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 Keona Naimah Brisby

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PostSubject: Keona Naimah Brisby   Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:31 am


Full Name: Keona Naimah Brisby
Age: 15
Date of birth: December 19, 2002
Birthplace: Florence, Italy
Current home: Virginia Water, Surrey
Blood Status: Pureblood
Sexual Alignment: Bisexual
Wand type: 10 inches, Dogwood, Core of Unicorn Tail Hair


Hair colour and style: Chestnut brown, hazel in some bright lights, mahogany in dark lights
Eye colour: Hazel
Height: 5"1
Body type: Petite, slim
Dress sense:
Winter- turtlenecks, skirts, tights, boots, jeans, long sleeves, big sweaters, leggings, fuzzy socks
Spring- spaghetti strap dresses, capris, tank-tops, loose shirts, sandals, slip on shoes
Summer- dresses, rompers, shorts, muggle oriented shirts, sandals, slip on shoes, boots, capris
Fall- leggings, jeans, long sleeves, scarves
Year Round: expensive jewelry or cheap muggle jewelry

Birthmarks: Small spot on the backside of her right thigh
Tattoos: N/A for now
Scars: Slash mark on her right wrist
Piercings: Ears


Likes: Reading, writing, making friends, exploring the world, her family, food, sports
Dislikes: Laziness, unfair treatment of others, regretting decisions
Strengths: Lying, quick-thinking, performing [plays piano, dances tap, ballroom, foxtrot, classical and modern jazz, light form of ballet], talking her way out of a situation, Charms, DAtDA, Transfiguration
Weaknesses: Potions, Care for Magical Creatures, Arithmacy, her family, her business, her family's past
Positive traits: Energetic, kind, caring, bubbly, intelligent
Negative traits: Fickle, hard to control, hard to keep track of, oftentimes finds herself bored, prefers challenges, starting things and not ending them, sometimes can be lazy


Being born in the family that she was, Keona is a talkative person. In the scams and tricks her family played on others, she played the distraction role. More often that not, her charming and bubbly nature entranced people long enough to distract them from whatever her parents were trying to do. This is essential in understanding that the business her family is in, is a business that is extremely family-orientated.

She's a loving person, kind, and friendly. However she can more often than not come off as an airhead or fickle, but neither of these are fair characteristics. She has an equal love of books and people, and finds people easier to use as sources of information especially in regards to information on others. People are like an amusement park for her, books are like curling up in bed after a bad day.

Keona doesn't wish to participate avidly in the family business, but she has yet to make it known as she loves her family dearly. She also doesn't know about the big switch between her and her real family. Since finding out she was a witch, she's enjoyed the Wizarding World immensely and it's culture and wishes to continue to explore it.

Biological -
Name: Rosalina Veroniet (née Edgar's) / Age: 33 / Living or Deceased: Living / Blood type or Species: Pureblood

Name: Henri Veroniet / Age: 43 / Living or Deceased: Living / Blood type or Species: Pureblood

Name: Brenden Veroniet / Age: 16/  Living or Deceased: Living / Blood type or Species: Pureblood, half-brother
Siblings: Name: Olive Veroniet/ Age: 9/ Living or Deceased: Living/ Blood type or Species: Pureblood

Guardian/Legal Family:
Name: Tiona Brisby (née De Leur) / Age: 44/ Living or Deceased: Living/ Blood type or Species: Pureblood

Name: John Brisby / Age: 46/ Living or Deceased: Living/ Blood type or Species: Pureblood

Name: Marius Brisby/ Age: 18/ Living or Deceased: Living / Blood type or Species: Pureblood
Name: Kehlani Brisby / Age: 10 / Living or Deceased: Living / Blood type or Species:
Name: Frederico Brisby/ Age: 4/ Living or Deceased: Living / Blood type or Species: Pureblood

Spouse: N/A
Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Name: Fonzay / Age: 26 / Living or Deceased: Living / Blood type or Species: Purebred, Black Forest Horse
Name: Cocoa / Age: 3 / Living or Deceased: Living / Blood type or Species: Familiar, Pomeranian
Name: Fifi / Age: 2 / Living or Deceased: Living / Blood type or Species: Kneazle

Family Background


Rosalina Edgars was seventeen and fresh out of the Bulgarian Young Witches School System (a system of private tutors that catered to three girls of different age groups) when she married Henri Veroniet. Henri had been married once before her, and was ten years her senior, but he was as prestigious as she was going to get. To understand the way the Pureblood system in Italy works is a sole family rules the hierarchy of Traditional Wizarding Society with different subsections and then the lowly Purebloods. The Veroniet's were not the ruling family, but one of the three subsects. The other subsects included the Brisby's and the Pincerti's.

The Italian Wizarding System is made of four main families, and then a bunch of smaller ones that interbred with muggles. The Veroniet's relied mostly on "taking care" of whomever the top family needed to be rid of. They also dealt with international affairs, such as whomever French governing officials needed gone or English ones. They were good at covering their tracks, but definitely known for their abilities in shadow assassination.

At the age of 19 and 29, Rosalina and Henri had Isabella Veroniet. This was around the same time as Tiona and John gave birth to Naimah Veroniet. During a celebration for the sixth month following Isabella's birth, unbeknownst to them, Isabella was switched for Naimah. The Brisby's left within the week, and "Isabella" died three months after her birth. It took years to recover from the heartbreak, but eventually they consummated again and Olive Veroniet was born.


Tiona and John Brisby were Wizarding School Sweethearts, although they were two years apart in age. She was smart and cunning, but also warm and soft. John was calculating and precise, but loving and funny. Their first son was Marius, and four years later they gave birth to Naimah. Unfortunately, Naimah was dying of a weak body that could not contain her strong magical core and was due to die from  this illness. Tiona knew that although it was wrong, the smartest thing to do for her family and for their name in society was to switch her baby with a Veroniet's.

The Veroniet's did not hold as much loathing for the Brisby's as the Brisby's did for the Veroniet's. Although they were on equal level of power, the Brisby's reputation as thieves was too well known in Italy. Despite their regal blood and position, they were treated with less kindness by the Royal Wizarding Italian Family. The Veroniet's were given more jobs and often snootily treated the Brisby's with disrespect. This anger grew and bubbled until it culminated in the Great Theft.

The Brisby's, the Matriarch and Patriarch, kept this switch to themselves.

They moved claiming they had an important job offer from the British Wizarding Government to fill in. They renamed "Naimah" Keona, and moved on with their life. They parted from their fair spot of power in Italy to be considered as lowly, unimportant Pureblood's in the England society. This suited them just fine as they shifted to keeping their international thriving thieving business more secretive and  hidden and keeping their focus on family.

However, it is a family business and even at a small age Keona was asked to participate in some thefts. She used her talents to distract during large parties for her parents, or even do dances and performances with her older brother Marius.
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PostSubject: Re: Keona Naimah Brisby   Fri Feb 12, 2016 6:10 am

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Keona Naimah Brisby
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