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 Kayleigh Walters

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PostSubject: Kayleigh Walters   Mon Feb 08, 2016 10:26 am

Full Name: Kayleigh Walters
Age: 11
Date of birth: 21, December 2005
Birthplace: Cornwall, England.
Current home: Hogwarts; Cornwall, England during most holidays.
Blood Status: Half-blood
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual.
Wand type: Cypress, dragon heartstring, nine and a half inches.
Etc: Metamorphmagus


Hair colour and style: Light brown or a dark blonde, depending on the day; long and slightly curly, but straight on some days – she hasn’t learnt how to control curly and straight yet, although the changes don’t occur as often as they used to.
Eye colour: Light blue
Height: 5 foot, but growing at a steady rate.
Body type: Rather slim
Dress sense: Casual but fashionable, with her mother having bought most of her clothes.


Tattoos: -
Scars: -
Piercings: She has pierced ears, and wears different earrings every day.


- Tilts her head when curious about something, which is at practically everything, or when she is confused
- Literally bounces when she is excited, but this is mainly due to her ADHD
- Thinks aloud, especially when trying to figure out something
- Nibbles on her bottom lip sometimes, when thinking (if not doing it aloud)
- Fidgets a lot when doing work, especially with her free hand
- Giggles when excited about something, even if it isn’t anything funny

- The ocean
- Fiction books (be it muggle or not)
- Sweets, especially chocolate
- Meeting new people
- Making friends
- Talking
- Swimming (but not laps; playing in the water is a more apt description)
- Helping peopl
- Having a good laugh (who doesn’t?)
- Listening to music

- Injustice
- Bullies
- Being immodest
- Bragging/showing off (and people doing that)
- Shopping for clothes
- Dressing up
- Seeing people get hurt
- Rude people
- Potions


- Magic and spells; it is her gift. She has always been able to pick up and adapt to spells taught to her very quickly.
- Sharp, in both thinking and noticing; basically, Kayleigh is very quick to notice things and, when properly thinking about something, she can usually find different ways of going about a problem.
- Talking and connecting with people; she is able to make conversation with almost anyone.
- Creative; she is very good at coming up with creative solutions to things.
- Making friends; she is, by nature, genuine and friendly, and as such makes friends with everyone she can.

- Potions; this is something she has never been able to do, no matter how hard she tried.
- Stability, as in being stable on her feet; she is very clumsy and has been known to trip while walking on a straight path with no obstacles in her way.
- Seeing people in need; she is willing to help anyone and everyone who asks, or looks like they need help.
- Overly-strong emotions, as they make her lose control over her abilities and her appearance alters without her consent. For example, extreme embarrassment causes freckles to appear on her face.
- A good book; she can get absorbed in them and forget the time and place she is in.
- Daydreaming; she gets so caught up in daydreaming (creating stories in her mind) that she can completely zone out and lose focus in class.
- Her ADHD

Positive traits:
- Humble; while having a rare gift that a lot of people wish to have, she never shows off or brags about it, instead seeing it as something that simply makes her who she is.
- Happy-go-lucky; Kayleigh has a very laid back attitude, taking things as they come and always shrugs off anything bad that comes her way.
- Forgiving; … there is not really much to add about this. Kayleigh is, by nature and by upbringing, someone who quickly offers forgiveness and doesn’t hold grudges. Moving on is something that comes naturally.
- Open; not really seeing the need to keep a lot of things secret, she is very open with her friends about things. She is also very open-minded.
- Easy going; she is very relaxed and takes things as they come

Negative traits:
- Too trusting, to an almost naïve state; Kayleigh thinks that people are basically good people, who make mistakes, but deserve trust anyway.
- Bluntblatant; since she is so open, she usually speaks whatever is on her mind, not realizing that it can hurt people.
- Her defence mechanism is laughter and humour, and as such, people may think she is cold-hearted because she can laugh and find the funny side in even the worst situation.
- Acting before she thinks, especially when it comes to protecting those she cared about.
- Being over protective of people she cares about; she tends to try and help them, not realizing that sometimes, people need to solve their own problems in order to mature.


Born to Aurelia and Caleb Walters in a Muggle hospital at 11.21pm, it was clear to them that she inherited her great-grandmother’s ability, as she started sprouting bright green hair mere minutes after being placed in Aurelia’s arms. Having gone to visit Caleb’s muggle parents in Windermere, Cumbria, Aurelia’s water broke, and her parents-in-law had rushed her to the nearest hospital despite their protests. After the startled nurse let out a loud yelp of horror, Caleb quickly performed a memory charm on her and the doctor that came to investigate, leaving with Kayleigh and Aurelia. Explaining what had happened to his parents, they went back to their home in the wizarding area of Cornwall, England.

Kayleigh was raised with lots of love and attention, but was never spoilt, because her parents knew the risks of spoiling a child. Attempts for other children never panned out, and as such, Kayleigh remains an only child till today. Her father and mother did their best to teach her how to control her powers, but it remains something that Kayleigh can’t fully do; at times, she still sprouts changes without intending to. She is, however, improving.

Having learnt to speak by the age of 1, she has not stopped talking since, and when she began to walk at 2 years, it was evident that she had way too much energy for such a young child. Taking her to a Squib doctor (because a Muggle one would not have been appropriate, considering she was still randomly changing appearances) she was diagnosed with ADHD.

When she was 9, her maternal grandparents passed away, murdered by a Pureblood extremist, but she doesn’t know this yet – her parents do not want to tell her until she is much older, due to the fact that the murderer is her granduncle. Told that they died of old age, she still believes this now.

Since receiving a sudden large amount of money from her parents, Aurelia and Caleb discussed their options, but in the end, decided to continue with their work, as they both enjoyed what they did – Caleb worked as the head of the Muggle Worthy Excuse Committee, and Aurelia was a Healer. Debating whether to send Kayleigh to a private school where she could get very personalized lessons, they finally decided against it, mainly because they disagreed with some of the morals taught at said school.

When Kayleigh received her letter of invitation to Hogwarts, she was ecstatic, having read some Muggle books about boarding schools (mainly Malory Towers by Enid Blyton) and had already decided it was going to be awesome.


Name: Aurelia Walters
Age: 34
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type: Pureblood

Name: Caleb Walters
Age: 33
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type: Muggle-born

Spouse: N/A

Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Partner: None.

Name: Snidget
Age: 3
Living or Deceased: Living
Species: Owl

Family Background

Caleb discovered he was a wizard when he was 5. He had been playing with a small rubber ball when he threw it up and it stayed suspended in mid-air. His parents started scolding him for trying to trick them when it started to grow larger. They were terrified, but someone from the MoM came shortly after to explain things to them. When he got his Hogwarts acceptance letter, they were very proud. When he was sorted into Gryffindor, they were ecstatic, although they didn't really fully understand the concept.

Aurelia was raised in the wizarding world; she led a typical witch life. When she met Caleb in Hogwarts (she was in Hufflepuff) they quickly became good friends and soon fell in love. Her parents, despite their pureblood status, didn't mind the idea of her marrying a muggle-born, accepting Caleb into their family almost immediately. When they died, they left Caleb and Aurelia everything, which was a considerable amount of money.

Caleb enjoys his job a lot, which is why he didn't resign although they don't really need the money. Aurelia took a break from work when Kayleigh was born, and will start again when Kayleigh enters her first year.

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PostSubject: Re: Kayleigh Walters   Mon Feb 08, 2016 11:02 am

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Kayleigh Walters
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