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 The Start of Something Terrible (Kamren and Clarinda)

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PostSubject: The Start of Something Terrible (Kamren and Clarinda)   Wed Feb 17, 2016 3:18 pm

Lux got off the train and stepped onto the familiar platform. Holidays. How she hated holidays! Almost as much as she hated girls who wore skirts over jeans. If there weren’t any holidays, she wouldn’t be going back to the hellhole called “Bellamy’s Orphanage for Girls”. It was the place she was dumped at and the place she ruled over.

As she made her way out of the station and onto the road, she wondered if any of the kids since her last visit were still there. If they were, they better remember who she was. If they didn’t - well, it wouldn’t be good for them. But it’d be great for her. She would be able to teach them all over again and watch them tremble and cry as they begged for forgiveness for a wrong they didn’t commit. It was the only way she could survive that place. If it hadn't been for the fact that she could bully everyone there, including the caretakers, she would have died a long time ago. Three years. She just had to make it three years until she was legally an adult and could live on her own.

Lux wound her way through the city, noting the shops that were still there and those that had changed ownership. The bakery was still surviving. Good. That meant the baker’s cry baby of a daughter would still be there. Perhaps she could cut off her hair, maybe put a lizard in a drink or creep her out with notes written in blood. What fun Lux would have! And to make sure the baker didn’t do anything stupid like report her to the police, she could threaten to put holly berries in the bread and make all who eat it poop their heart out. And when Lux threatened, she always followed through unless it was impossible to do so.

After about a twenty minute walk, the giant grey building appeared in her vision. Ah yes. Home sweet home she thought, rolling her eyes. The compound was surrounded with eight feet tall railings, the top of which tapered into sharp spikes either to keep people out or orphans in. Probably the latter. Lux once tried to scale the thing and almost ended up a human kebab if it hadn’t been for her quick reflexes. The gate wasn’t locked and she pushed it open, the squeak causing a group of kids to look up. Of the four of them, one recognised her.

The girl - she must have been about nine - stood up and pointed at her. Her face drained of blood, making her almost as white as the snow she had been playing with. Her mouth dropped open and Lux didn’t miss the wet patch that started growing between her legs. The other kids stared at the girl then turned to look at her. Lux didn’t recognise them. Must be new. Fun.

“Miss me?” she asked, giving her most evil grin.

The girl let out squeak and ran off in horror. Lux laughed a maniacal laugh and stalked off towards the door of the building, pushing it open to reveal the dark interior. Almost immediately, her ears were assaulted by the sound of babies screaming their butts off. Poor buggers. Well, she wasn’t going to help them. In fact, she would make them cry even harder and be scarred for the rest of their life. Knowing that her regular bed would still be preserved for her, she made her way up three flights of stairs, watching in delight as the kids ran away from her or bowed to her.

The room she was placed in held thirty-five bunk beds and hers was the top bunk right at the end under the lone window in the room. She had just set her duffle bag down when she heard a voice behind her.

“Lux, you’re back.”

Lux turned around and spotted the blonde girl her age. Holly. The only girl in the orphanage Lux didn’t terrorise because they worked together to make life miserable for everyone but themselves. But Lux didn’t trust her in the real trust sort of way. She trusted no one but herself.

“Yes, I’m back. Didn’t you notice from all the monsters running away crying and the clueless ones staring at me?” she shot back.

Holly grinned. “I had an idea.”

They spent time catching up and planning new things to do to the kids in the hellhole. Inflicting pain to them would get her through the holiday until she could get back to school. It was what she’d always done to survive and she wasn’t about to change that.

[[OOC: Lemme know if it's okay Smile]]
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PostSubject: Re: The Start of Something Terrible (Kamren and Clarinda)   Thu Feb 18, 2016 10:05 am

They had been trying for years, Kamren and her, to no avail. She didn’t blame him - why would she? - but nevertheless, it was slightly disappointing that she would never be able to have kids of her own flesh and blood. That did not, however mean that they didn’t want any. To have children was a lifelong dream they both shared, and, besides, it wasn’t as though conception was their only choice.

It was never too late for adoption.

But something wasn’t quite settling with her, and no matter how many places she’d visit, and how many cute faces of toddlers and babies and tweens stared up at her, Clarinda just could not bring herself to say, “This is the one.” So they scouted orphanage after orphanage, and that was how they ended up, one off day, at “Bellamy’s Orphanage for Girls”. It was a muggle one, but she knew through her husband that there was one magic female there, and so it was for this one girl that they came to look at.

After all, with both their jobs taking place in the wizarding world, there was no way they could have adopted a muggle, as much as Clarinda loved the idea. Her husband was the Minister of magic, so she was quite sure the idea would have never been accepted, had she voiced it - which she hadn’t, because Clarinda wasn’t stupid, and knew when an idea was too preposterous to share.

Stepping into the place, she looked around, wrinkling her nose slightly as they were led through the corridors, making sure that the caretaker did not see her look of disgust. “Kam,” she murmured, just loud enough for her husband beside her to hear, “This place is awful! These poor kids. The sanitation is terrible!” The Healer in her was disgusted, and the part of her that watched over her ward was even more so, verging on the edge of righteous anger. Nobody deserved to live in a place like this - not one single person, no matter what they’d done. What more should kids - mere children - be kept away from such living conditions!

As they stepped into the office, she adjusted her expression to one she had mastered during her time at work - the patient, kind smile she would give the dying, the injured, and the family of those in the hospital - and began to look through the files offered her, finally stopping at the picture of the one they were here to see.

“Lux Bailey?” the caretaker said, and was it Clarinda’s imagination, or was there a hint of surprise and almost fear? “I-I’ll get her at once, if you’re sure.”

“I’m sure,” Clarinda replied, tone leaving no room for argument, and watched as the caretaker left the room. Turning to her husband, she said, “Merlin’s beard, dear. Are you quite sure they’re a legitimate place?”

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PostSubject: Re: The Start of Something Terrible (Kamren and Clarinda)   Thu Feb 18, 2016 10:23 am

Working in the Ministry had a lot of perks. Files were not top secret if you were the one who held the key to them all. Nothing in the world was a secret to Kamren, but despite that luxury, he did not abuse it. Well, ninety nine point nine percent of the time he didn't abuse that power.

However, the search for a child, of magical birth, currently in foster care was not an easy one, so Kamren had dipped in to his power and pulled up a short list of children that fit the criteria. There weren't, unsurprisingly, that many children that fit this criteria, and the list was made shorter when he'd brought it home to show Clarinda. The few that were left, Kamren had gone back and found out where they were residing, which was why they were here today.

Lux Bailey, a fifteen year old girl who resided in Bellamy's Orphanage for Girls. It was in Ireland, which suited the two of them nicely. Both of them being Irish made this a little easier a transition, it would fit nicely with the aesthetic of the child being their own, even if not biologically. Not that this was a huge thing for the two of them, it would just be nice.

“This place is awful! These poor kids. The sanitation is terrible!”

"I'll have it looked in to." Kamren responded to his wife softly, hoping to settle her in that moment because he didn't wish for her to be upset. He had the contacts for an inspection to be run, and he would make sure it was done. For Clarinda's sake and the children's. Giving his wife's shoulder a soft squeeze of reassurance, the two of them followed the caretaker in to an office.

Kamren stayed standing as Clarinda looked through the files, hands in the pockets of his trousers as he waited. His eyes roamed the room until the caretaker spoke, questioning his wife's decision. Their decision. Kamren simply nodded his sureness to the man before them, and waited for him to leave.

“Merlin’s beard, dear. Are you quite sure they’re a legitimate place?”

"I'm sure it's legitimate, but perhaps needing an inspection. It'll be fine, I promise." He assured her softly, only now sinking in to the second chair and taking his wife's hand. Today was a big day for the two of them, and he couldn't help but give her hand a small squeeze to show that. Conveying every feeling he had in that moment as they waited for the child to come to them.
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PostSubject: Re: The Start of Something Terrible (Kamren and Clarinda)   Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:21 pm

It had been a fulfilling two days back at the orphanage. Life returned to how it always was whenever she had to stay there. The first thing on her list was orientation, something she planned for the new kids and so far, they were making great progress. They knew not to get in the her way whenever she walked through the impossibly narrow halls and staircases and they knew to make sure no part to them – not even a single hair – touched her body.

There were times when they made mistakes - like sitting in her seat, or using the toilet when she wanted to use it – and she had to rain down her wrath on them. It was fun to see them go crying to the caretakers who were powerless to help them because they were too afraid of her.

Life was good. Not perfect. But good. Ever since that episode in the DADA class, Lux made sure to fill in all the cracks in the walls around her. There was no way she would risk going through something like that ever again. She would torment everyone around her. No mercy this time. No one was spared. Even for the littlest things, she would blow up at the kids and make them so terrified they couldn’t sleep at night. Oh yes. Life was good.

She made her way out of the dining room where they just finished their lunch and a hundred girls were rushing out to play. In the sea of arms and legs pushing to get through the door, it was almost comical to see a void area around Lux and the immediate path before her, empty. Like Moses and the Red Sea all over again. Except this time, she only needed the power of her eyes to part the way.


She turned her head to find the source of the voice and spotted a caretaker looking at her hesitantly. She raised an eyebrow.

“There’s um...someone here to see you.”

“Who?” she shot back. She wasn’t expecting any visitors. Couples interested in adoption stopped calling for her five years ago. She was too old to be adopted and they passed over her once they read her file anyway.

The caretaker shrugged.

Now she was beyond curious. She followed the caretaker through the dim hallways down to the lobby and to the office. But just as the caretaker pushed the door open, a little girl sped around the corner, her pigtails flying and rammed straight into Lux.

Lux glared at the girl, her face showing thunder and lightning that would frighten Zeus himself. The girl backed tracked a few steps and looked up at Lux with wide eyes and trembling lips. She clutched a piece of paper in her tiny hands and Lux could see a coloured drawing of a unicorn. Merlin’s hairy ass! She couldn’t be rid of those creatures even away from the magical world. Her eyes narrowed.

“I..I..I’m..s-s-sor-sorry,” she stuttered, tears beginning to form in her eyes. “P-pl-please d-don’t h-hu-hurt m-me.”

Look who we have here. A female Finley. Except Finley wasn’t very male to begin with.

Lux said nothing but plucked the piece of paper from the girl’s fingers. Agonizingly slowly, she began ripping it into shreds until it was unrecognizable then letting the pieces fall through her fingers as the girl whimpered and sobbed. “Walk away,” Lux responded, her voice deadly calm but authoritative. The girl turn and ran off.

Lux smiled to herself and when she spotted the open mouth of the caretaker and the door he still held wide, she grinned. Stalking into the office, she saw the couple that was there. She gave them the stink eye then crossed her arms.

“What do you want?” she questioned. “And be quick about it. I don’t have all day.”
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PostSubject: Re: The Start of Something Terrible (Kamren and Clarinda)   Fri Feb 19, 2016 2:26 am

The words of assurance, followed by the gentle squeeze given by Kam was enough for her to calm down; if her husband said something, he did it, and she knew he would follow through with his statement. “Thank you,” she murmured in reply, turning her head slightly to give him a smile, showing she was truly grateful.

"I'm sure it's legitimate, but perhaps needing an inspection. It'll be fine, I promise."

As her husband took a seat next to her, she smiled up at him again, eyes flashing the emotions she knew he was feeling, and squeezed his hand back. “I know, dear,” she commented, always having been the one to speak rather than keep quiet. Perhaps it was habit, since in the ward, it always helped to verbalise things instead of just standing there, or perhaps it was just her personality, but there was always a soft quality in her tone, and she picked up on emotions faster than some others.

And, perhaps, that was also why she heard the crying despite it originating from somewhere outside a few moments later. A look of concern flashed across her face. Fine tuned to hear pain, Clarinda glanced over at her husband, asking non-verbal questions; the door was open, and with the caretaker standing just outside, she didn’t want to outright ask if any form of abuse was happening.

A muffled voice, words indistinguishable, could also be heard, and then the sound of pattering feet running away. Clarinda glanced towards the door, half wondering if she should get up to see if everything was okay, when the witch walked in. Lux Bailey glared at them, and the words out of her mouth made Clarinda want to frown (not in disapproval, but in sadness; what had the poor thing endured that she was this way?), but she held it back and instead smiled.

“You,” she said. And it was true. She couldn’t quite explain it, but something about Lux just… felt right. But she wasn’t one to jump on the wagon at every whim and fancy, and so Clarinda instead regarded the girl as a whole, using both her heart and logic. Fifteen, abandoned as a baby, and apparently not the most well behaved, to put lightly. The offenses listed in her file, Clarinda was sure, was enough to scare away most other people. But not her; all she had felt was this great big ache for the witch that nobody seemed to love.

“We want you,” she added, as if to clarify, and then glanced at Kam, willing him with her eyes to say something, too.

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PostSubject: Re: The Start of Something Terrible (Kamren and Clarinda)   Fri Feb 19, 2016 10:54 am

The glance from his wife at the commotion outside made Kamren shake his head very slightly, only once. In a manner than communicated that now was not the time to discuss such things. The check on the orphanage was most definitely moved to the top of his list for work the next day, but right now, that was not his priority.

The way the girl, Lux, came in to the room was intriguing. Power was most definitely prominent in the witch's stance, but Kamren didn't buckle under the gaze. He was a grown man, one of the most powerful men in the world, actually, and he was not going to be walked over. Firm, but fair, as always.

But Clarinda answered the question before Kamren had chance to think of something to say, and his wife's words hit the nail on the head in one smooth motion.

"We would like to adopt you, if the circumstances are agreeable with your caretaker." Kamren amended his wife's statements. You didn't always get what you wanted, but things you liked were normally more obtainable. "How about you come and sit down and we'll discuss?" He prompted, not babying the girl before her, but instead treating her as an adult.
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PostSubject: Re: The Start of Something Terrible (Kamren and Clarinda)   Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:08 pm

Lux studied the couple before her. She could tell, almost instantly that the man was in some position of authority. As one who loved having power, she could sense when another person held authority. Perhaps it was the way they carried themselves or the look in their eyes, whatever it was, Lux recognised it. The lady she wasn't so sure about. She seemed...nice and Lux almost threw up at that description.

“We want you,”

At that, Lux raised an eyebrow. Well, that was something new. Everybody was always so eager to get rid of her that it became ingrained in her to push people away. You want to get rid of me? Sure! I'll give you plenty of good reasons to do so. It was always what she had done - give them good reason to get rid of those who wanted her. But the most important point was that she could not let herself believe anymore. Not after what happened in that stupid DADA class. No, she wouldn't let anyone near her at all.

But before she could reply, the man spoke and Lux bristled at his tone of voice. No one told her what to do and she could feel the rebellion in her rising up to the challenge. This man was in a position of power, that much she knew. Well, she'd see just how far she could push him.

"Well, I don't want either of you and there is nothing to discuss so you can haul your stinking butts out of here and go back to wherever you came from," she shot out in one breath. She'd lived this long by herself without any parents - or anyone for that matter - telling what to do and she wasn't about to let that freedom slide out of her hands. How many times had she overheard people complaining about their parents? Well, she was glad she didn't have any. She was better off without them any way.

What her expression would look like

And another expression
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PostSubject: Re: The Start of Something Terrible (Kamren and Clarinda)   Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:55 am

Taking a deep breath at Kam's instructions, Clarinda dipped her head in acknowledgement of what he had told her to do. He was right, she knew. And as much as it went against her training to provide help the moment it was needed, she stayed where she was, and didn't move. Sometimes, the best way to help people was to wait for a better time to do so, and this was one such case, so no matter her personal feelings, Clarinda would do what was best for the children.

Besides, she trusted her husband would do what he could, and that was enough for her.

"We would like to adopt you, if the circumstances are agreeable with your caretaker."

She couldn't help but chuckle inwardly at her husband's words. Always the political man, she nevertheless agreed with his words. He was right, as usual, having caught on the one thing they'd need if they wanted to adopt Lux. After all, if this had been a magical orphanage, the caretakers would definitely agree to the adoption; Kam was, after all, the minister of magic. But here, in the muggle world, they wouldn't recognise that as a legitimate job.

But then, Lux was speaking, and Clarinda's heart ached for the young witch. How many people had hurt her before, that her first reaction to a possible family was so harsh and shut off? She had dealt with more than her share of patients who didn't want to accept help, and shot a glance over at Kam that read, Let me deal with this, dear.

"Well, Lux - may I call you that? - if you don't wish to talk, don't," she started, taking on a calm but neutral tone, as though talking to someone who refused to take a potion that would save their life. "And if you don't want us, there is nothing we can do but leave. However, when we say we want you, we aren't lying. We want to adopt you, and we want you to be a part of our family."

She paused, smiled at the witch. "But all that is such a big topic. For now, we seem to be at uneven standings. We know your name, but you don't know mine. I'm Clarinda." She gestured towards Kam. "This is my husband, Kamren."

Waiting a second, Clarinda let this sink in before continuing. "Do you want to tell us why you don't want a family?" she inquired, lightly, as though making casual conversation. There was no pressure for Lux to talk or answer.
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PostSubject: Re: The Start of Something Terrible (Kamren and Clarinda)   Sat Feb 20, 2016 1:31 pm

There had to be some reason why they were here for her. After all, calls for her for adoption had long since gone down the drain. Ever since she managed to get her last set of foster parents to divorce, Mrs. Bellamy had given up on her. It wasn't like she needed a home anyway. She spent most of her life at school and only came back to the orphanage for holidays. She didn't need to obey parents - which was perfect for her - and she was free to do her own things without a set of people judging her every decision.

There was only one thing she could think of why they would be here. It had to be her blood status. She was the only Muggleborn in this orphanage. This couple had to be magical too. Now that made things more interesting. All her previous foster parents - thirty-two - of them were muggle and had no knowledge of the magical world. It had to be the reason why after five years of silence, this couple came looking for her for adoption. They wanted a magical child. Out of the hundreds of other girls here - all of them better suited to having parents than her - they had to pick Lux.

She gave a smirk of amusement. It was only an assumption but one Lux thought was pretty accurate. It did explain why they were here for her. Or maybe they were here because of something wrong she did in which case she could be dragged to Azkaban. What an adventure that would be! But that was unlikely.

"No, you may not call me that because you won't be needing to call me at all after you get your sorry butts out of here," Lux responded instantly. "I don't want to be adopted. I don't want to be part of your family or any family for that matter."

Lux paused to take a breath before continuing. "And correction. There is no topic at all and I don't care a flea's poop in the fur of a mangy dog what your names are," she said with a smile. "And I would rather stick needles in my eyes - or actually your eyes and watch the blood run out - than ever belong to a family because they are useless sacks of potatoes that do nothing but restrict you, impose rules on you and are an annoying pain in Merlin's hairy butt. Saying 'yes' to be part of a family would mean a slow withering death to my soul."

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PostSubject: Re: The Start of Something Terrible (Kamren and Clarinda)   Sat Feb 20, 2016 1:52 pm

"Well, I don't want either of you and there is nothing to discuss so you can haul your stinking butts out of here and go back to wherever you came from,"

Those words brought a small, amused smile to Kamren's lips. He was not unused to people acting out. Normally people acted out when they were scared, or uncertain. Now, of course, this wasn't funny in itself, but the young witch's choice of words were amusing and he couldn't help himself in that moment.

But Kamren sat back and allowed his wife to take the reigns in that moment. She was the much more calming influence out of the two of them, that much he would never deny. Her voice was softer than his, and with her job as a Healer, she knew how to work with even the trickiest of customers. Kamren was a diplomat, and he knew only how to work on treaties, and the like, not overly sensitive personal matters.

Though skills could be used from that too.

However, even Clarinda's soft mannerisms couldn't stop the tirade from Lux's lips. Kamren was not a man who knew the ins and outs of medical procedure, so he didn't think anything wrong with the words the girl was saying. Except that they were violent, and, perhaps a little worrying.

But not enough to put him off.

The girl needed affection, kindness. Love. That much was quite clear, but that would need time. Work, lots of it. But they had both the time, and the will power if they could get the witch to listen. Kamren allowed a short pause, hopefully a heartbeat for the younger witch to calm down before he spoke again.

"You're wrong." He told her simply, his tone calm, not condescending at all. "A family is none of those things. A family is an elevation to bigger and better things." Kamren explained, his eyes not faltering from the witch before him. "Except, it doesn't seem that you quite understand that. Not yet, anyway. You're different, Lux, we know that from your record here. But we're different too.

"I bet... no, I challenge you to come and live with us, until the end of the summer - we'll make sure you get back to school, but the holidays you come to us." Kamren explained, knowing that the challenge to will out would likely get the witch's attention, and make her dubious of a flat out no. "A challenge for you to live with us, and not come back with the same idea of what a family is. Though, should you have a complete change of ideology - which I think you will because you strike me as the clever kind - then you can stay with us, indefinitely."

The whole speech was calm, talking adult to adult in that moment. Kamren's eyes didn't move to his wife's once throughout it, his eyes remaining on the witch before them in challenge. And now, Kamren would see what the girl was really made of, or whether she would cower away.
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PostSubject: Re: The Start of Something Terrible (Kamren and Clarinda)   

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The Start of Something Terrible (Kamren and Clarinda)
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