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 Pride, Prejudice and Shopping Woes (Verena & Gabrielle)

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PostSubject: Pride, Prejudice and Shopping Woes (Verena & Gabrielle)   Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:19 am

The weekend had come, and Gabrielle felt as ready as a soldier off to war. Her wand, books and extra tote bags were packed in her charmed handbag, and the list of items she needed to buy was carefully tucked in the pocket of her leather jacket. She had carefully selected her outfit for the day, which was quite possibly the most muggle ensemble she had worn in a while, but today was a special day—today, she would be spending the day shopping at Gladrags Wizardwear with her favourite Slytherin. And by favourite, Gabrielle meant her favourite person to curse in her mind. Verena bloody Richardson was assigned as her homework partner for Transfiguration class, and this week's homework was to turn Glardrags' awful clothes into something quite presentable. Or at least, that was the homework assigned to Gabrielle and her partner from hell.

For years, Gabrielle and Verena had been able to avoid each other. Gabrielle kept to the Ravenclaw Common Room and the Potions classroom, and Verena kept to wherever the hell it was she stayed. Gabrielle figured she was better off not knowing; Verena was such a god-awful Pureblood snob that she probably spent her free time having tea and scones whilst surrounded by butlers who doubled as string musicians. Whatever. Gabrielle had more important things to worry about. As long as Verena left her alone, she returned the favour, and they had managed to keep it that way until their bloody Transfiguration professor had to go and pair them up. So much for keeping up an unspoken truce.

And now here they were, forced to enter the battlefield again, which they both helped create when they were paired in Potions back in Second Year. Gabrielle knew now that she was at fault then—she had been bossy, and she was so focused on overseeing how Verena did her part that Gabrielle ended up messing up hers, but Verena had made it difficult as well. Even before they were paired up, Gabrielle was already aware of Verena's dislike of muggleborns, a dislike which she only found ridiculous then considering how muggle science and technology were often more advanced than magical research. As partners, though, Gabrielle began to see Verena's prejudice for what is was—pure idiocy born out of pureblood insecurity. It was rather pathetic, really.

As soon as Gabrielle entered Gladrags, she began to look through the clothes, not caring if Verena was already there or not. Geniuses like her never waited—it was a waste of time and energy, and besides, she wanted to get to the clothes first so that she would have a say in the clothes they would transfigure.
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PostSubject: Re: Pride, Prejudice and Shopping Woes (Verena & Gabrielle)   Mon Mar 07, 2016 1:32 pm

Oh this was terrible.

Verena was not the person who liked to spend her time in Hogwarts, meeting up with 'friends' and having 'fun'. The only reason the Pureblood witch was here for, was to learn how to use her magic, and also help her family. Since her older sister was not capable of honoring their parents, it was now Verena's duty to fulfill their dreams. And that was to get to know as many Purebloods as possible, and seduce them. Make them interested in her.

But that was not the only thing. As the older of the sibling that were now attending the school, she had to make sure her younger brother also did his part correctly, and didn't create any trouble, as he was the Richardson heir. But also, teach her younger sister the ways of the Purebloods. The ways to seduce and charm all the men. Just like Verena did so well.

But there were times when things didn't go as planned, and this was quite common here at Hogwarts, since it full of Muggleborns, that brought their Muggle ways along with them. Ugh, Verena hated that with a passion. Hated them.

And now, because of a stupid Tranfiguration teacher, Verena had to spend the rest of her evening with her lovely Muggleborn filthy friend, Gabrielle. Oh how she loved this girl.
Sarcasm obvious, Verena couldn't be more displeased at that. Gabrielle was the last person she'd like to spend time with, and that went way back, since their Second Year, when that spoiled little filthy brat thought she was better than her, and messed up everything.

It was then that Verena simply gave up, and never ever talked to that creature again. She was ugly and a muggleborn. How worse could this be for her?

But Verena knew well enough that she had no other choice than to go through all this, in order to keep up her good image, and get a high mark. Because even if the girl was terrible, Verena knew well enough that she wasn't stupid. Gabrielle was smart, that much she could admit.

Dressed in something casual yet still elegant, Verena made her way down Hogmsmeade, towards Gladrags Wizardwear. This was their assignment for the day. Turn Glardrags' awful clothes into something more... more like Verena. Beautiful, exquisite, expensive.

Arriving at the store, Verena walked in with her head held high, a smirk playing on her lips. She was the best, and everyone had to see that, as she walked farther into the store, looking for that idiotic brunette, Gabrielle.

Spotting her looking at some terrible clothes, Verena huffed and moved towards her in an instant. One thing she wouldn't allow, was to allow Gabrielle choose the clothes and how they would change them. It was obvious that the Ravenclaw had no idea of how to dress, and her taste was pitiful. She would never, ever allow such a thing to happen.

"Oh no, no. There is no way we pick that. I suggest you let me choose the clothes," Verena said in a tone that was more like demanding than friendly. The faster this was over, the better.
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PostSubject: Re: Pride, Prejudice and Shopping Woes (Verena & Gabrielle)   Tue Mar 08, 2016 2:28 am

It wasn't long before Verena approached her. Thank Merlin the hag wasn't late, at least. She had expected the girl to make a diva-esque entrance by being late and loud about it, but instead, the girl had approached her like a normal person. Gabrielle readied herself for whatever Verena had to say. She was sure that this homework would probably not end well for both of them, just because Verena thought she was the brightest and most beautiful person in the room. Gabrielle tried not to gag.

She wasn't surprised to hear Verena criticise her choices. That much she expected. Verena probably imagined herself to be authority on wizarding fashion. Next thing she knew, Verena would be criticising her clothes as well and offering condescendingly to give her fashion advice. Gabrielle rolled her eyes. Of course, Verena would want to choose something else. Something that was probably already nice to begin with, which would make their job easier. The girl may have money, but she certainly had no imagination and no stomach for challenges.

'So, what do you suggest we pick? That nice white shirt over there?' Gabrielle motioned to a crisp white shirt across the room. 'No. It will be more impressive if we get something really ugly and make it look nice.' Though she managed to get the aggression she was feeling out of her tone and facial expression, Gabrielle still sounded uncompromising. It was the only way to deal with Verena, after all. Verena was probably the sort of person to step on someone who was sweet and shy, and an angry person would just amuse her. No, Gabrielle had to be calm and straightforward in order to do this. She had to show Verena just who was the boss here.

She looked at an ugly yellow dress that screamed 'unwashed hippie from the 70s', then placed it aside for later inspection. It was one of Gabrielle's top picks, since she thought it would be interesting if they managed to make the dress look nicer by changing up the pattern. Another option was a pleather maxi dress with a weird zebra-patterned fur trimming at the bottom. It was so bad it made Gabrielle want to cackle, but since Verena was around, she did her best to look serious and unrelenting. She placed it aside as well, thinking that it would be nice to change the cloth and remove the stupid pattern at the bottom.

She turned back to Verena and raised an eyebrow. 'I've also decided to bring a camera just so we can show professor how horrible these clothes are.' She patted the pile she had set aside, confident that they would be able to turn the clothes into haute couture. 'I brought a magical camera, so don't get a heart attack.' She smirked as she held up the camera bag. Though she didn't ask any questions, she looked at Verena expectantly to see if the girl had prepared something as well.

She hoped Verena would just cooperate, otherwise this would be a really long day.
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PostSubject: Re: Pride, Prejudice and Shopping Woes (Verena & Gabrielle)   

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Pride, Prejudice and Shopping Woes (Verena & Gabrielle)
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