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 Oh, here she comes! [Summer, Serafina & Avis]

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PostSubject: Oh, here she comes! [Summer, Serafina & Avis]   Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:41 pm

When Avis decided to open the bar, she wanted to stir up the quiet little village of Hogsmead. The witch was pretty sure the Hogwarts students would pick her new 'rebel-like' bar over the Three Broomsticks or their casual hangout spots, which would drive the Professors crazy, and probably cause the parents never sign the bloody paper ever again.

But to her surprise, even though no one really accepted her dark bar, she didn't have too many problems with it. It was tiring, she had to admit, and she was still working on her own, which made things fucking difficult, but she was going to find a person or two to help out, and everything would work well.
After all, she was fairly new and the bar was almost never full. She could handle it, for now.

Sitting behind the bar, Avis was clearing around, counting down how many bottles she needed to order, and still thinking about what other things she should bring into the bar. Drinks wouldn't just be enough for the students.
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PostSubject: Re: Oh, here she comes! [Summer, Serafina & Avis]   Sun Feb 07, 2016 2:11 pm

Summer had heard about Avis' bar, but due to her hectic schedule at the university plus the photo walks she took around Diagon Alley, she had never really found the time to pop in. It had been a long time since she saw Avis, and though she'd been meaning to see how her friend from back in Hogwarts was doing, she couldn't help but feel hesitant every time she thought about visiting Hogsmeade. Unlike most of the students from their time, Summer wasn't exactly the poster child for success. She had only started university, and she did not have the skills or the money so start a business of her own. And yet, though it made her feel quite insecure, Summer was truly happy for Avis, and she couldn't help but admire her friend for doing such a risky move.

It was only when she started to freeze from the cold that she decided to finally stop by Avis' bar. Clutching her black leather trench coat tight around her, she headed to the bar with her teeth chattering. Summer normally enjoyed the cold, but the wind was blowing hard and the ground was carpeted with inches of snow. There couldn't have been a more perfect time for Summer to have a drink and warm herself up. She paused by the door for a moment before pushing it and letting herself in, aware that she probably looked out of place in a bar frequented by Hogwarts students and members of various countercultures.

Still shivering, she walked towards Avis, who seemed preoccupied with bartender duties. She took off her coat and looked around the bar. 'Nice place you got here,' Summer said by way of greeting, a bright smile lighting up her face as she looked at her old friend. She didn't step any further, uncertain if Avis would be bothered by a show of affection.

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PostSubject: Re: Oh, here she comes! [Summer, Serafina & Avis]   Mon Feb 08, 2016 7:57 am

It was a dreary day, what with the sun barely winning the battle against the clouds, and everything was a dull grey. Even the people seemed to be affected, moving around slowly and tiredly, as though the lack of sunlight had sapped away their energy. Serafina herself was not bothered by this, instead holding her purse in front of her as she navigated the streets of Hogsmeade village.

Despite her dress not covering her shoulders, she wasn't cold, and as she walked, she ignored the looks she got from some of the males passing her. They were probably too young, anyway, and she was simply not in the mood.

There was only one reason she was here, in Hogsmeade, and it was not to play games with some poor male.

Indeed, she was only there on behalf of her parents, making rounds to each of the stores there to ensure payments had been made. Her father could have very easily sent one of their servants, or simply wrote to them, but the Richardsons had a reputation for taking business arrangements very seriously - unlike their previous ancestors - and so it was Serafina who was assigned to do the checking up. Her duty was, for the time being, to ensure each place her siblings had visited during their Hogsmeade weekends had received payment for whatever it was they ordered and put on their till.

Part of her was also sure, however, that this was her father's way of showing her he was still in control; that yes, she might be the rebel and do and say things they didn't approve of, but that in the end, she had to still obey him on some level.

Having finished, Serafina let out a tiny huff of annoyance at the time wasted and glanced around the place. There was a new bar she had heard of, Rock Blood, and she was curious. It had been years since she had been in Hogsmeade, and so, without much of a second thought, Serafina made her way over.

Entering, she blinked a couple times for her eyes to adjust to the lighting. Despite there being minimal sunlight as it was, the place was dull, and she didn't just mean in terms of the absence of light. She was just about to leave, not finding the place suitable for her taste, when she caught sight of two very familiar people.

Changing her mind, she approached them. "Summer, how lovely to see you again," she greeted, smiling warmly. Then, she turned to the witch behind the bar. "Avis, wasn't it? Avis Crownguard? What an... interesting set up you have here."
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PostSubject: Re: Oh, here she comes! [Summer, Serafina & Avis]   

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Oh, here she comes! [Summer, Serafina & Avis]
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