to Barcelona had been a very good idea, indeed.

"Adiós, Jacinta!" Adrian called after the woman leaving out the back to the kitchen. The older of the two women was lovely, Adrian had always gotten on well with her. Though, that might have been down to his cheeky flirtations with the older woman that he meant only lightheartedly. She called out something in response, but Adrian didn't quite catch her rapid Spanish mutterings in that moment, simply smiling as she looked back at him with a look (that he was sure Summer had not seen) that told him to behave.

A hint of amusement touched Adrian's lips at the older woman's concern. Concern that was not needed because he always behaved exactly how the other party wanted him to. Though, he supposed that would be the maternal instincts kicking in. Adrian moved to one of the high tables, standing and leaning against it as he turned his camera on once more, checking the picture he'd taken outside now that the glare from the sun was no longer playing havoc with the piece.

All the eyes in the world could be on him in that moment, and Adrian would not have known as he looked down at the picture of Summer at work.

'Aquí está su chocolate caliente blanco, espero que disfrute de su bebida.'

The sound of Summer's voice brought him back to the moment, and he noted how she was lingering - not in a bad way - at the table. "Thank you." Adrian responded, slipping in to English without trouble, even though his accent did not go, English was easy enough for him to revert to. He'd learnt from a young age. "I wonder..." Adrian prompted, turning his camera around to show Summer the picture he'd taken earlier that day. "If you would mind me using this in my collection at all. Aside from the beauty that is you, I must admit that everything in this picture is perfect. But, unless you say it is okay, I would not use it." Adrian explained, looking to her hopefully. It was also a test to see if the picture was as good as he believed it to be. Another person's response to the picture that he'd worked hard on.

"Oh, I can pay you... for the modelling services in the picture, if you're not sure. That way, you make money, and I make art, we're both happy, no?" He asked, his hand moving towards his pocket for his wallet as he waited for an answer. Money was not a problem, and that was probably what set Adrian apart from all the other aspiring artists in Barcelona, he could pay for every piece of it, and not leave himself short.

Es un placer , honestamente - It's my pleasure, honestly.
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PostSubject: Re: let's get down in barcelona // summer && adrian; december 2016 flashback thread   Sat Feb 06, 2016 2:58 pm

Wide-eyed, Summer stared at the photograph Adrian was showing her. The photograph almost seemed golden due to the afternoon sun, and Summer had to do a double take before she realised that the smiling woman on the photo was her. Behind her, brick buildings with flower boxes made the photo bloom with dreamy pastel colours, and the vines hanging from the cafe walls framed the scene, making it look as if Summer was in some sort of modern wonderland. But what struck Summer most of all was the expression of pure bliss and contentment on her face, an expression she never imagined she could make. For once, she was glad to have a candid photo taken.

She turned to Adrian again and was startled by how close they were—when she leaned close to look at the photograph, she had completely forgotten that she was standing beside a ridiculously good-looking man. And now that the realisation was finally coming back, Summer found herself a bit too aware of Adrian's face and body. She held his gaze for a moment before stepping back and unconsciously smoothing her hair. Focus. She needed to focus. For one, Adrian had switched to English, which meant that she was still obviously a foreigner in these parts. Then there was also Adrian's offer of paying her for modelling, something she wasn't even aware she had just done.

It was a great offer, especially for someone like Summer. To make ends meet as a 'demi-backpacker', she needed to take on odd jobs like working as a waitress and the occasional babysitting nights, and being paid by Adrian would make things much easier for her. And yet, for some reason, money wasn't the payment Summer wanted. When she looked at the photo, she found herself looking at a moment that defied time. Ten years later, the photograph would still portray a moment that can never be replicated. The location of the photo may remain the same, but in ten years, she wouldn't be as youthful, and the customer may not be as happy to have his tea served. Even the late afternoon sunlight won't look the same on the walls.

'No,' Summer heard herself say, 'I won't take your money as payment.' She was surprised to hear a certain defiance in her voice, and pride swelled up in her chest as she thought about what she just did. In this day and age, to refuse money as a broke twenty-something was either utter foolishness and courage, and Summer was walking on that thin line. And while most sensible twenty-somethings would have accepted Adrian's offer, Summer wasn't exactly a sensible twenty-something. To show that she wasn't insulted by his offer, Summer smiled at Adrian, her eyes twinkling with mischief. He probably wasn't expecting what she was just about to say, and for that, Summer felt like a prankster waiting for her victim's reaction. Except this wasn't a prank, and she really meant what she was about to say. Until Adrian had showed her that photo, she didn't know she could want anything that badly.

Besides, if Adrian says yes, then that means she would get to spend more time with him. And that was something she could definitely look forward to.

'I've got a better idea,'
she said. 'Lessons. You can give me lessons. I don't need your money. I've only got my phone for a camera, but I think we can make it work if you're up for it. If you teach me how to take photos as beautifully as you do, then I'm willing to let you use that photo.'
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PostSubject: Re: let's get down in barcelona // summer && adrian; december 2016 flashback thread   Sat Feb 06, 2016 3:24 pm

As the waitress moved closer, Adrian took a moment to take her in, up close and personal, kind of thing. He wasn't a lecherous man, so it was not him taking her in in the same way a man with needs might take a girl in. No, Adrian was taking her in as a photographer. Her curves, how the light caught her eyes, how she was beautiful, but not even in the 'perfect' idealism of beautiful. Summer was... well, beautiful but in her own way.

His assessment was caught short when the woman turned to him about the picture, realising how close they were made Adrian catch himself, waiting to see if something would happen, or whether it was something of nothing. It seemed to be the latter, with Summer moving away from him a moment later, but he played it cool with a small smile in her direction to show no harm had been caused by... whatever that had just been.

Whilst Adrian had offered money for payment, he had not expected yes, to be honest. It was a good photo, yes, and he would have paid had he needed. But upon seeing his work, many people simply waved him away for even thinking they would want money. Many asked simply for a copy of the work, and Adrian made sure to send them one in whatever format they asked for.

However, he'd never really been given a flat out no.

So, for a moment, his mind blanked, trying to work out if he'd offended the woman before him, or whether money was simply not enough for her to be satisfied. He wasn't sure what else he was willing to offer though. No matter how beautiful Summer might be, Adrian was not the kind of man to fall in to a rut he couldn't get out of easily.

However, the smile that followed her words put Adrian at ease. She was, at least, not mad with him, which settled him momentarily. He could sense there was something more about to come though, and Adrian seriously hoped she wasn't going to demand he delete it or she'd call the police. So far, Adrian assumed she was Muggle, what with where they were, and trying to explain to the Muggle police that he was not a criminal, and in fact a law enforcer himself was a sticky situation he did not wish to get in to.

The insistence that he teach her how to take photos made Adrian let out a small laugh. Not in a mean manner, in a manner that said he was more than a little relieved, and considering her offer. "Teach you... Photography can be taught to only a certain level, then it's... perceptions of subjects. Art. Passion." He explained, his own passion for the subject showing in that moment, before he looked at his hot chocolate and noted the small art piece she'd made for him. "Although... maybe you have that too..." He commented, eyes alive with the prospect of teaching her.

To spend time with her.

"When do you finish work... or have a free day?" Adrian asked, showing he was consenting to her wishes in that moment. "I can't promise I'll be free, but I'll try to be." He added, because work was busy and he didn't have any leave left to take. But if they could find time, Adrian would teach her all he could.
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PostSubject: Re: let's get down in barcelona // summer && adrian; december 2016 flashback thread   Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:53 am

A blush rose up Summer's cheeks as he looked at his hot chocolate to indicate her own artistic skills. For all of her love of beautiful things, it wasn't everyday that she got compliments about them. At most, she got comments about her fashion sense, and it was for that reason that Summer almost considered a career in fashion design. Dressing up other people, however, wasn't exactly something she could imagine doing for the rest of her life. As someone who resisted being told what to do, the last thing she wanted to do was to be a hypocrite and dictate what other people should wear. No, there must be something she could do, something that celebrated beauty instead of trying to construct what beauty was. Thanks to Adrian, she was beginning to have an idea of what she could do with her skills and interests.

Truth be told, she hadn't expected Adrian to say yes. He seemed like a busy sort of man, which was confirmed when he said he'll try to be free to give her lessons. Well, that was something, at least. She had been preparing for herself to be rejected, with a snide remark coming from Adrian about her audacity to ask him for lessons, but instead he actually seemed up for what she wanted. Granted, maybe that was just him saying yes out of utter flirtatiousness, but that didn't matter—what mattered was that Summer would be learning how to do photography. She could already see it in her mind's eyes—the photo walks around Barcelona side by side with Adrian, watching people and making up stories about their lives.

And then eventually, maybe, Adrian would tell her his story, and she would listen. They would tell each other their secret hopes and dreams, either underneath the orange glow of the sunset or the city lights of Barcelona at midnight, and they could catch a train somewhere and get into fun adventures they've never had before. When they part ways, she would treasure the memories forever, suspended in time like a photograph.

But of course, Summer was getting ahead of herself. Right now, Adrian was alright with teaching her photography, and that was all that mattered. Fortunately, she was working for Jacinta, and Jacinta understood that Summer was first and foremost a young traveller. She had given Summer a schedule that wasn't too hard on Summer's wanderlust—Summer was only required to work at least 35 hours a week, and Summer made her schedule so that her afternoons were usually free. She was on the late afternoon shift only because Bella, a coworker, had called in sick, and Jacinta asked if Summer could cover for Bella. Summer couldn't help but wonder if her serendipitous meeeting with Adrian was actually fate's design. If it was, then fate was sweeter than she thought.

It didn't matter to her that Adrian was a muggle (at least she guessed he was)—she was eager to experience the possibilities opening up to her. Eager to get to know him.

'I'm flattered you think so,'
she replied, her eyes lighting up. If he thought she had potential just because of the way she served tea, then he should see the clothes she wore and how she decorated her room. The latter might be a problem, though, given the moving paintings and other sorts of magical items she kept in her tiny, rented flat, but all the same she wondered about what Adrian would think of her room. She put a bit of her heart and soul in everything she did, and for some reason Adrian's opinion seemed to matter to her so much. Catching herself staring at him, she looked away briefly and bit her lip, pretending to be deep in thought about her schedule.

She glanced at her watch, an accessory that felt clunky on her normally bare wrists. 'My shift ends in about an hour, and I'm usually on the morning to noon shift here.' Her dimples showed as she looked at him again. 'I prefer to keep my late afternoons and evenings free, since it's the best time to walk around the city. What about you? I hope I won't get in the way of your work.'
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PostSubject: Re: let's get down in barcelona // summer && adrian; december 2016 flashback thread   Sun Feb 07, 2016 8:33 am

Being told that her shift finished an hour made Adrian check his own watch. A Rolex, of course, appeared, with far too many dials on it than was at all necessary for Adrian's use. A gift from his parents just because they could afford this one. Adrian wasn't overly fond, but a watch was a watch. "An hour..." He repeated, noting what the time was now. "Okay, I have an errand to run, so I'll finish my drink and head off to do that, and be back here in an hour." He told her warmly, meaning that completely. Adrian would be back when the hour was up, there was no way he wouldn't be back.

Well, of course, unless he ran in to a spot of bother with his errand, but that was neither here nor there.

The dimples that touched her cheeks as she looked back at him made Adrian smile a little more than normal. She was very, very cute. Beautiful, and cute. A deadly combination, in Adrian's mind at least. It made his breath catch for a moment, seeing her in that manner, and a million and one things crossed his mind. But Adrian pushed them away, for one, she was working. And they had only just met, and women deserved to be wooed before you pushed such things upon them.

Though, that did not mean that the urge was not at all there in that moment, because it certainly was.

The question of his own work made Adrian pause for a moment, trying to decide what to tell Summer about his work. "Law enforcement." He explained, keeping the term somewhat neutral in that moment. "Catching bad guys, and all that. Secret stuff. And I work shift patterns. So I can't say exactly when. I'm on days at the moment though, so I can help you in the evenings."

Lifting the hot chocolate to his lips, Adrian took a deep drink from the cup before savouring the taste of the beverage. Summer had done very well with it, white hot chocolate had to be made with care to make sure the taste didn't go, but she'd captured that just as perfectly as he'd captured her working. "This is very good, by the way." Adrian told her after he'd wiped his mouth with a serviette. Bringing the cup back to his lips, Adrian continued in the same manner, until the cup was empty. Setting it down, he took up one of the peppermint sticks, and put it in his mouth as he reached for his wallet.

Giving her the change for the drink, Adrian smiled. "I'll be off, but make sure you're waiting out front in an hour for me. I'll be here." Adrian insisted, getting to his feet. He gave her one last smile, stood awkwardly for a moment, before heading out the door and the street beyond.


The hour had sped by too quickly, truth be told. The intelligence he was gathering - just another reason Adrian was so good with a camera - had been late. Which meant his appartition back to work had been late. He'd been stalled by the receptionist as he handed her the evidence bag to ask why he was in work on his day off, which had made Adrian not quite so happy as before. Then finally, finally, when he'd gotten away and checked his watch, Adrian noted he was fifteen minutes late.

Swearing under his breath, Adrian apparated just around the corner from the cafe and broke in to a run towards it. He hoped Summer had not thought he wasn't coming, he didn't like to break promises, and asking Jacinta for Summer's address would probably be pushing his luck way too much.

Rounding the corner, the street was empty. Shit. Hurrying to the door, Adrian knocked firmly before calling through the glass. "Summer - I'm sorry I'm late! Are you still here?" He'd been foolish, and tried to do too much, but what was the thrill of an illegal movement of unauthorised plants if you weren't there on the case in some manner?
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PostSubject: Re: let's get down in barcelona // summer && adrian; december 2016 flashback thread   Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:51 pm

Two conflicting thoughts warred in Summer's mind. The first one was that Adrian, with his expensive Rolex watch and probably bespoke clothes, was nothing but pure and utter trouble and that asking him for photography lessons was a terrible decision. The second one was that despite his 'I shop at Spanish Harrods' exterior, he must be an artist who poured his heart and soul into his photographs. Oh, bloody hell. She knew she was walking on dangerous territory here, and the worst bit was that she was enjoying it. Both thoughts only made him even more appealing to her, and so when he said he'll be back, Summer felt a fluttering in her stomach.

'Bueno, voy a esperar aquí,' she said as he stood up to leave. She couldn't help but notice how he stood there for a moment, as if he were reluctant to leave. As if on cue, Jacinta came out of the kitchen just in time to see her watch him walk out the door. It was a while before Summer snapped out, and when she did, she turned to see Jacinta smiling knowingly at her.

'¿Es muy bonito, no? Muy encantador.' Jacinta spoke fondly of Adrian, and Summer wondered just how long they had known each other.

'¿Es poli? Él es un policía extrañamente vestido,' Summer replied, thinking about what Adrian said about being a cop. Somehow, she could believe it, and yet the way he said it seemed... suspicious. It was as if he was more like an MI5 agent and less like a cop. Then again, the last thing an MI5 agent would want is to seem suspicious, so Adrian was either playing at being James Bond to look cool or he was truly in law enforcement. This was probably one of those ploys to make himself look more attractive to Summer, but Summer didn't care. If the law enforcement thing was a lie, then the process of discovering the truth would be the fun part.

She waited for Jacinta to reply, but the older woman didn't say anything. Jacinta only smiled at her kindly then went back inside, a smile which Summer interpreted as, 'Oh, you poor latest victim to Adrian's charms.' Summer smiled back at the receding figure of Jacinta. Oh no, mi amiga, she thought, I'm not just a poor latest victim to Adrian's charms. I'm different and memorable, and I'll make sure he knows that.


After her shift was over, Summer immediately changed into the clothes she had brought and put on makeup. She was glad she had the foresight to bring a change of clothes and makeup, and hoped that she was able to strike the balance between looking nice but not too made-up. After all, she didn't want to give the impression that she thought this was a date, and besides, she figured a more casual look would be more suited for a photo walk. She had just finished applying some lip tint when Jacinta knocked on the door and told her that Adrian was back and waiting for her.

She grabbed her bag and stepped out to see Adrian waiting for her. Her smile brightened at the sight of him, and there was a tug in her chest as she walked towards him. She couldn't believe it—he really came back for her, even if it was such a spontaneously scheduled lesson. Summer unconsciously tucked a lock of hair behind her ear as she stopped right in front of Adrian. She raised an eyebrow as she looked at him, but it was a playful, teasing look. 'So you did come back,' she said, unable to stop herself from smiling so much. 'How was your... errand? I hope you're not too tired to take a walk around the city, but I would understand if you are.'

The skies had darkened and the stars were out, and streetlights lit up Barcelona. It was as if the city knew they would be taking a photo walk and had prepared itself for it. It would be extremely difficult to do this city justice, but Summer knew that with Adrian guiding her, she would be okay.


'Bueno, voy a esperar aqui.' - 'Okay, I'll wait for you here.'

'¿Es muy bonito, no? Muy encantador.' - 'He's very nice, isn't he? A real charmer.'

'¿Es poli? Él es un policía extrañamente vestido,' - 'He's a cop? He's strangely dressed for a cop.'

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PostSubject: Re: let's get down in barcelona // summer && adrian; december 2016 flashback thread   Sun Feb 07, 2016 7:35 pm

'So you did come back,'

"You doubted my promise?" Adrian countered cheekily, his smile showing he would not have been offended if she had. After all, they had been strangers only two hours ago, and now here they were planning on spending the evening together. Just the two of them. Perhaps not in a romantic manner, but together no less.

Adrian took a moment to take her in, she looked very different now she was out of the waitress clothing. In a good way, though, she dressed nicely, not too showy, but not too casual either. The right mix of a woman not from his kind of background. The way he preferred women to dress was normally, not this pureblood sophisticated way that was so uptight and unappealing.

But, for once, trying to express his like for a woman's looks was lost on Adrian, because he could find the words (neither in Spanish or English) to convey what he truly meant. So, he decided not to comment at all, thinking it best to not under explain himself.

"My errand?" Adrian responded, trying to think of a story to tell her that might be slightly believable. "Well, it was a work errand... so, it was top secret." He explained, letting out a small chuckle. "But, I think I've done a good job of getting a criminal off of the Barcelona streets."

Whether she believed the story - the truthful story - was up to Summer. He hadn't lied, for that seemed illogical, but he knew to some it might sound like he was trying to impress. Which... well, Adrian was trying to impress her, but impress with what he had.

"Anyway, we're not here to talk about my boring life, come on. I know the perfect place to start our work tonight." He insisted, motioning for her to follow him as he headed down the back streets of Barcelona. It wouldn't take long for them to end up where he wanted to show her. Five minutes maximum. Adrian wasn't trying to impress her with a sight she hadn't seen before, that wasn't the goal of the evening. No, the goal was to capture something amazing on camera, so that Summer could see her work coming to life.

Then... then they would work on the more intimate shots, like the one he'd taken of her.

You had to work your way down to the detail.

"So, how long have you been in Barcelona? How long are you staying? Why did you come to Barcelona?" He asked the questions in quick fire, because he wanted to know what had brought someone like Summer here. Not that he knew her, but it would give him a chance to understand her some more. Hopefully.
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PostSubject: Re: let's get down in barcelona // summer && adrian; december 2016 flashback thread   

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let's get down in barcelona // summer && adrian; december 2016 flashback thread
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