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 Eun Soo Han

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PostSubject: Eun Soo Han   Wed Mar 02, 2016 5:39 pm


  Full Name: Eun Soo Han (한은수)
  Age: 26
  Date of birth: October 28, 1991
  Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  Current home: London, England
  Blood Status: Pureblood
  Sexual Alignment: Bisexual
  Wand type: Cherry, phoenix feather, 10 inches, slightly bendy



  Hair colour and style: Eun Soo often keeps her dark brown hair long and free of dye and other sorts of rubbish that are harmful for her hair. For more formal occasions, she curls the tips of her hair to give it volume and a more elegant look.
  Eye colour: Dark brown
  Height: 165cm / 5'4"
  Body type: Slim
  Dress sense: In Korea: Classic, sophisticated and comfortable. Though Eun Soo likes to look as if she stepped out of Audrey Hepburn's closet, she keeps it simple since an Auror must be able to move around easily.
In London: Far away from her family, Eun Soo can dress more like herself, so she often prefers to wear black shirts with ripped or acid-washed jeans and combat boots. This dress sense allows her to move easily and blend in with the underworld crowd.

Eun Soo often wears pearl drop earrings, although her family is unaware of a piercing on her helix which she had during her teenage years. For the sake of professionalism (and keeping up appearances now that Eun Soo has reconciled with her family), Eun Soo chooses not to wear anything on her helix piercing when in Korea.



      - Technomancy. The South Korean Wizarding Academy is one of the most technologically advanced schools, and their students often incorporate both modern-day Muggle and magical technology into their spellcraft. It makes tracking and intelligence gathering much easier for an Auror like Eun Soo.
      - Despite her sheltered rich upbringing, Eun Soo is actually very fond of cheap street food. During her travels, she likes to sample street food in order to get to know the culture.
      - Eun Soo considers herself a feminist, and was quite the social justice warrior during the early 2010s days of Tumblr. She therefore loves stories about strong, empowered women, and aspires to be remembered as one as well.
       - Music is something Eun Soo cannot live without. As a teenager, she looked up to various Korean, American, British and Japanese bands, although she developed a distaste of K-pop simply due to foreigners expecting her to like the genre. She doesn't have a favourite genre, although she is interested in the punk and goth subculture.
       - Despite her interest in the punk and goth subculture, Eun Soo would never be caught wearing punk clothes—she likes to stay glamorous and fashionable, especially since her sophistication can be used to intimidate less stylish people. She does, however, keep a few Steampunk-style accessories.

      - K-pop... she does not understand the obsession and hates it whenever people ask if she likes K-pop just because she's Korean.
      - Having grown up in South Korea, where there wasn't as much pureblood snobbery (since Korea faced another sort of problem in the 50s), Eun Soo does not understand pureblood pride and elitism at all.
      - Since Eun Soo is quite the social justice warrior, there's nothing she dislikes hates more than injustice. Racism, misogyny and anything of the sort can get Eun Soo really angry, and when she's angry, she doesn't keep it inside.
      - Troublemakers and rule-breakers. Eun Soo enjoyed the disciplined training they had in the South Korean Wizarding Academy, even though some other students didn't seem to enjoy it much. Though she would never give them credit, those troublemaker classmates helped her become the Auror she is now.
      - Despite Eun Soo's vain and narcissistic tendencies, she absolutely dislikes flirting. Though she secretly enjoys romance books and films and is not above checking out cute guys and girls from afar, she sees actual romances and flirtations as a waste of time.

  Strengths/Positive Traits:
       - Eun Soo's flexibility allows her to look at problems from different perspectives, making her quite a cunning witch. She sees Auror work as a game, and the one with the best strategy comes out on top.
       - Since Eun Soo would have been in Slytherin if she had gone to Hogwarts, ambition is practically her middle name. Failure is just not an option especially when you've been prepared for success all your life, and Eun Soo is more than ready to be the most successful witch of her time.
        - Eun Soo would never back down from a challenge due to her competitive nature. This makes her a good person to have on your side, especially since Eun Soo can be an incredibly supportive teammate.
         - Eun Soo's training in perceptiveness has also made her empathetic towards most people. Unless faced with a really good actor, Eun Soo can often tell how they feel based on her analysis of their behavioural patterns.
          - For the most part, despite seeming like the poster witch for Slytherins outside of Hogwarts, Eun Soo's biggest strength is actually her strong sense of justice. She can weigh even the most morally grey situations, since she is aware that justice is not black and white. This is why she became an Auror, and why her mentors continued to believe in her despite her insistence to do things her way.

         - Her ill temper was something Eun Soo could never control despite receiving disciplined education in South Korea. When provoked, Eun Soo is prone to lashing out and acting irrationally, and she can say hurtful things which she always ends up regretting later.
         - Though Eun Soo is a good winner, she's quite a sore loser, and will not accept being wrong or defeated. She will insist on being right, sometimes even at the cost of her friendships and relationships.
         - Despite having a career in law enforcement, Eun Soo is terrible at following orders herself. She likes calling the shots and hates it when someone else does it for her, especially since her parents had tried so hard to control her life.
         - Feelings are a terrible subject for Eun Soo. She just does not know how to deal with them—she cannot talk about her emotions, even though she is highly aware of them. And though she's actually very empathetic despite her temper and competitiveness, she is unsure how to deal with other people's emotions. It is because of this that Eun Soo has difficulties keeping friends.
          - Though Eun Soo's one track mind can be helpful for Auror work, it can often hinder her from enjoying friendships or even just letting loose. Eun Soo feels as if she was born to be an Auror, not realising that there is so much more to life than her career.



  Han Eun Soo was practically born a princess. Born to a family whose lineage came from ancient Korean nobility, Eun Soo grew up riding limos around the muggle areas of Seoul and dining in the fanciest restaurants owned by witch-chefs. She never lacked for anything, and servants were always ready to do as she pleased. Though this made Eun Soo's childhood feel easy and luxurious, she would eventually learn that being born with a silver spoon in her mouth came with a price. As soon as she began her lessons at three years old, life stopped being easy, and luxury became work when eating caviar on golden plates meant that she would have to fake her emotions.

  Though her family's wealth may have seemed enviable to those from the outside, Eun Soo's everyday life consisted of a routine which was meant to turn her into the perfect daughter the Han family wanted and needed in order to keep their reputation clean and sparkling. Aside from her witchcraft lessons, Eun Soo had to learn manners/etiquette, four foreign languages (English, French, Japanese and Mandarin), business law, strategies and management, and elementary computer science and engineering since her family also owned a multinational electronics company in the Muggle world. Upon entering the South Korean Wizarding Academy, she was also expected to be the top student due to her older brother Eun Jae's reputation.

  Eun Soo, however, had different plans for herself. For one, she would not let her parents choose the man she would marry. They had planned for her to marry Lee Min Hyuk, the son of a family friend and the second best student in Eun Jae's year, but Eun Soo was not one to let even her parents make decisions for her life. She acted abrasive towards Min Hyuk, and though she was considered to be one of the Academy's top students, she had established a reputation of being the ill-tempered social justice warrior. Due to this, she didn't have much friends, and her parents were disappointed in her for not using the opportunity to make more connections.

  Things came to a head when Eun Soo finally graduated. As the top student of her class, various career opportunities were open to her, but Eun Soo chose to be an Auror, a career that wasn't very popular amongst the elite wizarding families. Since the South Korean wizarding world values science, technology and research, most of the top students chose to pursue further academic studies and research. The more average students were left to enter fields such as law enforcement, hence the violent reaction of Eun Soo's family when she announced that she had decided to become an Auror trainee.

  For years since she dropped the bomb over her graduation dinner, Eun Soo stayed away from her family. Though her mother often tried to reach out to her, meetings with her often turned into lectures, and at 19, Eun Soo already had enough of her family trying to control her life. Besides, she had gotten exposed to the social justice side of the Internet, and she couldn't turn back anymore. While a career as a lawyer witch might have been more respectable than a career in Law Enforcement, Eun Soo was tired of studying, and reading more heavy tomes was the last thing she wanted just after graduating.

  Eun Soo, however, couldn't stay upset with her family for too long. Despite the pressure they had put on her, Eun Soo couldn't just ignore them for the rest of her life. A year before she decided to accept the job offer as an 'international Auror', Eun Soo moved back to her family's place. By the time she was 23, her family had accepted that they could do nothing but let her live the way she wanted. Besides, they already had Eun Jae to take over the family businesses, although the family is unaware that Eun Jae himself had fallen in love with Min Hyuk. Eun Jae didn't want Eun Soo to leave, as she was the only one who knew of his sexuality and accepted it, but Eun Soo knew that her brother would make it through. She was a hero and the world needed her, or so she liked to think.

On January 2018, she left for England, ready to take on international cases and dark witches and wizards' plots to take over the world.



  Mother: Jung Hee Dae (대정희) / 60 / Living / Pureblood Witch
  Father: Sung Ho Han (한성호) / 60 / Living / Pureblood Wizard
  Siblings: Eun Jae Han (한은재) / 28 / Living / Pureblood Wizard


Family Background

  The Han family, whose Sino-Korean surname can mean either 'country' or 'leader', are a noble family who can trace their ancestry to as far back as the Silla Dynasty (57 BC-935 AD). They come from the Cheongju Han clan, who were considered seonggol or 'sacred bone' (the highest ranking nobility). While the Cheongju Han clan produced six queens during the Joseon dynasty, other members of the clan produced some of the brightest witches and wizards in Korean history. They managed to maintain the pureblood line by marrying witches and wizards from other noble clans in Korea, although very few pureblood families now remain in both North and South Korea.

  When the Japanese occupation ended and Imperial Korea fell, the well-respected Hans adjusted to the times by studying technology until they managed to build the Han empire of multinational electronics corporations in the muggle world. In the wizarding world, the Han family owns a technomancy gadgets business and various hospitals with booming research and development fields. They also often collaborate with the Korean wandmaker family and the Quidditch supplies family.

  Most members of the Han family take over the different businesses under their multinational corporations, although a few have been known to follow their own paths which usually lead to fighting injustice regardless of their career and position. This is perhaps because the Han family are descendants of the hero Gija, a Shang Dynasty king, and various generals from the Joseon Dynasty.

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Eun Soo Han
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