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 Lor's relationship requests and plot page <3

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PostSubject: Lor's relationship requests and plot page <3   Sat Mar 05, 2016 5:59 am

Adelaide Cassan
15 || Gryffindor || Halfblood || Shipped with Leong Chee Wye
Adventurous. Confident. Helpful. Stubborn. Disorganised. Forgetful.

A curious and adventurous spirit, the Italian-Irish Gryffindor Beater aspires to be either a curse-breaker or dragonologist someday. She is always ready to lend a helping hand, and knows how to stand up for herself and her friends.

Looking for:
~ Friends, especially those who love food, since Adelaide's a good cook.
~ Frenemies and rivals, especially Quidditch rivals from Slytherin
~ Someone who can help Addie stay focused in school
~ Mentor figures. Her older brother Raffaele is supposed to be her Cursebreaking mentor, but she also needs a Dragonology mentor.

Current Plots:
~ Shipped with Leong Chee Wye
~ Enemies/Frienemies with Madison Bishop
~ Friends with Phua Mei Xin and Audrina Snow

Felipe Cassan
16 || Slytherin || Halfblood || Shipped with Phua Mei Xin
Charismatic. Responsible. Determined. Prideful. Cold. Egoistic.

Though Felipe puts up a cold, womaniser front, the Slytherin Keeper secretly longs for validation, and he is also (surprisingly) loyal to his friends and family. He has yet to figure out what he wants, however, despite his strong ambitions and the hard work he puts into Quidditch and his studies. His mother hopes that he could take over the restaurant someday, since Adelaide doesn't seem as interested in becoming the next head chef of Sant'Angelo.

Looking for:
~ Friends, perhaps a group like the Marauders which he could be a part of
~ Frenemies and rivals, especially Quidditch rivals from Gryffindor
~ Girls he led on in the past
~ An older sister figure perhaps, someone who calls him out on how he treats women despite his feminist beliefs

Current Plots:
~ Shipped with Phua Mei Xin
~ Sibling plot with the Cassan family
~ Friends with Joshua Abbott and Adrian Snow

Gabrielle Fontaine
16 || Ravenclaw || Muggleborn || Shipped with Verena Richardson
Quick-witted. Street smart. Perceptive. Tactless. Ill-tempered. Bossy.

This young Potions prodigy knows that she is capable of brilliant things, and is far from humble about it. Clever and imaginative, she is eager to experiment to find various solutions to one problem, but when it comes to her problems with human interaction, Gabrielle is completely clueless.

Looking for:
~ Friends who are willing to put up with her superiority complex; or a friend who can challenge her arrogance
~ Enemies and Potions rivals
~ A Fencing partner
~ Mentor figures

Current Plots:
~ Shipped with Verena Richardson
~ Enemies with Verena Richardson (yes this is a thing)
~ Friends with Sumire Sidhir

Han Eun Soo
25 || Auror || Pureblood || Shipped with Nero Whitehorn
Cunning. Ambitious. Empathetic. Uptight. Self-righteous. Obsessive.

As the daughter of a royal pureblood businessman known for his technomancy genius, Eun Soo was expected to become a brilliant inventor herself. However, her exposure to inequality and injustice has led her to pursue a path normally frowned upon amongst prestigious Korean wizarding families. Determined to prove them wrong about her job, Eun Soo moved to London to fight crime and seek glory.

Looking for:
~ Friends who can help her loosen up
~ Enemies, they could be either people involved in illegal trade or purebloods who are seeking to oppress muggles and muggleborns
~ Younger people she would be fond and protective of
~ Younger people she can be a mentor figure to

Current Plots:
~ Shipped with Nero Whitehorn
~ Friends/mentor figure to Serafina Richardson
~ Friends/weirdly protective of Lux Bailey
~ Auror partners and friends with Brie Johnson
~ Possible friends with Briella Ritter

Lyra Browne
12 || Ravenclaw || Muggleborn || Shipped with Aiko Lemerciér
Elegant. Goal-oriented. Multi-talented. Insecure. Unassertive. Distrustful.

Lyra had lived for ballet all her life, but when an accident at seven years old forced her to slow down her training, the once sweet, ambitious young girl was never quite the same. Embittered by her inability to pursue becoming a prima ballerina, Lyra is slowly being eaten up by her insecurities, and her brother's hatred of her may push her into a deeper downward spiral.

Looking for:
~ One friend perceptive enough to notice that as Lyra grows older, she falls into this downward spiral due to her intense passion for ballet; perhaps this friend could also notice how Luke is abusive towards Lyra?
~ Another friend who ends up achieving their dream and drives Lyra insane with jealousy
~ A permanent ship (if possible, to be discussed with Jake who plays Luke)
~ Friends who aren't too close to her but share her interests

Current Plots:
~ Evil older brother plot with Luke
~ Friends with Ryder Yates
~ Temporary ship with Aiko Lemerciér

Sabrina Caro
24 || Head of Slytherin and Charms Professor || Halfblood and 1/4 Veela || Shipped with Raffaele Cassan
Nurturing. Reliable. Charismatic. Secretive. Perfectionist. Control freak.

It is typical for most people's first impressions of Sabrina to be sweet, sophisticated and helpful. However, what people often fail to see is that beneath Sabrina's charm lies a woman full of insecurities. The Head of Slytherin is rather hard on herself, and is not the sort of person who is easily satisfied.

Looking for:
~ Friends
~ A best friend aside from Kat who sees through her (Alexander McIntyre—if interested in making him, please PM me)
~ A close friend who understands how it's like to be an insecure perfectionist

Current Plots:
~ Shipped with Raffaele Cassan
~ Best friends with Katherine Zanderson
~ Friends with Lettie Asturias and Clarinda Jennson

Stephanie Richardson
12 || Slytherin || Pureblood || Single
Loyal. Generous. Independent. Selfish. Self-centred. Materialistic.

As the youngest Richardson, Stephanie is spoilt and used to always getting her way. She is, however, capable of acting sweet and refined if the situation demands it, due to learning from her siblings how one must conduct herself in public. Currently, Stephanie is envious of all the attention Verena gets in Hogwarts, and is out to prove to everyone that she is just as deserving of all that attention.

Looking for:
~ Pureblood friends; this is not permanent and is a very shallow kind of friendship. As an aspiring Queen Bee, though, Stephanie wants her own obedient posse full of 'deserving' purebloods witches.
~ An enemy/rival, preferably a muggleborn
~ Someone who can help her realise what a self-centered attention-seeking brat she is (Around 4th-5th year)

Current Plots:
~ Friends with Elenore Clement
~ Richardson siblings plot

Stephen Han
14 || Hufflepuff || Pureblood || Shipped with Aiko Lemerciér
Dreamer. Kind. Creative. Shy. Naive. Easily Distracted.

An optimistic hopeless romantic at heart, Stephen is quite a sweetheart, and is one of the most loyal friends one can ever have. He is often seen painting or stargazing, and his kindhearted nature makes him an easy friend to animals.

Looking for:
~ Friends
~ Art and astronomy buddies
~ Someone who would force him to be more assertive
~ Someone who helps him realise that art is indeed his passion and that he should pursue it in university

Current Plots:
~ Permanently shipped and BFFs with Aiko Lemerciér
~ BFFs with Kayleigh Walters and Amethyst Vine
~ Is in a 'squad' with Finley Allen and Leong Chee Wye
~ Temporary romance / first heartbreak with Christopher Richardson
~ Temporary romance with Brooklyn Rae
~ Friends with Anastasiya Viktorovna

Summer Wilhern
20 || University Student (Photography Degree) || Muggleborn || Shipped with Adrian Fernandez Arellano
Imaginative. Adventurous. Romantic. Impulsive. Indecisive. Unforgiving.

A lover of Golden Hollywood romantic comedies and spontaneous adventures, Summer is romantic, bubbly, and fun to be with. She is in love with finding beauty in strange places and meeting new people, and is always up for learning something new (especially if it's a creative skill).

Looking for:
~ Friends
~ People willing to model for her
~ Art and travel buddies
~ I also made a want ad page for Summer before, but I've yet to update the preferred FCs (since I've changed portrayers quite a bunch of times for Summer). Please PM me if you're interested in making any of them.

Current Plots:
~ Shipped with Adrian Fernandez Arellano
~ Enemies turned friends with Serafina Richardson
~ Best friends with Victoria Newbury and Adam Sithlis
~ Possible friends with Briella Ritter

Last edited by Stephen Han on Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:48 pm; edited 15 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Lor's relationship requests and plot page <3   Sat Mar 05, 2016 9:03 am

Amy could be Stephen's friend! She loves Astronomy and art in general, though she is in her Seventh Year, so I am not sure whether you'd like that. BUT, Elyah here, is a strong little first year. Kinda dark and secretive, but she can open up to him. Though, Amethyst is the best choice xD

And now for Gabrielle.

Amethyst is good at Potions, they could work together for sure.
(You could also have Elyah as a friend but she's a first year so.. not many attributes yet xD )
And as for an enemy, I have Verena Richardson. Your classic Pureblood princess xD So yeah, that could be intense, if you'd like.

That is all I have for now,

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PostSubject: Re: Lor's relationship requests and plot page <3   Sat Mar 05, 2016 9:34 am


I love all of your ideas! I think Amy and Stephen could be good friends. Stephen would definitely highly look up to Amy and think of her as an older sister figure XD

Amy and Gabrielle friendship sounds great too. Gabrielle doesn't think highly of a lot of people, but she would have a lot of respect for Amy. (I feel like Gabrielle only respects people who are good at Potions tbh, what a butt) And as for a Verena and Gabrielle rivalry, I LOVE THIS. I'm not very good at rivalry plots, but I'm trying to get better at them, so I hope that's alright. :3

Lor love <333
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PostSubject: Re: Lor's relationship requests and plot page <3   Sat Mar 12, 2016 8:45 pm


Added want ads for Lyra Browne, my Ravenclaw First Year, and updated the previously posted ads' status and takers.
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PostSubject: Re: Lor's relationship requests and plot page <3   Sat Mar 12, 2016 9:16 pm

Hey Lor,

If you want perhaps Ryder and Lyra could be friends, since Ryder does need a smart friend, and maybe he could be the friend who achieves his dreams, but he could also help Lyra with achieving her passion. Since even though Ryder is a troublemaker he is generally a pretty good friend and loyal no matter what happens.

Ryder's dream is become a professional Quidditch player. It really is up to you I was just wondering if perhaps Ryder and Lyra could be friends. Since I could see Ryder getting jealous of her being smart and that. Maybe they could have somewhat of a rivalry towards each other once Ryder becomes a professional Quidditch player. Anything is fine with me.
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PostSubject: Re: Lor's relationship requests and plot page <3   Sun Mar 13, 2016 5:16 am

Ryder & Lyra

A Ryder and Lyra friendship sounds great! Lyra would probably be exasperated by Ryder's troublemaking schemes at first, but she would also be a loyal friend, and I like the idea of them helping each other achieve their passion.

But yes jealous Lyra. She had a terrible fall that sort of affected her back, so until that gets cured, she can't be a prima ballerina, and in the future, Luke Browne might make life for her even worse. Ryder could be the friend Lyra turns to for support, but also the friend Lyra secretly envies for having a successful Quidditch career.

What do you think?
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PostSubject: Re: Lor's relationship requests and plot page <3   Sun Mar 27, 2016 11:55 am


Added want ads for Sabrina Caro, my Head of Slytherin / Charms Professor, and updated the previously posted ads' status and takers.
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PostSubject: Re: Lor's relationship requests and plot page <3   Tue Mar 29, 2016 4:52 pm

Hey Lor! It's Jay here Smile

I was wondering if Aiko could possibly be a part-time romance for Lyra, something that they both enjoy and then stay friends afterwards.

And if Aiko could be Stephen's permanent ship? For them I'm hoping they start out as best friends and evolve into more as they get older (:

I'd really love to plot with you some more, but if you don't want to then that's also fine! ^^ Also in terms of friends, I think that my charrie Sumire would get along swimmingly with Gabrielle!

Here's a link to Aiko's profile: AIKO LERMERCIÉR. In summary however, she's a good person despite the rather Slytherin-ish traits.

Also a link to Sumire's profile: SUMIRE SIDHIR. In summary, she's just a ball of sunshine that radiates glee (also part-Veela but that doesn't come into play yet)

Also for your adult charries, I have two female characters if either Summer or Sabrina are interested in friends;
Violetta - is an adorable daffodil who just lost her husband, but is planning on entering surrogacy for a couple who needs the help and definitely needs friends to support her through it

Then there's Briella who is as more two-faced and more self-interested, but as she's getting older she's developing a serious necessity for companionship.

Your charries are so cool I can't help but want to post with them all xD
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PostSubject: Re: Lor's relationship requests and plot page <3   Tue Apr 05, 2016 2:37 am

Hey, Jay! I love all of your ideas <3

I'm sorry this is late. My wifi is quite terrible right now but we can have posts up soon if you want. Also I love your charries and all of your portrayers xD

Aiko & Lyra - I really like the idea of them having a brief romance then staying friends afterwards. Lyra would probably want to keep it a secret because the Brownes are conservative and Luke could use it against her, but that could also cause some drama. In the end, though, I think Lyra would highly value Aiko as a friend, so I can totally see them having a nice post-romance friendship.

Aiko & Stephen - Yes yes yes Y E S . Aiko could also be the first person Stephen opens up to about his bisexuality (other than his cousin Eun Soo) and his (future) heartbreak over Christopher. I like to think that this amount of trust is a really good basis for a permanent ship in the future.

Sumire & Gabrielle - Gabrielle definitely needs a friend who's like Sumire. Sumire's really open-minded and fun, and while Gabrielle's such a snob about her Potions genius thing, she'd warm up to Sumire just because Sumire's such a genuine person.

Briella & Eun Soo - Choosing Eun Soo for her mostly because she'd probably hate how spoilt Sabrina is and how bubbly Summer can get. xD Eun Soo shares some similarities with Briella, too—they like to analyze people, and they're aware of the deeper dynamics and politics people have. While there's a high chance they would hate each other, I think they might find each other's companionship beneficial, since they can understand each other's thought processes and are unlikely to judge each other for it.

Briella & Summer
- Could work too... but it might be a bit like Sherlock and John, with Briella as the Sherlock and Summer as that loyal friend whose idea of fighting is barging in and hexing or punching someone. xD

Lettie & Sabrina - Could become really good friends, with Sabrina eventually seeing Lettie as a sister-figure. Sabrina could help Lettie avoid men who are out to just use her, and Lettie could help Sabrina loosen up and show her more caring side towards people (Sabrina's a sweetheart, but she's used to putting up appearances especially since she worked as a model before). They're also both part Filipinos whose families immigrated and can bond over feeling a certain disconnect from Philippine culture (that is, if Lettie feels that way).

We can and should definitely plot some more (on CB, Skype, wherever—I'm totally up for it) because I really like your charries and the backgrounds you make for them. <3
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PostSubject: Re: Lor's relationship requests and plot page <3   Tue Apr 05, 2016 8:24 am

Psh so you totally know my characters. xD

For Summer, I have Serafina; I think we've already established Sera bullied/was mean to Summer in school, but that Serafina has since changed and that they could have a friendship of sorts?

I have.. Chee Wye for anyone you want.

I also have Clarinda Jennson, whom I kinda wanna get out there but atm I have no ideas for plots heh. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Lor's relationship requests and plot page <3   

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Lor's relationship requests and plot page <3
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