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 Visiting the 'Mother-in-Law' in Italy (Seb/Aiden)

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PostSubject: Visiting the 'Mother-in-Law' in Italy (Seb/Aiden)   Fri Feb 26, 2016 8:50 am

Aiden and Sebastian had decided to visit Seb's mother over the Christmas Holidays and thus that's what they were doing. His siblings and parents had no problem -his parent's rarely had problems with him leaving the UK- so he had packed and left with Sebastian for Italy.

Truthfully he had wanted to see the beautiful country at Christmas ever since he had visited over the Summer Holidays. Though his want over seeing Christmas Italy was overtaken by his worry over what Seb's mother would say about their relationship. Seb had reassured him that his mother would be okay with it but well, he would prefer to hear the words from the woman's own lips and not from her son.

Grunting softly as he was deposited outside of Sebastian's house, Aiden held onto his stomach for a few seconds before he straightened when he was sure that he wasn't about to throw up.
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PostSubject: Re: Visiting the 'Mother-in-Law' in Italy (Seb/Aiden)   Sat Feb 27, 2016 4:28 pm

Sebastian was nervous about bringing Aiden home to his mamma. Well, bringing Aiden home to his mamma as his boyfriend. Sebastian had known for a number of years that he was fond of both the sexes, though he had noted (even before his crush developed on Aiden) that he was more interested in boys than girls.

But even if he'd come to terms with this, he hadn't yet discussed it with his mamma.

However, Julietta Aquila was an understanding and accepting woman, and this was what Sebastian was hoping to receive in response to the news of Aiden and his relationship.

The dinner - which Sebastian had decided he and Aiden would explain - was due to be served in just under an hour. He'd gotten his mamma a new cooking book for Christmas - it wasn't much, but the English recipes would be a new challenge for his mamma, and he knew she would enjoy the book. Aiden's present was a little more expensive, and hopefully something his boyfriend would enjoy - a subscription to a Potions magazine that highlighted all the new methods of preparing potions, the latest additions to the potion market, and useful tips that Sebastian was sure his boyfriend would enjoy.

Not that Aiden needed them, he was a fantastic Potioneer.

But it was the best idea Sebastian could come up with.

Slipping an arm through Aiden's the duo had apparated just outside his home, and Sebastian had given his boyfriend a small squeeze before moving through the front door, beckoning Aiden in after him.

"Mamma , siamo a casa ! Dove avete bisogno di noi?" Sebastian called out, waiting for a moment before hearing his mamma hurry from the kitchen to greet them.

"Sebastian ! E 'bene avere a casa ! E Aiden ! Inglese!" Sebastian's mother responded pulling her son in to a hug, before slipping in to slightly broken English. "You are most, eh, welcome! Come, come!" She motioned for the two of them to head in to the next room. "Dinner is almost ready!"

mamma , siamo a casa ! Dove avete bisogno di noi? - mum, we're home! Where do you need us?

Sebastian ! E 'bene avere a casa ! E Aiden ! Inglese! - Sebastian! It is good to have you home! And Aiden! English!
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PostSubject: Re: Visiting the 'Mother-in-Law' in Italy (Seb/Aiden)   Thu Apr 14, 2016 7:57 pm

Having Sebastian next to him really reassured the seventh year Slytherin who had been worrying about all of this ever since he had decided to head to Italy with his boyfriend to visit his mother. He had especially taken that time to think of something to buy for the kind woman and had finally decided on an lifetime subscription to the Cookers Workshop magazine that was both in English and Italian. He knew how much the woman loved cooking so he hoped she would like the present.

Smiling at Sebastian, Aiden followed his lead and walked in through the door, smiling even more as he was instantly hit with the smell of home cooking. He knew he would enjoy this trip fully even if half of his mind was currently on the upcoming talk the two of them were to have with Sebastian's mom.

Was it normal for someone to be this scared of a woman? He didn't think so but Sebastian was Julietta's only son and child so he knew he had a right to worry. Who knew what the woman would do.

When the familiar voice of Juliette assaulted Aiden's ears he couldn't help but smile even more before softly, in broken Italian, he replied to the woman.

"Grazie per avermi sopra."

The language was hard to learn but Aiden had undertaken the whole year to learn it and he hoped that Sebastian was just as surprised as his mother that he took the time to learn their mother tongue.
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PostSubject: Re: Visiting the 'Mother-in-Law' in Italy (Seb/Aiden)   Thu Apr 14, 2016 8:21 pm

Following his mama through to the dining room, Sebastian gave Aiden a small glance with a smile that showed his nervousness even if he wanted it to stay hidden. Beggars, however, could not be choosers.

As they stepped through to the dining room, though, and Aiden spoke, Sebastian's eyes went wide. Italian? Since when? On top of everything Aiden was doing? If it had not been for his mama being present, Sebastian would have crushed his lips against Aiden's in a show of deep gratification for his boyfriend. Learning his native tongue was a huge thing, in Sebastian's books, and he didn't know how to deal with that.

"You have learned the Italian?" Julietta asked happily, the pride in her features aglow. "Such a good friend, Sebby!" She added to her son, moving to busy herself in the kitchen. "Plates are on the side!" Julietta called, and Sebastian moved to get them, bringing them back to the table and laying them out.

"Since when did you learn Italian?" Sebastian asked, his tone hushed for no real reason apart from trying to keep his mama from over hearing is overly joyous voice in that moment. He had had no idea - and this would have been months of work, surely.
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PostSubject: Re: Visiting the 'Mother-in-Law' in Italy (Seb/Aiden)   Thu Apr 14, 2016 8:30 pm

Aiden flushed under the obvious pleasure of Julietta who looked radiant with happiness and full of pride for him learning Italian. If he wasn't himself he probably would've puffed up in pride at the happiness and acknowledgment the woman radiated.

He had been very unsure about his Italian and he still was but the fact that both his boyfriend and his boyfriend's mother were happy about it would keep him going in learning until he was sure he had it down to a pat.

When Julietta disappeared back into the kitchen, Aiden turned his eyes towards his boyfriend, his teeth worrying his lower lip as he waited for Sebastian's verdict on his language skills so far.

"Umm.. Since I came back from my holiday here over the summer." Aiden rushed out with a pleased flush appearing on his cheeks, his eyes shimmering with happiness. "I didn't know if we'd get together or not but I still wanted to learn Italian since it's your mother tongue. I thought it would make you happy to have someone speak your language back in England."
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PostSubject: Re: Visiting the 'Mother-in-Law' in Italy (Seb/Aiden)   Thu Apr 14, 2016 8:58 pm

Sebastian listened, smiling warmly at the news of when the decision to learn Italian had come up. It was, to Sebastian a very thoughtful thing to do, and it made him realise in that moment just how much Aiden meant to him, and in turn, how much he meant to Aiden. They were serious about each other, and that made him feel very, very warm inside.

But when Aiden mentioned learning despite no certainty in them getting together, Sebastian couldn't help but glance towards the kitchen, hoping his mama hadn't overheard those words. He wanted to tell his mama properly, not in an overheard conversation. No, she deserved better than that. The clinking in the kitchen continued, though, and Sebastian was sure his mama had not heard.

"That... means a lot, Aiden." Sebastian admitted softly, his smile showing how touched he was by the sentiment his boyfriend had just explained. "I don't know how I'll make this up to you, but I'll find a way, I promise." He added, just before his mama appeared from the kitchen with a pot that had steam pouring out of the top.

"Spaghetti alla Carbonara!" Julietta explained as she placed it in the middle of the table, offering the serving spoon to Aiden first as she sat down. "So, Aiden, how is the school?" She asked, her English not quite as good as her sons, but not so awful as to be misunderstood. "Sebby tells me you are the Head Boy?"
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PostSubject: Re: Visiting the 'Mother-in-Law' in Italy (Seb/Aiden)   

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Visiting the 'Mother-in-Law' in Italy (Seb/Aiden)
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