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 And So We Meet Again(Sethina)

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PostSubject: And So We Meet Again(Sethina)   Wed Feb 10, 2016 7:47 am

Seth shrugged on his favourite leather jacket and gathered the textbooks he thought would be useful, dumping them in a black messenger bag. He ran a hand through his already messy hair and glanced one last time around the room before letting out a ragged sigh. Serafina Kaylee Isabelle Richardson. He'd almost flipped out when the professor called out his and her name to be partners.

Of course, it had been fun to banter with her when they'd first met but she was beginning to get on his nerves with the way she carried herself. It wasn't that she was rude or anything like that. In fact, she was rather polite and behaved like a Pureblood female should but somehow, she got under his skin and he didn't like it. Not one bit. He'd considered requesting for another partner but that would make him look weak which was out of the question. And so he was stuck with her.

The fact that his parents were constantly on his case to make the effort to woo her did not help. Ever since that dance at the Pureblood function, his mother had been unofficially planning his wedding, talking about the flowers and the seating arrangement and the location and no amount of dissuasion could make her believe that Seth had no plans to marry her - or anyone for that matter - in the near future. His sisters had more compassion though they did not deny that Serafina was a great match.

Well, he'd just have to finish up this healing assignment real quick and be rid of her. Though somehow that thought unsettled him a little. Shaking his head and letting out a growl of frustration, he tugged on his Chuck Taylors and decided against apparating. The walk to the library would help him clear his head and give him more time to himself. He set off in a brisk walk, taking a few detours and climbing up and down unnecessary staircases. The light exercise made him feel fresher and when he entered the library, he was in a better mood.

Not seeing Serafina anywhere yet, Seth went ahead and occupied a table, taking out his quill and paper to take notes and flipping through the textbook to see what he could find. She'd better show up. He would not tolerate a slacking partner no matter how rich or beautiful she was.

[[OOC: Lemme know if the colour is okay to read Smile]]
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PostSubject: Re: And So We Meet Again(Sethina)   Wed Feb 10, 2016 8:28 am

Serafina reckoned the world was unfair. After all, she was not blind nor dumb; she knew she had had things handed to her on a silver platter since young. She got tutors, the best clothes, the best food, the best... well, everything, really. If it were possible to be both self-aware and self-entitled, Serafina fit the bill, for while she understood she was one of the few who had lucked it out, she still believed she deserved it, and she intended to use it to the best of her advantage.

But, then, on rare occasions, things would happen that made her wonder if the world had a way of balancing things out - to make things, in a way, fair. This was one such occasion.

Seth Benaiah Abiel Corbett and Serafina Kaylee Isabelle Richardson, their professor had called out. She was an Auror-in-training, and he was studying to be a Dragon Trainer, but there were some classes in common. First aid in the field, for one. Potions, for another, as well as 'general charms and spells'. So, unfortunately, she still had to see his face, which she wouldn't have minded if not the fact that they had been paired up for an assignment.

Apparating herself to just outside the library, she checked the clock on the wall, noting that she was on time. She would have been early, had she not decided that he was not worth being early for, and had instead spent her time picking out a dress to wear.

Stepping into the library, she glanced around, caught sight of Seth, and made her way over at once. "Corbett," she greeted, using nothing but a completely polite tone, void of any real emotion, and sat opposite him. Opening her bag, she removed a few textbooks, a notebook, and a quill. "How do you want this to work?" she inquired, indicating both their working relationship as well as their assignment. She would play nice, but only because she actually took her studies seriously."
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PostSubject: Re: And So We Meet Again(Sethina)   Wed Feb 10, 2016 9:20 am

He had just noted down an intriguing and useful charm which they could incorporate in their presentation when her voice pulled him out of his thoughts. But he didn't look up until he finished the sentence he was writing and set down his quill. One corner of his lips turned up in a half smile when his ears registered her emotionless tone. Looked like he wasn't the only one not looking forward to this project. As long as they got the assignment done and received a good grade, he didn't couldn't care less.

Seth nodded once. "Richardson," he greeted in the exact manner. Two could play at this game. He didn't bother to stand up and could almost feel his mother's disapproving glare on the back of his head. His sisters though would probably just laugh and shake their head. He honestly couldn't comprehend why the males had to stand when a girl entered the room. It was very inconvenient.

As she sat down, his eyes took in her dress. It was rather formal for a couple of hours of research in the library but then again, that was the typical dress code - something he should have been used to being raised in Pureblood society. Thank Merlin he'd managed to influence his sisters into dressing more practically when they weren't in company. Who wears a floor length gown to study? He resisted the urge to scoff derisively. There was no use starting an argument. Not when they had a project to do and good grades to achieve.

He paused a while at her question. The project required them to do a presentation of healing charms and spells so they'd have to do research of what each spell could do and their pros and cons.

"Maybe we could both do some reading and note down spells or charms we could use in the presentation then compare what we have," he suggested. "It wouldn't hurt to come up with some realistic cases we need to use the spells for too."

He waited for her agreement - or disagreement - which was more likely. So far, he'd managed to hold his tongue but Merlin only knew how long he could keep that up. He didn't want to be the one who messed up this assignment. That was the last thing he needed, knowing she'd probably never let him live it down.
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PostSubject: Re: And So We Meet Again(Sethina)   Wed Feb 10, 2016 9:39 am

She almost let out a laugh when he merely spoke a greeting. She had been there for her brother's training - or part of it, in any case - and knew he had been taught to stand to greet her, as well as (should he have been in the right position to do so) pull out a chair for her. Besides, as a Pureblood female, she knew what was expect of both sides, and his lack of manners had been beyond obvious. Still, this was Seth she was dealing with, so she hadn't actually expected much.

As she removed her things, she could feel his eyes on her, and briefly wondered what he was thinking. Nothing good, I'll bet, she thought dryly. Since when had he ever complimented her? No, it was more likely than not that he was criticizing some aspect of her, although what, she couldn't be sure.

"Maybe we could both do some reading and note down spells or charms we could use in the presentation then compare what we have,"

Nodding once, Serafina gestured to the books on the table, all of which had small pieces of paper sticking out at different pages, and then flipped open her notebook to reveal she had already taken notes. "Yes," she agreed, putting just enough contempt into her tone to suggest she had left out the word 'obviously' at the end of that, should he have been paying attention. Not everyone would pick it up, she was sure of that. "Have you not already done that part?" she continued, this time making her tone innocent.

"I thought that we were coming together to discuss the presentation, and not to do the things we can do in our own time," she added.

This, at the very least, was the truth; Serafina had taken the assignment seriously, and during the holidays, spent her time reading and taking notes. After all, there was no point in wasting time.
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PostSubject: Re: And So We Meet Again(Sethina)   Wed Feb 10, 2016 10:19 am

Seth resisted a smirk when she didn't make a fuss about his lack of manners. He wasn't quite sure what he'd been expecting - at the very least a subtly contemptuous remark - but certain not nothing at all. Of course, his manners only decided to abandon him when she was around. During the dinners his parents constantly invited other families to, he was the epitome of a gentleman, making polite conversation, being respectful and all that bull dung.

He had to if he didn't want to make a scandal of the family name and risk being disowned by his parents. Actually, it wasn't the disowning that irked him. It was the fact that there was no doubt dear mummy and daddy would forbid him from keeping in touch with his sisters.With some effort, he pushed his family from his mind and focused on the matter at hand - getting through a couple of hours with the creature in front of him.

There was no mistaking her tone of her voice. She was looking down on him for not doing work in his free time. Well, excuse me for wanting to enjoy my holidays, Miss I'm-So-Much-Better-Than-You! he thought sarcastically, but kept his mouth shut. The next question however, made him boil. He heard the innocence in her tone and knew it was anything but. At least he hadn't be the first one to start the insults.

"Some people have responsibilities that need looking after," he replied, keeping his tone even and polite even though he was a volcano ready to erupt. "And besides, I have it all up here." He tapped his head once. It was true enough. Before meeting her, he knew he should at least know some stuff or risk her sugar-coated gibes. He had speed read through it, even highlighting some points. It probably wasn't as thorough as her research - since he'd only spent about an hour and a half on it - but it was something and he had a knack for picking out important points.

He ignored her last statement. After all, he didn't care what she thought or didn't think. And there was no substance to her comment. There was a reason why people called it 'own time'. You were supposed to do your own things in your own time. Study was for classes and pair work. 'Own time' was for pleasure.

Gesturing to her books, he said,"Well, then. Let's see what you have." It was a challenge though she might take it for one. It was merely to compile their findings and hopefully do an outline of the things they would include in the presentation.

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PostSubject: Re: And So We Meet Again(Sethina)   Thu Feb 11, 2016 6:22 am

"Some people have responsibilities that need looking after,"

"We all do," she answered, not hesitating for a second. And it was true; she had been expected at three Pureblood functions, one of their own, had two meetings with males, and, on top of all that, was forced to spend Christmas holidays back at her family estate, thanks to her brother (and all that because he hadn't wanted to go to the Hogwarts ball, too). "It's called 'time-management', Corbett. Do they not teach you that?"

Her irritation shone through her words, although her tone was indifferent. Truth be told, Serafina was not happy with this. If she could find the time to do the research, why couldn't he have? No, all this was doing was wasting time, and Serafina did not have any patience with people who did that sort of thing.

After all, Serafina had come to the university to study, and she hadn't spent years fighting her parents just for some idiot Pureblood who could very easily get into any University he pleased, just because he was male to spoil it for her. No, she had worked far too hard to let Seth Corbett ruin things.

"And besides, I have it all up here."

That doesn't give me much to hope for, she thought dryly, not speaking the words. Instead, she gave a polite smile, and simply chose not to respond at all.

At his next statement, she raised an eyebrow. Was he challenging her? Accusing her of lying or something? No, surely Seth wouldn't be that foolish. But, the man was full of surprises, and she did not put it past him. Instead of saying as such, though, she merely said, "Well, I am sure I do not have to list out the conventional spells. Even a fourth year would know those."

Indicating her notebook, she went on. "So instead, I have made mention of certain spells that could be adapted to suit medical needs. There aren't necessarily meant for these situations, but could be more helpful than some others. For example, immobulus or petrificus totalus, in case of spinal injuries. Incedio could be used to start a fire to disinfect tools such as knives or needles." Turning the book around so Seth could see into it, she added, "You can read the rest for yourself, I am certain."

She paused for a second, then went on. "As for cases... We could use any of the ones we studied in class, as well as a muggle case. The latter, of course, would e used to show how the use of magic could have made things substantially easier, but that, in the unlikely event that magic is not accessible, or the wand is missing and the person is inept and cannot perform wandless magic, it is still entirely possible to save a life."
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PostSubject: Re: And So We Meet Again(Sethina)   Sat Feb 13, 2016 7:03 am

"It's called 'time-management', Corbett. Do they not teach you that?"

Seth raised his eyebrow at that. He wasn't expecting her to be so...forward? Was that even the right word. Up till now, her insults and attempts at riling him out had been subtle. But this? This was outright. There was no disguising it was meant to mock him and that one question let him know exactly what she thought of him. She thought he was a useless, idiotic, good-for-nothing guy and completely beneath her - which was literally not true since although his family wasn't as wealthy as hers, it was still quite prominent.

But getting back to her question, he actually quite prided himself in his ability to prioritise and manage his time. Although he'd resented every moment of it, he'd been forced to get up with the sun and learn his Pureblood duties - how to invest, what to invest in, how to make decisions about buying property and all that other horse dung. Well, he hadn't minded the content that was shoved down his throat but he did mind the way his father had gone about it and by the time the sun set, he was too mentally and emotionally drained to even consider studying. And that was supposed to be his holiday. He had honestly been glad to get back to university.

Deciding against going all caveman on her and retaliating he instead smiled and responded, "Let's just assume that I wasn't taught that, Richardson. Would you care to enlighten me?" He expected a scoff, maybe a turn of the nose or even more hidden and yet not-so-hidden insults.

"Well, I am sure I do not have to list out the conventional spells. Even a fourth year would know those."

He nodded, acknowledging what she had said. "At least we agree on that." She was smart even if she was a pain up his rear end. "But it wouldn't hurt to include a few just so the professor knows that we know our stuff."

He waited until she was done explaining herself, giving the occasional nod to show that he was still listening and not completely zoning out on her even if it was what he wanted to do. He didn't give her the courtesy of looking at her notes, though. He wouldn't ever let it seem like he was consulting a female. That was atrocious!

"Okay, then. I also have a list of a few spells not directly linked to healing but useful nevertheless. Aguamenti and Aqua eructo would be useful if we need to clean wounds or wash hands. The bubble-head charm is...unconventional but it would be good if the patient had trouble breathing. Then there's the turn this water to rum spell that would be good for disinfecting, numbing or to keep the patient calm. And finally the cheering charm, which would help keep the stress of being in pain at bay," Seth concluded his lengthy monologue. He didn't know why he even bothered to contribute to this. That woman obviously thought she was better than him and would probably find a way to scoff at what he'd said. But he didn't care what she thought. Or at least, that's what he told himself.

He nodded at her input of cases. "Sounds good. Any particular case in mind?" he questioned. It would probably be wise to use more than one case so that they could cover a broad spectrum of situations they would most likely find themselves in.
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PostSubject: Re: And So We Meet Again(Sethina)   

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And So We Meet Again(Sethina)
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