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 The Show Must Go On (Lux)

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PostSubject: The Show Must Go On (Lux)   Thu Feb 18, 2016 10:53 pm

Milo needed some piece and quiet. He was tired of everything and everyone, and he just needed to be alone. He knew that the common room wouldn't be a great place because he knew that his piece and quiet time would most likely be interrupted with the Slytherin passerby's. He had a lot to think about. There was the girl in the Room of Requirement. Her name had already slipped his mind, but her face hadn't. It was an unusual name he remembered, but so unusual that he had forgotten. Either that, or she was of no importance to him as her attitude was certainly terrible, and needed to be adjusted. Milo wasn't one to back down from a challenge.

So Milo's mission to find a quiet place was indeed hard. It was a rather large castle, but a castle that also inhabited a lot of students. Today, he sported his Slytherin uniform, even though classes weren't in session, he still wanted to support his house and show house pride. His hair was always kept, slicked back with hair gel, and his face bore his natural looks. Finally he found an empty classroom. It was old and unused, and immediately interested Milo.

He looked in, expecting to see someone being just as curious about the empty classroom as he was, but there was no one. He stepped in, and looked at the empty dust covered desks. The board looked like it hadn't been touched in ages, but there were still names written on it. "Jane Carmichael-5th year Slytherin" was written on the board. There were other names too, but that one was most clear. Curious, he walked to the closet. He opened it, and out fell a bunch of old pieces of parchment, and instruments. He picked up a violin and plucked the string. It was way out of tune, as it had probably been in the closet for who knows how long.

He picked up a piece of parchment and saw a play. Interested, Milo read threw it. He laughed at it's cheesy-ness, but back then it probably made complete sense and wasn't cheesy at all. There wasn't even a date on it. He moved deeper into the closet, and found a thousand more instruments. Why wasn't the arts taught here now? Milo wasn't very fond of them, but he was sure there were some students who were and who had amazing talent that needed to be shared.
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PostSubject: Re: The Show Must Go On (Lux)   Fri Feb 19, 2016 8:12 am

Lux's last class had just ended and the first thing she did was head to her dorm to strip the uniform of. Although she was all for supporting her house and all that, she just would not tolerate wearing something that wasn't...her for longer than absolutely necessary. So she pulled on black skinny jeans, a black studded sleeveless top and layered on her favourite skull necklace. She stuffed her feet into knee high black combat boots and completed the assemble with four leather bracelets on her right hand.

Needing to wind down after a full day of classes and tolerating stupid students, Lux headed to the one place she knew would be empty. She'd found the Arts, Music & Dance Room a few years back and had used it whenever she wanted to be alone. After grabbing her iPod and earphones, she made a beeline to the fourth floor. As usual, the room was empty and dark. Lux never bothered turning on the lights when she was alone. Why make it bright when darkness suited her just fine?

She made her way to the special spot in the room. There was this one corner, far away from the door and at an angle where no one would know she was there unless they knew there was room behind that corner and thought to look. It hid her from view from everyone. Settling herself down, she stuffed the earphones in and scrolled through her playlists, picking her favourite one. Metal and rock blasted through and she closed her eyes contentedly. Most of the time, she would sing along but today was not the day for that. Relaxing and listening was what she wanted to do right now.

It wasn't until she felt her skin crawl that she hit pause on the music and opened her eyes, alert to whatever - or whoever - might be in the room. She heard the a door opening and the sound of a violin string being plucked, then some paper rustling and a laugh. Huh. It was a male. And he had the nerve to impose his unwanted presence on her. She pulled the earphones off and got up silently. Rounding the corner, she crossed her arms and glared at the guy like she could melt him with her gaze.

"If you value your life, you would walk away and never come back," Lux said, her tone cool, calm and utterly polite as she kept a smile on her face.
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The Show Must Go On (Lux)
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