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 Learn to Live a Little (Open)

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PostSubject: Learn to Live a Little (Open)   Thu Mar 03, 2016 4:34 am

Her contact did not come.

She had waited at the Hogsmeade Station for almost an hour, ignoring the stares of the passersby and the wave of exhaustion after running around all day gathering information on some dodgy wizard believed to be a part of an international crime syndicate. At six o'clock in the evening, she was supposed to meet the contact who was supposedly 'a friend of the Ministry'. The contact was said to have information regarding the group trying to sell illegal herbs and potions to Hogwarts students in Hogsmeade, but so far, no one showed up. Nada. Zilch. And since Eun Soo was not a student, she wasn't exactly a safe customer for illegal trade.

At a bit past quarter to seven, Eun Soo decided to leave the Station. After all, if the contact did show up, they would be attracting attention since Eun Soo had to wait for such a long time. Besides, she needed a drink, and she had heard that some bands would be playing at Rock Blood. After just a bit of a walk, she soon found herself sitting by the bar and nursing a shot of firewhisky. Screw contacts who did not know how to keep their word. She could just come back to Hogsmeade and gather intelligence herself—relying on 'friends of the Ministry' was just a waste of time.

Once she had three shots, Eun Soo started to feel better, and she soon found herself subtly tapping to the punk music played by a band with all of its members sporting mohawks. Again, she noticed some people staring at her. That was to be expected—after all, she knew that she was quite a looker, and her black dress stood out from the more casual clothes worn by the Rock Blood regulars. Whatever, as if she cared. She was dressed better than all of them anyway. She had had a stressful day, and music was the only thing that helped her relax.
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PostSubject: Re: Learn to Live a Little (Open)   Sat Mar 05, 2016 8:04 am

Lux checked herself out one last time in the mirror. Classes were over for the day and she was more than ready to go out and have some fun. But she'd needed to make herself look older. It hadn't been too hard scaring some of the older kids into giving her some clothes - since being an orphan and all she didn't have money to buy a whole new set.

She'd donned a tight long-sleeved black cold shoulder top that cut off just above her belly button and paired it with a mini blood red skirt underneath of which she'd worn black lace leggings. She'd topped the outfit off with her usual black knee high combat boots, bat earrings, silver skull necklace and her ever present layers of black leather bangles. Her makeup was also done to make her look older than her fifteen years. When she was all ready, she grabbed her monkey fur bag and made her way to her favourite bar.

She was first attracted to the place by its name. Anything to do with blood fascinated her. With its edginess, rock music and dim lighting, it was no surprise she made the Rock Blood her most frequented bar. She pushed the door open and smiled. She was home. She made a beeline for the bar and ordered herself a firewhisky, producing a fake ID when the barista asked for one. She’d done this countless times and, as a prefect, she knew she could get in big trouble. But that was what she lived for.

She glanced around while waiting for her drink and her eyes landed on another female at the bar. Hmm. Asian. Attractive. Prostitute? No. She had too much class for that. Lux had never seen her around before but knew that she was definitely not a student at Hogwarts. Lux knew almost all of the students. She had to, to be able to terrorise them. She wasn’t a professor either. Lux would remember a professor like that.

Deciding to just ask her, Lux sauntered up with a smile. “Hi. I don’t think I’ve seen you around before. New here?” she inquired. It was a harmless question and one that Lux thought would be better than the others running through her mind.
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PostSubject: Re: Learn to Live a Little (Open)   Sat Mar 05, 2016 8:35 am

The problem with being a Korean in the UK was that Eun Soo could never seem to place someone's age. Case in point, the girl in black and red who had just walked up to her looked like she could be seventeen or eighteen. She wouldn't be surprised, though, if the girl actually turned out to be fifteen, but since Eun Soo herself did not like being asked about her age, she figured it was probably best to stop trying to guess the girl's age. What she did know is that the girl had an... interesting sense of style. She wore clothes Eun Soo would never wear, but on the girl, they made her look formidable.

'Hi,' she greeted back with a polite smile. Though she had not expected to be approached by someone, she was intrigued by how brazen the younger girl was. Then again, this was Europe—in South Korea, their juniors often cowered every time they passed by, as if to look upon an upperclassman was some sort of blasphemy. Younger people approaching her without shame (or that look of awe they had whenever they realised she was a Han) was just something she'd have to get used to. 'Well, it's not my first time here in this bar, but I'm relatively new, I suppose.'

As an Auror, it was her duty to check if the bar was serving to minors, or if minors were using fake IDs to get alcoholic drinks. However, even an Auror like hew knew how things worked in bars set up near schools—as long as the kids didn't cause any problems, law enforcers turned a blind eye. She didn't like it one bit, but there was nothing she could do. Rock Blood was a better option than these Hogwarts brats getting alcohol from crime syndicates, and besides, the Rock Blood owner was a student of Hogwarts. If there was anyone who knew these Hogwarts kids well, it would be someone who had been there.

Eun Soo supposed she could begrudgingly respect that.

Deciding that she had bigger fish to fry, she tilted her head at the girl. 'Can I get you something? A drink, maybe? I'm sure it's been a tiring day with your classes and all.' The smile on her face was innocent and friendly enough, but she made sure that her words were loaded with meaning—if this girl was indeed underage, then she would know (or at least assume) that Eun Soo was aware of her young age. If she did turn out to be a university student, though, then the girl might just think that Eun Soo assumed correctly. Either way, it worked both to their advantage—the girl seemed like she would know the illegal dealings in Hogsmeade, and Eun Soo had money for the best drinks in the bar.
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PostSubject: Re: Learn to Live a Little (Open)   Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:13 am

Lux studied the woman in front of her, trying to place her. Lux thought she certainly didn't seem to be one of the younger edgier teens that frequented the bar with their tattoos, piercings and...interesting hairstyles. In fact, upon first glance, Lux didn't think the woman enjoyed the genre of music Rock Blood was known for. Lux pinned her down as the classical kind, not the punk rockish kind. But she supposed people didn't always look like their true personalities.

"Well then. Welcome to the neighborhood," Lux replied. "To be honest though, I didn't think you would be the type of appreciate this kind of...scene." Her gaze slid to a dark corner where she spotted two people whose lips were in close embrace before returning to the person in front of her and realizing that she didn't know her name. But who cared? It wasn't like she was about to ask because if she did that, then social etiquette dictated that Lux had to introduce herself which wasn't something she did. People - or at least the ones in school - just knew who she was and if they didn't they soon realised it was a mistake to ask her.

'Can I get you something? A drink, maybe? I'm sure it's been a tiring day with your classes and all.'

Now this was an interesting turn of events. If Lux was right - and she was rarely wrong - this woman was taking it upon herself to make sure Lux obeyed the rules of drinking (which was pointless since rules were meant to be broken; there was no other purpose for them). And there was only two reasons why she would do that. One, she thought she had some authority to stop Lux and two, she really did have some authority to stop Lux. She'd been using fake IDs since she was old enough to look older and had never once been suspected since she pulled it off perfectly. But was she willing to take the risk that this woman had some authority? There was only one way to find out.

"Oh, no. I've already ordered," Lux responded with a smile. She didn't respond to the second part of the woman's answer, not wanting to implicate herself. But if she did ask about her classes and where she studied, Lux knew she had to be quick with a reply to deceive the woman into thinking she was an older student. She'd done it before only this time, the stakes were higher.
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PostSubject: Re: Learn to Live a Little (Open)   Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:58 am

It was strange how the girl did not introduce herself after welcoming Eun Soo to the neighbourhood, but she supposed that the girl merely found it unnecessary. Perhaps, if she had been newer to life in the UK, she would've considered it rude, but now Eun Soo just thought of it as one of those differences between Asia and Europe. 'Thanks,' she replied with a grateful nod. 'It's quite a nice neighbourhood.'

A chuckle escaped from her throat when the girl commented on how the Rock Blood bar didn't seem to be Eun Soo's sort of scene. Given the way Eun Soo dressed, the girl probably expected her to hang out in hotel lounges drinking those fancy cocktails with the tiny umbrellas. While Eun Soo wouldn't say no to sunbathing by a hotel pool, dive bars were a lot more helpful for her job. Besides, people who hung out at dive bars were often a lot more interesting, even if some of them had problems with abiding by the law and authority.

She signaled for another shot of firewhisky then turned back to the girl. 'Oh, you shouldn't let appearances fool you,' she winked. She followed the girl's gaze, which landed on a couple snogging heavily, and her smile turned into a smirk despite the disgust she was feeling. The snogging couple were probably Hogwarts students, about sixteen or seventeen if she guessed their age correctly, and yet there they were losing themselves in their hormones in public. She took a sip of her firewhisky, pacing herself and savouring the drink this time since she had greedily downed the first three shots. That was another thing most people probably wouldn't guess about her—she was quite a heavy drinker, and she could handle her alcohol well.

It was certainly handy when she had to use alcohol in order to investigate some cases.

'Well, let me know if you'd like some more after your drink. It's on me.' Eun Soo knew that she shouldn't be encouraging the possibly underage girl to drink, but she figured the girl could handle her alcohol, and besides, Eun Soo kept around a vial of Draught of Clarity in case someone around her needed instant sobering up. She regretted having forgotten her tiny vials of Veritaserum—one quick slip into the girl's drink and she could figure out if the girl was underage, and more importantly, if she knew anything about the crime syndicate selling illegal items to students. It wasn't very ethical, but it did the job without necessarily harming anyone. Without the Veritaserum, though, Eun Soo had to get information the hard way.

Deciding to strike while the iron was hot, Eun Soo fired her first shot. 'Studying is such a bore. My exams are coming up, but I heard Rock Blood would have a good lineup tonight. And some other... good stuff as well.' She glanced sideways at the girl, smiling as if they were a part of some conspiracy. She decided not to ask a question—it was easier to bait someone when they volunteered information. Besides, she could tell that the girl was sharp, and she had to make sure that she seemed as blase as possible.

Despite herself, though, Eun Soo actually found the girl intriguing. Lawbreaker or not, the girl was different from most Hogwarts students she encountered, and though she couldn't place why, she was determined to know just what made her so different.
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PostSubject: Re: Learn to Live a Little (Open)   Tue Mar 08, 2016 2:50 pm

She needed to name the woman. After all, she couldn't keep referring to her as 'the woman' for the duration of the conversation. Lux pondered over this as the woman talked and decided that ‘Asian’ would be a good name. And if Chinese names were anything to go by, Lux could bet her favourite scissors that Asian’s name would be hard to pronounce. Then again, she supposed it worked the opposite way too - that asians found it hard to pronounce westerners’ names.

She couldn’t quite keep the scoff from slipping her throat when Asian talked about how nice the neighborhood was. True, it was nice and friendly and all that nonsense which was why it needed more people like her, people to give it character and personality, people who bent the rules and didn’t give a donkey’s feces about being kind. All that niceness made her sick and she’d done her share of making the neighborhood not so nice. It was illegal - well, illegal in the eyes of Muggles -  and dangerous but completely fun.

She shrugged in response. “Until you get to know the sketchier parts. Then it’s not so nice anymore,” she commented. Being the more rebellious, edgy type Lux wasn’t one to hang out in the normal meeting places. While most students preferred places like Hogsmede and Diagon Alley, Lux spent her time familiarising herself with Knockturn Alley and the various people that inhabited that interesting place. She liked it that way - the neighbourhood being not so nice. Perfect was boring.

’Oh, you shouldn’t let appearances fool you,’

Lux smiled. “On that we agree.” Growing up an orphan, she’d learned early on not to trust anyone easily, even the ones that seemed to be the nicest. She trusted no one but herself.

Her drink came together with Asian’s and Lux downed it in one go, enjoying the burning sensation down her throat before ordering another one. She knew her alcohol limit and always adhered to it. Being drunk was one of the things she promised herself she’d never do. She was too dignified and proud to make a fool of herself in front of anyone.

Lux grinned at Asian’s offer for a drink. “I’ll take you up on that offer. It’s not everyday that a stranger buys you a drink.” Lux wasn’t stupid though. She’d said the words but her guard went up. She was street smart and knew the dangers of accepting a drink from a complete stranger. She doubted that Asian was a murderer or part of a criminal organisation but it didn’t hurt to be careful.

When she mentioned studying, Lux was surprised. “You study at the University?” Lux was beginning to get suspicious. Though she didn’t know all of the students at the university, she could recognise some of them in passing and even knew some of them but she’d never seen Asian before. First the offer for the drink and now this. It was almost like Asian wanted something out of her. Her thoughts were confirmed as Asian went on. Drugs? She wanted drugs? Lux’s eyes narrowed. She hadn’t pegged Asian as the kind to take drugs but looks could be deceiving.

“Good stuff like?” Lux trailed off. She had to be sure what it was exactly that the woman wanted. If she’d read Asian correctly, she was looking for a guy nicknamed Nacho who occasionally popped into Hogsmede to service his wealthier clients. From all the time spent mixing with the crowd at Knockturn Alley, Lux knew he was the biggest dealer in drugs. She herself never got involved in it but knew of people who did.
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PostSubject: Re: Learn to Live a Little (Open)   

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Learn to Live a Little (Open)
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