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 A Winter Day Outside (Open!)

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PostSubject: A Winter Day Outside (Open!)   Tue Feb 16, 2016 4:18 am

One of Kayleigh's favourite things in the world was meeting new people and making friends. Another thing was taking long walks by the beach or through the forest. Another was reading. Oh, and not to mention learning new spells, watching Disney movies, eating (duh), playing with dogs and animals, and... Well, the list went on.

Simply put, Kayle had too many 'favourite things' to name, but it all depended on her mood, really. And right now, Kayleigh wanted to take a long walk, read, and possibly make a friend, three things which didn't really work well together.

So she decided that, first of all, she go outside and walk to the Black Lake. Her sling bag safely holding everything she thought she would need - and a little bit more, because there was no harm in being prepared, though for what she wasn't exactly sure - Kayle left the warmth of the castle behind and stepped out into cold winter air.

Making her way down to the river, she stopped multiple times along the way to just look at things, and by the time she finally reached the lake, it was late morning. Seeing nobody around, she plonked herself down somewhere comfortable, took out a Neil Gaiman book, and started to read.
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PostSubject: Re: A Winter Day Outside (Open!)   Wed Feb 17, 2016 11:07 am

Today was just another day for Max - he had homework to do, but he wasn't incredibly interested in doing it, truth be told. He still needed to find Elyah so that he could apologise for ruining her potion in their first lesson, but it seemed the Hufflepuff was much too good at hiding from him, it seemed.

He had, in all honesty, hoped that his kitten would be able to find her - Freddo was very good at constantly running in to the witch, but it seemed even he couldn't find her.

So, with Freddo in his coat pocket, Max set out in to the grounds, excited to play in the remainder of the snow from Christmas. He'd made his way towards the Lake, which was beginning to thaw, and when the snow became lower, Max lifted Freddo from his pocket and placed him on the ground.

The cat didn't look happy, lifting his paws out of the snow and looking at the white stuff with contempt. But, after a moment, he went bouncing in to the snow, popping up out of the top of it every now and again happily. Max simply smiled to himself and followed after him, letting out soft giggles when the cat got overly excited and bounced out of the snow - attacking the particles that came up with it.

Honestly, Max's attention was focused on the cat, he really didn't notice someone sat reading...

Until he fell right over them.

"Ouch." Max managed as he rolled, looking towards the source of his fall. Noticing a witch, he flushed a little. "I'm so sorry, I was watching Freddo and not my feet. That was silly of me but he's being so amusing in the snow it's hard not to get distracted by him... you know?"
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PostSubject: Re: A Winter Day Outside (Open!)   Thu Feb 18, 2016 10:52 am

She was just about to find out who had been the invisible thief (thanks to Fatty and the other Find Outers, not to mention Buster, who she was sure was the most adorable dog ever) and if Mr. Goon was going to lose yet again, and if the Inspector was going to finally fire him, when something hit her in the side, went tumbling, and landed with an 'Ouch'.

And that was when she realised it was a person.

"Ohmygosh are you okay?" she said at once, dropping her book and scrambling to her feet. "Are you hurt? Does anything hurt? You said ouch, of course something does. I mean, what hurts?" she said, stumbling over her words, and for a moment she wasn't quite sure if she had said anything coherent.

But then the person was speaking, and she recognised the voice, but couldn't place it just then. "I know. And it's fine. I'm not hurt," she said, nodding at his words. Distraction was definitely something she knew. Then, his words registering, she frowned a little. "Freddo? Like... The chocolate? Do they have charmed freddo chocolate?! Does it act like chocolate frogs and hop? How have I not heard of this before?"

Pausing a little, she realised he was still on the floor, and offered him a hand. "Need help?" she asked, smiling brightly down at him.
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PostSubject: Re: A Winter Day Outside (Open!)   Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:08 am

When the girl - Kayleigh from Care of Magical Creatures - asked him a number of ways if he was okay, Max let out a soft laugh. "I'm fine, it's one of those... umm, what's the word... automatic reactions, you know, when you fall over. I'm not really hurt, so it's okay!" He told her with a grin, showing he was fine. "The ground caught me!" Max added with a soft laugh, he thought it was funny.

"And it's good you're not hurt, otherwise that would be terrible, and I'd feel bad because it was my fault. And I already have to get someone a present for messing up, and I don't have many pocket monies left now!" He explained, though he didn't go in to detail about how he had upset Elyah because that was a completely different story, though somewhat relevant at the same time.

The question on Freddo made Max frown, and shake his head. "No, not the chocolate bar!" He told her, moving away for a moment and looking for his kitten who jumped up at him and clung to his coat. "Freddo the cat. My cat. Well, kitten, because he's still a baby. You know Freddos though? Do you like the plain ones or the caramel ones more? I personally like the caramel ones more because they're more tasty."
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PostSubject: Re: A Winter Day Outside (Open!)   

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A Winter Day Outside (Open!)
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