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 Brave Like Gryffindor, Or Timid Like Hufflepuff (Kayleigh)

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PostSubject: Brave Like Gryffindor, Or Timid Like Hufflepuff (Kayleigh)   Tue Feb 09, 2016 6:56 am

The dungeons. Was it weird to say that Rowan was afraid of his own common room? He hated how dark and gloomy it was, but alas, the sorting hat had insisted he be put in Hufflepuff. The only good thing about them was that it was right next to the kitchens. So if at night he was starving, he could easily slip in and out of the kitchens without being caught. Of course, he would hide his cobija (Spanish word for blanket), in his robe to protect him if he were to come a crossed anything dangerous. And the more and more Rowan thought about it, the more he realized that the sorting hat was right to place him in Hufflepuff.

He wasn't brave. What Gryffindor would carry a blanket to protect them when they could use their wands? He wasn't cunning or adventurous, or smart. He literally fit in none of the other houses. The only downside to being in Hufflepuff, was the scary dungeons. And for some reason, Rowan decided he wanted to go exploring. He tucked his cobija tightly in his robe pocket, and made his way down the stairs. The potions room was scary as it is in the daytime. What would it be like in the night? He tiptoed down the steps which were wet and cold on his bare feet.

He was paying more attention to what was in front of him, and not looking down when he caught his toe on a stone that was sticking out. He screeched, "¬°Ay mi dedo del pie !" (In English: Ouch my toe!). And that was why he wasn't in Ravenclaw. He wasn't smart enough to put on his shoes. He took out his wand, and said, "Lumos." He wasn't sure why he hadn't thought about using it before. His toe was throbbing, and luckily he wasn't bleeding so they couldn't connect him to here for being out after hours. As he looked down the stairs, he was scared to continue. Should he go on and be brave like in Gryffindor, or turn around and be the Hufflepuff everyone expected him to be?
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PostSubject: Re: Brave Like Gryffindor, Or Timid Like Hufflepuff (Kayleigh)   Tue Feb 09, 2016 7:09 am

Late. It was late and Kayleigh knew she was supposed to be in bed but she had been exploring the castle, and somehow found herself in the dungeons. It was fascinating, but there was one slight problem: she had not kept a note of which doors and passages she had taken, and now she had absolutely no idea of how to get back out and to her common room.

But as scared as she was to be outside of her common room so late at night (after curfew, no less!), the part of her that loved adventure and excitement was hyped up, and Kayle had a smile on her face despite the uncertainty. Eventually, she knew, she would either wander into a prefect or a professor, and then she could explain her situation and they could help her get back to her dorm. Considering she was new, she didn't think she would get into too much trouble. Besides, she would be telling the truth; it wasn't as though she was purposely out of bed or anything.

But as she rounded a corner, she heard a male voice yelling something in a language she didn't quite recognise and turned on the spot to move towards the hall where it came from. She got her caring side from her mother, and whenever someone - or something - was injured (or sounded injured, or looked injured, or anything injured) she would rush to see if she could help.

So, as she stepped into the dark hall, she slipped out her wand. Her parents had taught her some basic things during her sick days at home, with permission from the Ministry, so she wouldn't be too behind the other students. But her father had taken advantage of this (and Kayle's apparent natural talent for magic) and went just a bit beyond the syllabus, so she knew (some practically, some only in theory) some things that wasn't yet covered by her Professors.

But before she had a chance to call upon a light, the source of the voice did so himself, and she squinted against the sudden brightness, not once hesitating as she moved down the hall. "Are you okay?" she asked. "What happened? Are you hurt?" She paused, looking at the boy. A Hufflepuff, she knew. "And hi. I'm Kayleigh. Are you okay?"
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PostSubject: Re: Brave Like Gryffindor, Or Timid Like Hufflepuff (Kayleigh)   Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:48 am

Still contemplating his thoughts about either leaving, or staying, Rowan jumped when he heard a voice. And not just any voice. A girl voice. Rowan had never really talked to a girl outside of his family, and he didn't know what where like. And then, he gazed upon this one. He blinked a couple times, and shined his wand light up so he could see her more clearly. She was okay looking. Rowan didn't have very many girls to compare her too. Rowan realized that he hadn't said anything for a while, and he was just sitting here gawking at the poor girl.

He said, "Oh, um. No my toe is fine thanks."

Rowan just stared for a little bit more. He wasn't sure exactly why he was starring. Girls had cooties. His madre had told him to stay away from girls. Girls where gross. Girls where diseased. They should be disinfected before let into a place like Hogwarts. But then Rowan decided that everything can't go his way. And he was too afraid to say something about it. Girls where going to be here. The castle was going to be dirty. There wasn't anything he could do. No matter how much he begged, pleaded, or screamed.

Rowan realized he forgot to mention his name. He said, "oh, I'm Rowan by the way. Rowan Matthews. Hufflepuff. Don't worry, I'll protect you when we go down to the dungeons." He had every right to just run and leave her there to possibly die of giant spiders, and what ever else was down in there. But Rowan didn't have the heart. And for some reason, he wanted to show this girl that he was brave like a lion, and not timid like a Hufflepuff.
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PostSubject: Re: Brave Like Gryffindor, Or Timid Like Hufflepuff (Kayleigh)   

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Brave Like Gryffindor, Or Timid Like Hufflepuff (Kayleigh)
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