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 The Coward in the Costume of a Lion (Caramarienne & Nirek)

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PostSubject: The Coward in the Costume of a Lion (Caramarienne & Nirek)   Sat Feb 13, 2016 2:06 pm

The announcement of the Christmas Ball had been the best opportunity Nirek would ever have to ask the person he had grown to... well, like, to a dance. Merlin only knew if there would be another Ball before he graduated, and the Gryffindor simply couldn't resist the idea of asking Caramarienne.

Except, Nirek was a little uncertain about asking Caramarienne.

She was younger than him by about two years - three in class years - but Caramarienne was older than her age, Nirek liked that about her. Then, of course, there was the problem that she was a Slytherin and he was a Gryffindor, and nine times out of ten their houses didn't mix. But, Nirek had come to the conclusion that if he didn't ask her, someone else would, and he simply could not allow that. So, instead, Nirek had taken pen to paper and sent a younger Gryffindor off to find Cara.

The note was simple, because Nirek wasn't the best with words.


I hope I got here first... come to the ball with me? I'll wait in the Entrance Hall for you on the evening of the ball.


And, true to his word, Nirek stood in the Entrance Hall, waiting for the Slytherin to emerge from the dungeons so that they could enter the ball together. He's opted for a black shirt and a black suit jacket, together with black suit pants and shoes. No tie for Nirek as he found them much too formal for his liking. He was, for all intents and purposes, cool, and therefore he could get away with swaying away from the formalities of a dress code.

But, even if he was Mr Cool, he was nervous about tonight. It was Cara's birthday, and he had gotten her something for that evening, but he also had something to ask her. Something he hoped she would say yes to.

If, of course, she turned up for this evening.
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PostSubject: Re: The Coward in the Costume of a Lion (Caramarienne & Nirek)   Mon Mar 28, 2016 9:51 pm

Cara was ecstatic. She was utterly and completely elated with what was about to occur. She had... feelings for Nirek for quite some time now, whether or not she was going to act on them was a different story. She knew that it was more than just taboo - for her place in society, in both England and French society it was highly forbidden. Entertaining a romance like this would be deadly for her, toxic to her position. The safer thing to do would be to attend with Elenore on her arm and to only occasionally spare a dance for Nirek. Now in terms of Hogwarts status, this was a high privilege for a second year to be attending with a person older than her by three class years. Should the press be there...

No, Cara thought as she continued to curl her hair with her wand using the Beauty Witches spell she'd learnt, I will not let the idea deter me.

She liked Nirek and that was what mattered.

She liked his confidence, his strength; his courage. Who knew she'd adore these traits? They were Gryffindor heavy traits, not the kinds that a noble pureblood like herself should ever adore. Bravery brought change and change brought usurpers; to keep power where it rightfully should be, bravery was to be looked down upon and scowled at. Instead, she admired that characteristic of Nirek's oh so much. It was reflected in his grin, or the puff of his chest, the straight back; the true image of fearlessness. What she pretended to be wasn't even a fraction of what he portrayed.

She let out a soft sigh, Cara someday hoped to take some of his courage for herself and make herself strong. But for now, she thought as she put her earrings in with a bright smile at herself, she was going to just enjoy the night with him for as long as she could. She placed his note in the rose colored hatbox that her mother once kept the letters from her father in, her biological parents, not the Clement's. She threw her hair over her shoulder as she started towards the Entrance Hall. She flushed when she saw him there.

"Hello," she started smiling up at him, "you look very handsome tonight." She admitted softly, "thank you for inviting me to this."
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PostSubject: Re: The Coward in the Costume of a Lion (Caramarienne & Nirek)   Tue Mar 29, 2016 8:17 pm

Nirek had watched the comings and goings of others as they attended the ball, scowling as he noted Finley just inside the door. That boy was so frustrating, and looking so prim and proper that evening. Nirek turned away from the Ravenclaw, deciding against letting the stuttering fool ruin his evening. His attention turned, instead, to the door that lead up from the dungeons, held ajar that evening with a slow trickle of Slytherins and Hufflepuffs alike.

How long he had waited for the appearance of Caramarienne, Nirek could not tell, but upon seeing her, his face lit up with an unfaltering smile. She was, of course, very beautiful that evening. Dressed up in a fashion he knew she would feel more than comfortable in. His own clothes were more than overshadowed by Caramarienne's, but Nirek couldn't have cared less in that moment.

She had turned up, and that was all that would matter to him.

The compliment stroked the Gryffindor's ego in that moment, something that Nirek always needed, even if he pretended to be a popular, confident kid at the school, that was far from the truth. "Not as beautiful as you look this evening, though, Cara." Nirek replied with a smile, offering the Slytherin his arm. "Shall we? That's what they say in all the movies, right?" The Gryffindor said, letting out a small laugh at his own joke. He wasn't being pompous, just trying to live up to the standards that the people like Caramarienne set.

Or, rather, the standards Nirek thought they had, because really he had no clue.
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PostSubject: Re: The Coward in the Costume of a Lion (Caramarienne & Nirek)   Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:21 am


If there was one thing that mingling with non-elites that Caramarienne experienced an awful lot of, it was sincere and genuine honesty in people. Being in a society of purebloods, she received a lot of false kindness; “And what was your name again?” They would ask in that pointed, knowing tone as if they had any idea who they were. Of course, she didn’t receive that question a lot because most of France knew who she was due to her status as the Clement Ward. The two evened out: being the only heiress of the Florelle name so long as Joubert was seen as a black sheep for his decision to raise an orphanage and being the only ward under the Clement’s. She was seen as a strong political figure; a glory as a Clement ward, a rising star as a Florelle, a blossoming youth to someday debut for suitors.

That didn’t stop suitors from starting their pursuits early; she’d been receiving proposals since she was in her primary academia years. It was irritating how many people were willing to start a relationship and willing to start a lifelong partnership with her just because of her name. It was to be expected of course because she was a Florelle, and she was in a position of power. Power did not change where it was distributed. That was the one thing she knew would never change. Someday she would marry another Pureblood suitor and put all silly dreams of being treated as an equal, or as a proper love interest behind her.

But that was years away, she thought happily as she sidled up next to him, she flushed. “Thank you, but really you look more dashing than all the noblemen in there.” She murmured in a lower tone, happy for her heels putting her a couple more inches taller and closer to his ear. She giggled at what he said about it being in the movies. Certainly in the ones Joubert showed the lil ones at the Orphanage they said those kind of cheeser lines. She thought of what she’d usually say if she were with another suitor before pausing and realizing that Nirek wasn’t like that.

Nirek was… He was real. He was real and he was sincere. So she smiled shyly up at him. “Do you watch a lot of movies then?” She risked even further after a pause, “and um, do you have a favorite?” She asked again.
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PostSubject: Re: The Coward in the Costume of a Lion (Caramarienne & Nirek)   Fri Apr 01, 2016 6:56 pm

The compliment of looking better than some of her kind - that was what Nirek took the word 'noblemen' to mean in that moment - made the Gryffindor swell slightly with pride. Stick that up their butts and smoke it, he thought to all the Pureblood idiots who had looked down on him in the past. Not so much recently, but there had been some in the past.

The question on movies made Nirek shake his head a little, before shrugging. "Not English movies so much. My family is from India, so we tend to watch the Bollywood movies more. Mum thinks they'll raise us with a better view on the world. But secretly, she has had a huge crush on Shahrukh Khan for as long as I can remember." Nirek explained, shaking his head at the thought, the man was in his fifties now, for Merlin's sake.

"But, in all honesty, I think my favourite movie is Ra One." Nirek explained, yes, it was an SRK film, but it was an action film, and whilst the comedic effects in Bollywood films were awful at best, Nirek couldn't help but like them.

"What about you, what's your favourite movie? Please don't say Titanic, or... Romeo and Juliet - they're so... cliche." Nirek asked, though his tone was playful when he said not to name those films, he did mean it. He couldn't stand those horribly cliched films.
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PostSubject: Re: The Coward in the Costume of a Lion (Caramarienne & Nirek)   

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The Coward in the Costume of a Lion (Caramarienne & Nirek)
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