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 Sweet Interactions (Open)

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PostSubject: Sweet Interactions (Open)   Sun Feb 07, 2016 2:16 pm

Serafina stepped into the store, brushing off a fleck of snow from her sleeve as she did so. Most of them had already melted, considering her dress had been charmed to admit a small level of warmth. There was no point in freezing to death because she refused to wear those horribly ugly jackets, and so she had requested all her winter clothing come pre-charmed. It cost slightly more than normal, but it wasn't a big deal. After all, what was a few more galleons when she had plenty to spare?

Merely glancing at the shop attendant was enough for him to approach her, offering her a basket. You must be new, she thought to herself, not accepting it, but rather stepping forward and allowing him to follow her. She never carried her own shopping basket if necessary, and all the workers in the shop knew that. And, partially due to her status, and partially due to the fact she spent a lot of money here, they always tailored to her needs.

The new guy would learn, with time. But instead of wasting breath explaining to him, she simply let him follow her as she went about choosing items for her basket.
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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Interactions (Open)   Sun Feb 07, 2016 2:41 pm

Normally, indulging in sweets wasn't the sort of thing Summer preferred to do so early in the morning. Tiramisu was the sweetest she could get, and even then, she preferred if the tiramisu was more bitter than sweet. However, she had just received a letter from Liam, who claimed that he and Aiden were doing quite well in Hogwarts. Whether that was a lie or not, it made Summer smile. The fact that Liam bothered to send her letters was a sweet gesture, and she also knew that it meant something elseā€”Liam was up to something in Gryffindor, and as his sister, she needed to make sure that she made Liam guilty before he had the chance to pull one of his dumb pranks on the professors.

Deciding to guilt-scare her brother this time with a care package, Summer headed for Sugarplum's Sweets Shop at Diagon Alley. Her brother was fond of sweets from that shop, and a package full of Chocolate Frogs would probably make him reconsider his idiotic decisions in life. She smiled to herself as she entered the shop, although the smile gradually faded when she noticed the other woman in the shop.

Oh, the bitch is here, she thought to herself as she watched the woman in the purple dress. She could forget about this woman for years and yet, somehow, she was here, still posh and fashionable, still the same girl who made Summer want to punch things. And Summer was almost never the sort of person to want to punch things. With a sigh, she entered the shop, glad to have chosen that day to look chic in her leather jacket. She could pretend she had forgotten who the witch was, and besides, it wasn't as if she had not actually tried to forget about the bloody pureblood bitch anyway.

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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Interactions (Open)   Mon Feb 08, 2016 4:01 am

There was the chime that indicated someone else had entered the store, and Serafina didn't bother to turn. She was sure it was not someone worth her attention, and as she rounded a display to pick up a box of chocolate, she caught sight of the female who entered and confirmed her previous suspicions. But that only lasted for a mere second, because there was something familiar about the witch that made her stop momentarily.

Summer... W.. Wilmer? Wilbert? ... Wilhern. Summer Wilhern. It took her a moment to put a name to the face, and the moment she did, his a wince. Serafina knew her, and knew her all too well. A muggleborn, Summer had had the .. misfortune of being younger than her during heir Hogwarts years. The same time frame that Serafina was immature, and held a severe passion for hating muggleborns.

Now, of course, she knew they could be useful, and she didn't mind befriending them. But back then... She held back another wince. No, back then she had not realised how much power she could gain from befriending muggleborns. There was only one thing she could do now. Swallowing her pride, she stepped forward, towards the witch in question, eyes travelling over her to take in her features.

An improvement, at least.

"Summer," she greeted, smiling at the witch. "How long has it been? Five years? How time flies." Her words and tone matched, smooth and flowery, not betraying the fact she recalled being nothing but an absolute bitch to the female before her during those years she was now referencing.
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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Interactions (Open)   Fri Mar 04, 2016 7:34 am

Summer managed to stop herself from raising an eyebrow in time. So, Miss Haughty Pureblood was actually speaking to her now? And was she merely having eye problems, or was Serafina with the Important Last Name smiling at her? Aside from her and the shop attendant, there was no one else in Sugarplum's, and she doubted that Serafina had gone completely mental. Perhaps she had mistaken Summer for another Summer who was a pureblood? But no, her tone sounded too sweet and friendly, and Summer figured Serafina was deliberately using that tone on her like how their Care of Magical Creatures professor tried to soothe his wild animals.

It was this horrible analogy that made Summer put on the fakest smile of her life.

'Why, hello, Serafina,' she said in a tone that was so saccharine it almost gave her diabetes. Two can play this game, Richardson. Having to call the witch by her first name made Summer cringe internally, but she had to return the favour. As much as she hated the fake crap people put up whenever they ran into someone from Hogwarts, Summer didn't want to ruin her day by picking a fight with Serafina. Serafina had probably inherited her family's business, and Summer was still a first year university student who had no idea how her life would turn out. Summer had her self-esteem to protect, thank you very much.

'I never really bothered to count,'
she chuckled, 'but the Gryffindor Common Room missed you.' She hoped Serafina would miss the fact that Summer avoided the Common Room as much as she could, just because she didn't want to have to see Serafina. Truth be told, keeping up conversation was the last thing she wanted to do at the moment, but it would be impolite if she just walked away. 'How have you been?'
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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Interactions (Open)   

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Sweet Interactions (Open)
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